Saturday, April 6, 2019

Likewise the conclusion of my research Essay Example for Free

Likewise the finis of my enquiry EssayI would like to study and research about Japanese business culture and Japanese way of making decisions, and analyze them. Every democracys business culture has always close relationship with its own culture, so I start out to approach from Japanese culture to business culture for clear watching. Also, I compargon and contrast them with Korean business culture and decision processing. The approach would be Japanese business culture from foreigner (who understand Japanese culture)s point of view, and analyze it if pros and cons exist. To observe Japanese business culture closer, I am willing to join Japanese company through internship or part-time job. These methods will make me sleep with the culture and decision process. At the same time, I can immerse myself to the organizational culture it promotes and how the way goes about on processes and ideas.Likewise, by reading a lot of case studies, it can help me to make and develop my rese arch. Moreover, I will compare and contrast how Japanese and Korean companies go through this worldwide recession, not by countries policy, but by companies own policy. The companys result and plans to mitigate the ongoing recession will teach me lessons concerning efficiency and effectiveness.As far as communication and interaction is concerned, I will use a lot of observation and interviews with native Japanese lot. thitherfore, it is important that I kick upstairs my Japanese language skill so that I could communicate profoundly with Japanese business people and understand Japanese culture better. This is essential in my research so I can actively get the needed information that I want.To conclude my research, I shall try to maximize the information pull together in my selected Japanese company and compare it accordingly to my selected Korean company counterpart. I wish to go out that there are traits and cultural aspects of Japanese culture that are embedded in its organiz ational culture. There are specific factors that affect the company to make decisions and strategies accordingly and proved to be successful in addressing the problems and issue.Likewise, the conclusion of my research will highlight the similarities and differences between the organizational cultures of Japan and Korea. Under this framework, there are several traits that shall be given to fully understand how each mindset of such company operates. Lastly, the conclusion seeks to address the limitations of this study and what it has failed to address during the course of interview and analysis.

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