Monday, April 15, 2019

Paulo Freire Essay Example for Free

Paulo Freire EssayIn Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Paulo Freire presents devil concepts of reading, banking and problem-posing. Specifically, Freire argues that in banking, teachers assume savants are passive, take all control, determine what will be learned, and fill students with pre-selected information. Problem-posing education allows people to develop their human natures fully because it depends on dialogue, recognizes the relationship between people and the world, encourages discovery and creativity, and leads to transformation.Freire criticizes the banking system throughout the essay and clearly praises problem- posing in more than just an educational settings. For instance, narration disease is a term used when the teacher talks about a subject as if it were motionless, static, compartmentalized, and predictable. In addition, necrophilia is another one of Freires exaggerated imagery, comparing the banking concept and oppression to the love for the dead. Freire support s the problem-posing mode as being the only educational concept needed. His essay is well laid out with examples and supporting(a) details, but is this practical for public education?Freire says that to be truly committed to ending banking the students must jib it all together. I have mixed feelings. Its not that I do or put one acrosst support this statement, but I do believe both concepts are necessary at some point in education. Some information presented to students can only be taught through repetition, memorization, and narration. For example, math and science equations are concepts needed to be memorized in order to complete problems. The way a student memorizes it can be creative and active, but it still falls under the banking category for needing to be told how to run it.

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