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Aramex Product Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Aramex Product Strategy - Essay ExampleFor a very long time, the go with had focused its attention on the areas of international and domestic express, freight forwarding, and logistics. But due to the need to concord its stage on the product lifecycle as a maturing companion, there has been the introduction of the shopping and shipping system of rules as a new product development to match up the new class. With this new dimension, the company is able to deal with a larger population size without thinking of proximity as a limitation2. This is said against the backdrop that the company is fired up now to use the power of technology non only to cast off customers visit their shops to buy products, but to shop online and have their products shipped to them.As far as the new paradigm is concerned, it can be said that the major core physical dish out offered by Aramex is electronic commerce, which is commonly c altogethered e-commerce. This is actually imbedded in the shop and shi p system of business whereby customers are enabled to make purchases online via the use of the internet. Judging from the modern business trend, there is no way that Aramex could exempt itself from this new dimension and expect to see any forms of phenomenal growth3. This is because the birth of modern technology is making all stakeholders bugger off to look for the easiest ways out to achieve the same kind of results that they attained in the past years. there is no denying the fact that the use of electronic system of commerce reduces the staff-customer personal and face-to-face interaction4. This notwithstanding, Aramex has not been enticed to blockade about the importance of customer service and the need to ensuring customer satisfaction. The company actually guarantees customer service and customer satisfaction through a 24 hour customer support unit where all complaints and questions of customers are addressed on an instantaneous and live basis. These customers also have a f eedback system

American Koreans vs Korean Americans Research Paper

American Koreans vs Korean Americans - Research Paper ExampleEarlier migrants were mostly concentrated in Hawaii and were recruited to work in sugarcane fields in Hawaii region. Over the rate of flow of time, regional dispersion of Koreans increased throughout the mainland. From 1990 to 2000, concentration of Korean Americans was mostly in Georgia (Suarez-Orozco, Suarez-Orozco and Qin-Hilliard 192). Pre and abide 1965 wave of immigrants from Korea was associated with particular industries much(prenominal) as retail stores, nail salons, travel agencies, liquor stores etc. closely of such industries were labor intensive in nature however, the major reason of why Koreans engaged into such labor intensive industries was to create fall apart opportunities for their children to calculate into better schools (Choi 55). American Koreans however, is a very beautiful group comprising those who were either defectors or were taken as prisoners during the war in Korea (Hastings 35). This group is relatively dispirited however, it is significant in the sense that it also represents dual cultures of America and Korea. What is critical to note also that somewhat of the POWs were taken by China from North Korea, indicating involvement of multiple players in redefining the general future and heathenish identity of this new group. Most of the POWs were largely influenced by the Chinese ideology. As such, both groups have outright developed their distinct and separate identity and political ideologies. Their distinct ethnic identity is considered as an meaning(a) way through which they actually separate themselves from other groups, and this also reflects their overall perceptions for memory access process. This paper provide discuss this, and it will also explore how American Koreans and Korean Americans actually carry the overall cultural identity for their admissions. 1. Cultural Identity and Admission Process Having students from countries where English is no t a dominant quarrel or students belonging to different cultural groups always raises indisput subject important political as nearly as cultural issues. Universities require declaration of ethnic origin of the students and gaps have been observed in the admission scores of Asian and White students. Universities like Vanderbilt publically announced to increase the number of Jews students over a certain period of time however, ignore to take into consideration more able Asian students with better sit and other scores. (Golden 69) Conflict theory, however, suggests that admission exams are often culturally biased and are make in such a way that only members from dominant groups can get admission into such universities as well as colleges. It is also critical to note that most of the American-Koreans have actually failed to get into the inner and deeper level of American society. This cultural aloofness therefore also reflects how American Koreans actually encompass the overall admi ssion process. The monolithic and historical representation of Asian American students in universities has largely remained unstable. The induce based characterization of the students not only remained contextual in nature but also cause by multiple motives. (Hurh 65) Applying this theory on the American Koreans clearly suggests that American universities have certain preferences. The overall tests are designed in such a manner that only people belonging to certain ethnic and cultural groups are able to get through the admission process. Most of those who attend the perform with me feel strongly that admission process is developed in a manner that favors certain groups, and despite all the merit and skills required to get into top universities, not many American Koreans are able to get through this. (Kibria, 30) There have been significant decisions by universities such as Yale and Harvard wherein minimum SAT scores

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Can the Government Stabilize the Economy (3 sections) Research Proposal

Can the Government Stabilize the Economy (3 sections) - Research Proposal Example. Such scarcity, whether natural or man-made, makes it necessary for everyone to stretch whatever limited resources he has. Resources can be financial or physical. Practically every one has to make hard choices, to make trade-offs as between one bang-up or service and an otherwise. A finale to have one or more of one involvement means that one will have less of something else. The relevant cost of any decision is its hazard cost- the value of the next best alternative one has to give up. Economists stress that one must everlastingly calculate the opportunity cost of any specific choice.It would be an idealistic situation if a polity maker had all the resources with which to grow the case economy. Scarcity is not the basic premise of growing an economy but rather the availability and the optimal utilization of resources. A country such as the linked States has considerable amount and diversity of resources such that it can become self-sufficient however, less naturally endow countries would have to grapple with dire scarcity to some degree and will have to procure resources other countries. In a particular case where a country has to consider only what resources it has within its national borders, it will have to make choices about how to use them to maximize or optimize production. In a simplified production possibility frontier (PPF) model where a country has limited resources and a wedded technology and has only two outputs from a fixed supply of inputs, the decision maker has to make decision about the various combinations of the two outputs, such as wheat and soybeans, or food for thoughtstuff and computers. The production of food alone and none of computers will likely not use the resources available in an optimal way. The ideal combination might lie between the two extremes where a certain proportion of resources are occupied for the production of food and compu ters jointly. The concept of the production possibilities frontier comes to our mind it shows the

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Current Issues of Modern Law Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Current Issues of Modern equity - Assignment ExampleIn Arbitration, the two dis effecting parties agree to eat a soulfulness who will identify out both parties and make a decision as to who is right/ aggrieved. The two disputing parties may have to make the form either binding or non-binding. If the process is, binding then a memorandum to that effect is being prepared and duly signed by both parties stating it to be so. The decision of the justice in this process will be final and neither party can dispute it and elapse to trial. In the non-binding arbitration, either or both parties may dispute the decision of the arbitrator and proceed to trial. The process in Collaborative Family Law is designed to encourage mutually agreeable solutions to couples who want to legally put an end to their marriage unions. Each partner has the right to have their legal representatives in the proceedings that would have to hire new ones if they decide to proceed to court. Either party reser ves the right to go to court at any point in the proceedings. This type of process is not advisable for couples who have domestic violence, or and intimidation issues. In Case Conferencing as an alternative dispute resolution, the focus is on narrowing the issues that are in dispute between parties. This is done by a judge or their representative and the legal representative of both parties with little input from the disputing parties. Neutral Evaluation makes use of adept evaluation of the matter in dispute through the professional opinion of projected outcomes of the matter if it went to court. The sharp evaluates the pros and cons of each sides case and with the consent of both parties offers advice on a settlement. The expert alike offers case planning to encourage settlement. Mediation is a dispute resolution process where a person/mediator acts to enable disputing parties to reach a mutually agreeable settlement amongst them. The mediator unlike the arbitrator does not deci de the case but helps the disputing parties do on their own. Parent Coordination as an alternative negate resolution uses an experienced trained legal or health professional in assisting high negate parents to carry out their parenting plan. The main objective of this type of dispute resolution is to resolve and manage conflicts so that meaningful parent-child relationships can be obtained or created if absent. Summary Jury Trials can be binding or non-binding as agreed to by parties. They are only available in limited jurisdictions. It entails giving a summary of both sides of the disputing party in order to get a projected outcome of a case if it were to go to trial.

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Law Enforcement Research Design and Analysis Assignment 1

Law Enforcement Research Design and Analysis 1 - date Exampleer the the best of both worlds. This is because it marries the less rich but more-efficient or compelling prognosticative power with the contextualized, in-depth, and natural but more time-consuming insightsof quantitative research (Johnson & Onwuegbuzie et al., 2007). These methods mold seamlessly into each different to produce the best format and attacking procedure that will make the tackling of problems more effective and conclusive.These step are best because they make the establishment of the truth easier for lawyer. However, the most effective step s that should be used are the assessment of the relative weight and implementation strategy for each method that would be used, use of a visual model and the evaluation criteria (Johnson & Onwuegbuzie et al., 2007). This is valuable in the study because despite their adjust in the hierarchy of the steps, these are the backb wizs of the research method and can be used i n the fault of a case. In law, it is paramount that the lawyer be able to assess the situation and pick a strategy that would be best for the case presentation. In conclusion, in the tackling of a legal case and the enforcement of the law, one is required to take a step back and view the case from more than one standstill and use the mixed method research scheme to determine the facts from the

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Review of Cornel West's Malcolm X and Black Rage for a college-age Essay

Review of Cornel Wests Malcolm X and Black Rage for a college-age audience - Essay causeThe issues of cultural hybridity, psychic conversation, authoritarian organizations, bleak supremacy, boundaries and borders in sexuality and other issues looms large in the gift society. West states that, In order to build the best out of Malcolm X s ideologies, we must stretch forth and preserve the notion of psychic conversion that cement the groups and networks in which dull community, care, love, humanity and concerns grows and take lineage (West, 170). West has employed pathos, ethos and logos to make his message persuasive to the readers.Cornel west tries to clarify how Malcolms Black rage was not only directed to the white population but also to the black Americans, minds. He explains that Malcolms psychic conversation will promote blacks to appreciate and love their self expense and culture. Malcolm X was a revolutionary figure and anti-thesis of Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi who utilized non-violent ideologies to achieve the same goals as his predecessors. He wanted to put an end to the oppression that targeted the black people. West describes Malcolm X as an ideological leader for the black radicalism including Black Nationalism (collective actions and institutional building), black religion (morality and spirituality), socialism (justice/ freedom and anti-imperialism) as well as panafricanism (internationalism and identity) (West, 172).Malcolm Xs deep pessimism targeted the possibility and the capability of the white Americans to shade their racialism led him to downplay the present and past bonds between the whites and the black people. West explains that Malcolm ideologies focused on freedoms of the black population even though he was aware that the majority of the population was racist. Malcolm X questioned the American state stating that it had made the black people non citizen. Ideally, constitutional

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Retail brands Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Retail pits - Essay ExampleEvery country has had its own authority of development that has led to retailing and branding of products. The retailing market has now be acclaim a segmental form of marketing with a particular retailer focusing on a particular chemical group of customers. This is perhaps a way of improving the manner of dealing with the growing needs of consumers who demand to a greater extent attention in their particular items or products of interests. Retailing is now gaining control of the market sh bes that were once overtaken by the stores that were individually owned or were in the form of co-operatives. Now there are large retailers with a chain of stores that are focused in a particular location or country such as ASDA, Waitrose, Sainsburys and others in the United Kingdom and GAP, Old Navy and JC Penney in the United States of America. However, it is a far cry from saying that retailers energise had an easy go at keeping their share of the market. Retaile rs break had to constantly improve and strive to better understand the needs of customers. It may be easier in a manner that the clarifieder industries are now becoming less of a challenge for retail giants such as Wal-mart but if the consumers stop spending or the stores lack the technological advancements needed to keep up to the fast paced global market then they will lose out on their share of the profits. there is a lot more to printing your brand name on a product and expecting customers to come and buy it. Retailers have had to go a long way to establish a trust betwixt the name and brand of a company and the end customers who are the ones are picking items off the shelves. Brands are considered to be the logo of a company and it is how customers have come to associate products. A particular brand can even be a way of representing the social status of an individual in order of magnitude such as the purchase of a piece that is branded by Harry Winston as compared on one t hat someone may pick up from a rack at Primark. Brands go a long way to help to make customers familiar with particular products whether it is fashion, electronics and so on. Particular retailers such as General Electric have widespread array of products that they sell to the public which range from motor vehicles to small kitchen appliances. Brand loyalty is established over a period of time and how well the product meets the desires of the individuals. more people prefer a Toyota car over a Honda or that of Ford and this is due to the stimulate that they may have had with the products over time. If there is brand loyalty then it is more likely that the price of various articles wont be as much of an issue as long as the customers find that the article is needed (Ailawadi, K. L., 2004). Retail brands such as H&M and Marks & Spencers have made use of celebrities to further the influence of their retail brands. Marks & Spencer hooked up with Antonio Bandares (Amanda Andrews, The T imes), the Hollywood actor, to campaign for the retail brand to increase sales and the campaign paid off. The brand also have the fashion icon Twiggy for their campaign to appeal to women and managed to get the attention of their target group as well. The icon managed to shake off the reputation that the brand has of cot carrying fashionable items. Supermarket giant Sainsburys products have the retailers brand but there were signs that sales were higher when the products

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Social-Reinforcement Field Observation using CBAS CODING SHEET Coursework

Social-Reinforcement Field Observation using CBAS CODING SHEET - Coursework recitationThe instructor did not give any specific banish reinforcement either.However, on six instances, the instructor gave general positive reinforcements, during which the observer encouraged generally desirable port from the participants. Again there were no instances of general negative reinforcements.On two occasions, the instructor provided specific skilful instructions to individual members. The instructor overly provided a complete of 34 general technical instructions to the class, representing 74% of the instructors total actions during the session.At no point during the observe session did the instructor act to correct undesirable behavior or breach of discipline among the members, as described in the CBAS coding sheet as memory control. The instructor acted to organize the participants four times during the session by giving instructions relating to their positioning or organization of t he class area.Therefore, the most frequently observed behavior was general technical instructions. This is as would be expected from a gym class, where the participants are only required to follow the instructions of the instructor. Conversely, the least observed behavior was specific reinforcement, both positive and negative, and also general negative reinforcement. The lack of general negative reinforcement is because the success of the gym class relies on the enthusiastic contribution of the participants, and therefore the instructor would not be required to highlight or punish undesirable behavior of the whole group, as this could intimately demotivate the group.The ratio of positive to negative reinforcements was zero, since there were neither positive nor negative reinforcements during the session. However, the ratio of specific technical reinforcements to general technical reinforcements was 234, suggesting that the instructor paid much more attention to the activities of

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THE GREAT GLOBAL WARNING SWINDLE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

THE GREAT GLOBAL WARNING SWINDLE - Essay ExampleThe relentless interest for the so called betterment of society has resulted in a drastic increase in the so called greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. M either studies have shown that these gases that are released from factories and other manufacturing establishments have contributed to warming of the acress atmosphere. This factor could have far reaching consequences with regard to survival of the human species and other quick organisms in the planet in the sense that increased temperature could result in rising of the levels of weewee bodies in the human being. The argument is that polar ice caps will begin to melt resulting in rise in water levels of the oceans and seas across the globe. This rise in water levels can result in large areas of inhabited dirt being inundated by seas and oceans, ultimately resulting in destruction of human habitation (and other species). In effect, the layman is now presented with an apocalypse view of what might happen to Mother Earth if this so called get along with of technology is left unchecked. In fact, it is one of the most controversial and contentious issues that is probably facing the world in the long run. What is to be considered is that temperatures have risen overall that life in any produce is precious and any activity that is detrimental to this should be stopped. This argument, primarily by environmentalists and those concerned with sustainability is that industrialization in its current form is a sure way to ensure destruction of life on planet earth. But other arguments by equally qualified scientists and other experts show that human activity does non have the capability to imbalance the power of nature. In other words, the so called pollution and the greenhouse gases is not a major factor in contributing to the future of life on earth for any species including human beings.One of the most controversial films regarding th e

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Job Security in Relation to Japan and India Assignment - 1

Job Security in Relation to Japan and India - Assignment instanceThe loyalty and commitment from the employees are widely dependent on the job security offered by the government activitys of the country. To know with the situations and a to a greater extent stable relationship between the employees and the employer Japanese companies are constantly changing their approach pattern of mesh which is needed to be implemented by the Government of India and the organization at India for a more stable and strong relationship construction for building an employee base with high commitment and loyalty kind of of being rigid to the rules of the Government. Flexibility at work plays a vital role in building trust amongst the employees and satisfies with job security for the employees (Zechariah, Comparative Industrial Relations in Japan and India).With the initialization of industrialisation in Japan, the Japanese Industrial Relations System is a perfect blending of continuity and agitat e in the characteristics of the employees. The first industrial enterprise of Japan was founded by the Japan government in the socio-economic class 1890. This was first handled by powerful industrial families of the country but later with the transition from the agrarian orderliness to the industrial nation demands relationship between the employees and the employers with the changing business model. With the influence of the western culture into the workplace, the organization are influenced to change their work structure. Various reforms came into play with the introduction of lifetime employment as a form of linkage between the employer and the employees to build the strong relationship. With the development of industrial relations, the workers are needed to cause special skills to retain their jobs in the competitive environment. The emergence of the lifetime employment and remuneration pattern was intentional keeping in mind the future trend in the industry. The regular emp loyees are who enjoys lifetime employment schemes and are paid according to the length of their services in the system.

Identity fraud its impact and the case for prevention Essay

Identity put-on its impact and the case for prevention - Essay ExampleThe paper describes and shows secern fraud from all sides. Identify fraud could be said to be crimes committed through impersonation. The some common bad act is the crime of credit card fraud, but mortgage fraud, and also gaining entry to the finances of a specified targeted person or a frame of a targeted person fall within what mass media reports of identity theft have included. Identity fraud is one of the crimes which spread widely. For each one identity is important. In the present time it is a valuable commodity. Importance of identity security measures needs to be reinforced with time. That means the introduction of internet banking, debit or credit cards,E-commerce etc. need to be doubly protected against infiltrators or fraudsters who design to commit large scale fraud through misuse and misrepresentation of true identities. Though the internet creates milestones in the milieu of information techno logy, it could oftentimes fall prey to criminal brains and their perpetrations. Thus, the propensity for thefts is on the increase and the chances of detection are also on the increase. So the user must be aware of identity fraudsters and the scam in their field. Users need to put on the line their true identity to prove who are authorized to use credit cards, operate bank accounts, and support bank loans, or to claim any other benefits. Lack of proper and due care with adore to identity protection could make one an unsuspecting victim of identity theft, and even when this is detected, it may be too late to remedy.

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AT&T sales management plan - BODY ONLY no abstract or conclusions Term Paper

AT&T sales worry image - BODY completely no abstract or conclusions - Term Paper ExampleThe AT&T organization holds workshops for the distinguishable managers in the organization. These workshops enable them to acquire adequate skills in using the sophisticated equipment the organization sells. The management is similarly able to have a feel of what their customers require.The organization should focus on a few areas such as increasing their negotiations for sales with their customers. They should use online training to enhance support among their users performances. The sales team should besides been assigned with the task of tracking the results of their sales and reporting them to the organizations management. This will in turn enable the management to make improvements on the products that are performing dismally. The sales team will rely on make more stable and accountable relationships with their customers to ensure their sales remain high. The organization has entered into an agreement with other producers of engineering science to improve on their products quality. This ensures that their sales and profitability levels remain high (Still, Cundiff and Govoni, 2006). An example of such an agreement was entered into with Cisco systems, which was meant to create products that were compatible with their widely used technologies. They should enter into similar agreements in hereafter to enhance their productivities and profitability.The sales management is charged with the responsibilities of planning, controlling, directing and staffing the sales team activities. They are left to plan the strategies the team will use in order to accomplish the organizations objectives. This is because the sales team mingles directly with the customers and understands their ask better. They are left to control the teams activities to ensure their activities reach a wider market. The sales team has experience in the field and should employ methods that increase the

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Analysis of USPS Business Model Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Analysis of USPS Business Model - Essay fashion modelIt is currently employing more than 574,000 workers. It is legally permitted to render function to all the Americans without considering their geographical location. The company is vigorous cognize for its quality services along with the uniform price. The agency has an access to the letterboxes which are marked as the US Mail and also to the personal letterboxes in the country. Services Offered The linked States locatingal Services offer a wide range of services. It has bulk mail procedures available which provide discounts to the customers. It provides personal mails to the customers. The company also provides inter-departmental inside information regarding the UALR mails. It provides the services of campus delivery of the mails and state courier services. It provides media mail services to the customers as well. in that location are rough other facilities provided to the customers like the business rely mails, postal mvi rtuosoy order services etc. underway Position of the Company get together States Postal Services is responsible for providing employment to a large issuing of people in the United States. After the federal g overnment and Walmart, United States Postal Services is the troika largest company in respect of providing employment (Bovard, 1985). It operates the largest number of vehicles in the whole world and is known as the largest vehicle fleet. The Department of Defence jointly operates with the United States Postal Services to provide services to the legions and Air Forces (the Army Postal Services) and the Navy (the Fleet Post Services). The two big competitors of USPS are UPS and FedEx. They contest with the company in providing postage delivery services, qualification urgent deliveries in the domestic land. DHL express was the third largest competitor of USPS until it stopped its operations in the United States in the year 2009. The National Postal assemblage held in 2007 revealed that the Postal Service has highlighted and undertaken a large number of initiatives to improve the services and gain a remarkable position in the United States parcel industry. The low price offerings made by USPS is making it easily affordable by the customers. The company generates one-year revenue of $73 billion whereas UPS and FedEx have annual revenue of $48 billion and $32 billion. Thus it is in a leading position in the market. Domestic and International Services The United States Postal Services provide domestic as well as international services in the United States. Domestic Services- Domestic services include weekdays delivery of postal services to any particular customers address or Post Office Box or any delivery in the Army and the Military in the United States. It provides express mails which guarantee overnight deliveries to most locations. It is one of the fastest postage services offered by the USPS. There are several other facilities provided to the cust omers like first class mails, bulk mails, media mails etc. International Services- The United States Postal Services provides various facilities to the customers in order to meet their international shipping needs. The Global deport Guaranteed Service (GEGS) guarantees delivery within collar days in more than 190 countries all over the world by FedEx. The First Class Mail Service is the best suitable international service for most of the customers. However, the delivery time in this service depends upon the destination of the delivery. The Express Mail International provides a combination of quick services and affordable prices in almost 185 countries. The delivery time lies within three to five business days. Challenges faced by the Company The delay in the delivery of services was one of the problems faced by the customers. This problem was arising frequently. The company conducted an analysis in

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The Marketing Mix Promotion Strategies Case Study

The Marketing Mix Promotion Strategies - Case Study ExampleThis strategical plan saturated the market making it more difficult for newer entrants to gain a step transmit in the great market. This move was also aimed at rivaling the sporting wears giant Nike. The acquisition was done in order to make the company more viable for consumers where they squeeze out create a synergy betwixt both the companies so that they can challenge the rival. However, the acquisition led to mixed responses from the consumers resulting in a apportion value decline as well.Just before the Olympics fever gained momentum, Adidas took the initiative to launch another promotional campaign where they have highlighted their products and the ambassadors. This massive promotional campaign was launched in Europe and one could see huge structures of either Adidas shoes being loaded on a truck, or football players standing in a circle. All these initiatives were highlighting the presence of the brand in the fo refront of such a major even in sporting history, whereby players are supporting their attire etc.The combination of the two boastfully brands present in the shoe industry can termed to be a positive sign for the company. They can combine their efforts match their strengths together in order to create a new level of a brand. However, there are threats of brand cannibalization which led to the main slump in prices when the merger news was break up around.

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Life of a prisoner in the Soviet Gulag and Nazi Death Camp Systems Essay

life history of a prisoner in the Soviet Gulag and Nazi Death Camp Systems - Essay Example except as engaging is the book by Solzhenitsyn, One Day in the Life of Ivan Deisovich, which portrays a fictionalized accountancy of his personal experiences. Through explorations about these two accounts and expanded upon through some other sources, a comparison of the experiences in Auschwitz and the Gulag can be made. One of the notable things about Solzhenitsyns work is that there is little that in truth occurs in the book. The novel tells the details of a day, slowly and methodically, so that the mundane nature of life in a prison is revealed. Although there is some discussion of punishment and the cruelty of living in the Gulag, it is the humdrum and the long day that has the most impact. Through the oppressive atmosphere and the indignity of being given no institutionalise through constant searches and counting of the inmates, there is a sense of being held in place, that feeling pe rmeative the whole work in a way that portrays a realistic feeling of being in prison. In contrast, the life that Levi Primo describes is filled with hardships that are terrible and not mundane. Each new indignity pushes him toward the coterminous lowered level in which he must re-establish some sense of humanity into his life. The strongest concept that creates the biggest differences in the experiences that are described is that in the Gulag, while life is harsh, there does seem to be some go for that the next day will come, and that finally the protagonist will be released from his imprisonment. In Auschwitz, on the other hand, there is the pervading sense that there will be only death at the end of the transit. confide is a much more precious commodity as the descriptions of the daily life is defined by the knowledge that racial extermination had been the original agenda of the Nazi party. The low level of human conditions emphasized the overleap of respect for basic human existence that was provided in this terrible place. In the Gulag, while demoralizing events were a daily part of life, the intention seemed to contain and maintain the prisoners, rather than to encourage death to take them. accord to German records about the numbers of deaths in Auschwitz, 1,750,000 people died in the camp (Linn 71). The camp had a delimited life, its beginning and end within the time frame of World War II. Its purpose was to facilitate the genocide of those the Nazi regime had determined were unfit as representative of the human species, and were defined as expendable and ideologically unnecessary. The nuisance of this concept and the number of people lost to this belief system makes it one of the strike events in human history. Where the events at Auschwitz were terrible, the camp only existed in a few short eld where the atrocities had a finite beginning and end. The Gulag system, on the other hand, lasted for thirty years in which slow systems of horror an d oppression wore down the people from the threat of being detained within its grasp, or the actuality of being detained. The Gulag represented consternation for those who were not in its walls, promoting the oppression of Communism and holding sway over the expression of belief and picture within the nation of the Soviet Union (Applebaum). Cleanliness, health, and food were all some of the more important themes from both writers. Health was not easily kept in either environment, the health of Levi being so poor people in the end that he was left behind, which more than likely saved his life from the harsh journey of

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Rise and fall of World Empires Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Rise and fall of World Empires - Term Paper typefaceJust like many other empires of its time, the roman type Empire relied heavily on agriculture to pressurise its economy. The empire owned large tracts of awkward land that not only provided food for the urban universe of discourse but which also offered employment to a large section of individuals in the empire. The surplus food gotten from the agricultural sector was used for trade with other nations in the region. In order to facilitate trade, an extensive pathway network was built in the region and this made the region to have one of the best beguile infrastructures in the region. This infrastructure enabled commerce in the region to flourish something that led into the regions frugal stability (Maddison 12). The Roman Empire trade and economic prosperity enhanced during the Pax Romana era, the empires well primed(p) road and sea network made it ideal for merchants to go to every region belonging to the Roman Empire. How ever, this network was not stable since after the Pax Romana ended, merchants were no longer assured of their safety of their goods man in transit. The collapse of the Pax Romana and the expansion that they had engineered also brought to an end the loss of the loot that came out of the numerous conquests engineered by the emperor, and this in many ways accelerated the collapse of the emperor (Maddison 13). In order to stock certificate their operations, the different emperors would occasionally alter laws and come up with varied currencies something that brought chaos in the empire.

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Augustus foreign policy Essay Example for Free

Augustus foreign policy EssayAfter the combat of Actium at 31 BC Augustus had the full control oer the legions of capital of Italy and there was no one left to oppose him. However, his long absence from Rome do his position subtle and he needed to maintain high public profile within the urban center in order to restore the republic and strengthen his regime. Thus, in the years between 31 BC and 23 BC the possibility of foreign campaign seemed unreasonable and unnecessary. With the second settlement of 23 BC Augustus was granted maius proconsulare, which literary made him supreme commander of all legions and unlike sooner the senate and people of Rome forced him in this position. Indeed, the military status of Augustus at 23 BC is the same he had at 31 BC, but the important difference was in the image it created. Now, Caesars heir was more than everything a supervisory program of the order and protector of the republic. Having such responsibility he decided to strengthen the existing parrys of the Empire before expanding them. Evidence for this is Augustus saying in Res Gestae that he stationed more than 300,000 soldiers in the provinces as a government agency to protect the Empire against dangers.It is interesting that Augustus reduces the size of the army from almost 50 legions to 28 (Res Gestae 3). This is a faint indication that he did not consider the possibility of a great campaign in the easternmost or north to expand the Empire. This actually is in accordance with his image of Pax Augusta. After the battle of Actium, Caesars heir came to power with the promise of prolonged peace. He even restored one of the forgotten republican traditions the finish of the Gates of Janus Quirinus when Rome was not at war (Res Gestae 13).It is also possible that Augustus felt temptation for a prolonged foreign campaign but he never found the right time to scratch one. As a mentioned earlier, afterwards 31 BC the Princeps received the responsibility to res tore the republic and after 23 BC he had to reorganise the provinces and create a system of defence. The years after 23 BC were marked by private and public calamities the death of Marcellus and Agrippa was followed by the death of Gaius and Lucius and then a disastrous marriage between Julia and Tiberius.At the same time a serious revolt occurred in Pannonia in AD and in Germany three legions under the command of Varus were wiped out in AD 9(Suetonius 23. And given all this it is not quite true that Augustus felt no temptation for foreign war. Indeed, he commanded the armies like a shot only in two foreign wars (compared to five civil wars) according to Suetonius 20, but many other(a) wars were led by Romes generals under his auspices (listed in Suetonius 21). Drussus and Tiberius fought the Germans off the the river Elba which had to become the new northern border but this aim vanished after the massacre of Varus legions.Parthia, the big Roman enemy, was still very weak in 20s BC but Augustus never started a war with them. However, he threatened to begin one in order to get back the Roman standards lost by Crassus in 53 BC. Truly, fighting Parthia was high-priced and dangerous but leaving the peace to the caprice of the Eastern king was unreasonable. Here Augustus came with the brilliant inclination of creating buffer states which would defend the borders of the Empire. The most important of these was Armenia and Augustus often intervened there to strengthen the government as proven by Res Gestae 27.In conclusion, it is difficult whether Augustus did not feel temptation for foreign war or did not have the opportunity to start one. The Empire was so big that there were few territories value fighting for and with the creation of buffer states there were even fewer. Augustus major responsibility was to build firm and long-wearing foundations for the commonwealth (Suetonius 28) and that is what he did. But war-lover or not, the Empire under Augustus was b igger than even before and for source time definite border were defined.

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Paulo Freire Essay Example for Free

Paulo Freire EssayIn Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Paulo Freire presents devil concepts of reading, banking and problem-posing. Specifically, Freire argues that in banking, teachers assume savants are passive, take all control, determine what will be learned, and fill students with pre-selected information. Problem-posing education allows people to develop their human natures fully because it depends on dialogue, recognizes the relationship between people and the world, encourages discovery and creativity, and leads to transformation.Freire criticizes the banking system throughout the essay and clearly praises problem- posing in more than just an educational settings. For instance, narration disease is a term used when the teacher talks about a subject as if it were motionless, static, compartmentalized, and predictable. In addition, necrophilia is another one of Freires exaggerated imagery, comparing the banking concept and oppression to the love for the dead. Freire support s the problem-posing mode as being the only educational concept needed. His essay is well laid out with examples and supporting(a) details, but is this practical for public education?Freire says that to be truly committed to ending banking the students must jib it all together. I have mixed feelings. Its not that I do or put one acrosst support this statement, but I do believe both concepts are necessary at some point in education. Some information presented to students can only be taught through repetition, memorization, and narration. For example, math and science equations are concepts needed to be memorized in order to complete problems. The way a student memorizes it can be creative and active, but it still falls under the banking category for needing to be told how to run it.

Counter Point Essay Example for Free

Counter Point try onStarbucks is cardinal of the most successful business serving coffee and drinks beverage. Starbucks is make don for serving hot and refrigerated coffee beverage with a high quality products. Starbucks went public in 1992 with a costd at $17 share and the stock jumped to $21 at the blossom forthing bell. By 2007 Starbucks had become one of the most astray accept and admired global brands. In addition, by 2008 Starbucks has 4500 locations in 43 countries out side the unify States. Over every last(predicate) Starbucks known as a good business with a good standing. Starbucks has more puzzles starting time with the price. Starbucks coffee is more pricy than other competitors like Dunkin Donuts and Caribou. In addition, Dunkin Donuts declare oneselfing drinks at prices 20 percent lower than Starbucks. For example, Kathleen Brown, a 30-year-old Boston lawyer, used to treat herself to a $4 Starbucks Caramel Macchiato but switched to Dunkin Donuts. Also, she character that with Starbucks price for a cup of coffee she can buy a cup of coffee with a sandwich from Dunkin Donuts. Moreover, Starbucks did not pay attention to the customer comment cards and they did not respond to their customers need or their feedback about the product or the service.Starbucks should ask the customers about what type of milk they want. Another hassle is that Starbucks used to offer still hot beverage and they thought cold coffee like Frappuccino was not a true coffee drink. After Starbucks knew their competitors were offering a cold beverage they started to serve cold beverages and they tested their concoction with customers and again customers approved. Moreover, Starbucks stores were reconfigured with fewer comfy chairs and slight carpeting making Starbucks a less inviting place in which to linger over a cup of coffee. In the beginning Starbucks had a chore and they could not advertise because the cash was tight. Finally, Starbucks machines were so tall that the customers could no longer see the coffee existence made.Starbucks need to work to reduce the price of their products since most of the passel from the middle and low income cant offer their products. If Starbucks want to increase their sales and earn more make headway they should reduce their prices to let the people from all class can offer their products and be satisfied but Starbucks did not do any changes to their prices because thither vision was to educate consumers about fine coffees and brought from a good place. Starbucks did lots of thing to increase their salary and to be more successful. For example, Starbucks opened numerous stores and some times in the corresponding area just to help to serve the customers in a good way. For example, Starbucks opened many store to help the customers thump what they want in a short time. Starbucks had l pull in that nearly stores did not necessarily hurt one anothers sales and in fact could actually help. Moreov er, more stores meant a better happen for customers to find a short line or empty parking space and for Starbucks to capture the sale.Also, Starbucks open a drive through service to help the parents with young children and the drive through help Starbucks earned more profit and be more successful. Starbucks choose their store location by focusing on the are population and a matrix of regional demographic profiles and an analysis of how best to leverage functional infrastructure. In addition, Starbucks planned at least one big community event to celebrate its stretch and offer two free drink coupons with the note asking the customers to share Starbucks with a friend. In addition, since Starbucks know that there prices was high so they try to offer a seasonal offering such as a strawberry and cream Frappuccino in the summer and gingerbread latte at Christmas.Starbucks did not want to emit their money and workers so they developed a 24-hour training program converting Coffee Knowle dge (four hours). Brewing the undefiled Cup (four hours), Customers Service (four hours) and also basic skills. Starbucks wants to have a good working environment and to be loyal to their employees so they provide their employees with a health insurance to all partners even the part-timers. Keeping the same employee with a full benefits would cost Starbucks $1500 rater than loosing $3000 to train a new hire. Starbucks work to develop their product cock by adding music and book to their customers.Starbucks knew their prices are expensive and they did a great thing to solve this problem by opening many stores and provide a nice atmosphere to their customers by serving many kinds of snack, cold and hot beverages, sandwiches. Customers say one of the reason they come to Starbucks it because they can discover new things, a new coffee from Rwanda, a new food item. The solutions that I considered is Starbucks need to pay attention to their customers feedback for the price of the product and to try to make their price reasonable to the people over the whole world. Since many people like the atmosphere in Starbucks and its more fancy than Dunkin Donuts but the price in Starbucks need to recognized and reduce.There are many solutions I recommend to Starbucks. First, the most important is the price. Starbucks need to find a solution with their product price since their price is much more expensive than other competitors like Dunkin Donuts. closely of the people switch to Dunkin Donuts because their product mix are cheaper. Moreover, they should offer free refills to their customers and make sure to demo their customers a chance to give their feed back on the product. According to the case Americans will never pay $1.50 for a cup of coffee. So because of that Starbucks need to reduce their price to be more successful.In conclusion, Starbucks is a powerful business with a good product mix ( non coffee drinks, food items, music, books). Moreover, Starbucks has many sto res and sometime in the same area just to help their customers to get their need in a very short of time with offering their customers a drive through service and that cause the profit of around $1.3 million compared to $1 million at stores without a window. But the price of their products is so expensive than Dunkin Donuts.

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19th Century Theories in Dostoevskys Crime and Punishment Essay Example for Free

19th Century Theories in Dostoevskys ab routine and Punishment turn out19th Century Theories in Dostoevskys annoyance and Punishment I watch you the Super creation. Man is something that has to be surpassed. What study you done to surpass him? These words said by Friedrich Nietzsche encompass the theories present in Dostoevskys nineteenth coulomb ro homosexualce, Crime and Punishment. Fyodor Dostoevsky, living a brio of worthless himself, created the character of Raskolnikov with the preconceptions of his own sorrowful and struggling life. end-to-end his exile in Siberia from 1849-1859, his sentiments of delivering, sorrow, and the common gay surfaced and heightened, inspiring him to begin writing Crime and Punishment in 1859. The briny motif in this novel is that of ugly. It is apparent that all characters, major and minor, experience some classify of internal or external affliction. The overall theme of the work is that all mortal men suffer, and that repurchase clear non be obtained unless this anguish is present. Dostoevskys protagonist, Raskolnikov, must evolve and realize this fact to surpass his conflicts and legislate the salvation of peace and tranquillity. Volumes and volumes of critique quite a little be written on where this suffering originated, unless Dostoevskys main concentration and focus is not where, but why suffering must exist and how this suffering lot be overcome.See moreFirst Poem for You EssayThis is seen from the fact that doneout the six sections of the novel, plainly(prenominal) one section is focused on the origin of the torment the Crime, and the remaining five sections are severe on Raskolnikovs rail to overcoming this anguish the Punishment. By focusing solely on the punishment, the internal and external conflicts that airlift within the novel do not only provide Raskolnikovs own philosophy of the path toward salvation, but encompasses that of the German philosopher Nietzsche, as well as his cont emporaries. Raskolnikovs justifications for his actions are relayed in his own Extraordinary Man Theory, which states that in that respect are two classifications of men in the world ordinary, and extraordinary.He wanted prove that he was extraordinary, that he could hallow a detestation as horrid as murder, but because he did it for the betterment of corporation, he would feel no sympathy or regret for his justified actions. In following Raskolnikovs speculation, it becomes apparent from where his conceptions originate. though the whole work encompasses the philosophies of all the nineteenth century theorists, Raskolnikovs ideas spawn from that of Friedrich Nietzsche and Georg Wilhelm Hegel.Since it has already been established that the entire novel contains theories of its era, to begin an analysis in regard to the novels main ideas evolving from the concepts of merely Nietzsche or Hegel would, in a musical mode, undervalue the importance of the remaining non-Hegelian nine teenth century philosophers. By analyzing the ideologies of the major theorists from Father to Fruitcake (Kierkegaard to Freud) with respect to Crime and Punishment, Dostoevskys intentions, motifs, and ideas can be interpreted with ease. Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) thinkd that truth is both power and suffering.He is often noted as the Father of Existentialism, an innovated modern belief that life has no meaning, and that we must live life just for the interestingness of living, and nothing else. To know the truth about life and the single(a)s living it would be a form of regent(postnominal) knowledge incomprehensible to man. The truth is Life is suffering. Kierkegaard believed that man was blessed with the greatest gift of all broad will, but this free will creates decisions, and decisions generate emotions.Emotions are the key to the suffering of man. Happiness creates a misgiving in losing prosperity, fear leads to anger toward lifes unjust ways, anger leads to hatred of life in general, and hatred leads to the suffering of the individual mind. This is the path of the common man, the man who thinks that life can be blissful. The empiric man believes that life has no meaning, no substance, and no path for happiness. He is the man who knows and accepts that all things, good and diabolic, exist, including suffering.This is why the existential man is indifferent toward the benefits and consequences of life. Raskolnikov believes that The Extraordinary Man feels no suffering and no pain. He is the man who can break the laws, transgress the laws, and make the laws. Raskolnikov believed that if he were extraordinary, he could commit any crime, even the crime of murder, and locomote away from it indifferent, apathetic, and without emotion.What he did not realize was the main point of Kierkegaards philosophy, that no matter what man suffers. Raskolnikov imagination that he could avoid the truth and avoid suffering. It is not until he confesses to both Porfiry and Sonia, which coincidentally is the same irregular that his own pain begins to vanquish, that he fully understands and believes in the suffering of man.Georg Wilhelm Hegel (1770-1831), an other prominent philosopher of the nineteenth century, hypothesized a dialectic method for the analysis and comprehension of history. He believed that all events in time move in a teleological fashion contrary to the popular belief of a circular path. Hegel stated that history, or else than repeating itself, learns and moves forward toward a purpose.In his theory this purpose is the freedom of all men in a sagacious state, and moving toward such a beneficial purpose justifies all good and offense events in history. The dialectic method also consisted of a diagram regarding this teleological path. Hegel believed that history is made up of a series of events all corresponding to a thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. The thesis and antithesis serve as the conflict in history, while the s ynthesis becomes the conclusion.In Crime and Punishment, Raskolnikov is the thesis, the symbol of good intentions, while Svidrigailov is the antithesis, the epitome and reality of evil and suffering. With the battle of good and evil comes salvation, or the synthesis, in this case Sonia, the representation and key to Raskolnikovs salvation. This method can also be viewed in the perspective of Dostoevskys primary concentrations. With that respect the crime can be viewed as the symbol of good intentions. Raskolnikov killed Alyona because she represented the evil in fiat. Because her death would be a blessing and benefit to the world he believed his crime would be justified.The punishment can be viewed as the reality of suffering. It is not until later he commits the crime that Raskolnikov realizes that all men in fact do suffer. The key is to overcome this suffering instead of avoiding it. The salvation can be viewed as the redemption and end to suffering the result of the crime a nd of the punishment. This analysis also maps Hegels teleological perspective because the novel moves in a linear fashion. The Crime (thesis) encompasses Part I of the novel, the Punishment (antithesis) is demonstrated in Parts II-VI, and the salvation (synthesis) is introduced in the epilogue. Friedrich Nietzsche (1844- 1900) did not believe in the suffering of all men.He believed that there existed a superman, a powerful individual that lived for incontinence and nothing else. The Nietzschean superman asserts his own power to situations while he watches the common and ordinary man suffer because of lifes imperfections. This man needs no justification in his actions, because as long as he has slaked himself, then his dominance over others requires no reason. Nietzsche also believed that in order to become a superman, an individual must surpass the common man.He must wee no qualms or regrets in his actions, and above all, he must not fear his actions or consequences. Fear is the m other of morality, it is an emotion only known to ordinary men. A superman has no fear. Perhaps the character of Svidrigailov emits the best example of a Nietzschean superman in the novel. He is the epitome of evil and lives only for self-gratification. His downfall to his superman visage is suicide. decease is the escape to suffering. Svidrigailov feared its company, and in turn, took his own life to avoid it. Raskolnikov on the other hand, did not avoid suffering he conquered it.Though before his crime he did ask the Hegelian question of Will this crime serve a noble purpose, he also asks the Nietzschean question of Do I dare commit this murder and therefore prove myself to be a man by proving that my will is strong? It is after this that he commits the crime and begins to endure this suffering. Unlike his rival, Svidrigailov, Raskolnikov overcomes his pain through salvation with the help of Sonia, ends his isolation, and returns to the humanity of society.Karl Marx (1818-1883) believed that society was the root of suffering. His common man, the proletarian, vied because of the capitalistic bourgeoisie. He believed that the proletariat goes through various stages of development. The first stage is the struggle against the bourgeois, which later turns to suffering.Through the growth of the masses, the final stages of the common man of strength and success evolve. The goal and path of the Marxist man is to emerge from being a mere commodity of society into being a creative and active member of it. The strength that allows him to do this is the realization that he is suffering because he lives for others, and his victory is obtained by overcoming this anguish through the bond of the proletariat.Though Raskolnikov does not face the same pain of maladroitness as the proletariat, he develops in the same fashion. He struggles against his inner emotions of reason and morality, and suffers because of it. Though Sonia and Porfiry contribute to his salvation, it is Raskolnikov himself that overcomes his emotions. He does not need the bond of the masses to aid him in his survival and path toward salvation he only needs the bond of his inner rational and emotion states. This is why Raskolnikov survives. In 1859 the theorist Charles Darwin (1809-1882) publish a controversial book of survival entitled The Origin of Species.In this work Darwin established that an existences organic evolution or devolution in life is representative of their ability to conform, adjust, and survive within the harshness of its environment. This theory of survival of the fittest, later became the coined theme of Social Darwinism. Social Darwinism believes that man survives and prospers in nature because he is the organism that is fit enough to do so. In a battle between man verses nature, and even man versus society, only the strong shall survive, while the weak will parish.Faith and belief no longer have any bearing on the members of tomorrows society, only stren gth. his theory is presented many times in Crime and Punishment. Alyona and Lizaveta both perish because they are not capable of defeating Raskolnikov. Alyona also did not survive because Raskolnikovs beliefs were stronger than her will and intentions. Svidrigailov cannot conquer the constraints society has placed upon him, and in turn, he commits suicide. The only exception to this theory is Raskolnikov. His inner strength of intelligence whitethorn be strong, but his physical and emotional abilities do not coincide with Darwins notion of fit. Raskolnikovs survival is from his redemption.He reaches salvation because he chooses to, and therefore he survives because he chooses to. He does this through his own realization and rationalization. The psychologist and theorist Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) believed that an individuals decisions are not always determined by the rational state of mind. He believed that all populace possess three distinct decision making chambers of human manne r. He refers to the first of these as the id. The id is the childhood and instinctual need of the individual. This is the sector that satisfies an individuals wants and desires, accomplishing them at no fear of risk.The second portion of human behavior is referred to as the ego. The ego is the rationalist, the sector that makes decisions that benefit the individual and society. Freud believed that the majority of all individuals make decisions based on their ego. The final and third division of an individuals behavior is called the superego. The superego is the ideal individual. This individual makes decisions that should be made he does things the way they should be done in his opinion, and no matter what the results may be, has no reason for regret.Though near of the characters in the novel make decisions based upon their ego, it is evident and apparent that Raskolnikov does not. He knows what he believes to be adjust and wrong, and tries to right the wrongs in society with his superego. Though he is the only one to use his superego, all of the other Freudian sections of human decisions exist in the work. Throughout the novel, Svidrigailov uses his id. His encounters with women, prosperity, and fortune are not prolific because he deserves them, but because he wants them. It is his id that leads him to his desire for an end to suffering, and his death near the end of the novel. Sonia and Dounia both rationalize their actions through their ego.Though Sonia does not and should not be a prostitute, she knows that it is the only way for her family to survive. Dounia is in a alike(p) predicament. She did not wish to marry Luzhin, but his wealth and proposal to help Raskolnikov rationalized her to stay. Later, her ego permits her to marry Razumihin for his compassion, admiration, and companionship. This use of the id, ego, and superego supply a Freudian element to Dostoevskys work. With all of these theories analyzed, computed, and settled, we can end this criti que where we began I teach you the Superman. Man is something that has to be surpassed.What have you done to surpass him? Is Raskolnikov a Superman? Well, he follows Kierkegaards existential pedagogy of I believe, therefore I am, which means that he surpasses the common man who merely thinks. Through the ideas of Hegel, his teleological movements from crime to punishment all serve a justified purpose in benefiting his moral and rational states. He overcomes the common man through the salvation he obtains from this linear evolution of trials. He suffers not from Marxist classes, but from internal struggle, excluding him as a member of the proletariat, or common man.Though not physically or emotionally fit to survive, his confession becomes his salvation, his survival, and his disclaimer in the Darwin theory of surviving. The common man may survive because he is fit to survive, but Raskolnikov survives because he chooses to survive. Unlike Freuds theory that the everyday man lives his life through his ego, Raskolnikov makes his decisions based on his superego, doing things not just because it would be rational, but because that it the way it should be done. So then, Is Raskolnikov a Superman? Yes.

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The Lottery Essay Example for Free

The Lottery EssayHave you ever imagined being killed for winning a draft? In The Lottery by Shirley Jackson, the author does an outstanding job describing the main character, the plot, and the theme. The character Tessie Hutchinson in this fabrication makes the reader feel as if he or she is a part of the plot. Additionally, the plot of this degree is really surprising and unexpected. Jackson does a really great job writing the drool, and in the end it is very easy to think about a theme. Certainly, The Lottery is a perfect example of a story combining an interesting plot, sober characterization, and a clear theme.Tessie Hutchinson starts out being a regular citizen of the closure and ends up being the main character ultimately, she is killed. First, she is set forth as an old house woman. This tells the reader that she plausibly works all day and is very tired. Next, she nearly forgets about the lottery and she arrives late. This tells us that she is exhausted and doe snt really care about the lottery. In the end, she wins the lottery as Mr. Summers announces Its Tessie Winning the lottery subject matter being killed, and this is exactly what happens to Tessie. The subtle increasing of the level of importance of Tessie throughout the story made it more than interesting to read.The plot of this story was surprising and unexpected at the same time. In the beginning, the scene is described as Clear and sunny, with the fresh warmth of a full-summer day. Ironically, this makes the reader think this is going to be a positive story. Later, we shockingly find out that Someones life is going to be over. This all the way tells us that someone is going to die in this story. Finally, in the end Tessie screams Its not fair, it isnt right Lastly, the story ends and we then know that Tessie has been killed. These three significant changes that transpire during the plot make it a more compelling story.The theme of this story is to never relax until you are e ntirely safe. A good example is Tessie. For her, it starts out being a normal summer morning. Then, throughout the story her predicament completely changes. Later on, she nearly forgets about the lottery and she arrives late. Her husband asks Why were you late? and she simply says that she had forgot. Lastly, she finds out that she is the victor of the lottery as Mr. Summers says Its Tessie. This means that she is the one that is going to be killed out of all the citizens of the village. subsequently indication this story, there is one more thing to learn. This is the theme, life lesson, or moral that has just been outlined.In this story, Shirley Jackson does an outstanding job of having an interesting plot, using characterization, and including a clear theme. I really enjoyed indicant this story because it was different from most stories I have read before. I like this type of story because the surprise in the end is not expected and you dont understand it until you finish read ing the whole story. This is a fine example of experiencing a result that you definitely didnt expect. So now, be careful the next time you take part in a lottery

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The end of the play Essay Example for Free

The end of the play EssaySheila starts of in the examiner calls as quite an a dependent child. She needs her parents to do everything for her and refers to them as Mummy and daddy when Sheilas parents disunite her to do something she does it without a second thought. When the inspector has ended speaking to Birling, Sheila comes back into the play She is curious and inquisitive about what everyone is public lecture about whats this about the streets? When Sheila finds out her dad sacked Eva Smith she questions him did you, dad. I found this very plosive quite a turning point in the attitude and behaviour of Sheila, as it is the first duration she questions her father. Sheila gets distressed after hearing about this and really starts to feel for this girl who has just committed suicide. Sheila is get-go to show feeling and consideration and is sad that this girl has just died. When the inspector starts to talk more Sheila starts to conjecture for her you talk as if we were responsible. She has already started changing from the dependent little girl she was at the start.When the inspector starts to tell Sheila about what she did in milwards Sheila realises that she is caught up in this inspection as well. Sheila had got the same Eva smith sacked from milwards because Sheila had been in a bad temper and had got Eva smith sacked. This would make an audience dislike Sheila for doing this, as it was an unfair and egoistical thing to do. This also makes Sheila seem snobbish. Sheila then redeems herself by saying that she feels vicey for Evas death. If I could help her now, I would. Showing this guilt would make the audience like her as her parents refuse to admit any guilt towards the Eva at all.The inspector says the name Daisy Renton to Gerald, Sheila watches Geralds face and knew he used to know her you gave yourself away as before long as he mentioned the name. Sheila has now totally changed from how she was acting at the start of the play. She has started to question Gerald and knows he has do something. A nonher important thing Sheila does at this point in the play is that she notices that the inspector has information on everybody and not to build up a wall against the inspector as he will pop off it down I hate to think how much he knows that we dont know yet.Sheila stays to hear everything that Eva and Gerald did unneurotic when Gerald was supposed to be with Sheila. This must have been very depressing for Sheila. When the inspector starts to question Mrs Birling, Sheila tells her mum not to build up a wall, as it will only be broken down. Sheila is really outset to make sense and has started to question her mother as well. Mother I begged you and begged you to stop. Sheila seems to be the only mortal who can belowstand what the inspector is doing. I think she is clever and wise to realise this.Sheila tells her parents and the inspector that Eric was a bit of a drinker, although Eric did not want his parents knowing this, this can be justified though for what Eric did to Eva under the influence of alcohol. When the inspector leaves Sheila seems to be the only person who cares about Eva Smith. Even after they discover the inspector was a hoax, Sheila is the only person who understands that all of these things happened to someone, even if the consequence was not fatal. When Gerald asks Sheila if she still wants the ring, Sheila says no, not yet, I must think.This makes you feel a bit sorry for her because the inspector has ruined her special day. Sheila could be considered as one of the most likeable characters because she shows concern and consideration for Eva while no on eels does. She all matures implausibly throughout the play and turns into a moral being which is hard to believe with parents as frigidity hearted as hers. I would also consider the most likeable character because the other characters cannot really be candidates because of how cold and the little if any, feelings they showed .

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Web Service Implementation Essay Example for Free

Web Service Implementation examineChristiansen, S. (2002) once described web function as a potential political intrusion (p. 15). When we find what does this sentence mean and when we add the fact that web service are hot -by their nature- and not short to make them workable in practice like Siddhartha, P. (2002, p. 587) mentioned then we could be able to imagine nigh of the potential hurdle race that need to be all overcome to boffoly implement web services. Web services by their nature- belongs to IT projects category.Thats why it is important to realize the reality of IT projects. A 41% of IT projects failed to deliver the judge value and more than ? of IT projects were canceled (Needmuchwala, A. , 2008, p. 3) not to mention that only 11% of organizations consider technology as a strategic weapon (p. 3). Despite the fact that web services do not require gamy costs to be implemented like early(a) IT systems or solutions (ERP systems for example), the way to impleme nt web services isnt a bed of roses.And if we add those information mentioned above- to the fact that only 20% of companies gained significant hold with web services technologies (Altova, 2008), the picture will be clearer that there are some murder hurdles to be overcome such as the technological, organizational and cultural obstacles that stand in the way of capital punishment (Saugatuck, 2007, p. 3) prototypal of all, implementation is only a phase in managing IT solutions (web services in this case).And if the strategic supplying phase was successful and was done collaboratively by both top business management and IT department, taking into condition all possible hurdles or challenges, the implementation phase will be easier than with a reeking plan. However, despite the advances made in web services standards, achieving the seamless interoperability among heterogeneous platforms for the participating entities which is required for successful implementation of web service s- could be tricky as Siddhartha, P. (2002) mentioned (p. 587)What softens the situation is the fact -mentioned by Aponovich, D. (2002)- that none of these hurdles is insurmountable, each one of them could cause (1) potential delays to implementation or (2) adding barriers in the way to get maximal business value of web services (or return on a web services investment). Also, (Valentine, L, 2004) mentioned the fact that lack of standards in such technology wont be a deal surf maybe- because the extra coding process required for this standardization wont be too dramatic. The quin hurdles mentioned by Aponovich, D.(2002) was (1) lack of experience in architecting web services, (2) difficulties in managing the organizational culture change, or the ever-present hurdle, resistance to change as Provost, D. (2004, p. 19) mentioned- (3) lack of standards, (4) lack of perceived business cases, and (5) difficulties in managing relationships with other organizations There are numerous examp les for companies (or sites) that overcome these hurdles and successfully implemented web services with a real business value or return on investments (ROI). Amazon (http//www. amazon. com/) and eBay (http//www. ebay.com/) are two examples for those sites. In Amazons case, partners needed better data access but the process of collaboration was high-ticket(prenominal) and brittle (Dumbill, E. , 2003) thats why Amazon decided to provide web services. Certain issues were taken into context right from the planning phase thats why Amazon succeeded in referenceing these issues and finding the appropriate solutions. First of all, Amazon aligned the web services with their business strategy and decided to pursued revenue ground on the successful relationship with Amazons associates and seller (Dumbill, E. , 2003).Secondly, to guarantee success, the license was important to guard Amazons business model (Dumbill, E. , 2003). The third issue was concerning protocols Amazon provided both S OAP and XML over HTTP (REST) and let developers decide between them (Dumbill, E. , 2003). The fourth issue was to create a software platform and they address this by borrowing best practices (Dumbill, E. , 2003). The final issue was to successfully provide support for developers by information a combination of some tools such as discussion board, weekly chat, regular newsletter, software development kit, and online FAQ (Dumbill, E. , 2003).The most important is that Amazon provided openness with developers to foster creativity and focused on effectiveness by ensuring data freshness and preventing excessive server load (Dumbill, E. , 2003). Finally, it is obvious that the main factor, that leads to a successful implementation for web services, is the the full participation and engagement of the business (Jahnke, A. , 2004). Or in another word, to have warming the whole business into what Brynjolfsson, E. (2003) called the digital organization.And this digital organization includes (1) automation of tasks, (2) skilled labor, (3) decentralization of conclusiveness making, (4) improving the information flow across the organization, (5) adopting performance-based incentives programs, (6) more emphasis on the effectiveness of training and recruiting, and having employee and guest satisfactionReferencesAltova. (2008). Altova Web Services Solutions. Retrieved October 30, 2008 from http//www. altova. com/solutions/web_services. html Aponovich, D. (2002). Five Barriers to Implementing Web Services.Jupitermedia Corporation. Retrieved October 30, 2008 from http//itmanagement. earthweb. com/erp/ term. php/965371 Brynjolfsson, E. (2003). The IT Productivity GAP. MIT. Retrieved October 30, 2008 from http//digital. mit. edu/erik/Optimize/pr_roi. html Christiansen, S. (2002). The vexation Case for XML Web Services. In XML 2002 Proceedings. IDEAlliance. Retrieved October 28, 2008 from http//www. idealliance. org/papers/xml02/dx_xml02/papers/04-02-01/04-02-01. pdf Dumbill, E. (2003). Making Web Services Work at Amazon. OReilly Media, Inc.Retrieved October 30, 2008 from http//www. xml. com/pub/a/2003/12/09/xml2003amazon. html Jahnke, A. (2004). Why is Business-IT alignment So Difficult?. CIO. Retrieved October 29, 2008 from http//www. cio. com/article/32322 Needmuchwala, A. A. 2008. Evolving IT from Running the Business to Changing the Business. TATA Consultancy Services. Retrieved October 29, 2008 from http//www. tcs. com/SiteCollectionDocuments/White%20Papers/DEWP_05. pdf Saugatuck (2007). SOA Governance Necessary Protection for a strategic Business Investment.IBM. Retrieved October 30, 2008 from http//www-935. ibm. com/services/us/cio/flexible/saugatuck_ibm_soa_governance_jun07. pdf Siddhartha, P. (2002). Web Services Interoperability A practitioners experience. springer spaniel Berlin. Retrieved October 29, 2008 from http//www. springerlink. com/content/q4w6ru7mbde4xfa7/ Valentine, L. (2004). CIO Focus on Internet, Web Services. CIO Today. Retrie ved October 28, 2008 from http//ciotoday. newsfactor. com/story. xhtml? story_title=CIOs_Focus_on_Internet__Web_Servicesstory_id=23743

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The Poetry of Elizabeth Bishop Essay Example for Free

The Poetry of Elizabeth Bishop EssayIn my resoluteness I ordain be talking round my ideas on the themes, styles, and images in the numbers of Elizabeth Bishop. Elizabeth Bishop was born on the 8th of February 1911 in Worcester, Massachusetts. Her father died when she was eight months aged and her mother, in shock, was sent to a mental hospital for five years. They were separated in 1916 until her mother in conclusion died in 1934. She was raised by her grandpargonnts in Nova Scotia. There ar quartette main themes in the poetry of Bishop. These include nature, childhood, domesticity/motherhood, and the resilience of the human spirit. The cardinal poetrys I will be discussing approximately in my answer related to the following themes are Sestina and The Filling Station. The two themes I will be discussing about are domesticity and childhood. The first rime I will be discussing on is Sestina. The theme in Sestina, which I will be discussing, is childhood and domesticity. In Sestina Bishop is looking back at her childhood in a childs perspective.The use of the third person voice in Sestina blends the poets adult perspective with the childs. A sestina is a s even so stanza verse with 6 lines in each stanza except for the last one, where on that point are only three. If we look at the last word in every line of the first stanza we benefit that house, almanac, stove, naan, child, and almanac are used over and over once again as the last word of every line, except the last stanza where in that location are two words in every line. The reason wherefore Elizabeth Bishop titled her poem after the form it was written in was because she wanted the reader to understand the style a child sees. A child rearranges things until it makes sense, the way the words are rearranged over and over again. In stanza five of the child is drawing a ascertain. The picture is an outlet of the childs emotion. I count on this is a enormous way of doing so, after all a picture tells a thousand words. The picture the child draws therefore reflects truly what the child dreams of, a rigid house and a man with buttons equivalent tears.Apparently, this is a complete contrast to the current situation. It is a happy past that shell never build again. It is the bitter mirror image of the present and the past of dream and reality. Although, in the last two stanzas the musical mode of the poem takes a turn for a brighter theme because of the childs picture little moons give down analogous trees from between the pages of the almanac into the flower bed Personally, I take the image of flowers in the rain as a very interesting one. It resembles the silver lining in every obscure and the light at the end of the road. Its about restoring hope in the face of affliction. This is clearly shown at the beginning of the last stanza. The verse time to plant tears, says the almanac marks the turning point of the poem. It is similarly at this moment that the chi ld becomes happy, therefore non being completely unhappy. Its time for the grandmother to bury her tears in the earth and grow hope. The message of the poem is then unveiled there will be a rainbow after the rain, just as there will always be hope for tomorrow. The grandmother sings to the marvellous stove and the child draws another mystic house.The grandmother stops crying and starts to sing, the child stops dwelling on the past and starts to draw the future. The almanac in the poem represents the domestic. Its secular and full of information. We have this domestic scene with a stove a grandmother and a childbut then we have tears. The tears tip the poem towards the absurdity. The child can sense the grandmothers tears even though she is trying to hide it. The child expresses this through the picture she drew if a man with buttons analogous tears,, and by watching the teakettles small hard tears dance like mad. And in the last stanza where it ends with an inscrutable house, th e last thing that should be inscrutable is her house. But in this case there are umpteen symbols and the child is having a difficult time making sense out of things, so even though we have this domestic scene, it isnt really. I bet that the tears are from the lack of the grandmothers children, the childs mother. Maybe thats the unspoken reason.The irregular poem I will be discussing is The Filling Station. In this poem I will be discussing the theme of domesticity/motherhood. I think it is the domestic detail that fascinate the poet in this poem. I think so because the poet seems to write in a lot of detail about the domestic items in the little, plectron station. Instead of saying its an oily filling station, she describes it further in saying its oil-soaked, oil-permeated to a disturbing, over-all black translucency. This is one example of her in-depth detail of the filling station in the poem. The two things in which she goes into extreme detail in are the doily and the plan t. She becomes very interested in these two domestic objects because they greatly contrast the atmosphere which the poet saw the filling station to be, somebody embroidered the doily. somebody waters the plant, or oils it maybe. This shows how interested the poet was in these two objects. I understand the somebody in stanza sixsome to be a caring mother. This may be linked to Bishops personal life in that she lost her own mother and is longing for a caring mother figure in her life, or, at least, in her life as a child.The realisation that the mother isnt to be seen happens gradually as we see that its a family filling station and that there is wicker furniture, a womans touch surely, but then the sudden realisation floods Bishop in the sixth stanza when she repeats the word somebody again and again. The repetition of somebody appears to be a method of ignoring who this person might be even though the association is obvious. Bishop seems to be hiding from the realisation, reinforci ng the thoughts that this is about her own lack of a mother. One of the things I bask the most about the poetry of Elizabeth Bishop is the imagery. Elizabeth Bishop is well-known for her ability to take the mundane or most vain things in life and use her imagination to change it into something completely out of the ordinary.The Fish is a great example of this. Elizabeth Bishop is renowned to write poetry about the beauty of poetry. This poem is not an exception. Bishop merely catches a look for, yet by her imagination and creativity, which is a part of her poetry, she is able to imagine the fish beyond what it is, not only talking about its skin but also talking about its innards and portrayal it as a war veteran. In fact, the ending speaks of how Bishop even begins to see the colours of the rainbow. Sad to say, the poem focuses more on poetry itself it is unlikely the poem is speaking of morality or life and termination between herself and the fish. This is what makes it such a great poem. The main thing I like about this poem is the vivid imagery Bishop gives, especially when describing the fish. In this poem, the central image is of the poet holding the fish beside her rented boat. There are three main groups of factual images. The first group contains thirteen physical images of the fish tremendous fishmouthbrown skin speckled with barnaclesinfested with tiny white sea-licehis gills were breathing in the terrible group Othe coarse white flesh the big bones and the little bones his shiny entrailsthe knock swim-bladderhis eyesmechanism of his jawhis lower lipThe second group contains seven factual images of the boat beside the boatthe little rented boatthe pool of bilge where oil had spread a rainbow around the dilapidate engine to the bailer rusted orangethe sun-cracked thwartsthe oarlocks on their stringsthe gunnelsThe third group contains seven factual images of search my hook fast in a corner of his mouthfive old pieces of fish-lineor four and a wire leader with the swivel still attachedwith all their five big hooks grown firmly in his mouthA green line, frayed at the end where he broke ittwo heavier linesand a fine black thread still crimped from the strain and snap Overall, there is a great variety in the imagery used in this poem, which is why I like the imagery in this poem. The writing style of Bishop was very different in comparison to her notable contemporaries such as Robert Lowell and John Berryman. In contrast to their confessional style involving large amounts of self-exposure, Bishops style of writing, though it sometimes involved sparse details from her personal life, was known for its highly detailed and objective, distant point of discern and for its necessity on the personal subject matter that the work of her contemporaries involved. In contrast, when Bishop wrote about details and people from her own life, as she did in her story about her childhood and her weeping grandmother in Sestina, she always u sed discretion.Sestina, in other words, is not personal confession, as the lack of personal call indicates, but representative in the way that a tale is. Along with the persona, the point of view, and the poetic form, the vocabulary creates a complex experience for the reader. One sympathizes with the grandmother and the child, sensing sorrow, yearning, and the tensing of the childs effort to be an individual at bottom the sheltering, suffocating domestic scene. Yet one also hears wariness in Bishops telling of their story.

Philip Pearlstein Two Models with Blow-Up Chair & Salvador Dali Essay Example for Free

Philip Pearlstein Two Models with Blow-Up Chair Salvador Dali EssayThrough the development of art, the spell of the young-bearing(prenominal) body has been a main motif. It is Venus, Roman Goddess of love who has intrigued the artist, and held their attention for well everyplace a few centuries. She has been non only Venus, only when in like manner Aphrodite (the Greek Goddess of Love), she has been Mary, mother of Christ in chivalric tradition and she had been found in the countless spirits of women depicted by Picasso, M championt, Degas, Warhol (for isnt Monroe a goddess? ). The link in these references is that this goddess, whomever she is, is holding the fascination of male artist.This is not to say that female artists have not interpreted up the trend which she invokes, but the purpose here is to discover how differently she is seen through and through their eyes in comparability with male visions of love. Pearlsteins innovation in completing this project is mavi n of Modernism, mixed with Realism. Pearlstein paints an cover paint of two females. They appear plastic wrapped within the butt jointvas due to the severe highlights Pearlstein applies to both(prenominal) of their bodies. They lay beside distributively other, one on the chair the other next to the chair, and they both appear to be asleep.These two puts or Venus be full frontlet nude. The viewer is unable to see if they are ashamed or not from their faces because one of them is hiding her face and the other ones guide extends beyond the canvas (this is a trademark of Pearlstein). Though both Venus are or appear asleep they are active with the coloring and highlights which Pearlstein has seen fit to attribute to them. The line of light glares down the frontal figures body, highlighting the left breast, the stomach wrinkles and over the curves of both of the legs. This mimics the curves and highlights given to the plastic chair which she sleeps upon.The other model fades into the background, yet still has that tiny shot of highlight upon the same appendages and other body parts which the startle-class honours degree Venus had on her. The interesting item in this characterisation is that there are two female figures being painted. This is coupled with the fact that here too, like all the ones before it, Venus is apathetic, or at best the viewer is unable to tell what she (they) are feeling. Never mind the composition, Venus is still without a voice in this painting. Through the very brief glimpse of feminine fecundity, and pulchritude, Venus remains elusive, and stoic.It has taken the art movement of the 20th century to see the full force of Venus. She has, with the help of female artists, low-spirited her silence. In Dalis oil on canvas The Persistence of Memory (1913) the theme of paranoia is persistent in this romancescape. The distortion of the piece exudes a frightening use of spatial mobility and form. Surrealism is a way in which the port o f fantasy can be forthcoming in the world of Art. Dali exemplifies this notion in his use of highlight and background shapes and the pure psychic automatism which is symbolized in the clocks.Dalis focus in this work is mainly approximatelyly thawdom although the context of this work is based on paranoia and the weightiness of time the work is also free from previous constraints of other artistic movements in that it is not a painting dedicated to reason or moral purpose. Dalis painting is that of a dream and reason becomes a series of disjointed objects in space there is no rhyme in his work unless it is free verse that is to say that there is no structure as prior to surrealism the viewer is used to seeing structure.Dalis work very much reflect what Virginia Woolf was so diligently experimenting with, which is unconscious writing or free narrative. Dali painted as though the conscious mind was sleeping, and that is why his paintings are so often reminiscent of dreams as Janson states, The notion that adream can be transposed by automatiatic handwriting directly from the unconscious mind to the canvas, bypassing the conscious awareness of the artist, did not work in practice. Some degree of control was unavoidable. Nevertheless, Surrealism stimulated several novel techniques for soliciting and exploiting chance effects (Janson The History of Art 807) .Even the central figure in The Persistence of Memory is portrayed as though it were sleeping. The bare background is almost anachronistic with the foreground as it exhibits a cliff slew off into a body of water. It seems as though Dali made the background on purpose to project the viewer since dreams are intended to be symbolic of personal meaning. The sky in the background also seems incomplete with no visible clouds but merely a color palette that drifts off into a sfumato haze. The background however is not what Dali wanted the viewer to be stricken with as a first impression.The central figure of the painting is unfinished as well. Dali painted an eyeball, and a nose and made no more attention to the rest of the figure. This feeling of incompleteness is unnerving and truly embodies the emotional state and wisdom of dreaming. The painting is purely inspired by that part of Dalis unconscious mind. Although the painting exhibits that Dali used controlled in certain aspects of the work such as the use of diagonals, and linear shapes, but the overall impression of the painting lies within the angles, the objects and the general ambience of the piece.The clocks themselves prove to be unnerving both their positions and their lack of square(p) form, as though they are oozing across the plane in the foreground and the limb near the horizon of the painting, as well as across the half finished face. Another artistic gambit that Dali uses in The Persistence of Memory is his use of shadow not merely darkness but the chiaroscuro so prevalent in the piece. This furthers the theory of this pa per that Dali uses surrealism to tap into the unconscious and the dream world.Dali does the opposite in this painting of previous artists he places the darkness in the foreground of the painting and the brightness in the background. This is symbolic because Dali wants to grow to the audience that in the dream world the objects that are in front of the dreamers face are not always tangible but looming and undefined. In the background the objects are illuminated but this illumination does not add in defining the object because Dali here uses space to further expatiate his unconscious perspective the objects in the background are too far away and cannot be seen.Thus, each part of the painting is uncomfortably defined. It is almost nonsensical these objects of Dalis in space without a perspicuous theme except for these persistence clocks. The clocks are the main meaning and focus of the painting and it is through these objects that the theory of this paper rests. The clocks present t he theme of paranoia (as mentioned prior). Not only are they draped over the main objects in the foreground but their rendering is disconcerting. Each clock offers a different time, and one clock is closed so that the viewer cannot decipher its time.It is interesting that Dali did not distort the closed clock it signifies a secret and further exemplifies the state of the dream world present in this painting that is, the one clock that could offer a valid time is closed and unable to be seen by the painter, or the audience. The contention in the painting is that the central figure of the face is sleeping and is thus oblivious to the clocks, to time, to the unfinished landscape. That is the quintessential meaning of a dream the sleeping figure is unaware to symbolism, to action, to time, and that is how Dali exudes incoherence in the dream world.

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Likewise the conclusion of my research Essay Example for Free

Likewise the finis of my enquiry EssayI would like to study and research about Japanese business culture and Japanese way of making decisions, and analyze them. Every democracys business culture has always close relationship with its own culture, so I start out to approach from Japanese culture to business culture for clear watching. Also, I compargon and contrast them with Korean business culture and decision processing. The approach would be Japanese business culture from foreigner (who understand Japanese culture)s point of view, and analyze it if pros and cons exist. To observe Japanese business culture closer, I am willing to join Japanese company through internship or part-time job. These methods will make me sleep with the culture and decision process. At the same time, I can immerse myself to the organizational culture it promotes and how the way goes about on processes and ideas.Likewise, by reading a lot of case studies, it can help me to make and develop my rese arch. Moreover, I will compare and contrast how Japanese and Korean companies go through this worldwide recession, not by countries policy, but by companies own policy. The companys result and plans to mitigate the ongoing recession will teach me lessons concerning efficiency and effectiveness.As far as communication and interaction is concerned, I will use a lot of observation and interviews with native Japanese lot. thitherfore, it is important that I kick upstairs my Japanese language skill so that I could communicate profoundly with Japanese business people and understand Japanese culture better. This is essential in my research so I can actively get the needed information that I want.To conclude my research, I shall try to maximize the information pull together in my selected Japanese company and compare it accordingly to my selected Korean company counterpart. I wish to go out that there are traits and cultural aspects of Japanese culture that are embedded in its organiz ational culture. There are specific factors that affect the company to make decisions and strategies accordingly and proved to be successful in addressing the problems and issue.Likewise, the conclusion of my research will highlight the similarities and differences between the organizational cultures of Japan and Korea. Under this framework, there are several traits that shall be given to fully understand how each mindset of such company operates. Lastly, the conclusion seeks to address the limitations of this study and what it has failed to address during the course of interview and analysis.

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Case study of alzheimers disease

Case study of alzheimers diseaseMy first administrative position in noetic health was working on a Geriatric Psychiatric unit of the local hospital. Many of the tolerants were ancient patients with Alzheimers. This was my first experience with Alzheimers disease and the effects it has on their families. Alzheimers is the most common type of delirium and is incurable, degenerative, and net (Wikipedia) . Symptoms of Alzheimers begin slowly and become worse until they interfere with daily life and patients argon unable to charge carry on conversations. Families become parcel outgivers for their loved ones who dont know who they are any to a greater extent. The prognosis is not goodish for patients afflicted with this type of dementia but researchers continue to look for new treatments and possible preventions. A a few(prenominal) of the Alzheimers patients I worked with on the Geriatric unit are very memorable. There was a gentleman who was in the moderate to arduous st days o f the disease. His job for most of his life was that of a hospital administrator. My office doorsill was always open and some patients would wonder in time and again. My office must have triggered something in him because he would come in and need to scratch papers. He would sit in my office for hours and home papers. some other patient was a woman who had 12 children. She was always wondering the unit looking for her babies. The nurses bought her a baby doll and she carried it everywhere and it also calmed her down. Another aspect of Alzheimers is sundowners syndrome. Many of the Alzheimers patients would start to get stir up between 400 and 500 p.m. They would become more aggressive, oppositional and agitated. Sundowners syndrome is an subjoind time of memory loss, confusion, agitation, and even anger. For family members who care for Alzheimers patients, witnessing an increase in their loved ones symptoms of dementia at sunset ordure be nothing pithy of troubling, if not also painful, frightening, and exhausting (Sundowners Syndrome). Alzheimers is not a new disease. Alzheimers was first described by German psychiatrist and neuropathologist Alois Alzheimer in 1906. In 1901, Alzheimer observed a patient at the candidfurt Asylum named Mrs. Auguste Deter. The 51-year-old patient had strange behavioral symptoms, including a loss of short-term memory. This patient would become his obsession over the approaching years. In April 1906, Mrs. Deter died and Alzheimer had the patient records and the brain brought to Munich where he was working at Kraepelins lab. Together with two Italian physicians, he would use the staining techniques to identify amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles (Wikipedia). Amyloid plagues are extracellular deposits that consist of a dense core of a protein known as B-amyloid, surrounded by degenerating axons and dendrites, along with activated microglia and oxidizable astrocytes, cells that are involved in destruction of damag ed cells. Neurofibrillary tangles consist of dying neurons that contain intracellular accumulations of ill-shapen filaments of hyperphosphorylated tau protein (Carlson, 2008). These abnormal structures are also found in brains of patients with Down syndrome. Un similar Down syndrome, Alzheimers is a progressive degenerative disease that gradually destroys a persons memory and daily functioning. Currently Alzheimers is diagnosed by symptoms, and only sustain by brain examination after death. There are warning sides of Alzheimers disease that include memory loss that disrupts daily life. Challenges in planning or solving problems when in that location were no problems before. Difficulty finish familiar tasks or leisure activities they a person used to do. Confusion with time and place, which is what most muckle know about Alzheimers. This is when family members forget where they are going or days of activities. Trouble understanding opthalmic images and spatial relationships or new problems with words speaking or writing. Misplacing things and the in magnate to retrace steps. Decreased or poor judgment and withdrawal from work and social activities. Changes in mood and personality, which is another warning sign that most deal are also familiar with from media, etc. Grandma turns from sweet to irritable (Stages and example Signs of Alzheimers). The Alzheimers Association is a strong national organization that abides and funds Alzheimers research. Their website has a vast amount of information on symptoms, treatment, prevention and research of this disease. Taken from their website there are seven stages of Alzheimers. They include Stage 1 where there is no impairment. Stage 2 there is very mild decline. Stage three there is mild decline. Stage four there is moderate decline. Stage five there is moderately unholy decline and stage six and stage seven there is severe decline and very severe decline (Stages and Warning Signs of Alzheimers). The current ma jor treatment for Alzheimers is medicine management and each stage of Alzheimers bears a different medication. Mild to moderate Alzheimers is treated with cholinesterase inhibitors. These types of medications are prescribed because they may help delay or prevent the symptoms from becoming worse for a time and also help manage behaviors. The medications include Razadyne (galantamine), Exelon (rivastigmine), and Aricept (donepezil). Another drug, Cognex (tacrine), was the first approved cholinesterase inhibitor but is rarely prescribed today due to nearty concerns (Alzheimers illness Medications situation Sheet, 2010). Most people have heard of Aricept because is used often and advertised on the media more so than others. Moderate to severe Alzheimers is treated with a drug that regulates glutamate, an important brain chemical. The medication known as Namenda (memantine), an N-methyl D-aspartate (NMDA) antagonist. Aricept has also been approved by the FDA to treat moderate to sev ere Alzheimers. These drugs main effect is to delay increase of some of the symptoms and they may allow patients to maintain certain daily functions a little longer than they would without the medication. The medication may help a patient in the later stages of the disease maintain his or her ability to use the bathroom independently for several more months, a benefit for both patients and caregivers (Alzheimers Disease Medications particular Sheet, 2010). There is research going on to provide diagnosis by a simple relationship test, this was reported by American researchers just last month. Also, other researchers have shown spinal fluid tests, which require a spinal tap, can detect early changes that signal the onset of Alzheimers. Imaging companies such as privately held Avid Radiopharmaceuticals, General Electrics GE Healthcare and Germanys Bayer are racing to finish clinical tallys on new agents that can make brain lesions called plaques visible on positron emission imager y or PET scanners (Anonymous, 2010). Researchers also are looking at any possible prevention or slow down of the disease. Currently at Rush University is leading a nationwide clinical trial of a nutritional drink to determine whether it can improve cognitive performance in people with mild to moderate Alzheimers. The study follows recently released results from an earlier trial conducted in Europe showing that the drink, called Souvenaid, amend verbal recall in people with mild disease who were followed for three months (Anonymous., 2010). Alzheimers affects approximately 10 part of the population above the age of 65 and almost 50 percent of people over the age of 85 years (Carlson, 2008). The number of Americans age 65 and older who have this condition result increase from the 5.1 million today to 13.5 million by mid-century. A recent report from the Alzheimers Association states that the cost of Alzheimers to the fall in States go forth be $20 trillion over the neighboring 4 0 years. Changing the Trajectory of Alzheimers Disease A National Imperative shows that in the absence of disease-modifying treatments, the cumulative cost of care for people with Alzheimers from 2010 to 2050 will exceed $20 trillion, in todays dollars (Report Alzheimers disease to cost United States $20 trillion over next 40 years, 2010). Statistics taken from the Alzheimers Association break it down as follows Alzheimers disease costs business $24.6 jillion in health care. In the US 7 out of 10 people with Alzheimers live at home where 75% of costs are absorbed by the family. The remaining 25% of care costs cost an average $19,000 a year. It is estimated that Alzheimers caregivers cost business $36.5 billion. This includes the costs of absenteeism and lost productivity. The average cost of a nursing home in the US is $42,000 a year. However in some areas those costs can be at least $70,000. Medicare costs for beneficiaries with Alzheimers disease were $91 billion in 2005. Medicar e costs are expected to increase by 75% to $160 billion in 2010. Medicaid expenditures on residential dementia care were $21 billion in 2005. These costs are estimated to rise by 14% to $24 billion in 2010( (Kennard, 2010). The stress of caregivers for loved ones with Alzheimers is high. The frustration and challenges of caring for an adult who no longer complies with sane requests is a daily consequence of a loved one with Alzheimers. There are many support groups and resources for caregivers. Some tips for managing an Alzheimers patient is to have patience, be flexible, reduce frustration, reduce choices, reduce distractions to create a safe surround (Research, 1998-2010). Patience and flexibility are easy to see out. Patience because a patient with Alzheimers will be oppositional at times, will not know their caregiver at times as comfortably as not remember family members. The Alzheimer patients mood and reactions to daily tasks will change sometimes daily as the disease prog resses. Flexibility with caring for Alzheimers patients is tied into their changing needs and abilities from day to day. Reducing frustration, choices and distractions would be like raising a toddler. Not too many choices or distractions for them to be overwhelmed with. A safe environment is pretty clear and we hear about Alzheimers patients wandering off reported on the news more often. Alzheimers patients who have been left in an unsecured house or got into a unlocked car. Doors should always be locked so the Alzheimers patient is unable open or figure out how to open. The car is easy to figure out, keep it locked Take the car keys are keep them on you or hidden. There was a metrical composition on the Geriatric unit wall where I worked. The author is unknown and it is taken from Coach Frank Broyles Playbook for Alzheimers Caregivers. The poem is a good reminder of what Alzheimers is all about and a good conclusion to this report. Do not ask me to remember. Dont try to make me un derstand. Let me rest and know youre with me. Kiss my cheek and clutch my hand. Im confused beyond your concept. I am sad and sick and lost. All I know is that I need you, to be with me at all cost. Do not lose your patience with me. Do not scold or curse or cry. I cant help the way Im acting, cant be different though I try. Just remember that I need you, that the best of me is gone. Please dont bewray to stand beside me, love me till my life is done.