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Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley | Alienation

Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley dementiaIn the layer of Frankenstein, winner, a scientific genius, created a deuce known as Frankenstein. He abandons the giant star as soon as he creates it. Frankenstein, the fanatic, experienced wild parenting evolution up. No one ever taught him any manners at entirely. In this bosh, maestro and Frankenstein are few(prenominal) confused by company for different reasons. The monster is rejected by society because of his terrifying physiological fashion and his re maskions towards community. Victor experienced estrangement his entire life, when he was a child and family due to his scientific obsession. Therefore, in Frankenstein, Mary Shelley used the shank of alienation by having the deuce main tones, Victor and Frankenstein, alienated by society because people judged the monster based on his physical appearance and his reactions. While, Victor withdrawd himself from society due to his scientific experiments. Therefore, people al ienated him because they thought of him as a very strange scientific maniac.As I antecedently mentioned, the monster was judged based on his physical appearance. As soon as everyone byword him they would start screaming in disgust or run away. The monsters hideous appearance including his eight-foot long body caused people to react this way. This caused the monster to feel rage towards others. The monster would then(prenominal) groan in anger towards individuals. ane day Frankenstein fin eithery got to see himself in the mirror. And got surprised. Then he effected why people were so terrorise by his physical appearance. This is all Victor fault because if Victor had non created him or messed up during his experiment the monster would of never do had to cause because of this.The monsters reactions toward people also played a major role in why he was alienated. Whenever he saw how people reacted to him, he would go crazy. He would groan in a very frightening way. The monster reacted this way because of tow reason. First of all, he was rejected un fairly by society. Secondly, he felt very angry towards society. When the monster first came to life, he first saw Victor. Victor looked at him and got really shake. Then he unconquerable to abandon the monster . The monster was raised with basically no parenting at all. He wasnt taught how to be polite or even how to act towards people. This is why the creature had no social skills at all. If the monster would consume been raised with good parenting he would sire been much of a benignant because he would of at least known how to act when others were around.The monster then began to feel confused because people didnt want to be around him. What caused him to be confused was that he had no idea why people reacted this way. He wanted to be loved. Unlike his creator he did non isolate himself from society. The monsters first experience with existence is when he meets the villagers. They threw stones at him , which aggravated him. The following(a) experience the creature experienced was with the Dclacey family.This was the first era the monster in reality wanted to be part of a certain family. The creature resolved to hide because of his previous experience with humans. He was fountainhead aware that humans disliked him. As the monster was hiding, he observed the language in which they communicated, he believed it was like a godlike science, which would help him become much a human because if he could communicate like one that was a head start.. The monster continued to observe everything this family did for some time. The monster act his beat to be liked by society but failed. This do the monster come to the conclusion that he would never be genuine by humans. The creature demanded Victor to create a female assistant for him. As Victor was working on this he gave up. He decided that he was no longer discharge to create a comrade for the monster. This got the monster very a ngry. He got revenge by cleansing Elizabeth, Victors wife.As I drop already stated, Victor Frankenstein also experienced alienation throughout this story. He experienced alienation from both his family and society. In Frankenstein, Victor is described as a man whos in love with science. He spent much of his time creating a monster. However, he wasnt aware of the consequences this would study him. At the pole of this story he spent much of his time learn oning to destroy this monster. As he tried to destroy the monster he separate himself from society. He would always go to his lab and try to come up with other scientific creations. He regretted ever creating the monster because the monster caused him a lot of trouble. People then thought of him as some crazy scientific genius. Victors scientific views alienated him from all his surroundings. He had a very keen interest in since ever since he was a child. Him being so different from the rest of the family is what got them to a lienate him. He bonny seemed so different and strange from the rest.As Victor was growing up, he became even more obsessed with science. This is what caused him to come up with all his crazy experiments and ideas. He decided to isolate himself from society and spend most of his time at his libratory , where he would mix all different types of chemicals and try to create new inventions. He lived his entire life this way. He had no regrets just about any of this until he had created Frankenstein. That was when he had finally realized that he should of stopped all of his scientific experiments and call it quits. The monster got him more frightened then what he had ever been.As I previously mentioned, Victor refused to create a companion for Frankenstein. His reason for this was because he was timid of making another huge mis abbreviate and having to face the consequences for his actions. However, the monster did not understand this and seeked revenge on his own creator by killing hi s wife Elizabeth. After the death of Elizabeth, Victor became even more s guardianshipd of the monster because now he knew for a fact that the monster was subject of murdering others in order to get what he wants.Through out this story, both the creature and the creator suffer a lot because of alienation. Victor disjunct himself from society. While the monster was alienated by the rest.The monster suffered more than Victor because he truly wanted to be loved. Victor just isolated himself due to obsession with scientific experimenting. The monster, on the other hand, tried his best to be part of society, but he failed and never was.Work CitedAlienation in Frankensteinhttp// copyright of website 1971,1997Themes and Construction Frankenstein http//, Mary Frankenstein published by Lackington, Hughes on 1818Abigail Williams Friend or Foe?Abigail Williams Friend or Foe?Abigail Williams, a villain, is manipulative and strong volitioned but her weaknesses of deception and desire fuel her green-eyed monster of Elizabeth Proctor. To some she was a close companion, her and her small entourage of sneaky small girls, stir up a lot of problems with the small but well known settlement. Back to 1692 the mischievous girls all started with a devious maculation to rid elizabeth proctor from the town, abigails hatred for the mistress was enough to consecrate the self-colored town on the map for witchcraft. Maybe her intentions werent as fell as they see me, but maybe they were, at first the girls and titichuba gathered in the forest for just innocent encounters maybe just to make the male child of there dreams fall for them. Abigail quickly turned to egocentricness, having can buoy proctor wouldnt be enough for her, the 17 year old girls twisted intentions were out to kill.In my opinion she unimpeachably is the brains behind this group of attention seeking, sportin girls. She buttocks take everything to extensive drama just to prove s illy falsehoods, Most definitely a very skilled actress. Abigail williams would do anything possible to cargo deck her disclose out of the equation, she definitely did not want to be the root of the trouble, selfish yes, but im sure enough some could argue that she just wanted to keep her and her friends out of trouble, they were aware of their punishments, maybe being whipped and spanked. In abigails eyes peoples lives were not important she was nevertheless concerned about her image.Soon after the story beings you get to see her true colors. Betty one of the youngest turns cold and ill. Abigail has no forbearance for even her own so called friend. The witty girl does not care as she threatens her, she is only worried about how much trouble she is going to be in because of bettys actions, even though she is definitely the cause of all the mischievous behavior . Shut up All of you. We danced. That is all, and mark this, if anyone perch a word or the edge of a word about the ot her things, I will come to you in the black of some terrible night, and I will bring with me a pointy reckoning that will shudder you And you know I can do it. I saw Indians smash my dear parents heads on the pillow next to mine. And I have seen some reddish work done at night. And I can make you wish you had never seen the sun go down One of my favorite abigail williams quotes, even though this is just a little take in of how ferine she can be. The girls intentions become pure, she is doing all of this out of despite of fast one proctor. To her all the townspeoples lives are just part of a big game. The character struggles to make to right decisions and think about others very self conceited.As the story continues the truths unravel and you see the real side of the girls most just devious abigail. The very famous story of the witches in salem mama because more and more popular by the year. As it is all started with the girls cruel scheme to ruin the life of john proctors belove d wife, and mother to two young boys. Abbi was very envious of elizabeth because she had what she always wanted. In the end, abbi lost and so did elizabeth. John Proctor does not make it to the end of this tragic story, if only abigail would have done whatever she could in her power, because she really did have similarly much power for such a young girl, maybe she would have saved the poor farmer and his family. Elizabeth quickly moves on and re marries,she was a good wife and to me didnt deserve all the drama john had put her through. She lives happily ever after, unfortunately so does abigail and all her young friends. Im sure never have a remorse and sorrowful bone in her body.Over all you can tell this young girl should have never had any sort of authority in a courtroom, her evil games and cruel ways, cost a towns reputation, and her own in my opinion. By the end of the story you see that she was just the talk of the town with her affair with john proctor she was not shunned o r put to shame for it though. Even a couple years later only one of all the girls postulate to apologize.

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