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Eyes Were Watching God Essay examples -- essays research papers

Their Eyes Were Watching God provides an informatory look at the journey of a "complete, complex, undiminished human universe", Janie Crawford. Her story, based on self-exploration, self-empowerment, and self-liberation, details her loss and attainment of her innocence and exemption as she constantly learns and grows from her experiences with gender issues, racism, and life. The story centers around an important beginning that personal discoveries and life experiences help a person find themselves. nanny was determined that Janie would break the cycle of oppression of black women, who were " mules for the world". (Both of Janies graduation two husbands owned mules and the way they treated their mules paralleled to the way they treated Janie. Logan Killicks worked his mule demandingly and Joe Starks bought Matt Bonners mule and put it out to pasture as a status symbol.) After joyfully discovering an archetype for sensuality, love, and marriage at a lower place a pear tree at sixteen, Janie quickly comes to understand the world of marriage in her first two marriages. Both Logan Killicks and Joe Starks attempt to bosom her into submission by treating her like a possession (Killicks worked her like a mule and Starks used her like a medal around his neck). also Janie learned that passion and love are tied to violence, as Killicks expose to kill her and Starks beat her to assert his dominance. She continually struggled to keep her inner self-intact and plastered in spite ...

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Disaster in Bangladesh: The Collapse of the Rana Plaza Building Essay

1. From an economic perspective, was the excite to a vindicate trade regime in the fabric attention good for Bangladesh? Employment and economic growth in Bangladesh depends upon exports of textile products which were allowed by dint of a preferential quota system for textile market export from suffering markets to rich markets. As soon as the throw to a free trade regime appe atomic number 18d along with the competition with countries such as china and Ind unitysia the quick collapse of Bangladeshs textile patience has been predicted. However, the opposite occurred. We give the bounce highlight three major reasons to explain what happened First is labor be are low, even lower than in China. Obviously low hourly wages rates explain it but non only. Investments by textile manufacturers in productivity-boosting technology lowered the labor appeals in Bangladesh devising it one of the worlds low-cost producers. Indeed, this was an advantage during the recession because p lentiful importers increased their corrupts at low prices.Second is strong network of sustenance industries. Thus, turns manufacturers save transport and storage costs, import duties which boost their productivity. The last one is many western importers looking to diversify their supply sources. Indeed, importers fear to call off on too dependent toward China. As a conclusion, the reasons why Bangladesh took advantage from the shift to a free trade regime in the textile industry are beyond only low wage rates. Moreover, Bangladeshs textile market may keep growing the next years because the bm to shift textile labor away from China may preserve as the wage rates are increasing fast.2. Economically who benefits when retailers in Europe and the United States source textiles from low-wage countries such as Bangladesh? Who readiness drowse off? Do the gains outweigh the losses? For Bangladesh, it has competitive advantages which are low cost and low price. For U.S., it has high er price and fewer fit outs purchased locally also, it has possible loss. clinical depression income countries, Bangladeshs economy, Hong Kong and customers benefit when retailers in the U.S source textiles form low-wage countries. High outgrowth countries such as U.S. may lose. Yes, gains do outweigh the losses. Bangladesh allow slow develop.Economy will get improve.3. What the causes of the weak guard duty record of the Bangladesh garment industry? Do Western companies that import garments from Bangladesh bear any responsibleness for what happened at the Rana Plaza and other workplace accidents?There are few regulations in Bangladesh, there are no rules whatsoever that cannot be bent. From this we can see that the government of Bangladesh does not care rough the safety device about these factories. The industry is characterized by low cost, fast merchandise relying on cheap labor and production costs to compete with its competitors. over three million workers, the major ity of whom are young women, are active in the Bangladesh garment industry and remain the lowest give garment workers in the world. The lack of alternative employment options combined with widespread impoverishment mean these women are forced to accept jobs that are poorly paid and carried out in workplaces that fail to adhere to the most basic standards of health and safety. The rapid expansion of the industry has led to the conversion of many buildings, build for other purposes, into factories, often without the required permits.Others lay down had extra floors added or have increased the workforce and machinery to levels beyond the safe capacity of the building. Many factories hasten throughout the day and night in order to meet production targets. The establishment of factories, or the conversions of other buildings into garment factories, has often been done as quickly and as cheaply as possible, resulting in widespread safety problems including faulty electrical circuit s, unstable buildings, inadequate escape routes and unsafe equipment. Yes, I find western companies should bear the responsibility. They need cheap labor in Bangladesh, but without considering and oversight of security issues about these factories4. Do you think the de jure binding agreement signed by H&M, Zara, Tesco and others will make a difference? Does it go far enough? What else might be done? Yes, I think the legally binding agreement can improve the safety level of factories in Bangladesh. But, I think it is not enough, Five years agreement it is not enough. If they still loss to produce their product, they need supervise the safety forever. They must to focus on the workers safety.5. What do you think about Walt Disneys decision not to purchase merchandise from Bangladesh? Is this an appropriate way of dealing with the problem? I think that Disneys making a mistake here, withdrawing from any form of manufacturing in Bangladesh. It is of course their business and its quite probably a fair enough short experimental condition move for them. However, its exactly the handle decision if were going to try and solve that long term problem of poverty in Bangladesh.6. What do you think of Wal-Marts accession to this problem? Is the company doing enough? What else could it do? I do not like the way that Wal-Marts approach to this problem. Wal-Marts approach is to a greater extent like a perfunctory. Bangladeshs factories need a thorough safety inspection and refurbishment, not just set up an independent call center for garment workers to report unsafe working conditions. It is not enough. At least, Wal-Mart needs to sign the legally binding agreement like H&M, Zara, Tesco and others.

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Australia’s Religious Landscape Post 1945

We live in a postmodern world in the reek that no single religion, system or ideology has whatsoever win over charter to be the one voice of truth. We are yet to stove the full reality that Australia is a pluralistic, multicultural, multi- ghostlike society in which among people of polar traditions and with indigenous people is a requirement of societal cohesion. In a global world our national identities in no way nix our responsibilities for the offbeat of exclusively humanity and the one earth we share. Dr Gerard dorm SMDr Gerard Hall says we outright live in a postmodern world where no single religion, system or ideology can convincingly claim the one voice of truth. Australia has been longsighted dominated by the Christian faith with the 1911 census insurance coverage 96% of Australians subscribing to any denomination of Christianity. This large percentage of Christians can be attributed to the White Australia policy. However, the 2011 census revealed a subside of Christians with only 61% aligning themselves with the faith, half of the overseas-born population alike reporting a Christian denomination.Non-Christians affiliations and those reporting no religion imbibe change magnitude radically since the last census. The number of people reporting No Religion change magnitude from 15% of the population in 2001 to 22% in 2011. This is most familiar among younger Australians with 28% of people aged 15-34 reporting they had no religious affiliation. There are over 59 religious traditions present in Australia today. Globalisation has influenced the growth of eastern religions and new age fads in Australian society.Migration has led to an increase in the number of religious adherents in non-Christian faiths such as Buddhism, Sikhism, Taoism and Hinduism. Hinduism has grown exponentially since 1911 at 189%, followed by Islam at 69%, and Buddhism at 48%. Atheism or citizens who guide no revealed any religious affiliation has risen due to sc ientific advancement, rise of secularism, immigration and births. Along with this there is renewed interest in and awareness of autochthonous spirituality.Due to the pluralistic, multicultural, multi-religious society of Australia, multi-faith dialogue is important for the cohesion and harmony of Australian society. sometimes tensions between religious traditions or against a particular religion exit in violence or discrimination. To illustrate this point, ignorant and prejudiced media portrayals of Muslims have promote anti-Islamic attitudes and stereotypes despite the peaceful religious t severallyings of the Koran. Dr Ameer Ali (President of Australian fusion of Islamic Councils) recognised that religious dialogue was innate to understand each early(a).Similarly, Archbishop George Pell believes that interfaith dialogue must be generateed to guard electric currently peaceful relationships before potential hostilities have a vista to escalate. In 1964, Pope capital of M innesota VI recognised the need for interfaith communication, stating that We do not wish to turn a blind affection to the spiritual and moral values of the various non-Christian religions, for we desire to join with them in promoting and defending common ideals in the spheres of religious liberty, human brotherhood, education, culture, social welfare, and civic edict.Dialogue is possible in all these great projects, which are our concern as much as theirs and we will not fail to offer opportunities for intelligence in the event of such an offer being favourably standard in genuine, mutual respect. We readily accept the principle of stressing what we all have in common rather than what divides us. This submits a good and fruitful theme for our dialogue, and we are prepared to engage upon it with a will. Multi-faith dialogue assists in retentivity peace and social unity in society, especially with organisations such as the NSW Council of Christians and Jews who recognise the ir common heritage in order to promote correspondence and combat anti-Semitism. They organise activities that embarrass an annual Passover demonstration directed to non-Jewish audiences, circuit board discussions and seminars on current subjects of interest, multi-denominational evenings for poetry and music, Holocaust education and an annual Christian commemorative service for the Holocaust held in the crypt of St Marys popish Catholic duomo.Along with interfaith dialogue between Christians and Jews, the NSW Council of Christians and Jews also seek to cover the interfaith relations with Islam in particular. Some bygone interfaith activities in Australia include the 2001 Anzac Day service at St. Marys Cathedral for Buddhist Monks and Christian Ministers, Centenary of Federation celebrations in Melbourne, Prayer function at Martin Place by the Muslim-Christian Council for peace in Indonesia, Prayer serve for September 11, Asian Boxing Day Tsunami and Bali bombings.As Dr Gerar d Hall says, in the current global world, our national identities in no way preclude our responsibilities for the well-being of all humanity and the one earth we share. This statement is illustrated by a number of international councils, one being the World assembly on Religion and Peace an international council founded by the Buddhist Nichiko Niwano in 1970 that organises bi-annual Heads of Faith Meetings that are attended by the leaders of the Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish and Bahai faiths.The meetings conducted by the World Conference on Religion and Peace provide an opportunity for religious world leaders to exchange ideas and information and establish a working alliance between these religious traditions. The promotion of intellect and the education of interfaith co-operation assists in pursuing social justice issues, for simulation, aboriginal reconciliation and rights. expiation is the process whereby indigen and Torres go Islander peoples and non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples move towards the future with a relationship based upon mutual recognition, understanding and respect.For this to happen there must be acknowledgement of former(prenominal) mistakes such as land dispossession and the stolen generation in order to make amends, such as restoring Native Title. balancing is a long process which began with the 1967 referendum giving ATSI people the right to vote and the Commonwealth regimen the authority to make laws in the interest of ATSI people. Additionally, most churches have helped allay this reconciliation.The NCCA (National Council of Churches Australia) acknowledge that many of its member churches played a role in culmination of the stolen generations and issued a public statement on the Bringing Them berth report making recommendations in put forward of expiation. The Week of Prayer for balancing began in 1993 with the goal of providing an interfaith week of prayer encompassing all faiths with the common goal of reconciliation. It is to devote time to prayer, thought and reflection on the soul of a nation and the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.Attempts at reconciliation by various religious denominations have helped to bring show up acceptance of the synchronization of Christian and Aboriginal religious traditions as an example many Aboriginal clergy incorporate Indigenous symbols and rituals from their own culture to indicate Christian concepts such as using Indigenous coconut draw instead of wine and damper or yam instead of bread, Christian stories are often retold with an Indigenous slant (instead of turn on, they talk about fire sticks), red ochre is used instead of ashes/oil on the os frontale and prayers are told in Indigenous languages.Many Christian churches incorporate Aboriginal Ministries and Aboriginal Spirituality into services, particularly Protestant churches though many people smell that incorporating Aboriginal beliefs into Christianity degrades both. Critics claim that Self-determination is now replaced with Main-Streaming. Practical propitiation is now the term used rather than a real acknowledgement of foregone wrongs.The Catholic Church has also made many positive overtures towards Reconciliation starting with Pope John Paul IIs find out to Alice Springs in 1986 who stated that there is the need for just and proper stoppage that lies unachieved in Australia Pope Benedicts recent address to Australia encouraged ongoing assistance for Reconciliation. In 1998 the Catholic church joined with other churches to issues a statement called Towards Reconciliation in Australian Society Reconciliation and Aboriginal Australians.They also pressured for more assistance for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders due to the ongoing psychological trauma of the Protection and Assimilation policies. National Reconciliation Week is a week of Catholic initiatives promoting reconciliation with emph asis on Aboriginal health. Other Christian churches involved in Reconciliation include the Anglican Church who expressed its support for Reconciliation during 1998. It also provides backup to National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ecumenical Commission (NATSIEC) that assists in rebuilding Indigenous communities.Anglicare Australia and the Anglican Board of Missionaries organise the Anglican Reconciliation Working Group which provides accommodation, health care, family support for Indigenous communities and helps fund didactics of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. The Ecumenical movement Uniting Church formed a Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress in Townsville that works with Indigenous people to promote compensation and healing for sometime(prenominal) wrongs. The Uniting Church National Assembly has also made a formal apology for its part in the harmful policies in the past and a commitment to a better future.Christian leaders and leaders from other religious faiths united in rejecting the Howard Governments tackles to weaken the Wik legislation. Their credit no doubt assisted in changing opinions and rallying support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights. Interfaith dialogue especially between Dreaming and Christianity illustrate the importance of multi-faith communication. There are, however, limitations of interfaith dialogue as critics believe there are important differences between faiths that cannot be overlooked.There is also controversy that religions are trying to change and distort their religious beliefs to attempt to reconcile with other religions. Despite the criticisms of interfaith dialogue it still plays an essential role in Australian society to maintain peace and social cohesion. &8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212&8212 1 . The Importance of Inter-faith Cooperation available from http//www. buddhistinformation. com/importance_of_inter_faith_cooperation. htm 2 . Pop e John Paul IIs public statement at Alice Springs, 1986 available from http//www. austlii. edu. au/au/orgs/car/docrec/relevant/docbook/p7. htm

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Egt Task

Although the current Managers atomic number 18 fluent in Korean, it go away be important to hire local idiom persons to add to our rung. This entrust ensure acceptance, communications, and also preventing miss spoken wrangling that me be taken as offensive If non done with the decorous tone. Curriculum Instructor certification. Since S issueh Korea converted the KIT- Korea teakwood Escalation In 1954 Into the gentlemans gentleman teatimekwood Federation, the feeling In Korea Is completely caustic sings must coincide certificates from the WTFO.This may be Just a financial ploy to roll up coin room those outside Korea, barely the perception personifys that if you hold a certificate ( wished a Okinawa Certificate) you are then legitimate regardless of what land you received the certificate, since all Okinawa certificates originate in Seoul, South Korea. All staff who do non currently hold their given Black flush rank must be certified by the WTFO prior to submittin g an coating to be an instructor in our Korea Dugong expansion plans. Since no Okinawa officers exist in the united States, all certifications pull up stakes be done by Head Master Ken Adulated, 6th Degree Black Belt Okinawa holder.Country of Origin of retail skillfuls. Three primary countries manufacture martial humanistic discipline apparel (uniforms) and sparring gear. These are Japan, China, and South Korea. While Americans are generally obsessed by impairment, and seem to disregard country of orally pride, Korea Is the opposite. It depart be critical that all uniforms, bangs, and sparring gear ONLY go from South Korea manufacturing companies. To offer anything else is potentially offensive, but should these goods come from China or Japan, it would also be a disgrace since both countries attacked Korea in the in conclusion century. B. ProductThe product of Americas Best Teakwood is martial liberal arts lessons. In America, nearly adults leave not allow themselves to stick with a class, and many areas of the syllabus we currently offer requisite to accommodate the lack of focus for heavy(p) students, and their ability to Justify quitting. Only 1 of 10 Americans (compared to 1 out of 4 Europeans) has attempted to learn martial arts. Of those 33 zillion, still 10% stay with It beyond 30 days, leaving 3. 3 million. Of those 3. 3 million only 10% pull up stakes stay with It another 3-6 calendar months quitting Jest as they prepare to test out of novice level.Of the enameling 330,000 who achieve Green belt/beginner In limitediate, only 10% of those will reach beginner advanced, or Brown Belt. We are left with just 33,000 Brown belts, In the USA, all but 10% quit after Just 30 days at Black belt, higher than any other country in the world. About 330 people are left who continue actual Black belt training, only 10% of those achieve Master level in the USA, Just 33 out of 330 million. Moving into Korea, we must modify our program for the long m arge goals of students.Parents will require their children attend, and they will attend with them, it will be a Emily event, training multiple days per week for 6-10 days or more. It will be important to modify our tuition timeline to not appear to be short sighted Americas with no ling term vision, or they may feel we are looking for short term profit, or will not stay through difficult times. The good news is that Korea has been losing the Gold Medals at the Olympics to other countries and is accepting of Americas teaching teak and they have fond respect for the Lopez family of Houston Texas, multiple Gold Medal winners.We will leverage our affiliation with the Amateur Athletic Union with Coach Lopez. We will use this for credibility but not for promoting an American Agency. 82. Price culture set in America is structured around making it simplified to quit, monthly pricing is not as important as not needing to make any commitment. In Korea it will be the opposite. Students wil l not mind signing non cancel agreements paid in full for 6 years as long as the rates are fair. For Korea the pricing will be a base of $900. 00 per year, for 4 classes per week, 2 hours per class, we look for class sizes to be 50-150 per class.In America our current pricing is $200. 0 per month, month to month, 2 classes per week, 50 minutes per class. Koreans will look at price per hour over the long term, requisiteing the most hours per week at the lowest rate with a long term commitment Americas motive to know how cheaply they can Join, and how easily they can quit, more comparable leasing a car. 83 Promotion In America martial arts lessons are promoted in a disposable product manner, viewed like a 6 pack of Coke. Coupon driven society demands a call to action for a discount.Teachers are held in higher regards in Korea and it would be a disgrace to offer discounts, promotions, or marting fluff. The Koreans will want endorsements from martial arts organizations and to see co mmunity service done by the staff. When they see us in public, they will approach us, but the Koreans will be completely turned off if the go to corner market and see one month of lessons and a free uniform for 19. 99&8243.. Word of mouth and grassroots promotion only in Korea. BE Place 52 million people actively practice Tea Swoon Do globally it is the most popular martial art.Korea in the past has not been accepting of foreign companies opening Dugongs in Korea, but the loss of first place in the last 3 Olympics has changed this. The OIC, global Olympic Committee has removed Baseball, Hockey, and Wrestling as of late. Talk is they will remove Karate, Judo, or Tea Swoon DO. Koreans national sport is Tea Swoon Do, and they are promising more support and resources. They will do whatever it takes to keep this Olympic Sport status. Allowing Americas Best, a proven minor(postnominal) Olympic Gold Medal winning organization into Korea and supporting its grassroots movement is a given.C Ethical Issues to us from Korea. The Koreans have warned us that Americans are viewed as fat, lazy, and abrasive. The example proven to us is Korean infant adoption, only for America do they have a height and weight case/range for adopting parents from America. 2) Where the money goes.. Alt has also been brought to our attention from the WTFO that Koreans will need to see a direct line for their tuition to returning to the community. contrary Americans who will buy a Toyota or Honda and not inquire where the money goes, the Koreans will need to see proof that some of it stays in the community. Sources None.

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Measuring Crime Essay

There ar so many another(prenominal) another(prenominal) different police agencies and levels here in the United States. here(predicate) ar a few of the Federal policing agencies Department of agriculture, commerce, Defense, FBI, and well(p)ice, but on that point are 15 Federal departments. The State level agencies consist of driveway patrols, port authorities, state police, fish and wild life police which are only a few of the state levels agencies. At the local level agencies, there are campus, constables, transit police, and sheriffs department, which also are just a small portion of the local level agencies. With so many policing agencies, we measure the crime level here in the United States with trinity main tools. They are homogeneous crime makeup, National crime development survey, and the National incident based coverage system.The uniform crime report Law enforcement agencies voluntarily report crime statistics on a periodical basis to the FBI. Areas of interes t are murder, burglary, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault, larceny/theft, railroad car theft and arson. The National victimization survey is conducted by the Bureau of umpire statistics the survey is conducted every six months on all ho exercisehold members 12 and older to help determine the magnitude of illegal unfair treatment-mainly unreported victimization. The National incident based report system is new and shortly being tested and evaluated. This system will eventually replace the uniform crime report. Additionally, this report will expand the list of crimes for which data is self-contained (University of Phoenix, 2013). Major crime reporting designs and purposesIn the United States, there are several modes of crime reporting that assist lawmakers, citizens, and criminal justice officials with straight cultivation regarding various crimes. The three major programs are the National disaster Based Reporting System (NIBRS), Uniform execration Reports (UCR), and National wickedness Reporting (NCR). Each reporting system serves a direct reporting purpose that has advantages for some and disadvantages for others. The three crime reporting systems have manifest origins that details the need for the creation of each system while providing excuse for its longevity. The three major crime reporting systems are feasible for concourse trying to gain information on crimes and will be relevant until more intricate systems exist.The objective of the Uniform Crime Reporting program is to produce crime statistics for law enforcement administration, operation, and management (Texas Department of Public Safety, 2014). UCR is a national administrative program that uses collaboration between, states, counties, and federal law enforcement agencies to liberate criminal statistics. Although effective, the UCR is not 100 percent accurate because all departments do not report criminal data to the program. The NIBRS focuses on incidents and arrests as i rrelevant to crime completely and the information is generated by local, state, and federal agencies. National Crime Reporting is a program that shows the crime statistics of the nation.It is an index of information that is uncommitted to federal, state, and local authorities. The major purposes of crime reporting programs are to provide older officials with an accurate snapshot of crime data that fluctuates. The data has many purposes to many people like city officials who use the data to place accent on certain crimes. The data is also important to media and public citizens who use the information to conduct research or shop for homes. Though the information is mostly accurate, the Federal Bureau of Investigations discourages negatively using the information to make a region, state, county, or city. There are numerous factors that influence the variant of certain crimes in different areas so using common reek to decipher the sociological factors is necessary.ReferencesTexas Department of Public Safety. (2014). The Texas uniform crime reporting program. Retrieved from http// University of Phoenix (2013) Interactive Multi-Media CJI Link Multimedia. Retrieved fromUniversity of Phoenix, CJA-204 website

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Political and familial contexts Essay

Examine the ways in which the political and familial contexts and relationships are found in Act I of the play. The politics of the Italian Court in the play are revealed to the audience as corrupt and unethical, in addition exposing the differentiate of the English Court in this period. Webster could not have written close it directly and so it is shown through the setting in Malfi. This rot is primarily embodied by Ferdinand and the cardinal number, who are the most politically sourceful images in the play.Their power in the Court is reflected in their familial relationships temperh the Duchess. The venality of the Court in Malfi is first off suggested by Antonio who describes the general make-up of politics in any(prenominal) region using the analogy of a fountain, whence should flow consummate(a) silver drops but can be poisoned at the top thitherby, destruction and diseases through the whole land spread. As it seems to have done in Malfi, as the two most powerful fi gures are so moraless.Antonio is also describing the effectiveness and purity of the French Court in this dialogue, which emphasises the corruption in Italy. Bosola who himself is seemingly amoral, being introduced to the audience by Antonio as the motor inn-gall, directly refers to Ferdinand and his brother, the primal likening them to plum trees that grow crooked. He suggests that too very much power and riches has do them so, but also that they are contact by flattring sycophants who are like crows and caterpillars and use them to gain power and wealth for themselves.This analogy can be linked with Antonios, to say that the corruption at the top of Ferdinand and the central has affected the rest of the court and made them equally depraved and greedy. It is ironic that Bosola describes these people with such distaste as he himself is a flattering pander hoping to improve his position in court. The Cardinal could be seen as possibly the most underhanded character in the play because he is supposed to be a homosexual of God and so his crookedness is emphasised.In the Cardinals first appearance Bosola mocks his religious position, shown by the hyperbole, With all your divinity, thus revealing the Cardinals religious values to be almost non-existent. Delio explains Bosolas causticity towards the Cardinal to Antonio, and reveals that he was put in the galleys for seven years for a murder he was commissioned to do by the Cardinal. This blatant unsporting act again is an example of his clear corruption.Further into Act One, the Cardinal initiates the employment of Bosola as a spy in order to agree an eye on the Duchess, his power is clear at this point because he makes Ferdinand negotiate with Bosola as he would not be seen int, demonstrating his apparent control even over his own brother, the Duke of Malfi. His power is paralleled with his astuteness, as Ferdinand suggests Antonio instead of Bosola for the job and the Cardinal correctly observes His natu re is too direct showing his ability to read people making him all the more(prenominal) powerful.Ferdinand is also clever, he can see through the flatterers in the court purposely trying to get in his favour such as Castruchio, who constantly and unnecessarily addresses him as my lord and tries to dissuade him from going to war. Ferdinand recognises this and makes a mockery of him, sarcastically commenting about his pun, Why, theres a wit were able to undo all the surgeons of the city. His power and control here is also made clear, as he gets angry when they laugh without him laughing, bear off fire when I give fire, that is, laugh when I laugh.

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Project Risk Management Plan Essay

First of all we constitute our sound projection guesss, which be let us know what to expect in the future and how to issue during the problem.1) guesss identification We highlighted couple categories of risks, which argon most important to be get up against them.Procedural and technical failures from failures of internal systems and overlook errors, organization, fraud, technical failures. Such as non- responding servers, any(prenominal) mistakes in the internal systems, broken servers, late updates, missing information, etc. Human from individuals or organizations, illness, death. For example if the main IT person do not realize consume the illness, we book to be ready to subscribe to any other backup to take do if needed. Operational loss of control of organizational operations. Reputational damage to reputation in the market. Such as customers dissatisfaction of the belatedly app working.2) Qualitative risk analysis prioritizing risks for further analysis or action by assessing and combining their probability of occurrence and impact. Our project idea related to with the internet, servers and so on, so our main priority looking into probability of risks are to ensure a well-functioning app without any errors and failures. As a result we have priority of our risks.1) Procedural and technical failures2) Human3) Operational4) Reputational3) Quantitative risk analysis numerically analyzing the effect of identified risks on overall project objectives.1) Procedural and technical failures could bring dissatisfaction of customers. 2) Human slower working of the app, errors and failures of the app cause the misunderstanding information of the servers. 3) Operational loss of control of the organization. 4) Reputational- dissatisfaction of the customers, stakeholders, suppliers, employees.4) Risk result computer programning developing options and actions to enhance opportunities and to reduce threats to project objectivesTo ensure well -functioning app we have to be ready for any risk and have a plan how to react. To reduce any threats we have to have professional IT specialists, have a great training system, that every employee would know basics how to react in any situation. The training system could lead to faster activities. Every division should be related with each other to get and know the newest information. to a fault we have to have backup specialists, which would help, if the other employee cant work cause the illness.Also we can react using different strategies (depending on the risk situation) such as avoid-eliminate the threat entirely, transfer- shift the problem to the third gear party, mitigate reduce the probability of occurrence or impact of a risk (adopt less complex processes, conduct more tests), or involve the risk before knowing all the details about that problem.5) Risk control implementing risk response plans, tracking identified risks, identifying new risks. whatever employees have to be responsible for tracking identified risks, also identify new risks and be ready to act. Checking for newest information, threats and opportunities it is one of the way, how to control risks.

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Kit Kat vs Snickers Essay

kit out computed tomography is the best range because of its milk deep brown, crispy crumbs of sweetness. The taste is unbelievable, can be easily shared, melts in your mouth, and has less sugar than Snickers. Like they say on Kit cat commercials find a break, have a Kit qat or break time any time, it balance you and fills you with energy, and So on your following(a) break you might want to grab a kit Kat bar to kill of the hunger. The taste of kit Kat is incredible, the milk drinking chocolate will blast flavors in your mouth. you will taste the milk chocolate , the crispy crumbs of wafers and think it really does taste as good as looks. The first bite will make you carve for more, less than a minute they will be gone, and you will rush to the store to push back more. upright unwrap, break, snap, and enjoy.With Kit Kat you can easily share it. Just break or snap. With birds you would need to put lots of effort into shift a section off. When you try to break snickers it g et aroused on your fingers and your friend would not want it anymore, but with the Kit Kat you but snap a bar off just like that Kit Kat easily melts in your mouth, unlike snickers you would have to chew to the peanuts and its sticky caramel that get stuck on your fingers and teeth. For kit Kat all you have to do is pop it in your mouth and let it do it thing. Snickers fan say they like it better because it has more protein, it crunchier then kit Kat, and because it was invented in front kit kits First, Snickers does have more protein then kit Kat, but snicker has more fat (12g) and has way more calories than kit Kat (250), which commonwealth look how much fat it has before buying a candy barSecond, it is NOT crunchier then kit Kat because kit Kat has three layer of wafer (which is crunchy) and snicker has 4 or 5 prepare of peanut in them which make it less crunchy then kit Kat.

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4th Amendmant and Probable Cause

In the coupled States, the police must, whenever practicable, obtain advance judicial adulation of essayes and ecstasys through the appropriate warrant procedure. In most instances, failure to succeed with the warrant collectment can only be excused by exigent circumstances. There should be circumstances sufficient to warrant a prudent man to believe that the person stopped had committed or was committing an offense. Intrusions upon constitutionally guaranteed rights must be based on more than unarticulated hunches, and simple good faith on part of the policeman is non enough.The facts should prove average inferences derived from unusual conduct. A person may curse usurpation of his poop Amendment rights in connection with hunt or seizure only if he can show up a true(a) anticipation of privacy in the ara take c atomic number 18ed or items seized. To establish, for quaternary Amendment purposes, a legitimate expectation of privacy in area cha conditiond or items s eized, suspects must demonstrate (1) subjective expectation of privacy and (2) that this expectation is one that society is hustling to recognize as objectively honest.Under Fourth Amendment, police are authorized to conduct a warrantless protective pat-down of individuals they encounter in the empyrean so long as their concerns are justified by reasonable suspiciousness of possible danger. Under the Fourth Amendment, police may arrange warrantless searches incident to a lawful arrest, as it is reasonable for governing to search an arrestee for weapons that might threaten their safety, or for assure which might be destroyed.The United States commanding Court has explicitly determined that a person has no reasonable expectation of privacy in an automobile belonging to another. though the passenger does not have a standing to argufy the search of car that he does not own, he can still challenge the lawfulness of his own detention when the car is stopped at a dose interdictio n checkpoint, and therefore, he can seek to suppress both evidence seized as fruit of his allegedly illegal detention.Even presume that drug interdiction checkpoint was legal, such(prenominal) that the officers did not violate the passengers Fourth Amendment rights by stopping the vehicle in which he was riding, a passengers detention was held to be independent and separate from officers discovery of drugs during the search of the vehicles driver/owner consensual search of the vehicle. The stop and search of a moving automobile can be made with prohibited a warrant but, automobile or no automobile, there must be probable cause for the search.Probable cause to search exists when there is a fair probability that contraband or evidence of a crime ordain be found in a particular place. Standards of reasonable suspicion and probable cause, as used to appraise constitutionality of investigative stops and searches, are not readily, or even usefully, reduced to a neat set of legal rule s but rather are super C sense, non- technical conceptions that deal with factual and practical con steadrations of everyday tone on which reasonable and prudent persons, not legal technicians, act.Standards are suave concepts that take their substantive content from particular contexts in which standards are be assessed. The United States Supreme Court held that brief, suspicion-less seizures at highway checkpoints for the purposes of combating drunk crusade and intercepting illegal immigrants were constitutional. The Fourth Amendment requires that searches and seizures be reasonable. A search and seizure is unremarkably unreasonable in the absence of individualized suspicion of wrongdoing.When officers have reasonable suspicion that occupants of a vehicle are engaged in sinful activity, they may briefly stop the vehicle to investigate. Police may gull an investigative stop of a vehicle when they have reasonable suspicion of an ongoing crime, whether it be a felony or misde meanor, including drunk driving in jurisdictions where that is a criminal offense. Police may also make a stop when they have reasonable suspicion of a completed felony, though not of a mere completed misdemeanor.The court in sundry(a) cases held that for purposes of find whether an investigative stop is justified by reasonable suspicion, the next instances may be taken in to account, as the traffic violation of failure to stay within passs, a drivers decrease down, stiffening of posture, and failure to acknowledge a sighted law enforcement officer might well be unremarkable in one instance, such as a busy San Francisco highway, while quite unusual in another, such as a remote portion of rural s protrudeheastern Arizona. But a brief veering out of a lane of travel on a windy day does not ordain probable cause to the police to stop the vehicle.In making reasonable-suspicion determinations, reviewing courts must look at the totality of the circumstances of each case to see whe ther the detaining officer has a particularized and objective basis for suspecting legal wrongdoing. center of the circumstances approach to making reasonable-suspicion determinations allows officers to draw on their own own and specialized training to make inferences from and deductions about the cumulative information operational to them that might well elude an untrained person.Although an officers credit on a mere hunch is insufficient to prune an investigatory stop, the likelihood of criminal activity need not rise to the select required for probable cause, and it falls considerably short of satisfying a preponderance of the evidence standard. Although the concept of reasonable suspicion required to justify an investigatory stop is somewhat abstract, the United States Supreme Court has advisedly avoided reducing it to a neat set of legal rules.In determining whether individualized suspicion is required to suffer a stop of a motorists vehicle, the United States Supreme Court considered the nature of the interests threaten and their connection to the particular law enforcement practices at issue. The Court is particularly unwilling to recognize exceptions to the world(a) rule of individualized suspicion where governmental authorities primarily pursue their general crime control ends.While subjective intentions on the part of police officers play no role in ordinary, probable-cause Fourth Amendment analysis, checkpoint stops may be relevant to the validity of Fourth Amendment intrusions undertaken pursuant to a general scheme without individualized suspicion. The United States Supreme Court determined that checkpoints set up for general crime prevention, including drug interdiction, do not pass constitutional muster under the Fourth Amendment.The United States Supreme Court noted that checkpoint cases only limited exceptions to the general rule that a seizure must be accompanied by some measure of individualized suspicion. An Anatomy of a Crimina l campaign Most criminal outpourings keep a uniform set of procedures. The numerous rituals associated with modern trials have developed over centuries. Americas common law heritage makes it possible for all states and the federal government to follow a largely uniform set of procedures. presume that the trial is carried out to completion, those procedures are as followsDecision on label or dialog box. The defense reaction reaction mechanism decides whether it wants the case tried by a essay or a dialog box (the quest cant require a venire trial). Jury selection. If the trial will be held before a jury, the defense and prosecution select the jury through a question and final result process called voir dire. In federal courts and many state courts, the think carries out this process using questions suggested by the attorneys as well as questions that the judge comes up with on his or her own. Evidence issues.The defense and prosecution solicit the court, in advance of trial, to admit or exclude certain evidence. These requests are called motions in limine. Opening statements. The prosecution and then the defense make go-ahead statements to the judge or jury. These statements provide an outline of the case that each side expects to prove. Because neither side wants to look foolish to the jury, the attorneys are careful to shout only what they think they can deliver. In some cases the defense attorney reserves opening argument until the beginning of the defense case.criminal prosecution case-in-chief. The prosecution presents its main case through direct examination of prosecution witnesses by the prosecutor. Cross-examination. The defense may cross-examine the prosecution witnesses. Redirect. The prosecution may re-examine its witnesses. Prosecution rests. The prosecution finishes presenting its case. Motion to cut down (optional). The defense may move to dismiss the charges if it thinks that the prosecution has failed to produce enough ev idence even if the jury believes it to support a guilty verdict. Denial of motion to dismiss.Almost always, the judge denies the defense motion to dismiss. self-abnegation case-in-chief. The defense presents its main case through direct examination of defense witnesses. Cross-examination. The prosecutor cross-examines the defense witnesses. Redirect. The defense re-examines the defense witnesses. defence mechanism rests. The defense finishes presenting its case. Prosecution rebuttal. The prosecutor offers evidence to refute the defense case. remittal on jury instructions. The prosecution and defense get together with the judge and craft a final set of instructions that the judge will give the jury.Prosecution closing argument. The prosecution makes its closing argument, summarizing the evidence as the prosecution sees it, and explaining wherefore the jury should render a guilty verdict. Defense closing argument. The defense makes its closing argument, summarizing the evidence a s the defense sees it, and explaining why the jury should render a not guilty verdict or at least a guilty verdict on a lesser charge. Prosecution rebuttal. The prosecution has the last word, if it chooses to do so, and again argues that the jury has credible evidence that supports a finding of guilty. Jury instructions.The judge instructs the jury about what law to apply to the case and how to carry out its duties. (Some settle preinstruct juries, reciting instructions before closing argument or even at the outset of trial. ) Jury deliberations. The jury deliberates and tries to reach a verdict. Most states require unanimous agreement, but Oregon and Louisiana allow convictions with only 10 of 12 votes. Post-trial motions. If the jury produces a guilty verdict, the defense often makes post-trial motions requesting the judge to override the jury and either grant a new trial or acquit the defendant.Denial of post-trial motions. Almost always, the judge denies the defense post-trial motions. Sentencing. Assuming a conviction (a verdict of guilty), the judge either sentences the defendant on the spot or sets sentencing for another day. To read and printout a model of the Form please link below. Checklist Documents Your Attorney Will Need Be Sociable, Share chirp Facebook email StumbleUpon Delicious Google Reader LinkedIn BlinkList Digg Google Bookmarks Myspace Post to Twitter

Has Child Behavior Worsened Over the Years? Essay

Is your fry forgetful, irresponsible, moody, and prone to dream? (Figure 1.1) Does he seem to lack motivation and stimulate easily tire? (Empowering Parents) Has the problem become worse than it was a year ago? A childs doings is defined solely by environmental factors such as family, cultures, and everyday experiences. As a result, studies admit shown that ascribable to these factors, childrens behavior has become worse. A childs behavior may be a problem if it doesnt match the expectations of the family or if it is disruptive. (Family Parents are childrens greatest role models. Your children will see your illustration positive or negative as a pattern for the means life is to be lived. (Rcmp.Grc.go) The 1960 Census reported that nine percent of children lived in oneness parent families, compared with the 28% reported by 2000. ( In 2012, accord to the Census Bureau about 80% of children were intensifyd by single mothers. Therefore, many disadvantage s come from a single parent household. The Ameri nookie honorary society of Pediatrics proposes that boys in a single household become more aggressive trying to full the fathers role in the household. If the mother is absent, the young girls try to become the caretaker looking out for her family. (Everydaylife.GlobalPost) This leads children to raise themselves, forcing them to give up their childhood. This also could lead them into trouble because the children wouldnt hit the sack right from wrong which is leading up to child behavioral problems. unmarried parents are also often financially stressed, making it hard n children. Children will be able to read through your stress and as they grow older, some would want to help. This will lead the children into desperation create them to steal or maybe bringing in dirty property, money they deal earned illegally. Parents today are also becoming junior and younger. Kids raising kids is drastic. The cons of this are these young pa rents trying to be friends with their children instead of coaching job them. Everything these young parents listen to or do, they will let their children do the same, persuasion this act is cute. Many people with argue that child behavior has meliorate because of culture, the technology is better. Education is great. Education is by far better today than a hundred years ago The fields of learning keep been opened up to boys and girls equally to seek out far great possibilities than were even imaginable a hundred years ago.The Education outright is a better than before. We are not beaten and now we can use internet for Education. Alisham2002 ( Though technology has improved, and todays education is better, this has nothing to do with the behavior of this generation. Technology is a downfall kids have access to everything and are actually becoming too independent on electronics. Culture and everyday experiences such as music and video games have had a huge impact of childrens behavior. Music videos and games have become extremely explicit. Ive known and seen children dance provocatively and cussing up a storm like the rappers does. Whereas, my mom would have never went for that In conclusion, child behavior has worsened over the years because of single parenting in households, young parenting, and todays music and culture. In earlier years, there was a limit to all of these things. There could be a passcode on your TV so no child would witness these explicit things. Today, parenting is terrible and so is childrens behavior.Works CitiedDealing With An Angry, Acting-Out Child? Parenting Articles about Arguing & deoxyadenosine monophosphate Fighting. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 June 2014. . What You Can Do to Change Your Childs Behavior. health Education. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 June 2014. . The Rise-and Fall?-of Single-Parent Families. The Rise-and Fall?-of Single-Parent Families. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 June 2014. . Family Issues for Single Parents. Everyday Life. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 June 2014. .

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Dreams, Views and Teachings of Great People Essay

history is made up of significant events, which shape our future and exceptional leading who influence our destiny. Leaders such as Martin Luther Kink junior, Mahatma Gandhi, and even unhomogeneous prophets. Their contributions to our history place them in this unique position.Each of them has their own stories, dreams, views, beliefs and goals in life and yet they are also similar in a vast amount of ways. My objective here is to compare and contrast these leaders as well as discussing the connection to forward-looking daylight prophets if any.In order for Mahatma Gandhi to reach his ultimate goal, he had to prove worthy of its rewards. exclusively that Gandhi wanted is for people to begin to respect his ideas and see that his belief sincerely was just. Gandhi spoke of non-violent resistance as a method to help the debate side see how they were committing sins. Gandhi used inspirational words to shape up his people. He was motivated to begin fighting for Indian rights afte r being humiliated, and whence he had faith that he could help India achieve independence. He k naked as a jaybird that if Indians remained unprovocative and forgave the enemies, they would virtu everyyday be rewarded.To show his responsibility and commit workforcet to the fight Gandhi was payoff to fasting, abstinence or the use of non-violence as a political tool. Gandhi lead many campaigns, organized strikes, and stayed avowedly to him self just to convey a subject matter to the people. Gandhi claimed to be no more that an average man with slight than average ability. He did not want any special avail for what he did. He believed that any man or women could achieve what he had, if he or she would make the said(prenominal) effort and grow the same hope and faith.Martin Luther pouf Jr. took the lessons taught by Gandhi to the oppressed of India, and applied them to the burdensomeness of the blacks in America. He also used words of wisdom to encourage his fellow African Americans, to see how deserving they are of pertain treatment. King adopted Gandhis method of non-violence, realizing this is the path to freedom. His tactics of protest confused non-violent passive resistance to racial injustice. King was merely a business office model whose mission in life was to serve others. His wisdom, words, commitment, deeds, and dreams for a new shine of life made others full of hope. His visions and goals were simple, yet breathtaking.Some major similarities between the two are that they both speak of G-d in a personal way they speak of Him as the truth. They both teach others by their own examples, and they both take an active part in politics. nearly importantly they both taught us to open our eyes to the truth.This just shows you that some of the greatest people started out as nothing and developed/changed into leaders of the world.Although their efforts have brought about tremendous progress, their work is no way complete. My motive for this i s that we have take over not yet achieved compare among people of all races. Yes, we all ride in the same bus, but equality is still a major issue. I think just to connect this to Tanach and Jewish Law, a great way to do something is to get involved in the community and get people thinking about the issues, because if racism and equality arent even on our minds how can we do anything about them? compensate by just thinking about this will make their dreams a reality.What is a prophet? Based on Tanach class and the movie, we learn that its a person whose message is always relevant and they addressed modern situations and current issues. Prophets loved their nation they were fearless of most things and they were students of history. Also they were men of prayer, and had personal relationship with political and religious leaders of their day. The more specialized things they did are pass on the message of G-d, inform people of abuse doings and set them on the right path, etc.Takin g a look at Amos, he was bold and fearless when called to deal with evils of the day. He was known for his sense of justice and pride. Today I think his message would be that people should love and treat all as equal status.Now if we compare this general definition of a prophet to MLK Jr. and Gandhi, then yes I do think they fit the role of prophets. motionless I dont know if they would be considered modern day prophets. Simply because I dont have a true idea of what I believe about modern day prophets. only when it is safe to say that they were the heroes of our generation. We just have to hope they know it

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The Alcatel Lucent Merger

Running Head THE ALCATEL-LUCENT jointure The Alcatel-aglow(predicate) Merger-What went impose on _or_ oppress? American normal University 1 THE ALCATEL-LUCENT amalgamation 2 The Alcatel- bright Merger-What went wrong? Referring to the littleon and this chapter, discuss what conditions and negotiation factors pushed forth the coalition in 2006 that were non present in 2001. In 1999, as the Internet boom was come up its apex, bright Technologies was the worlds largest telecommunications equipment ships c every last(predicate)er-up (Lazonick &038 March, 2011). With revenues of $38. 3 billion, net income of $4. billion, and 153,000 employees for the financial class ending kinfolk 30, 1999, aglow(predicate) was larger and much fat than Nortel, Alcatel, and Ericsson, its three major world(prenominal) competitors (Lazonick &038 March, 2011). Unfortunately for lambent, as quickly as it rose to the top, it began to fall to the bottom. Lucent recognized, and so did its comp etitors, that whatsoeverthing had to be through to hold on profitability in its commercialise. In 2001, Alcatel of France, the communications equipment maker in Paris, and Lucent Technologies, the U. S. telecommunications giant, began negotiations for a union of the twain companies (Deresky, 2011, p. 76). In 2001, many a(prenominal) communications companies began to come across a fall in sales callable to an internet crash. Companies bid Lucent that were on the button age prior at the top of its lame in the market were straight quickly loosing sales and on the sceptre of bankruptcy (Lazonick &038 March, 2011). Creating a spinal fusion was a weft that Lucent had to over over again gain power and profitability, save mergers r argonly go easily. As in this case in that location are two competitors attempting to come together and carry off for a mutually satisfying symmetry that affects the future of both(prenominal) companies and the employees.THE ALCATEL-LUCE NT spinal fusion 3 By the mid-2000s it became seeming(a) that Lucent was faced with the choice of decent merely a turning point player in the communications applied science constancy or determination a partner to supplement its resources so that it could compete once again as a full cable system supplier. In May 2001, Alcatel and Lucent held initial merger talks with a view to creating a $50 billion global firm. A year earlier Lucent would start out rule such a combination. By May 2001, however, Lucent had al pay back been severely damaged by the downswing in the telecommunications industry.In contrast, Alcatel sales and wage remained strong at the judgment of conviction of those merger talks. If the merger had gone through and through, Alcatel shareholders would incur owned 58 percent of the unite political party. It had been agreed that the new military headquarters would be in Murray Hill, New jersey and that Alcatel electric chair Serge Tchuruk would go throug h the company. In the end, the 2001 merger failed when Alcatel insisted that because of its stronger position it would select 8 of the 14 board members, enchantment Lucent Chairman Henry Schacht insisted that his company send two more members for an even split (Sorkin and Romero 2001).The 2001 merger was non no-hit because negotiations were not successful. For longterm positivistic relations, the goal should be to set up a win-win situation-that is to bring sanitary-nigh a settlement beneficial to all parties concerned (Deresky, 2011, p. 152). Unfortunately, that was not the case with this merger. The two companies could not agree on how much control the french company would have. Lucents executives obviously wanted the mound as a merger of equals, rather than a takeover by Aslcatel (Deresky, 2011, p. 176).Furthermore, jibe to Deresky (2011), the negotiation process should encompass louvers stages preparation, descent building, exchange of task-related information, persua sion, and concessions and agreement (p. 153). The integral negotiation process in 2001 had flaws. THE ALCATEL-LUCENT nuclear fusion reaction 4 Research the positioning of the interconnected company at the time of your reading this case. What has happened in the industry since the merger, and how is the company uttermosting? In 2006, Alcatel was almost twice the size of Lucent in terms of revenues and employes when the merger that micturated Alcatel-Lucent took place (Lazonick &038 March, 2011).Since then, the merger has proven to be successful overall. To support this, in February 2013, a quintuplet year managed goods agreement was announced by Alcatel-Lucent with KPN, the leading telecommunications service provider in the Netherlands (Mena Report, 2013). fit to the report, Alcatel-Lucent testament plan, design and implement an length expressive styles solution to provide KPNs lucre with increased capacity, upgraded equipment, and best-in-class customer service process es.Alcatel-Lucent will in like manner help KPN diversify its existing multi-vendor voice and core networks enable its customers to access and share multimedia content from wherever they are or using the device of their choice be it a smartphone, computer or tablet (Mena Report, 2013). Two eld after the merger, Alcatel-Lucent University received a security measures of quality from the European buttocks for Management Development, an honor bestowed on still 14 corporate universities throughout Europe (Alcatel-Lucent University, 2010).Evaluate the comment that the merger is a giant transatlantic try out in multi pagan potpourri. What evidence is there that the company has run into cross-cultural problems since the merger took place in 2006? THE ALCATEL-LUCENT spinal fusion The comment was made because there were so many multicultural and diversity issues surrounding the merger. While Lucent was an American company that conducted its business indoors the borders of the Unit ed States, Alcatel was already a global business before the merger.Alcatel already operated as an international company with a wide mix of nationalities (Deresky, 2011, p. 176). The hesitation was raised by many during the merger, how will the merged company deal with cross-cultural conflicts? , but Tchuruk tell that, while cultural issues could arise, everything is under way to make sure this gracious factor is dealt with (Deresky, 2011, p. 176). This statement of confidence was in reality part of the reason wherefore the merger was actually somewhat ironically poised with problems because there were and then many problems related to multicultural diversity.Some of these problems include language barriers between members of the merged companies, their stockholders, and other stakeholders. Analysts quickly suggested that the corporate enculturation of Lucent clashed with Alcatels French business model (Deresky, 2011, p. 177). This was coupled with Russos inability to work wel l with Tchuruk and it soon became clear that it was a measly decision to appoint leading based on their nationality rather than their skills. Russo was also the freshman woman to run a company listed on the CAC 40 in the male dominated world where French business and governing overlap (Deresky, 2011, p. 77). Chinese rivals were also at Alcatel-Lucents doorstep providing convertible service and technology for less money. According to Deresky (2011), a Barrons article in August 2008 famed that while it might have been laboursaving if outgoing CEO Patricia Russo had verbalize French, thats not why she and Chairman Serge Tchuruk failed to make a go of the 2006 merger of Alcatel and Lucent Technologies (p. 177). 5 THE ALCATEL-LUCENT coalition 6 How much of the deny do you attribute to leaders problems, as opposed to industry factors?I think the majority of the decline was attributed to leadership problems. The structure of the organization is provided effective if the leader s within it are committed to achieving company objectives and on the job(p) with to each one other as a team. They must perform their roles and responsibilities knowledgeably and creatively when necessary. The cultural change that was required to create an entrepreneurial sprit throughout the company began with executives being willing to relinquish some of their existing control to flummox decision making downward through the organization.The purpose was to enable smart and better decisions and more competitive responses to market conditions and customer desires (Lazonick &038 March, 2010). What, if any, factors should have been negotiated other than? Just about everything should have been done other than during the attempted first merger in 2001, but both companies did learn a fate from that merger and they were better prepared in 2006, although still a far cry from being as ready as they should have been.The executives of both companies really did not take cultural values an d differences into consideration as much as they should have and as it turned out they had a difficult time communicating with each other, not only due to language barriers, but also just because business was conducted so differently between the French and American cultures. THE ALCATEL-LUCENT MERGER 7 References Alcatel-aglow(predicate) to transform KPN s fixed network operations in the netherlands over next five years. (2013). MENA Report, Retrieved from http//search. roquest. com/docview/ 1313279184? accountid=8289 Alcatel-lucent university. (2010). Development and Learning in Organizations, 24(2), 31-32. inside http//dx. doi. org/10. 1108/14777281011019515 Lazonick, W. , &038 March, E. (2011). The rise and demise of lucent technologies. Journal of Strategic Management Education, 7(4), 201-270. Retrieved from http// search. proquest. com/docview/1015336210? accountid=8289 Sorkin, Andrew Ross, and Simon Romero, 2001, Alcatel and Lucent call off negotiations toward a merger. New Y ork Times, May 30.The Alcatel Lucent MergerRunning Head THE ALCATEL-LUCENT MERGER The Alcatel-Lucent Merger-What went wrong? American Public University 1 THE ALCATEL-LUCENT MERGER 2 The Alcatel-Lucent Merger-What went wrong? Referring to the case and this chapter, discuss what conditions and negotiation factors pushed forth the merger in 2006 that were not present in 2001. In 1999, as the Internet boom was approaching its apex, Lucent Technologies was the worlds largest telecommunications equipment company (Lazonick &038 March, 2011). With revenues of $38. 3 billion, net income of $4. billion, and 153,000 employees for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1999, Lucent was larger and more profitable than Nortel, Alcatel, and Ericsson, its three major global competitors (Lazonick &038 March, 2011). Unfortunately for Lucent, as quickly as it rose to the top, it began to fall to the bottom. Lucent recognized, and so did its competitors, that something had to be done to sustain profita bility in its market. In 2001, Alcatel of France, the communications equipment maker in Paris, and Lucent Technologies, the U. S. telecommunications giant, began negotiations for a merger of the two companies (Deresky, 2011, p. 76). In 2001, many communications companies began to see a fall in sales due to an internet crash. Companies like Lucent that were just years prior at the top of its game in the market were now quickly loosing sales and on the brink of bankruptcy (Lazonick &038 March, 2011). Creating a merger was a choice that Lucent had to again gain power and profitability, but mergers rarely go easily. As in this case there are two competitors attempting to come together and negotiate for a mutually acceptable agreement that affects the future of both companies and the employees.THE ALCATEL-LUCENT MERGER 3 By the mid-2000s it became evident that Lucent was faced with the choice of becoming merely a niche player in the communications technology industry or finding a partne r to supplement its resources so that it could compete once again as a full line supplier. In May 2001, Alcatel and Lucent held initial merger talks with a view to creating a $50 billion global firm. A year earlier Lucent would have dominated such a combination. By May 2001, however, Lucent had already been severely damaged by the downturn in the telecommunications industry.In contrast, Alcatel sales and profits remained strong at the time of those merger talks. If the merger had gone through, Alcatel shareholders would have owned 58 percent of the combined company. It had been agreed that the new headquarters would be in Murray Hill, New Jersey and that Alcatel Chairman Serge Tchuruk would run the company. In the end, the 2001 merger failed when Alcatel insisted that because of its stronger position it would select 8 of the 14 board members, while Lucent Chairman Henry Schacht insisted that his company send two more members for an even split (Sorkin and Romero 2001).The 2001 merger was not successful because negotiations were not successful. For longterm positive relations, the goal should be to set up a win-win situation-that is to bring about a settlement beneficial to all parties concerned (Deresky, 2011, p. 152). Unfortunately, that was not the case with this merger. The two companies could not agree on how much control the French company would have. Lucents executives apparently wanted the deal as a merger of equals, rather than a takeover by Aslcatel (Deresky, 2011, p. 176).Furthermore, according to Deresky (2011), the negotiation process should encompass fives stages preparation, relationship building, exchange of task-related information, persuasion, and concessions and agreement (p. 153). The entire negotiation process in 2001 had flaws. THE ALCATEL-LUCENT MERGER 4 Research the status of the merged company at the time of your reading this case. What has happened in the industry since the merger, and how is the company faring? In 2006, Alcatel was al most twice the size of Lucent in terms of revenues and employes when the merger that created Alcatel-Lucent took place (Lazonick &038 March, 2011).Since then, the merger has proven to be successful overall. To support this, in February 2013, a five year managed services agreement was announced by Alcatel-Lucent with KPN, the leading telecommunications service provider in the Netherlands (Mena Report, 2013). According to the report, Alcatel-Lucent will plan, design and implement an end-to-end solution to provide KPNs network with increased capacity, upgraded equipment, and best-in-class customer service processes.Alcatel-Lucent will also help KPN transform its existing multi-vendor voice and core networks enabling its customers to access and share multimedia content from wherever they are or using the device of their choice be it a smartphone, computer or tablet (Mena Report, 2013). Two years after the merger, Alcatel-Lucent University received a certificate of quality from the Europ ean Foundation for Management Development, an honor bestowed on only 14 corporate universities throughout Europe (Alcatel-Lucent University, 2010).Evaluate the comment that the merger is a giant transatlantic experiment in multicultural diversity. What evidence is there that the company has run into cross-cultural problems since the merger took place in 2006? THE ALCATEL-LUCENT MERGER The comment was made because there were so many multicultural and diversity issues surrounding the merger. While Lucent was an American company that conducted its business within the borders of the United States, Alcatel was already a global business before the merger.Alcatel already operated as an international company with a wide mix of nationalities (Deresky, 2011, p. 176). The question was raised by many during the merger, how will the merged company deal with cross-cultural conflicts? , but Tchuruk said that, while cultural issues could arise, everything is under way to make sure this human fact or is dealt with (Deresky, 2011, p. 176). This statement of confidence was actually part of the reason why the merger was actually somewhat ironically poised with problems because there were indeed many problems related to multicultural diversity.Some of these problems included language barriers between members of the merged companies, their stockholders, and other stakeholders. Analysts quickly suggested that the corporate culture of Lucent clashed with Alcatels French business model (Deresky, 2011, p. 177). This was coupled with Russos inability to work well with Tchuruk and it soon became clear that it was a poor decision to appoint leaders based on their nationality rather than their skills. Russo was also the first woman to run a company listed on the CAC 40 in the male dominated world where French business and politics overlap (Deresky, 2011, p. 77). Chinese rivals were also at Alcatel-Lucents doorstep providing similar service and technology for less money. According to Deres ky (2011), a Barrons article in August 2008 noted that while it might have been helpful if outgoing CEO Patricia Russo had spoken French, thats not why she and Chairman Serge Tchuruk failed to make a go of the 2006 merger of Alcatel and Lucent Technologies (p. 177). 5 THE ALCATEL-LUCENT MERGER 6 How much of the decline do you attribute to leadership problems, as opposed to industry factors?I think the majority of the decline was attributed to leadership problems. The structure of the organization is only effective if the leaders within it are committed to achieving company objectives and working with each other as a team. They must perform their roles and responsibilities knowledgeably and creatively when necessary. The cultural change that was required to create an entrepreneurial sprit throughout the company began with executives being willing to relinquish some of their existing control to drive decision making downward through the organization.The purpose was to enable faster a nd better decisions and more competitive responses to market conditions and customer desires (Lazonick &038 March, 2010). What, if any, factors should have been negotiated differently? Just about everything should have been done differently during the attempted first merger in 2001, but both companies did learn a lot from that merger and they were better prepared in 2006, although still a far cry from being as ready as they should have been.The executives of both companies really did not take cultural values and differences into consideration as much as they should have and as it turned out they had a difficult time communicating with each other, not only due to language barriers, but also just because business was conducted so differently between the French and American cultures. THE ALCATEL-LUCENT MERGER 7 References Alcatel-lucent to transform KPN s fixed network operations in the netherlands over next five years. (2013). MENA Report, Retrieved from http//search. roquest. com/do cview/ 1313279184? accountid=8289 Alcatel-lucent university. (2010). Development and Learning in Organizations, 24(2), 31-32. doi http//dx. doi. org/10. 1108/14777281011019515 Lazonick, W. , &038 March, E. (2011). The rise and demise of lucent technologies. Journal of Strategic Management Education, 7(4), 201-270. Retrieved from http// search. proquest. com/docview/1015336210? accountid=8289 Sorkin, Andrew Ross, and Simon Romero, 2001, Alcatel and Lucent call off negotiations toward a merger. New York Times, May 30.

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Shadow Kiss Chapter 5

FiveMOST corrective ISSUES AT the academy went to Headmistress Kirova. She over proverb Moroi and dhampirs a deal and was known for her creative and oft- procedured repertoire of punishments. She wasnt cruel, exactly, on the nose she wasnt soft, either. She simply took student behavior seriously and dealt with it as she saw fit. on that point were some issues, however, that were beyond her jurisdiction.The schools guardians c tout ensembleing to narkher a disciplinary mission wasnt unheard of, muchover it was very, very rargon. You had to do something pretty serious to micturate them off to get that sort of response. Like, give voice, willfully endangering a Moroi. Or hypothetically willfully endangering a Moroi.For the last time, I growled, I didnt do it on purpose.I sat in adept of the guardians meeting rooms, facing my mission Alberta, Emil, and one of the another(prenominal)(a) rare female guardians on campus, Celeste. They sat at a long table, reflexioning imposin g, spot I sat in a single chair and matte up very vulnerable. Several other guardians were sitting in and watching, exclusively thankfully, none of my classmates were in that respect to see this humiliation. Dimitri was among the watchers. He was non on the committee, and I wondered if theyd kept him off because of his potentially bleached determination as my mentor. dangle Hatha demeanor, state Alberta, fully in her strict-captain mode, you essential know why we hand over a hard time accept that.Celeste nodded. Guardian alto saw you. You refused to protect two Moroi including the one whose security measures you were specifically assigned to.I didnt refuse I exclaimed. I fumbled.That wasnt a fumble, said Stan from the watchers. He glanced at Alberta for permission to speak. May I? She nodded, and he turned back to me. If youd blocked or attacked me and wherefore messed up, that would be a fumble. provided you didnt block. You didnt attack. You didnt even try. You ex clusively stood in that location give care a statue and did nothing.Understandably, I was outraged. The thought that I would purposely leave Christian and Brandon to be killed by a Strigoi was ridiculous. alone what could I do? I either confessed to make out up majorly or to having seen a weirdy. Neither option was appealing, hardly I had to cut my losses. One do me realise incompetent. The other do me look insane. I didnt want to be associated with either of those. I much like my usual description of reckless and disruptive.Why am I getting in trouble for messing up? I asked tightly. I mean, I saw Ryan mess up earlier. He didnt get in trouble. Isnt that the point of this wholly exercise? Practice? If we were perfect, youd already clear unleashed us upon the worldWerent you ear electron orbit? said Stan. I swore I could see a vein pounding in his forehead. I retrieve he was the only one there as up fall as I was. At the very least, he was the only one (aside from me ) showing his emotions. The others wore poker face ups, notwithstanding then, none of them had witnessed what had happened. If Id been in Stans place, I exponent brace thought the worst of me too. You didnt mess up, because messing up implies that you scram to actually do something.Okay, then. I froze. I looked at him defiantly. Does that count as messing up? I cracked under the pressure and blanked out. It turns out I wasnt prepared. The moment came, and I panicked. It happens to novices all the time.To a novice who has already killed Strigoi? asked Emil. He was from Romania, his accent a bit thicker than Dimitris Russian one. It wasnt nearly as nice, though. It seems unlikely.I dealt out glares to him and everyone else in the room. Oh, I see. After one incident, Im now expect to be an expert Strigoi killer? I ceaset panic or be afraid or anything? Makes sense. conveys, guys. Fair. Real fair. I slumped back in my seat, arm crossed over my chest. There was no need to fake cattish defiance. I had plenty of it to dish out.Alberta sighed and leaned forward. Were arguing semantics. Technicali gets arent the point here. Whats important is that this morning, you make it very clear you did not want to guard Christian Ozera. In fact I think you even said you wanted us to be sure we knew that you were doing it against your will and that wed soon see what a flagitious idea it was. Ugh. I had said that. Honestly, what had I been thinking? And then, when your first tryout comes much or less, we find you tout ensemble and utterly unresponsive.I nearly flew out of my chair. Thats what this is rough? You think I didnt protect him because of some kind of weird punish thing?All three of them stared at me expectantly.You arent exactly known for sedately and gracefully accepting things you dont like, she replied wryly.This time, I did stand up, pointing my finger at her accusingly. not true. I harbor followed every rule Kirova laid scratch off for me since a ttack back here. Ive gone(a) to every practice and obeyed every cur a few(prenominal). Well, Id fudged some of the curfews plainly not willfully. It had unendingly been for the greater wakeless. Theres no reason Id do this as some kind of revenge What well-grounded would it do? Sta Guardian Alto wasnt going to really hurt Christian, so its not like Id get to see him punched or anything. The only thing I would accomplish is getting dragged into the middle of something like this and possibly facing removal from the palm experience.You are facing removal from the field experience, replied Celeste flatly.Oh. I sat down, suddenly not feeling as bold. Silence hung in the room for several moments, and then I heard Dimitris voice speak from nates me.She has a point, he said. My heart thumped loudly in my chest. Dimitri knew I wouldnt behave revenge like that. He didnt think I was petty. If she were going to protest or go for revenge, shed do it in a different way. Well, not too p etty, at least.Celeste frowned. Yes, but subsequently the scene she made this morningDimitri took a few steps forward and stood beside my chair. Having his solid presence nearby comforted me. I had a flash of d?j? vu, back to when Lissa and I had returned to the Academy last autumn. Headmistress Kirova had nearly expelled me, and Dimitri had stood up for me then too.This is all circumstantial, he said. disregardless of how suspicious you think it looks, theres no proof. Removing her from the experience and essentially ruining her commencement ceremony is a bit extreme without any certainties.The committee looked thoughtful, and I focussed my attention on Alberta. She had the most power here. Id always liked her, and in our time together, shed been strict but always scrupulously fair. I hoped that would assuage hold true. She beckoned Celeste and Emil toward her, and the other two guardians leaned closer. They had a whispered conference. Alberta gave a resigned nod, and the oth ers leaned back.Miss Hathaway, do you have anything youd like to show before we herald you our conclusions?That Id like to say? Hell, yeah. There were tons of things. I wanted to say that I wasnt incompetent. I wanted to come apart them that I was one of the best novices here. I wanted to tell them that I had seen Stan coming and had been on the verge of reacting. I especially wanted to tell them that I didnt want to have this intention on my record. Even if I stayed in the field experience, Id essentially have an F for this first test. It would affect my overall grade, which could subsequently affect my future. and again, what choice did I have? Tell them that Id seen a ghost? The ghost of a guy whod had a major crush on me and who had kind of likely died because of that crush? I still didnt know what was going on with these sightings. One time I could write off to exhaustionbut Id seen him or it twice now. Was he real? My higher reasoning said no, but frankly, it didnt mat ter at the moment. If he was real and I told them, theyd think I was dis quietudeed. If he wasnt real and I told them, theyd think I was crazy and theyd be right. I couldnt win here.No, Guardian Petrov, I said, hoping I sounded meek. cipher more to add.All right, she said wearily. Heres what weve unconquerable. Youre lucky you have Guardian Belikov to exhort for you, or this decision might have been different. Were giving you the benefit of the doubt. Youll go on with the field experience and continue to guard Mr. Ozera. Youll sightly be on a probation of sorts.Thats okay, I said. Id been on probation for most of my academic life. Thank you.And, she added. Uh-oh. Because the suspicion isnt entirely re go, youll be spending your day off this workweek doing community service.I jumped out of my chair again. What?Dimitris hand wrapped around my wrist, his fingers warm and controlling. Sit down, he murmured in my ear, tugging me toward the chair. Take what you croupe get.If that s a problem, we can make it next week too, warned Celeste. And the next five after that.I sat down and shook my head. Im sorry. Thank you.The hearing dispersed, and I was left feeling weary and beaten. Had only one day gone by? Surely the happy excitement Id felt before the field experience had been weeks ago and not this morning. Alberta told me to go find Christian, but Dimitri asked if he could have some time alone with me. She agreed, no doubt hoping hed set me on the straight and narrow.The room emptied, and I thought hed sit and chatter to me then and there, but instead he walked over to a modest table that held a water dispenser, coffee, and other beverages.You want some overheated drinking chocolate? he asked.I hadnt expected that. Sure. He dumped four packets of newsflash hot chocolate into two Styrofoam cups and then added in hot water. two-baser it is the secret, he said when the cups were full.He handed me mine, along with a woody stirrer, and then walked toward a side door. Presuming I was supposed to follow him, I scurried to catch up without spilling my hot chocolate.Where are we oh.I stepped through the doorway and nominate myself in a little glass-enclosed porch filled with small bench tables. Id had no idea this porch was adjacent to the meeting room, but then, this was the grammatical construction the guardians conducted all campus business out of. Novices were rarely allowed. I also hadnt realized the building was built around a small courtyard, which was what this porch looked out to. In the summer, I imagined one could open the windows and be surrounded in greenery and warm air. Now, encased in glass and frost, I felt like I was in some kind of an ice palace.Dimitri swept his hand over a chair, brushing off dust. I did the same and sat down opposite him. Apparently this room didnt see a lot of use in the winter. Because it was enclosed, the room was warmer than outdoors, but it wasnt heated otherwise. The air felt chilly, and I warmed my hands on my cup. Silence fell mingled with Dimitri and me. The only noise came from me blowing on my hot chocolate. He drank his right away. Hed been cleaning Strigoi for years. What was a little scalding water here and there?As we sat, and the quiet grew, I studied him over the edge of my cup. He wasnt face at me, but I knew he knew I was watching. Like every other time I looked at him, I was always struck by his looks first. The soft dark hair that he practically tucked behind his ears without realizing it, hair that never quite wanted to stay in its tie at the back of his neck. His eyes were brown too, somehow gentle and savage at the same time. His lips had that same contradictory quality, I realized. When he was rubbish or dealing with something grim, those lips would flatten and turn hard. still in twinkle times when he laughed or kissedwell, then theyd become soft and wonderful.Today, more than his exterior hit me. I felt warm and safe just world with him. He brought comfort after my terrible day. So often with other people, I felt a need to be the pertain of attention, to be funny and always have something clever to say. It was a dress I needed to shake to be a guardian, seeing as that job required so much silence. But with Dimitri, I never felt like I had to be anything more than what I already was. I didnt have to entertain him or think up jokes or even flirt. It was enough to just be together, to be so completely comfortable in each others presence smoldering sexual latent hostility aside that we lost all sense of self-consciousness. I exhaled and drank my cocoa.What happened out there? he asked at last, meeting my gaze. You didnt crack under the pressure.His voice was curious, not accusatory. He wasnt treating me as a student right now, I realized. He was regarding me as an equal. He simply wanted to know what was going on with me. There was no discipline or lecturing here.And that just made it all the worse when I had to l ie to him.Of course it was, I told him, looking down into my cup. Unless you believe I really did let Stan attack Christian.No, he said. I dont believe that. I never did. I knew youd be unhappy when you found out well-nigh the assignments, but I never erst doubted that youd do what youd have to for this. I knew you wouldnt let your personal feelings get in the way of your duty.I looked up again and met his eyes, so full of faith and secure confidence in me. I didnt. I was madStill am a little. But once I said Id do it, I meant it. And after spending some time with himwell, I dont hate him. I actually think hes good for Lissa, and he cares intimately her, so I cant get upset about that. He and I just clashing sometimes, thats all but we did really well together against the Strigoi. I remembered that while I was with him today, and arguing against this assignment just seemed stupid. So I decided to do the best job I could. I hadnt meant to talk so much, but it felt good to let out what was inside of me, and the look on Dimitris face would have gotten me to say anything. Almost anything.What happened then? he asked. With Stan? I averted my eyes and played with my cup again. I hated safekeeping things from him, but I couldnt tell him about this. In the human world, vampires and dhampirs were marionettes of story and legend bedtime stories to scare children. Humans didnt know we were real and walking the earth. But just because we were real didnt mean that every other story-time paranormal creature was. We knew that and had our own myths and bedtime stories about things we didnt believe in. Werewolves. Bogeymen. Ghosts.Ghosts played no real role in our culture, short of organism fodder for pranks and campfire tales. Ghosts inevitably came up on Halloween, and some legends endured over the years. But in real life? No ghosts. If you came back after death, it was because you were a Strigoi.At least, thats what Id always been taught. I honestly didnt know enough now to say what was going on. Me imagining Mason seemed more likely than him being a true ghost, but man, that meant I might seriously be heading into crazy territory. All this time Id worried about Lissa losing it. Who had known it might be me?Dimitri was still watching me, postponement for an answer.I dont know what happened out there. My intentions were good I just I just messed up.Rose. Youre a terrible liar.I glanced up. No, Im not. Ive told a lot of good lies in my life. People have believed them.He smiled slightly. Im sure. But it doesnt work with me. For one thing, you wont look me in the eye. As for the other I dont know. I can just tell.Damn. He could tell. He just knew me that well. I stood up and moved to the door, keeping my back to him. Normally, I treasured every minute with him, but I couldnt stick around today. I hated lying, but I didnt want to tell the truth either. I had to leave.Look, I appreciate you being worried about mebut really, its okay. I just messed up. Im embarrassed about it and sorry I put your awesome training to shame but Ill rebound. Next time, Stans ass is mine.I hadnt even heard him get up, but suddenly, Dimitri was right behind me. He placed a hand on my shoulder, and I froze in front of the door leading out. He didnt bear upon me anywhere else. He didnt try to pull me closer. But, oh, that one hand on my shoulder held all the power in the world.Rose, he said, and I knew he was no longer smiling. I dont know why youre lying, but I know you wouldnt do it without a good reason. And if theres something wrong something youre afraid to tell the others I spun around rapidly, somehow managing to pivot in place in such a way that his hand never moved heretofore ended up on my other shoulder.Im not afraid, I cried. I do have my reasons, and believe me, what happened with Stan was nothing. Really. All of this is just something stupid that got pursy out of proportion. Dont feel sorry for me or feel like you have to do a nything. What happened sucks, but Ill just roll with it and take the black mark. Ill take care of everything. Ill take care of me. It took all of my strength just then not to shake. How had this day gotten so bizarre and out of control?Dimitri didnt say anything. He just looked down at me, and the expression on his face was one Id never seen before. I couldnt interpret it. Was he mad? evaluate? I just couldnt tell. The fingers on my shoulder tightened slightly and then relaxed.You dont have to do this alone, he said at last. He sounded almost wistful, which made no sense. He was the one whod been telling me for so long that I needed to be strong. I wanted to throw myself into his arms just then, but I knew I couldnt.I couldnt help a smile. You say thatbut tell me the truth. Do you go running to others when you have problems?Thats the not the same Answer the question, comrade.Dont call me that.And dont avoid the question either.No, he said. I try to deal with my problems on my own. I slipped away from his hand. See?But you have a lot of people in your life you can trust, people who care about you. That changes things.I looked at him in surprise. You dont have people who care about you?He frowned, obviously rethinking his words. Well, Ive always had good people in my lifeand there have been people who cared about me. But that doesnt necessarily mean I could trust them or tell them everything.I was often so distracted by the weirdness of our relationship that I rarely thought about Dimitri as someone with a life away from me. He was respected by everyone on campus. Teachers and students homogeneous knew him as one of the deadliest guardians here. Whenever we ran into guardians from outside the school, they always seemed to know and respect him too. But I couldnt recall ever having seen him in any sort of affectionate setting. He didnt appear to have any close friends among the other guardians just coworkers he liked. The friendliest Id ever seen him get with someone had been when Christians aunt, Tasha Ozera, visited. Theyd known each other for a long time, but even that hadnt been enough for Dimitri to pursue once her visit was over.Dimitri was alone an awful lot, I realized, content to hole up with his cowboy novels when not working. I felt alone a lot, but in truth, I was almost always surrounded by people. With him being my teacher, I tended to view things as one-sided He was the one always giving me something, be it advice or instruction. But I gave him something too, something harder to define a connection with another person.Do you trust me? I asked him.The hesitation was brief. Yes. accordingly trust me now, and dont worry about me just this once.I stepped away, out of the reach of his arm, and he didnt say anything more or try to stop me. slickness through the room that Id had the hearing in, I headed for the buildings main exit, tossing the remnants of my hot chocolate in a garbage can as I walked past.

Factors Motivating Variation

The section Factors motivating variation of Chapter 2 of Introducing Sociolinguistics (Meyerhoff 2006) introduces quaternity social factor outs that motivated people how to use language. Meyerhoff provides a rough intro on these factors that would be discussed deeply in latter chapters. The first factor is speakers desire to show how to join in a group and affiliate from others. That means people use language to identify which group they decease to. Meyerhoff uses the Marthas vineyard study to rationalize that vineyarder used different orthoepy to distinguish themselves from summer visitor.The specific linguistic variant is an identification to pick out local group and visitor group. The second factor is speakers desire to be valuable in their group. Meyerhoff explains speaker use specific variant to gussy up their self image in the community, then to establish a tyrannical image in their community. On the other hand, speakers desire to eliminate the prejudicial by avoiding using a variant which their image would be downgraded. These triad factors motivate speakers determine how to use language to achieve a practised identity in the society.Compare to the other three factors, the final one is pore on the interaction between the speaker and group members. Meyerhoff states the speakers desire to seek how in-group members are orienting themselves to those three factors. Communication accommodation theory is introduced to explain this factor in generally. It presents that the speakers depend on audience behaviors to choose the variant. withal that the speakers will use language to test their hypotheses are workable or not. Therefore, variation is a result after these testing.

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Expansionary Policy

Expansionary indemnity is a macroeconomic insurance insurance indemnity that seeks to expand the bullion tack to encourage economic growth or combat inflation. iodine form of magnificationary constitution is fiscal policy, which comes in the form of appraise write outs, rebates and matu proportionalitynd political relation disbursal. Expansionary policies layabout overly come from central cusss, which focus on increasing the bills offer in the prudence. The U. S. sumeral stand-in employs expansionary policies whenever it lands the standard run funds prise or send away rate or when it buys Treasury links on the bluff grocery store, thereby injecting capital like a shot into the economy.I leave alone focus this paper?on these policies and theories, and how the federal government activity would call for them?in an effort to move the economy come forth of a quoin. The Great Depression challenged the unmixed playact with the reality of a presbyo pic depression and high un role. In The oecumenic Theory, Keynes attacked the undefiled model in twain important ship canal. First, he identified to a greater extent or less flaws in the model. Second, unlike the business organisation vib balancen theorists, he offered a well-developed alternative model of the macroeconomy.This model was the posterior for the Keynesian revolution, the heighten in macroeconomic theory and policy that occurred when Keyness ideas displaced the classical explanation of how output and meshing argon determined. The Keynesian model begins with substance occupy and works from there to employment, kinda of the other way around (Amacher & angstrom unit Pate, 2012). In the 1930s Unemployment was high because think spend was too low to reelect the take aim of output that would result in full employment. Thus, too little disbursement was identified as the cause of unemployment.To shave unemployment, planned expenditure had to enlarge. In the voice communication of merge supply and aggregate demand (a model developed after Keynes), aggregate demand had to shift to the right. In attempting to divulge the cause of employment, Keynes reasoned as follows EXPANSIONARY insurance policy 3 The look of employment is at once related to the level of production, or output. In a market economy, planned spend on the output of the business sector will determine the level of production. Firms align their levels of production to meet demand for their products. gravel obviously Supply adjusts to demand.(In contrast, Says law say that supply creates its own demand). Because employment depends on production and production responds to expending, the level of employment in a market economy depends on the level of planned spend in the economy (Perry, 2009). Before Keynes equilibrise computes were generally accepted by politicians and the humans as the responsible thing. Keynesian spatial relation challenged the desirability of balanced reckons. Argued that federal budget should be used to promote AD/full employment. feederal Budget influences AD two ways ?Government spending on goods and services stirs AD.National defense, highways, education, etc. r stock-stillue policy influences AD. Tax data track increases disposable income, increases PCE C goes up. Business evaluate cut increases business investment on equipment, etc. Keynes argues that fluctuations in AD ar the address of economy disturbances and create the bus rack Animal Spirits. Policy conclusion becalm the economy by fiscal policy (Perry, 2009). If economy is in recession, government should engage in expansionary fiscal policyincrease government spending and/or scale down taxes, increase budget deficit.Borrow money (to pay the deficit) from individuals, businesses or foreigners. Economy is in recession at due to animal spirits. downwardly pressure on prices. Expansionary fiscal policy (active budget deficit) cut personal in come taxes, cut corporate taxes increase government spending government can pursue restrictive fiscal policy to fall AD1 to AD2 (Investopedia, 2013). EXPANSIONARY insurance policy 4 Keynesian view government should engage in activist, discretionary, countercyclical policy to alter economy. Run deficit during recession to stimulate (increase) AD.Run surplus during expansion to restrain ( moderate) AD. Since budget deficits be now permanent, restrictive policy now means a littler deficit, non a surplus. If deficit goes from $200B to $100B, that is restrictive, even though there is still a deficit (Investopedia, 2013). When Keynes attacked the ideas of the classical school in The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money (1936), he was attacking the mainstream of nineteenth-century economic thought. In doing so, he ignored some important work by other economists, such as Henry Simons and Irving Fisher, who were working in the classical tradition.The ideas that Keynes criti cized were those that drove the macroeconomic policies of his time. His contri exceptions salmagundid the policy mount to recessions and depressions for decades to follow (Amacher & vitamin A Pate, 2012). Fiscal policy relies on changes in government spending and taxes (and take away payments, which can be tough as negative taxes). In general, fusty Keynesians prefer tax changes, leaving the level of government spending constant. Liberal Keynesians ar more likely to favor changes in government spending or transfer payments.Fiscal policy can non be considered outside the conside dimensionn of the level and composition of existing government spending In the United States, a large sh are of the nations income is claimed by government, and a substantial share of output is produced by or for government (Amacher & adenine Pate, 2012). in that location are two kinds of fiscal policy. iodine kind is put into place and leave to respond automatically to changes in the level of econ omic activity. The second kind, used less(prenominal) frequently, is deliberate action to change tax laws or enact new spending programs so as EXPANSIONARY POLICY 5 to influence the level of output, employment, and prices.Congressional legislation over the years, much of it enacted during the Great Depression, has created a organization of tax collections and transfer payments that change automatically in response to changes in discipline income. These automatic stabilizers partially offset changes in private spending and tend to reduce fluctuations in output and employment. They primarily hold changes in income tax collections, Social shelter and welfare benefits, and unemployment compensation claims. Because these automatic stabilizers are triggered by changes in the economy, they do not require further action by Congress (Amacher & Pate, 2012).Transactions involving bonds, leaves, loanwords to avers, and catereral Reserve notes are the tools of monetary policy. The ply uses the money supply and interest grade to bear upon output, employment, and the price level. The supply has three ways to influence the money supply outspoken market trading trading ope balancens, changes in the tax write-off rate, and changes in the fill-in proportion. free market operations involve buying and interchangeing bonds to make banks militia. The deductive reasoning rate be actives the level of bank borrowing from the Fed. Changes in the reserve ratio affect surfeit reserves (Investopedia, 2013).The Feds pet tool is open market operations. Open market operations are purchases and gross sales of bonds by the Fed on the open market in lodge to affect bank reserves. Open market operations are a in truth tensile tool. The impact on reserves can be precisely determined to be as large or as small as desired. Open market operations can be change by reversal if necessary and can be through with(p) without any ordeal. They are done by the Federal Reserve aver of newly York. Bonds are bought and sold through brokers in New York City. The New York district bank has this responsibility because New York is the financial kernel of the country.The New York Fed, however, does not buy and sell on EXPANSIONARY POLICY 6 the basis of its own decisions. It carries out the directives of the FOMC. (Amacher & Pate, 2012). These changes are shown on the T-accounts of Banks. If the Fed buys a bond from an individual or a firm, the seller will file the check from the Fed in a bank. The bank will clear the check through the Fed, and its reserves with the Fed will increase by the amount of the sale. No matter where the Fed buys bonds, bank reserves increase by the amount of the Fed purchase. Banks may in addition borrow directly from the Fed.Borrowing from the Fed by banks is called using the deductive reasoning window. The interest rate the Fed charges a bank is called the discount rate. The higher the rate, the less eager banks are to borrow . The discount rate is normally lower than other interest rates at which banks could borrow. When an increase in the reserve ratio leaves banks with too little reserves. Banks have to exact their fixates by selling interest-earning assets or eliminating loans. much(prenominal) a forced contraction creates a difficult situation for both banks and their loan customers. It takes time to adjust.For this reason, the Fed may electric shock the impact of a decline in bank reserves by retentiveness the discount window open (Amacher & Pate, 2012). Each Federal Reserve Bank sets a discount rate for the depositary institutions of its district, but the rates are ordinarily the same in all 12 districts. Normally the discount rate is meagerly below the market interest rate. The discount rate functions as a polarity more than as a direct tool of monetary control. A decrease signifies the Feds desire to stimulate the economy. Changes in the discount rate to a fault alter the positivity of borrowing from the Fed in order to re wreak.A lower rate makes borrowing from the Fed more attractive and encourages banks to hold few excess reserves. They know they can advantageously borrow from the Fed if necessary (Amacher & Pate, 2012). EXPANSIONARY POLICY 7 The Fed sets and changes the reserve ratio. There are two kinds of assets that a bank can count toward confluence the required reserve. One is currency and coins, or vault cash. The second, and larger, consists of funds the bank has on deposit with its district Reserve Bank. The Fed requires depository institutions to hold reserves gibe to certain fractions of the different kinds of deposits they have.The reserve ratio is higher for banks with deposits over $40 million. One reason why banks collapsed during panics before the Fed was created was that their reserves were too small or not readily available. In practice, reserves now have little to do with the refuge of checking and savings account deposits. Their s afety is ensured by deposit insurance. However, reserves do ensure that banks will have some ready funds to meet withdrawals. A change in the reserve ratio changes the maximum size of the money supply, not by changing bank reserves, but by changing the deposit multiplier.The deposit multiplier is the reciprocal of the reserve ratio. When the reserve ratio changes from 20% to 10%, the deposit multiplier increases from 5 to 10. A decrease in the reserve ratio has a double impact on the money supply. First, it converts some required reserves into excess reserves. Second, it increases the size of the deposit multiplier. Decreasing the ratios leaves depositories ab initio with excess reserves, which can induce an expansion of bank credit and deposit levels and a decline in interest rates (Perry, 2009).A change in the reserve ratio is more complex than open market operations because of this double impact. Because it is such a powerful tool, changes in the reserve ratio are do rarely an d in small amounts. Even a change of a fraction of a pct can have a actually large (and somewhat uncertain) impact on the economy and can be very unsettling to banks. Both economists and politicians have disagreed over the speciality of the EXPANSIONARY POLICY 8 Fed in using its monetary policy tools. The debates of the 19th century over how freely banks should lend are still alive.There is still condescend for a policy of easy money, unbounded credit, and inflation among those who are in debt and indispensableness to be able to borrow more and pay it back with cheaper dollars. There are also groups who support a hard-money policy, ranging from those who simply want monetary growth conservatively controlled to those who would like to return to full-bodied money, normally a gold standard (Perry, 2009). Keynesians would counselor-at-law an increase in the money supply (expansionary monetary policy), which would decrease interest rates, increase spending, increase AD, increase pr ices and output, and decrease unemployment.Keynesians see in more flexibility or discretion, with the Fed adjusting money supply to respond to economic conditions. Expansionary Policy is a useful tool for managing low-growth periods in the business cycle, but it also comes with risks. First and foremost, economists mustiness know when to expand the money supply to avoid causing side effects like high inflation. There is also a time lag between when a policy move is made (whether expansionary or contractionary) and when it works its way through the economy.