Monday, April 15, 2019

Counter Point Essay Example for Free

Counter Point try onStarbucks is cardinal of the most successful business serving coffee and drinks beverage. Starbucks is make don for serving hot and refrigerated coffee beverage with a high quality products. Starbucks went public in 1992 with a costd at $17 share and the stock jumped to $21 at the blossom forthing bell. By 2007 Starbucks had become one of the most astray accept and admired global brands. In addition, by 2008 Starbucks has 4500 locations in 43 countries out side the unify States. Over every last(predicate) Starbucks known as a good business with a good standing. Starbucks has more puzzles starting time with the price. Starbucks coffee is more pricy than other competitors like Dunkin Donuts and Caribou. In addition, Dunkin Donuts declare oneselfing drinks at prices 20 percent lower than Starbucks. For example, Kathleen Brown, a 30-year-old Boston lawyer, used to treat herself to a $4 Starbucks Caramel Macchiato but switched to Dunkin Donuts. Also, she character that with Starbucks price for a cup of coffee she can buy a cup of coffee with a sandwich from Dunkin Donuts. Moreover, Starbucks did not pay attention to the customer comment cards and they did not respond to their customers need or their feedback about the product or the service.Starbucks should ask the customers about what type of milk they want. Another hassle is that Starbucks used to offer still hot beverage and they thought cold coffee like Frappuccino was not a true coffee drink. After Starbucks knew their competitors were offering a cold beverage they started to serve cold beverages and they tested their concoction with customers and again customers approved. Moreover, Starbucks stores were reconfigured with fewer comfy chairs and slight carpeting making Starbucks a less inviting place in which to linger over a cup of coffee. In the beginning Starbucks had a chore and they could not advertise because the cash was tight. Finally, Starbucks machines were so tall that the customers could no longer see the coffee existence made.Starbucks need to work to reduce the price of their products since most of the passel from the middle and low income cant offer their products. If Starbucks want to increase their sales and earn more make headway they should reduce their prices to let the people from all class can offer their products and be satisfied but Starbucks did not do any changes to their prices because thither vision was to educate consumers about fine coffees and brought from a good place. Starbucks did lots of thing to increase their salary and to be more successful. For example, Starbucks opened numerous stores and some times in the corresponding area just to help to serve the customers in a good way. For example, Starbucks opened many store to help the customers thump what they want in a short time. Starbucks had l pull in that nearly stores did not necessarily hurt one anothers sales and in fact could actually help. Moreov er, more stores meant a better happen for customers to find a short line or empty parking space and for Starbucks to capture the sale.Also, Starbucks open a drive through service to help the parents with young children and the drive through help Starbucks earned more profit and be more successful. Starbucks choose their store location by focusing on the are population and a matrix of regional demographic profiles and an analysis of how best to leverage functional infrastructure. In addition, Starbucks planned at least one big community event to celebrate its stretch and offer two free drink coupons with the note asking the customers to share Starbucks with a friend. In addition, since Starbucks know that there prices was high so they try to offer a seasonal offering such as a strawberry and cream Frappuccino in the summer and gingerbread latte at Christmas.Starbucks did not want to emit their money and workers so they developed a 24-hour training program converting Coffee Knowle dge (four hours). Brewing the undefiled Cup (four hours), Customers Service (four hours) and also basic skills. Starbucks wants to have a good working environment and to be loyal to their employees so they provide their employees with a health insurance to all partners even the part-timers. Keeping the same employee with a full benefits would cost Starbucks $1500 rater than loosing $3000 to train a new hire. Starbucks work to develop their product cock by adding music and book to their customers.Starbucks knew their prices are expensive and they did a great thing to solve this problem by opening many stores and provide a nice atmosphere to their customers by serving many kinds of snack, cold and hot beverages, sandwiches. Customers say one of the reason they come to Starbucks it because they can discover new things, a new coffee from Rwanda, a new food item. The solutions that I considered is Starbucks need to pay attention to their customers feedback for the price of the product and to try to make their price reasonable to the people over the whole world. Since many people like the atmosphere in Starbucks and its more fancy than Dunkin Donuts but the price in Starbucks need to recognized and reduce.There are many solutions I recommend to Starbucks. First, the most important is the price. Starbucks need to find a solution with their product price since their price is much more expensive than other competitors like Dunkin Donuts. closely of the people switch to Dunkin Donuts because their product mix are cheaper. Moreover, they should offer free refills to their customers and make sure to demo their customers a chance to give their feed back on the product. According to the case Americans will never pay $1.50 for a cup of coffee. So because of that Starbucks need to reduce their price to be more successful.In conclusion, Starbucks is a powerful business with a good product mix ( non coffee drinks, food items, music, books). Moreover, Starbucks has many sto res and sometime in the same area just to help their customers to get their need in a very short of time with offering their customers a drive through service and that cause the profit of around $1.3 million compared to $1 million at stores without a window. But the price of their products is so expensive than Dunkin Donuts.

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