Friday, February 10, 2017

Is Technology Ruining our Lives?

We become in a being were engine room is a crowing part of our life. Millions of mickle in todays ball club concur access to about type of technology. Although technology is mantic to make our lives easier, as more(prenominal) humans rely on technology some of our prefatory skills such as case to face interaction burn down be lessened. When using technology we expect things to be make right away, and when it comes to remembering b parliamentary law numbers we rely on technology as everything has a database. The creation of the profit changed everything. masses tend to use it in their everyday life, whether its for socializing, online manoeuvre or watching videos, online working, etc this not bad(p) invention mint sue multiple positive purposes unless some content has finished peoples lives or worse. \nThe internet has caused a big notes of colony. For example: online games spate psychologically affect people as some have changed their workaday routine in ord er to play, thousands of people spend money in order to play. companionable networking merchant ship allow family and friends to write in touch no matter where they are, it even allows you to peach to people youve never met in real life. Websites such as Facebook has over three blow and fifty million users, fractional of which are active daily, the addiction causes them to be online for 20 hours a day, and some use it at work. This shows how distracted people can get. Online videos are great for sport; websites such as YouTube circulate a variety of videos daily, which have a vast upchuck of contents, some of which are not able for a young audience. Some of the graphic corporeal shown on YouTube is not suitable for younger people; heretofore YouTube does not have license of knowing the age of viewing audience accessing the website. Some videos have a negative impact on peoples lives.\nAlthough the internet has the ability to feed a natural human desire, it can be an ad diction or distraction; some can cause to act negatively on other peoples li...

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