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Grendel Critical Reading Analysis - 1144 Words

Grendel Critical Analysis QuestionsAnswer on your own paper in complete sentences. Chapter 1: Aries, the Ram.1. What does Grendels relationship with nature -- the ram, the sky, grass, the doe, the baby bird, owls, and wolves -- reveal about his own personality?2. Quote the various phrases Grendel uses to describe himself. What do they reveal about his self-image and how it was developed?3. What is the significance of the scene wherein Grendel challenges the dark chasms?4. What does Grendel mean when he speaks of playing cat and mouse with the universe? What does it mean to see all life without observing it?5. Describe Grendels mother and his relationship with her.6. From Grendels point of view, what is man? Chapter 2: Taurus,†¦show more content†¦In what sense does he become himself?4. According to Unferth, what is heroism? What is poetry?5. Why doesnt Grendel kill Unferth? And why is Unferth so bitter?6. Who or what is the dragon? Chapter 7: Libra, the Balance.1. What is Grendels law? What does it mean?2. How is Wealtheow like the Shapers songs? How is she different?3. Why doesnt Grendel rape, torture, and murder Wealtheow? Or does he?4. What does Grendel mean by balance is everything?5. What is meaning as quality?6. What is the parallel between Wealtheow and Grendels mother?7. What has happened to Unferth? How does the Queen affect him? Chapter 8: Scorpio, the Scorpion.1. What threats surround Hrothgar after Hrothulfs arrival? How is Hrothulf like a scorpion?2. What is Grendels Theorum? What does it mean?3. How can violence be creative? What do Grendel and Red Horse have to say about violence and legitimate force?4. Describe Red Horses political idology.5. What is the meaning of the horrible dream which Grendel imputes to Hrothgar?6. How can the old king Hrothgar be a giant? In what ways is he like Job? Chapter 9: Sagittarius, the Hunter.1. What ironies occur in this section?2. How can Time be inside the hunter and the hart?3. What is Grendels opinion of religion?4. What is the significance of Grendels encounter with Ork? What does Ork have to say about the King of the Gods and about the nature of Evil?5. Why is Grendel so disgusted by the speeches of the Fourth Priest? ChapterShow MoreRelatedEssay A Jungian Reading of Beowulf1622 Words   |  7 PagesA Jungian Reading of Beowulf       This essay will propose an alternative means by which to examine the distinctive fusion of historical, mythological, and poetic elements that make up the whole of Beowulf.   Jeffrey Helterman, in a 1968 essay, â€Å"Beowulf: The Archetype Enters History,† first recognized Grendel as a representation of the Shadow archetype and identified Grendel’s mother as an archetypal Anima image; I wish to extend the scope of the reading by suggesting that the dragon, too, representsRead More The Theme of the Epic Poem, Beowulf Essay979 Words   |  4 PagesTolkien’s analysis is limited to the poem’s broadest and simplest design, and makes no attempt to clarify its complex lesser patterns; the relation of episode to episode, the relevance of digressive passages, and so on (119).    Some attempts to state the general theme of the poem have tended to interpret it as Christian. The hero’s three major combats seem to resemble episodes of   our Redemption. Beowulf resembles Christ who fights the descendants of Cain in the person of Grendel, â€Å"God’sRead More Epic of Beowulf Essay - The Conflicts in Beowulf2005 Words   |  9 Pageswhich takes place within the mind and soul of a given character. George Clark in â€Å"The Hero and the Theme† make reference to an interior conflict within the Beowulf hero himself, and how the hero appears to lose this conflict: Although a strong critical movement followed Klaeber in taking Beowulf as a Christian hero or even Christ figure, the most numerous and influential body of postwar critics, including Margaret Goldsmith (1960, 1962, 1970), read the poem as faulting the hero for moral filuresRead MoreAbraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address1528 Words   |  6 Pagesforever forbid their living together upon the footing of perfect equality (Lincoln â€Å"First Debate with Stephen Douglas†). How can good ‘ol â€Å"Honest Abe† lie? Well, he was a superb politician, first and foremost. The historical facts enlighten the reading of a text, and this is just one of many examples from the ‘Gettysburg Address†. Without historical context, Lincoln is idealized as a great American hero who freed the slaves and hated slavery; he was the man who believed Blacks were equal, the quintessentialRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s Beowulf Essay4217 Words   |  17 PagesTuttle 1 Beowulf- Unfit to be King of the Geats For 1000 years we have been reading of the adventures of Beowulf, and his story was told for hundreds of years before. The tale is full of trials, tribulations, adventure, great loss, great victory, and wonderful battles. But, what do we make of it? Is it a tale told to illustrate the virtues of the epic hero himself, or is it a cautionary tale, told to warn the readers of the dangers of allowing unqualified men (or women) to ascend to a position ofRead MoreAmerican Literature11652 Words   |  47 Pagestested by a seductive male Effect: ï‚ · ï‚ · ï‚ · ï‚ · patriotism grows instills pride creates common agreement about issues shows differences between Americans and Europeans Historical Context: ï‚ · ï‚ · tells readers how to interpret what they are reading to encourage Revolutionary War support instructive in values American Renaissance/Romanticism period of American Literature - 18001855 Content: ï‚ · ï‚ · ï‚ · ï‚ · ï‚ · ï‚ · writing that can be interpreted 2 ways, on the surface for common folk or in depthRead More themebeo Epic of Beowulf Essay - Theme and Style of Beowulf2716 Words   |  11 PagesTolkien’s analysis is limited to the poem’s broadest and simplest design, and makes no attempt to clarify its complex lesser patterns; the relation of episode to episode, the relevance of digressive passages, and so on (119).    Some attempts to state the general theme of the poem have tended to interpret it as Christian. The hero’s three major combats seem to resemble episodes of   our Redemption. Beowulf resembles Christ who fights the descendants of Cain in the person of Grendel, â€Å"God’s adversary†Read More The Style of Beowulf Essay2172 Words   |  9 Pagesout with investigating common Germanic features. On the other end of the scale, attention was given to a possible Latin influence on the poem’s style. Recently, there have been reconsiderations of authochthonous traditions linked mainly with the analysis of larger narrative patterns (105).    Beowulf ‘s stylistic features will be examined in this essay, along with the perspectives of various literary critics.    T. A. Shippey in â€Å"The World of the Poem† expresses himself on the subjectRead MoreCell Biology Final Essay30093 Words   |  121 Pagesmembrane. B) react with adjacent double bonds. C) increase membrane fluidity. D) interact with membrane proteins. 151. The fluid mosaic model of cell membranes was proposed by A) Frye and Edidin. B) Singer and Nicolson. C) Gorter and Grendel. D) Avery and McLeod. 152. Lipid bilayers are permeable only to molecules that are _______ and _______. A) large; uncharged B) large; charged C) small; uncharged D) small; charged 153. Integral membrane proteins are those that

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Biological, Psychological And Social Influences On Bipolar...

Biological, Psychological and Social Influences on Bipolar Disorder â€Å"Bipolar disorder, also commonly known as manic depression, is defined as a serious mental illness in which common emotions become intensely and often unpredictably magnified. Individuals with bipolar disorder can quickly alternate from extremes of happiness, energy and clarity to sadness, fatigue and confusion. All people with bipolar disorder have manic episodes abnormally elevated or irritable moods that last at least a week and impair functioning. But not all become depressed † (American Psychological Association, 2015). Bipolar disorder can vary in each individual. The symptoms fluctuate in pattern, severity and rate of recurrence. Some people are more susceptible to either mania or depression, while others change proportionately between the two types of episodes. Some have frequent mood disruptions, while others live through a few throughout their lifetime. There are four types of mood episodes in bipolar disorder: mania, hypomania, depression, and mixed episodes. Each mood episode comes with a series of symptoms. In the manic phase of bipolar disorder, feelings of increased energy and extreme happiness are the most common. People who are experiencing a manic episode often cannot stop talking, their talking is fast and very hard to understand, they sleep very little, and are very hyperactive. They feel they are invincible and can do anything in the world. Hypomania is a less severe type of mania.Show MoreRelatedAmanda Bynes Psychological Perspective Essay678 Words   |  3 Pagesunder the influence, and using illegal drugs. Bynes has recently been diagnosed with both Schizophrenia, and Bipolar Disorder. Finally, after several outrageous months, Bynes was, â€Å"placed under an involuntary hold,† known as the 5150 psychiatric hold, in Los Angeles, California. The UCLA Medical Center came to a conclusion and diagnosed Amanda Bynes with both, a bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. Bynes’ disorder can be applicable based on several different perspectives such as the biological, and theRead MorePsychological Disorder740 Words   |  3 PagesPsychological Disorder Paper Psy/450 University of Phoenix Amanda Kettinger 3 July 2010 Psychological Disorder Many mental disorders vary from person to person and in its on severity. All disorders have both a physical and psychological components. Abnormal behavior is difficult to define. Behavior may also be evaluated by whether it conforms to social rules and cultural norms, an approach that avoids reproachful nonconformists as irregular for behavior that, although strange, mayRead MoreCollege Student with Bipolar Disorder Essay1462 Words   |  6 PagesBipolar disorder, also called a manic-depressive illness, is a common disorder which causes mood swings, lasting periods of depression, and episodes of mania. â€Å"Extreme changes in energy, activity, sleep, and behavior go along with these changes in mood† (National Institute of Mental Health [NIMH], 2008). A person becomes more goal-oriented and has grandeur visions of success. Patient M shows all these symptoms while talking to her friends and professors in college. She describes herself as a personRead MoreSymptoms And Treatment Of Bipolar Disorder Essay1599 Words   |  7 Pagesdecline in mood. This decline has caused Riley to skip school, refuse to complete hygiene routines, express negative thoughts about herself and in serious cases, turn to self-harm. While Riley has been prescribed medication to help symptoms of bipolar disorder, Riley had left the home unexpectedly, without any medication or support in managing her symptoms. While on her own, it was discovered Riley took part in dangerous acts such as, excessive drinking and drug use while also, having sex with multipleRead MoreBiological, Psychological, And Social Factors1505 Words   |  7 Pagesbio-psychosocial describes an approach systematically considers biological, psychological, and social factors and their complex interactions in understanding health, illness, and health care delivery. Biological factors include defective biological processes compounds that lead to biological dysfunction and illness. Psychological factors are abo ut the individual’s emotions, behavior, and mental processes. Social factors include social status and relations. These factors are all considered in an attemptRead MoreStephen Fry s The Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive1409 Words   |  6 Pagesto others’ with his shared diagnosis and listens to each of their own unique experiences and stories. Then Fry takes a deeper look into medications and treatments that are commonly used to treat bipolar disorder including electroconvulsive therapy, ETC, cognitive-behavioral therapy, CBT, and a common bipolar drug called Lithium. While doing so, Fry talks to those who have already been through or administer these various treatments, considering if he should start due to the increasing severity of hisRead MoreThe Diagnostic And Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders1589 Words   |  7 PagesThis paper goes over several topics all of which are related to the mind and what is or is not perceived as a mental disorder. There are many different types of approaches to personality. Understanding each approach and how it compares to the others will help understand how one develops their personality. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is in its fifth edition. Had the original manual never been updated, there would be many individuals who are misdiagnosed. AsRead MoreMental Illness And Psychiatric Disability Essay1406 Words   |  6 Pagesdisability, using bipolar disorder as an example to illustrate these points. Bipolar disorder will also be used to explain the concepts of the medical and social models of disability, highlight the influence these two models could have on people with the disorder and the experiences they might encounter. There will be a focus on some of the experiences a person suffering from mental illness might have in society, the effect these experiences can have on an individual and the influence of stigmas andRead MoreBipolar Disorder And Its Effects1660 Words   |  7 Pagespeople think of bipolar disorder, they may imagine a person who first is happy, jolly, and friendly. Then, the next moment that person is an angry, bitter, and irritated. According to many research studies, bipolar is much more than what people think. In this paper, I will elaborate on what bipolar disorder is, the differential diagnosis of bipolar disorder, the causes and risks, populations who are mostly affected and treatments to stabilize it. Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder. It appearsRead MoreSymptoms And Symptoms Of Depression1340 Words   |  6 PagesMany people today are suffering from major depressive disorder. This disorder affects their everyday lives and every single person copes with it differently. There are a lot of different factors that can contribute to one’s depression. Such as, biological, psychological and sociocultural. These factors include emotional symptoms, cognitive symptoms, behavior symptoms, somatic symptoms, and impairment in social and occupational functioning. So, what is depression? Everybody experiences times in their

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The Little Prince Essay Free Essays

Lee Hyeon Ju Ms. Sarah Jane ELSEO November 23, 2012 The little prince The little prince has symbolism, it reminds people about meaning of life. Anthoine de Saint Exupery uses symbolism to teach the reader. We will write a custom essay sample on The Little Prince Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now Firstly, the king symbolizes how power is useless. The fox symbolizes love and the desert flower is meaning of religion. Antoine de saint Exupery uses symbolism to teach the reader meaning of life. He uses the king to represent about power is useless, the fox to teach love and the lower to symbolize religion. The king symblizes how power is useless. The first reason why power is useless for the king is because he lives alone on a planet. Even when the king tires to control the sunset the little prince realizes he can not control it. In order for someone to have power they must have subjects who listen to them. therefore power is useless because no one is under his control unless they decide to be. The fox symbolizes love. The first reason why the fox symbolizes love is because he let little prince knows how to tame each other. The little prince knows how interaction is important in a elationship. The fox taught him to know invisible things more important than visible in our eyes. â€Å"What is essential is invisible to the eye. † Because the fox and, little prince could remember when they see same colour of them they can reminds each other. The desert flower symbolizes religion. The first reason why the desert flower symbolizes love is because the flower roots meaning of belief . Belief is makes people strong their mind i t is not invisible to outside, but it effected so much just like plant’s roots. Also, the desert meaning of the hard life. †but never knows where to find them. The wind blows them away. † The flower had once seen a caravan passing ,the seven men blowed away because they did not have roots like a flower. In conclusion, the little prince make people know about meaning of life. First, the king teach people about useless of power and the fox teach love, and desert flower is symbolizes of religion. Many people would know how meaningful to read this book because they find important lesson from it. How to cite The Little Prince Essay, Essay examples

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Enhancing Government Service Experience

Question: Discuss about the Enhancing Government Service Experience. Answer: Introduction In this age of Globalization and digitalization, QR codes are heavily used by the organizations for marketing and establishing connect with the customers however still QR codes adoption is in early stage and there is huge scope of them (Sundstrom, Radon, 2014). This paper will discuss about the QR codes and how they can be used effectively in service sector by answering the below questions: QR codes can be relevant in almost all the stages of the consumer decision?making process. However their actual usage depends on how innovative the business processes of any organization is. For example, QR codes usage is quite common in advertising and marketing activities however it is not very common in post purchase evaluation stage. Consumer decision making process consists of 5 stages which are identification of requirement, solutions to fulfill the requirement, evaluation of substitutes, actual buying of the product and lastly post purchase analysis of the product by the consumer. Stage 2nd and 3rd i.e. solutions to fulfill the requirement, evaluation of substitutes are generally involve marketing and advertising activities by the organizations. It is during this stage customer is attracted towards the product and start doing the analysis. Thus, it is where the QR codes are used most. For instance, one can see the QR codes in hotels, bus stands, amusement parks, billboards, malls pamphlets. Once customer scans these QR codes, he will be directed to company website or company product or wherever company may want to direct in order to attract the customer towards the products (Wirtz, Lovelock, 2016). Some organizations like Tesla, Pizza hut, Starbucks also support selling of their products using QR codes. Not only will this customer get the discounts or coupons also if they place their order using QR codes. It is because such orders are automated and company can save the time of its executive if the order is placed on the call. Also, placing orders simply by scanning QR codes is quite convenient for customers to place the orders. Thus, few companies uses QR codes for actual buying of the product. Some organizations like Nestle, Coke, Toyota, Dell also connects with people after the purchase for their feedback and thus uses QR codes to collect feedbacks during the post purchase evaluation of the product by the consumers (Downer, Oprescu, Forbes, Philips, McTier, Lord, Simbag, 2016). Do you see a marketing opportunity for QR codes in the services sector? Explain why or why not, and illustrate your answer by using examples from the services sector such as retail, financial services, health services, public sector utilise and transport. . If anyone carefully observe the surroundings, he will be surprised to see the usage of QR codes. QR codes are very cheap and platform independent i.e no matter what operating system your smart device has, it will be able to scan QR code. This is the reason that they are heavily used in service sector be it health services, financial services, public transport. Having said that, still there is a huge scope in the market for using QR codes. Organizations are already reengineering their business processes to include more QR codes. In Airline industry, almost all the airlines allow the travelers to check-in in their flight in advance by sending them QR codes. Such QR codes when scanned retrieve all the information about the passengers (Lorenzi, Vaidya, Chun, Shafiq, Atluri, 2014). While boarding, airline crew just scan the code and it will tell if they are boarding the right flight or not. QR codes has saves huge manual efforts and automated the business processes. In hospitals also, patients are given the barcode and if they go to medical store, they simply scan the code and gets the prescription. Not only this, it is easy to store and share various reports of the patient with other doctors and hospitals using QR codes. In Banking and finance industry also, QR codes are used heavily by the banks. People are having dedicated QR codes to receive the money from other accounts and customers (Panya, Galiyawala, 2014). In public transport system also, many tour and travel companies are using QR codes to ease the process for customers. For instance, there is TouchTravel Germany based tour operator that uses QR codes to print at home ticketing, mobile ticketing, and train passes (Tardivo, Scilla, Viassone, 2014). The case study offers examples of how QR codes can bypass multiple layers of distribution and support marketing. Specific to the services sector what are some potential advantages of this? Suppose you are reading a magazine and came across the advertisement of some beautiful furniture along with a QR code which claims if you order the item by scanning QR code, you will get additional discount. In this process, there is a huge saving for the organization in terms of distributing the product to distributors, resellers who finally sell to the customer by directly receiving orders from the customers and shipping product to them. This drastically cuts the numerous layers of distribution and marketing. In service industry also, Banks are directly selling their financial products to people by advertising through QR code and giving them additional discount by enrolling through QR code. This obviates the need to give commissions to brokers who bring the customers. Other advantages of this are that organizations are directly getting access to customer data, which was earlier, the main strength of the various dealers and brokers. BY directly getting the data, service industry can improve on their product offerings and concentrate the marketing efforts by having a separate strategy for separate segment of the people. How may QR codes affect consumers perceived risk of products within the services sector? Organizations can obviate such risks by capturing frequently ask questions, testimonials, reviews, usability of the product in form of QR code and make those QR codes easily available to the consumers at each of their distribution channel. Not only this, organizations can market these QR codes at social media sites like twitter to make people aware about the product. When people are buying through the agents, they are often skeptical and this is where QR codes will come to their rescue by giving them direct access to actual information about the product. Also, there has been cases of frauds earlier especially in Banking industry where people are promised something else and assured return on investments by the agents. In such cases, QR codes will help to make the process more transparent by educating people about the risks associated with each of the investment product (Chugan, Srivastava, Patel, Soni, 2016). Mutual funds industry can also use QR codes to explain the people about the ir complex product by making a video and sharing it. Which other forms of interactive content and/or information may be developed to support service operations and customer satisfaction in the future? Tour and travel companies can develop the infographics to attract the customers and share the infographics on social media platforms like twitter. Organizations can start campaigns, quizzes, give rewards to people on liking the facebook page and following twitter account of the organization and thus gaining traction from the people. Entertainment services has been doing this from long time by making the trailer of the movies and broadcasting it in television where people can respond and win free movie tickets. Healthcare industry, Banking industry, Insurance industry are also creating blogs and other interactive content to gain the traction of the potential customers and also to advertise their services. References Chugan, P. K., Srivastava, D., Patel, N., Soni, N. C. (2016). New Age Ecosystem for Empowering Trade, Industry and Society. Downer, T., Oprescu, F., Forbes, H., Phillips, N., McTier, L., Lord, B., ... Simbag, V. (2016). Enhancing nursing and midwifery student learning through the use of QR codes.Nursing Education Perspectives,37(4), 242-243. Klein, M. (2014). Contribution of QR-Codes to the Marketing Mix A Case Study. Management, 4(3A), 1-11. Lorenzi, D., Vaidya, J., Chun, S., Shafiq, B., Atluri, V. (2014). Enhancing the government service experience through QR codes on mobile platforms.Government Information Quarterly,31(1), 6-16. Pandya, K. H., Galiyawala, H. J. (2014). A Survey on QR Codes: in context of Research and Application. International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering (ISSN 2250-2459, ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Journal, Volume 4, Issue 3. Sundstrm, M., Radon, A. (2014). Why classic marketing promotion doesnt work in digitized context. In Marketing Edge, Direct/Interactive Marketing Research Summit. Tardivo, G., Scilla, A., Viassone, M. (2014). A new frontier in the satisfaction of the cultural tourist: the QR code. Handbook of Research on Management of Cultural Products: E-Relationship Marketing and Accessibility Perspectives: E-Relationship Marketing and Accessibility Perspectives, 348. Wirtz, J., Lovelock, C. (2016). Services marketing: people, technology, strategy. World Scientific Publishing Co Inc.

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Information Systems Management

Introduction Information communications technology is a general term that explains more about the integration of management systems. These systems include: intelligence, telecommunications and systems of audio-visual, which are currently used by information technology.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Information Systems Management specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More It involves all the technical ways of handling information and enhancing communication. It consists of telephony, audio and video transmission, broadcast media, network-based monitoring and control functions. ICT can be viewed as the combination of audio, visuals and networks enhanced by a link system. Economic incentives that result from this merging of network systems are large as they promote cost saving and effective organizational growth. ICT in the UK: Public Services The UK government does not have effective information technology schemes. This i s as a result of low allocation of budget share to the ICT and public sector. However, the government has come up with a strategy, which is expected to deliver public services in a better way at low costs. The strategy involves sharing and re-use of ICT appliances. As stated by National Audit Office, (2007) this is intended to improve efficiency and productivity thereby reducing wastage and chances of project failure. Online transactions are scheduled to be opened for citizens and firms so as to promote policy debate and good collaboration during public service delivery. Supply of government ICT is focused in a way that small and medium organizations are allowed to participate in an attempt to reduce bureaucracy. This is facilitated by creation of common ICT infrastructure that is built on mandated common standards. Transparency is enhanced through publication of government contract’s details so as to attract the necessary attention from all interested enterprises. Current pr ediction of the UK’s public service ICT indicates that the sector is likely to experience a marginal decline. This is nothing compared to the wider cuts on spending, which should be reversed to ensure growth in a given short period of time. The total spending for 2010-11 financial year is estimated at 17.99 billion pounds. This is expected to decline in the next financial year to stand at 17.75 billion pounds and later a mild decline throughout 2012-13 financial year. The sequence will overturn and see the spending rise to 18.27 billion pounds in 2015-16 indicating an increase of 1.5%.Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The processes of cutting operational costs bring about maintenance, increased spending on managed services as well as outsourcing. Rationalization of investment and infrastructure technology in the working of mobile is another form of saving. This contri butes positively to the hardware investment maintenance, offsetting of pressure so as to increase the lifespan of printers and Pcs resulting from the new spending on mobile devices. Cutting of government’s expenditure is seen as the main factor in use, but there has developed a new move to bring reforms in the public services. The reforms are expected to be initiated by the local government followed by radical reforms in health sector. This will generate a considerable ICT investment by reversing the current spending trend. Businesses of various government branches have been joined together after the central government engages itself in a quest to reduce spending. This will see it spending more on outsourcing and reducing the overall cost of ICT in Whitehall. Other departments such as defence, transport and criminal justice are also expected to recover slowly. Labour and conservative ways to technology Labour and conservative are two parties in the UK, which have persistent d ifferences in policy formulation and in the ways society should be shaped. The two parties have clashed in economic sector on the cause of deficit and the appropriate method of handling it. Conservatives condemned the growth of private debts, which were allowed by the Labour party. Butler, (1994) commented that the Labour opposed the review on spending and advocated for the need to delay cuts on expenditure. In the public service, the set plans to distribute power to GPs have received a description, which portrays it as a dangerous experiment when public spending is reduced. The parties have differed in the education sector where: the labour party have analyzed the idea of free schools critically and opposed the move to raise tuition fees in universities to 9000 pounds, the cutting of funding for school sports and the ending of EMA payments of 16-18 year old youths. The party has also opposed the planned educational reforms describing it as a backward move that makes the development strategies stagnant. Concerning the welfare reforms, the labour party has criticized the alleged move to cut housing benefits and elimination of child trust fund claiming that, it would cause poverty.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on Information Systems Management specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Apart from having disagreements and distinct points of view, the two parties enhance democracy in various ways: They allow people to participate in elections freely, provide information to the public that might not otherwise be made public, enhance accountability and allow the existence of opposition to act as a watchdog. The parties have also shown unity of agendas assumed to be brought about by the internet. Both have taken common grounds on how the government requires change although from different philosophies. There is a developing consensus of the parties, which will enable the adoption of long-term reforms in te rms of state operations and its relationship with the citizens. Through their technological proposals, it is clear on how the two parties view the future status of the state. This is because they have capitalized on the internet as the only medium of communication between the citizens and the government. The internet is perceived to offer people a chance to reinvent democracy and enable them to make decisions thereby influencing public policy. The conservatives have also developed a competition that will create a platform of tapping wisdom and ideas of dealing with tough policy challenges. In the council of Barking and Dagenham, there is evident democracy in the way they hold elections and later form opposition. The mayor must be an existing councilor and assumes the role of conducting ceremonies in the borough. The council of Kensington and Chelsea has a united local government and a common town hall as well as administration. There is equal representation of all citizens in the co uncil governance signifying a well-developed democratic system. The council of Barnet has majority of councilor elected in the local government being conservatives. This has made them dominate the council and at times make decisions with no one to oppose. This also made them lose money in investments with a report showing that the procedures followed were not genuine. Comparison of other Government’s ICT with that of the UK The government of the UK has the worst IT schemes in terms of effectiveness. Ross, (2003) argued that comparing UK with governments such as Canada, Japan, New Zealand and US, the government of the UK lags behind in many ways. There is recorded poor performance of e-government and a series of failed ICT projects with most of them based on public sector. Allocation of contracts to a limited number of suppliers has caused problems in the UK. This has contributed to lack of expertise and poor ICT as compared to other nations.Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Challenges of ICT For ICT to be fully adopted there must be affordable access created and infrastructure such as electricity which might not be there. Introducing ICT in education would mean a change in methods of teaching, re-training of teachers and added costs of purchasing new teaching equipment. As people continue using the ICT, their culture is likely to change with respect to the technology in use. ICT brings about dissemination of indigenous knowledge, which when published on the internet gets exploited without economic benefit to the poor owner. According to Cooke, (2007) most people with skills end up losing jobs and as ICT seem to create jobs; they are always different from the disappearing ones. ICT pollutes the environment since most of them contain toxic substances. Disposal of electronics waste proves a great challenge in waste management. Recommendations Establishment of government policies would give guidance to the procurement of ICT systems resulting to the involv ement of smaller companies in the business. Hall, (2010) suggested that, the government should provide enough ICT facilities in school to facilitate easy learning and adoption of e-learning. Proper waste management should be put in place in order to control environmental pollution. Political differences should be kept aside when it comes to formulation of development related policies so as to enhance unity in the process. Countries should define boundaries of what qualifies to be published in the internet. This would prevent exploitation of indigenous knowledge from poor people. Conclusion From the report it is evident that the government of the UK has undeveloped ICT system due to its practice of cutting ICT expenditure. The rivalry that existed between labour and conservatives greatly hindered development and adoption of ICT in the UK. The UK has a poor ICT system as compared to ICTs in other countries hence the call for improvement. There are many challenges related to ICT and th ey range from education, through cultural to economic well-being of the society. However, ICT can help countries tackle their health, social and economic problems leading them to the realization of millennium goals. References Butler, G. (1994). British Political Facts, 1990-1994, UK: Macmillan publishers. Cooke, P. (2007). Regional knowledge economies market, cluster and innovation, Cheltenham: Edward Edgar. Great Britain: National Audit Office. (2007). improving the Disposal of Public Sector Information, Communication and Technology. UK: The stationary office. Hall, D. (2010). The ICT handbook for Primary teachers: a guide for students and professionals, UK: CRS press. Ross, S. (2003). Britain since 1930, UK: Evans publishing group. This report on Information Systems Management was written and submitted by user Sph1nx to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Atomic Bomb3 essays

Atomic Bomb3 essays Now imagine yourself for a while being in one of the following Japanese cities, Hiroshima or Nagasaki. You are having a normal day like always when suddenly you look up at the sky and see an airplane drop millions of papers warning you to get out of your city. The paper fliers tell you to leave your city because you are about to be bombed by a single bomb capable of destroying the entire city. You think it a joke so you do nothing as everyone else does. Three days pass and you are still thinking about what the paper said. Suddenly you hear the expected plane, your heart starts pumping faster, then you see the plane deploy a large object from the sky, you start thinking about what the paper said but now its too late. You see the object hit the ground. There is a large flash, people are running and screaming down the street. Then you realize it really was a bomb. This event took place in World War II when the United States dropped the atomic bomb in Japan. I am going to be speculating about speculation about the cause and effect of the atomic bomb. In 1939, the German born scientist Albert Einstein had informed President Roosevelt about the possibility of creating a powerful bomb. It would produce an extremely powerful explosion by splitting the atom. Einstein and other scientist feared that Germany might develop such a bomb first. In 1942, the United States set up a secret project called the Manhattan Project, to develop the first atomic bomb. The first test explosion of an atomic bomb occurred in the New Mexico Desert in July 1945. Roosevelt died in April 1945, and Vice President Harry S. Truman became President of the United States. Truman met with the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin the Russian dictator in Potsdam, Germany, in July 1945. At the Potsdam Conference, a conference between the Allied forces to discuss war options, Truman learned of the successful test explosion of the atomic bomb ...

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Team Building 5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Team Building 5 - Essay Example The teams should have the ability to decide the drawbacks of each member and the place that they are going wrong thereby leading to faulty production. After the identification of the faults a list of recommendations should be drawn up in order to address the same. The recommendations thus recorded should be discussed with the entire team. Brainstorming ideas help develop those further and identify the drawbacks, if any. The team members can also be interchanged to form new groups such that the working relationship between them can be developed and a better coordination can be achieved. The results of the newly formed group are compared with the previous ones so as to tabulate the results and draw comparison between the two. Such comparisons help in the development of the teams in the long run. The drawbacks thus identified will help both the teams in future to coordinate the work and achieve better results (West, 2012). 2. Design E is a mixed task force that has members from both the teams working together to develop solutions to interface problem. It is done such that a mutually beneficial end could be reached. It is a traditional method of team building and is used so that the problems in the production process can be solved by the teams without much difficulty (Dyer, Dyer & Dyer, 2007).This method facilitates least involvement of all the team members yet achieves to solve the inter-team problems and allows easy implementation of solutions. Projects in which the competition between the teams are so high that it destroys the competitive environment of the workplace, then such a method of team building is the most effective way. However Design E allows the team members to list the areas of concern one has against a fellow worker. The list is then discussed so that each member knows the areas that he should work on. This method thus increases

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James Irwin Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

James Irwin - Essay Example Irwin started showing signs of a heart condition during this time. The physiological signs of the astronauts were monitored back on earth and by the flight surgeons. Irwin's heart had irregular rhythms and developed a condition termed as bigamy. The heart condition was a serious condition that needed intensive care. Irwin often got tired but after some minutes, his heart went back to normal. Irwin's condition was not discussed in the debriefing sessions after their return to earth, as the condition did not appear when they returned to earth. Irwin, however, had heart attack months later after their return.  Ã‚  The crew's return to Earth was successful. However, NASA discovered the collection of unauthorized stamps by the crewmembers that were to be exchanged for money from a private collector from Germany. The scandal, however, had the administration make a decision to reassign the crewmembers of Apollo 15 to non-flight roles.   Irwin took a different direction with his life and founded the high flight foundation. Irwin used his experience in space to inspire people. He became the goodwill ambassador of peace in his last years. Irwin quoted that "Jesus walking on water is more important than man walking on the moon" (Irwin, 75). He led in Christianity activities through his foundation.   The activities of the foundation included an expedition to Turkey in a mission to find the remains of the Noah's Ark. Several of Irwin's family members to date are still on the board of the foundation that based in Colorado.

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Wealth Management Seminar II Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Wealth Management Seminar II - Essay Example oses and amongst these purposes includes establishing testamentary trusts, making specific bequests, appointing an executor, and distribution of personal effects (Mentz, 2009). This was a new lesson to me, and this mainly because I had a narrow idea on the purpose of the will. In my opinion, the will was only created for purposes of distributing the wealth of an individual. However, my perception changed after this lesson. Insurance is also an important tool of estate planning, and this is because it plays two important functions, these are, the provision of liquid funds that can be used for burial purposes, and the benefits of insurance policies are not always taxable (Mentz, 2009). This was a new knowledge to me, because in my own opinion, I was only aware of two tools of estate planning that is the will, and establishment of trusts. However, this lesson introduced new tools, such as the power of attorney, gifting and insurance policies. Another area that was of importance to me, was on the techniques that can be used for purposes of estate planning. These techniques include designate beneficiaries, income and capital shifting, and tax deferral (Mentz, 2009). Under this lesson, of particular interest to me was income and capital shifting. I learnt that splitting of income is a popular technique of estate planning because it has the capability of lowering income tax, maximizing credits or deductions, and it is easier for an individual to proof the various sources of money that can be used for purposes of calculating the income tax of an individual (Mentz, 2009). This was new knowledge to me, and I was happy to learn it. Risk management is also an important concept in the planning process. One of the elements of risk management, and that is applicable to estate planning is insurance. One of the major costs of an insurance policy is the premiums that an individual would pay, for purposes of accessing the services of an insurer (Mentz, 2009). This lesson confirmed

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Critical Appreciation Of To His Coy Mistress English Literature Essay

Critical Appreciation Of To His Coy Mistress English Literature Essay The poem is written in iambic tetrameters because there are four feet in each line; and each foot consists of two syllables; and in each foot the first syllable is light or unstressed but the second is stressed. There are also some variations, say the first foot of the first line has a stressed syllable followed by an unstressed one; so it is trochaic; but it is natural to iambic, too. These variations have been written on purpose. In line 4, there are three successive stressed syllables in the words long loves days in order to emphasize the length of the time which is stated in the words. Of course, some of them are written only for variety like lines 3, 5, 6, and so on. There is a spondaic foot in line 12 in Vaster probably to add significance to the word. A pyrrhic begins line 18; in this line, the next foot is spondaic in last age for the emphasis which is concerning the period stated by the words. In line 22, hurrying has three successive light syllables which increase its sense. It is true of the word echoing in line 27, that is, since they are related to movement, a light thing can move fast; so they enhance their senses. The poem has a clear as bb cc rhyme scheme. Sometimes, it is not exact, i.e., in the words would and Flood. But in conjunction with the regular meter, it gives the poem a controlled and reflective tone. The rhyme and meter give it a pleasant musical effect. The imagery has superficially unremarkable, i.e., the distance between the Ganges river and the Humber river which has the sense of humor. The dominant images of the second stanza are concerning death and time; but death has not been used in the first stanza at all. The images of the third stanza are concerning youth and enjoying it. In this poem there are also some allusions to Greek mythology, courtly love, and the Bible. Then, there is no complicated tone; it is playful and urbane. No one can consider it as a kind of love poem. For the speaker establishes a courtly love which is particularly traditional. He wants to make his beloved a virtually inaccessible one who can be like goddess. In addition, she can be considered as a cruel lady who withholds her love from the speaker. So the lover sits by the Humber tide and complains of her cruelty. And he has served her by praise and adoration since the tie of Noahs Flood in 4000 B.C. and will also serve till the conversion of the Jews to Christianity. This is a humor because the time is to much. He says it for making the lady smile and be ready to hear a courtly love or divinity of the lady for the fact that the poet says her to sport them, to roll all their strength and sweetness up into one ball, and to tear their pleasures with rough strife. Some traditional meta phors are also used in the poem which represent the passing of times winged chariot. As we read the poem, we find out the fact that the male speaker enforces his mistress or girl friend to cease being coy or reluctant. There are several key words which should be cared by the reader. They consist of time, long loves day, the Flood, the slow growth of vast empires, a hundred years, two hundred years, thirty thousand years, an age, the last age, lower rate, times winged chariot, deserts of vast eternity, now, at once, our time, the iron gates of life, and the movement of the sun all of which suggest the passing of time, brevity of youth and time, and the urgency of experiencing all the delights of young love. The speaker also worries about them. There are also some rhetorical features. The first twenty lines represents a series of conditions, like if the things were somehow or if or if they were different from what they are. Therefore, it can be concluded the poet wants to say the fact that if they were not imprisoned by time. Tenses of Verbs If we divide the poem to three section notice that the first section, to do with if is written exclusively in the conditional tense: were, we would, you should. The conditional tense is about unreality; its abut things that do not exist. The conditional tense goes with if, and it is always connected with what is not, or what might happen if. The detailed descriptions of the lengths to which he would go if they had the time serve to prove to his mistress that he acknowledges she deserves such wooing, but is unable to honor her in this way simply because time is against them. In the second section o this poem, the But part (line 21) suddenly the conditional tense disappears an is replaced by the far more definite and immediate present tense: But at my back I always hear. A combination of the present tense and the adverb always creates a sense of certainty. It is as if the long, meandering lines of conditional wooing of the first stanza are sharply interrupted by a very present obstacle time. In the third section, the therefore part (line 33), notice that the whole segment is written in the present tense and now appears three times. The combinations of the present tense and now saturates the verse with a sense of urgency. It is also worth nothing that some of the verbs are in the imperative form that is, they are commands let us sport us while we may (line 37); let us roll all our strength (line 41). The imperative form, the present tense and now all work together to create a feeling of immediacy and a need to seize the day. Subjects and verbs In the last section, if we consider the final couplet, the doubt and suggestion of failure present in though we cannot make our sun/stand still, is quickly and thoroughly erased by the use of the emphatic we will as opposed to the plain future tense we shall. To explain clearly, the plain future form of the verb to be is as follows: I shall be, you/he/she/it will be, we shall be, you/they will be. This form gives us a sense of merely what will happen in time to come. For example, if it is cold tomorrow, we shall be staying at home. This is really a prediction: if this is the case, then that will happen. To make this into an emphatic form you need to change it thus: I will be, you/he/she/it shall be, we will be, you/they shall be. Therefore the emphatic form of a verb changes the sense considerably. Literary devices Literary devices are important for Formalists. Three important devices in the poem are allusions, ironies, exaggerations, imageries and rhythms. Allusions are discussed above, now we will discuss about ironies, exaggerations, imageries and rhythms. There are many overstatements in the poem, i.e., the distance between the Ganges river in India and the Humber river in England, the extension of the love from before the Flood to the conversion of the Jews, growing their loves as slowly as empires, praising her eyes and gaze during years, adoring her breast during 200 years, praising the rest of her body during 30,000 year, celebrating heart during the last age. These exaggerations come to an end with the following two lines: For, lady, you deserve this state Nor, would I love at lower rate. The poem is more than the simple confrontation with a coy lady. It is a comic argument which represents the brevity of youth and life, for the lover always looks toward the inevitable and that is death. It can be induced from the following lines: But at my back I always hear Times winged chariot hurrying near: And yonder all before us lie Deserts of vast eternity. Therefore, it is an overlapping context which has a new dimension, too. It is a kind of ironic defense against human beings limitation. The poem begins with flattering statements, expressed by the lover, as lady. Then, the argument shows their ideal relationship. He also achieves a fine sublimation by saying that she deserves this state; and he wants to persuade the lady to accept the proposition. In the second stanza, the tone of the poem is shifted because the speaker reveals all the disadvantages of this refusal by love. He also dares to state the result of the refusal by saying that will not be beautiful, and her quaint honor turn to dust. In the final stanza, the poet stops the ironical use of language, wanting the reluctant lady to seize the moment the imagery is brilliant and a sexual one, too. The image of fire which smolders in the first stanza and turns to ashes in the second, explodes into passion in the third stanza. The speaker, in the last four lines influences the lady by an orgiastic force formed by rhythmic spondees like thus, though, and stand, still and by suggestive puns like make our sun, and make him run. The poem moves towards unity and vitality with heavy emphasis on pleasure and a sense of cheating time by winning the battle against it. So the positive tone of the final stanza overrides the slowness of the first, and the harsh, violent coldness of the second. This is indeed the tactic of the narrator as he tries to convince his love to surrender to him. Using logic in such an emotive situation would seem inappropriate, but the passion with which he argues is indeed persuasive, and the reader reaches the final line with a sense of triumph an determination to let love rule, which we can only assume is also conveyed to his silent, cold coy mistress.

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Neural Interfacing Essay -- essays papers

Neural Interfacing In the motion picture â€Å"RoboCop† scientists during a future time implanted a human head into the body of a futuristic robot creating an almost unstoppable police officer. During 1987, when this movie was produced, the idea of man combining with machine was considered pure fantasy. However, advances in technology in the year 2000 and further studies in recent years have proven that this idea may, in time, become a reality. On October 13th 2003, in their article, Monkeys Consciously Control A Robot Arm Using Only Brain Signals, reported that researchers of Duke University had successfully taught a monkey to manipulate a robotic arm using only her brain signals and a video display.[1] Though the theory behind the idea of somehow connecting human tissue to electronic devices is relatively simple, the processes needed to create the experiment are very complex. For years scientists have understood that the brain uses small amounts of electrical currents to stimulate specific muscle movements. Some of these scientists then asked if it was possible to create a device that can be controlled simply by reading this electric activity of the brain. Only in recent years were scientists able to place this theory into practice. This amazing scientific accomplishment was made possible by surgically implanting microelectrodes (very small sensors used to measure electric activity in living tissue) into the brains of two monkeys.[2] These microelectrodes were implanted where scientists believe is the greatest amount of complex muscle control, the frontal and parietal regions of the brain. [3] Then different measurements of electric brain activity were recorded from the microelectrodes utilizing a scientifi... ... God and fiddle with God’s creation? This is a very personal question and must be dealt with the by individual alone. Works cited: Better Humans. (2004, February). Snail Brain Merged with Microchip. Retrieved March 31, 2004 from Science Daily. (2004, March). Human Studies Show Feasibility Of Brain-machine Interfaces. Retrieved March 31, 2004 from Science Daily. (2003, October). Monkeys Consciously Control A Robot Arm Using Only Brain Signals. Retrieved March 31, 2004 from

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Plumbing was formed and slowly grew for the first half of the sass's. Due to rapid business growth in the latter part of the decade, Mr.. Limpkin decided to expand on the company's existing building. This expansion was made possible by a $1 50,000 loan approved by Ms. Mae Elli from Central National Bank. For the past 5 years Limpkin Plumbing has been banking with this bank, yet this was its first loan. The company regularly provides reports regarding its progress and Mr.. Limpkin keeps In contact with Ms. Elli.This makes them highly applicable for additional loans with this bank. While the projections were underestimated, this Is a positive sign that making the loan payments should not be a concern. Limpkin Plumbing is a well-managed business with high potential for future growth and success as long as it keeps operations under control and improves projection accuracy. Marketing Analysis Limpkin Plumbing's demand is slightly seasonal, with an increase in sales during the spring and e arly summer. Based on the company's projections, even they were not expecting the high increase of sales.While the projected a sales growth was 20%, the actual growth rate was 63. 1%. This increase proves that there was higher demand for Limpkin Plumbing's business. Perhaps with the newly added display areas, retail sales will Increase the net sales even more. This could give the business a competitive advantage in the future. One of the biggest issues I have with this company is the inaccuracy of its projections; especially for the inventory and accounts payable. Inventory from 1 998 to 1999 increased by 18. %; however, the projection for 2000 is only for a 10. 5% increase. If they are expanding to accommodate growth then I think the growth rate for inventory should have been higher. Operations Analysis As a wholesale distributed, Limpkin Plumbing operates with a high level of inventory that should be turned over swiftly. The inventory turnover rate for 1999 was 3. 80% and 3. 35% f or 2000. This decrease Is most likely due to the underestimated amount of purchases and depreciation for 2000. This however Is not necessarily a negative sign.If the demand was there from customers then purchases must be made. With the building expansion, hopefully Limpkin Plumbing can improve the efficiency of orders which will lead to a high turnover rate. This high amount of inventory is also affecting its liquidity based on the quick ratio. Unfortunately, the quick ratio for Limpkin Plumbing has decreased from 1. 73 to 0. 56. Company should take a look at their credit terms to see if they could collect more from customers. In regards to the company's cash conversion cycle it has decreased from 106. In 1999 to 83. In 2000. While the average collection period decreased minimally; the main driver for this is the decrease of the payable period from 45. 1 to 12. 7. Therefore, while customers are paying the company sooner, it is taking longer to pay vendors. This could possibly cause problems in the future. When comparing the fixed asset turnover of 1999 to 2000, there is a decrease of 18. 2%. This main reason for this is due to net sales not increasing enough in relation to the increase of net property and equipment. Mr..Limpkin should focus some of his attention on making s fixed assets for efficient to generate higher revenues. Financial Analysis To avoid unnecessary costs by renting additional space Limpkin Plumbing decided to use debt for the first time which changed their business structure greatly in regards to leverage. One of the most noticeable changes in its financial is the ROE increase of 8. 41 ; which is great for investors. Another change that deserves attention is the debt to equity ratio changing from 0. 22 in 1999 to 0. 96 in 2000; however, the projected ratio for 2000 was only 0. 5. Not only is the new loan driving this ratio to increase but also the accounts payable balance increasing by 494%. For future financing purposes, it may want to pay off some of the vendor accounts in order to help lower the DIE ratio to seem more attractive. Summary Overall, Mr.. Limpkin made the right decision to expand Limpkin Plumbing's warehouse by borrowing debt from Central National Bank. Based on the increase in both net sales and net income the company should have no problem repaying the loan and are a good candidate for future loans.However, I think they might run into some problems with vendors in the future if they do not start paying their account payable balances a little more attention. It should also find someone to provide them with more accurate projections. By having more accurate projections, they will be in a better position for not only future loans, but also prospective investors. So far, Mr.. Limpkin has done a great Job keeping in contact with Ms. Elli and should continue to do so in order to keep a trustworthy relationship for future banking and financing needs.

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Jean Jean-franà §ois Lyotard andRichard M . Rorty Essay â€Å"There are no hard distinctions between what is real and what is unreal, nor between what is true and what is false. A thing is not necessarily either true or false; it can be both true and false.† ― Harold Pinter Knowledge is and will be produced in order to be sold, it is and will be consumed in order to be valorised in a new production: in both cases, the goal is exchange. Jean-Francois Lyotard The most thought-provoking thing in our thought-provoking time is that we are still not thinking. Martin Heidegger There is nothing deep down inside us except what we have put there ourselves. Richard Rorty The difference between people and ideas is... only superficial. Richard Rorty â€Å"My sense of the holy is bound up with the hope that some day my remote descendants will live in a global civilization in which love is pretty much the only law.† ― Richard M. Rorty â€Å"What makes us moral beings is that...there are some acts we believe we ought to die rather than commit...But now suppose that one has in fact done one of the things one could not have imagined doing, and finds that one is still alive. At that point, one's choices are suicide, a life of bottomless self-disgust, and an attempt to live so as never to do such a thing again. Dewey recommends the third choice.† ― Richard M. Rorty I shall call modern the art which devotes it little technical expertise †¦ to present the fact that the unpresentable exists. Lyotard, Jean-Franà §ois. A self does not amount to much, but no self is an island; each exists in a

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Exercise for Homework Time Management

Exercise for Homework Time Management Do you find yourself rushing to complete your homework assignment at the last moment? Are you always starting your homework when youre supposed to be going to bed? The root of this common problem may be time management. This easy exercise will help you identify the tasks or habits that take time away from your studies and help you develop more healthy homework habits. Keeping Track of Your Time The first goal of this exercise is to get you to think about how you spend your time. For instance, how much time do you think you spend on the phone per week? The truth may surprise you. First, make a list of common time-consuming activities: Talking on the phoneEatingNappingListening to musicLoungingWatching TVPlaying games/surfing webSpending time with familyHomework Next, jot down an estimated time for each one. Record the amount of time that you think you devote to each of these activities per day or week. Make a Chart Using your list of activities, create a chart with five columns. Keep this chart on hand at all times for five days and keep track of all the time you spend on each activity. This will be tough sometimes since you probably spend a lot of time going rapidly from one activity to the other or doing two at once. For example, you may watch TV and eat at the same time. Just record the activity as one or the other. This is an exercise, not a punishment or a science project. Dont pressure yourself! Evaluate Once you have tracked your time for a week or so, take a look at your chart. How do your actual times compare with your estimates? If you are like most people, you may be shocked to see how much time you spend doing things that are unproductive. Does homework time come in last place? If so, youre normal. In fact, there are many things that ​should take more time than homework, like family time. But surely there are some problem areas that you can identify as well. Are you spending four hours a night watching TV or playing video games? You certainly deserve your leisure time. But to have a healthy, productive life, you should have a good balance among family time, homework time, and leisure time. Set New Goals When tracking your time, you may find that you spend some time on things you just cant classify. Whether were sitting on the bus staring out the window, waiting in line for a ticket, or sitting at the kitchen table gazing off in the distance, we all spend time doing, well- nothing. Look over your activity chart and determine areas you could target for improvement. Then, start the process over again with a new list. Make new time estimates for each task or activity. Set goals for yourself, allowing more time for homework and less time on one of your weaknesses, like TV or games. You will soon see that the mere act of thinking about how you spend your time will bring about a change in your habits. Suggestions for Success Dont work alone. Some of us need support to stick to something. A little competition with a friend always makes things more interesting. Work with a friend, compare notes, lists, and charts. Make a game of it!Include your parent. Get your mom or dad involved and have them keep track of the time they waste. Now that might be interesting!Negotiate a reward system. Whether you work with a friend or a parent, work out a system for rewarding yourself for progress. If working with a friend, you could agree to provide lunch or dinner for the time-saving winner each week.If working with a parent, you could negotiate an extended curfew for every increased minute devoted toward homework. Perhaps you could even substitute dollars for minutes. The possibilities are endless!Have a party for reaching a goal. Even if youre working on your own, you could promise yourself a party as a reward for reaching a specific goal.Make it a class project. This would be a great project for an entire class. The t eacher or group leader could keep track of progress with a flow chart. When the class reaches a goal as a group- its party time!

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Identify the major trends that have influenced world trade and global Term Paper

Identify the major trends that have influenced world trade and global marketing - Term Paper Example Many countries have opened up their economies as part of Free Trade and is having an impact on the global economy. The main strength of Free Trade is that, it puts forward the notion that minimalistic state role or intervention resulted in better economy and importantly better society. Free trade proposes that human well-being can best be advanced by liberating individual entrepreneurial freedoms and skills within an institutional framework characterized by strong private property rights, free markets, and importantly free trade (Harvey 2). From earlier times, many Third World countries including Asian and African countries only indulged in agriculture for their livelihood. However, globalization and the opening up their markets as Free Trade regimes, these countries and their governments started to focus on industrial development, by improving their own industries and importantly by facilitating entry of foreign companies. They enticed the foreign companies with a slew of beneficial financial and social schemes. Foreign firms for their part optimally invested tapping the existing cheap labor and other resources, thereby garnering for themselves good profits. Importantly, a sizeable portion of good profits reached the local employees, thereby improving their economic standing and also optimizing country’s economy. Apart from this major trend of globalization, another major trend that is influencing global marketing is the concept of green marketing. Marketing’s traditional axiom so far has been â€Å"give customers what they want† and â€Å"sell as much as you can† (Ottman, Stafford and Hartman 2006). However, in today’s business environment, sustainability is the key word with natural environment given clear importance along with the business motives. Another trend is that of consumer knowledge increase with regards to impact of products and processes on their

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Math Homeworks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Math Homeworks - Essay Example leted the correlation would increase as this means the X rays which had the highest student rank will be omitted thus leaving a minimal difference between the student rank and the experts rank. Both variables may result from a common cause. From the outline, to have good grades does not necessary have to be caused by gaining fathers acceptance. Gaining fathers acceptance and good grades may result from a common cause. c) This program is an example of Simpson’s paradox because it demonstrates the problems might happen with gender hidden information concerning the two programs intake. Program A was easier to get admitted when compared to program B. Program A interested Men more while Program B interested Women More. This is an instance of coincidences which is the surprising concurrence of events perceived meaningfully related but with no apparent causal connection. If one of them, I would consider the occurrence amazing due to its concurrence to the dream. No. This is not true since it is based on the gamblers fallacy which is a common misconception since in any specific sequence; the sequence of heads and tails is just as likely as any other if the coin is fair hence making the whole thing a misconception. This is because it touches on issues of reality. One would be bothered if he was distant from the mother and by the fact that the person has gone to seek a psychic means he is unsure of himself and people can have two complexions which is light complexion or a darker complexion. This is a case of coincidences that may only seem improbable. When the guy says he will do so, the probability can become so large than when you watch him play from a far. This could also be from his daily experiences which may make some appear to be improbable. When many samples of size n are taken, the frequency curve of p’hats’ from the many samples will be bell shaped with a standard deviation given by √(true proportion)*(1- true proportion)/(sample size). c) A

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Introduction to Psychology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Introduction to Psychology - Essay Example Having said that one must understand that it is basically not easy to have management between a demanding job and taming children, not to forget the successful completion of household responsibilities as well. When one speaks to his colleagues or neighbors about the same, the result is that nearly everyone is passing through the same phase, it is just a matter of how much pressure and stress a particular individual can take, at a particular moment of time. Stress is indeed a very common problem. Just as all the good things in life, the comfort of modern living cannot be have on the part of the people without paying a cost for it. Among other things that have come hand in hand with the same, it has brought about the phenomenon of stress alongside it nonetheless. This problem seems to emanate all the same from the sort of commercialization that we are witnessing in the present times and not to forget the ruthless market economies and a senseless notion of consumerism attached with this. Especially true is the fact that spending money has become the sole criterion for success and achievement in the modern times. For a number of people, the rat race for acquiring money and material possessions is a symbol of success that they have achieved and it given more importance by the society in which we live in that aims to signify people by the standards as laid down by material possessions and the amount of money that one has. This rat race brin gs with it heaps of stress and tension and anxious living conditions are a manifestation of what can bring a person down every now and then. This kind of intensity was studied by a number of different research studies which stated that stress forms up as the most basic cause of nearly 80 percent of all human illnesses – which accounts for a huge statement if not a huge figure so to speak. One must understand that stress and anxiety are in all essence mental problems and that they develop as the mind chases as

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The Catcher In The Rye Essay Essay Example for Free

The Catcher In The Rye Essay Essay The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger is about a boy named Holden Caulfield and his struggle with life. Like any other teenager, he is simply looking for his place in the world. However, it is shown that Holden is no ordinary teenager for he displays many signs of depression. His depression seems to escalate throughout the novel. For example, many nights he has trouble sleeping, he also is quite the alcoholic and a heavy smoker, he doesnt feed his body with the proper nutrients and he talks of committing suicide at various points in the novel. Holden feels he has been alienated his whole life and that after losing his brother Allie, there was really no place for him anywhere. Holden Caulfield is a complex character that is in need of some real therapy because the problems he faces are not those of a normal boy his age, but are more serious in that hes really hurting himself and he is not nearly aware of these circumstances. Holdens signs of depression are very strong throughout The Catcher in the Rye. One of these prominent signs are the fact that he hardly every sleeps. It is known that sleep deprivation is one of the major signs of depression. Holden finds it hard to sleep even late at night, most of the time he claims to not even be tired. He says, It took me quite a while to get to sleep- I wasnt even tired- but finally I did. (104) Holden had a quarrel with Maurice that night about a prostitute and how Holden didnt pay her enough money. Holden feels sorry for the woman because when she got there he didnt feel like having sex with her, especially because before she showed up he wasnt even sure he wanted to give up his virginity at all. Holden is indecisive about all the things he should have his mind made up on, which partly explains why he has such a problem sleeping. If Holden could simply clear his mind for once, he would be able to get a good nights rest. However, there are always things running through his mind which prevent this. Holden has insomnia and if he were to have seen a psychiatrist he would be able to retain help for this problem. Holden needs to learn just how to relax without drugs and how to get his mind off everything that is keeping him awake. There is no doubt in anyones mind that Holden is addicted to alcohol. Throughout the novel he spends most of his time drinking and smoking. The  reason he is able to receive all these horrible things is due to his appearance. Holden has grey hair and is strikingly tall for his age; he uses these attributes to order himself drinks. Holden enjoys getting drunk and says, Boy, I sat at that goddam bar till around one oclock or so, getting drunk as a bastard. I could hardly see straight. (150) Holden feels that he can drink a lot before he really gets drunk. He claims he has a terrific capacity and says, I can drink all night and not even show it, if Im in the mood. (90) However, when Holden does reach this sort of capacity he imagines himself with a bullet in his guts and him just bleeding everywhere. He would hold his wound as if he were actually injured. The way Holden drinks is defiantly a cause of his depression since alcohol is a depressive stimulant. When Holden pictures himself wounded it is a sign of depression because he imagines himself hurt physically while he is hurt mentally. Holden needs to learn that what he is doing to himself is really dangerous not only for him, but the people around him also. Holden could make great use out of a psychiatrist because they could first off, help him with his alcohol problems, they could also help him learn about the effects of what he is doing to his body with every drink he has, and give him options of dealing with his problems other than alcohol. Holdens depression had affected him to the point that he just does not eat. Even though he doesnt have that much money to spend on a lot of food, he does have enough to feed himself a couple of meals a day. He simply opts against this and all he really does is drink and smoke, and thats how he gets the full feeling of eating. For instance he says, I felt pretty hungry as soon as I had a cigarette. The last time Id eaten was those two hamburgers I had with Brossard and Ackley when we went in to Agerstown to the movies. That was a long time ago. It seemed like fifty years ago.(105) Although Holden is aware that he hasnt eaten in quite some time, he just hasnt felt hungry. Holdens nutrition is just all over the place. His depression has forced him to do crazy things. For example, after a night of drinking Holden says, I puked before I went to bed, but I didnt really have to-I forced myself.(90) This shows that Holden is hurting his body in defiantly more ways than one. Holden is also aware that he is somewhat depressed due to his lousy feelings and inability to eat much of anything.  Holden is on a walk when he says, Id feel better if I had something to eat. So I went in this very cheap-looking restaurant and had doughnuts and coffee. Only, I didnt eat the doughnuts. I couldnt swallow them too well. The thing is if you get very depressed about something, its hard as hell to swallow.(196) This just goes to show that Holden is very depressed and it effects the way he handles simple tasks such as eating. Even though he is aware of his depression, Holden does not speak of seeing a psychiatrist for serious issues such as his malnutrition even though he should really see one. An obvious sign of Holdens depression is the fact that he talks of committing suicide at various points of the novel. Every time Holden is feeling really lousy he would talk about how he would kill himself or just about his death in general. For example, while Holden is sitting in bed after having a quarrel with Maurice, he says, What I really felt like, though, was committing suicide. I felt like jumping out the window.(104) Whenever Holden isnt occupied with something he gets into his lousy feeling. One time he was just standing in the lobby and said, but I was feeling sort of lousy. Depressed and all. I almost wished I was dead.(90) He had not had much of a reason to say this, but after all, he really was depressed. Another example of when Holden speaks of his death is when he says, If theres ever another war, Im going to sit right the hell on top of it. Ill volunteer for it, I swear to God I will.(141) Here, he is talking about what a great invention the atomic bomb was and for some reason he claims that he would sit on top of the next one if there was another war. This is a clear sign that there is a part of him that wants to die. Holdens only hope really is to see a psychiatrist. With all these thoughts running through his head he can hardly think straight. He needs the guidance of a psychiatrist to get his life back on track. Holden Caulfield is the main character in J.D. Salingers The Catcher in the Rye. The story follows his struggle with finding out who he is, and his road of depression. Throughout the book his depression becomes more prevalent as one reads on. Holden faces the issues of insomnia, alcoholism, malnutrition, and the fact that he is suicidal. Holden does somewhat recognizes this, however, he never feels the need to seek help through a psychiatrist even  though it is clear he is in need of one. Holden never felt that there was a certain place for him in the world which also led to his depression. Holden is like no other boy his age and is in desperate need of a psychiatrist because hes been hurting himself in more ways than one. Bibliography J. D. Salingers The Catcher in the Rye. Harold Bloom editor. Chelsea House Publishers. Philadelphia. 2000.

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Improvements In Life Expectancy India Health And Social Care Essay

Improvements In Life Expectancy India Health And Social Care Essay Life expectancy of Indians during the past fifty years has been steadily increasing exponentially matching the trend that took several hundred years shown in Developed countries. 23Some of the possible reasons for such exponential rises gained by Indians in years are controlling deaths caused by epidemics and pandemic infectious diseases, and absence of famines or wars since Indias independence. The high death rates due to infectious diseases were dramatically curtailed due to availability of antibiotics and further with introduction of Universal Immunization program. This was followed by improved living conditions, advances in public health, and availability of advanced medical interventions. Figure.1: Improvements in Life Expectancy-India (1960-2009) Source: The World Bank Group  [4]   Results from estimates of World Bank indicate that India has share of her good and bad news. The good news so far has been that Life expectancy is increasing until now and bad news is whether such rate of increase can be maintained over next few decades. Currently India has excellent health service delivery mechanisms, which are efficient in extending the lives of her people by treating chronic conditions and cancer. However, the question is whether such improvements in technology are addressed only to cure ailing population or can India address preventive programs aimed at decreasing the burden of obesity and chronic conditions. Hence, the next big threat to Life Expectancy improvements appears to be stemming from obesity and chronic diseases in middle and old age, which are directly linked to an increased risk for death and morbidity. Attempts to predict life expectancy of Indian population, in terms of whether it is improving or getting worse becomes even more intricate in the absence of scientific data available for such evaluations. Figure 2. Observed and Projected composition of age-groups for Indians (1960 to 2010). Evidence from studies indicates that obesity and overweight in adulthood are associated with large decreases in life expectancy and increases in early mortality.  [5]  678This paper aims at explaining the intricacies involved in the interplay of obesity and old age in their impact on Life expectancy. Challenges in measuring the effects of Obesity and Old Age on Life expectancy Ice-berg phenomenon The health risks of obesity in the elderly are mostly underestimated due to survivor bias seen in the elderly people (only those who have survived fatal effects of obesity and chronic diseases), inability to separate competing mortalities due to relatively shortened life expectancy in older persons and longitudinal effects of confounding conditions (eg., smoking) are difficult to measure.  [9]   Definition of Obesity in Elderly The appropriateness of definition of obesity in the elderly is a debatable issue. Obesity should be defined as the amount of excess fat storage associated with elevated health risk. For this practical definition, Body Mass Index (BMI) has been largely used in younger adults as well in older ages. BMI gets altered in old age due to age-dependent changes in numerator and denominator in calculation. Several studies have shown that there is age-related decline in height, probably because of spinal deformity with thinning of the inter-vertebral discs as well as loss of vertebral body height due to osteoporosis. Hence, age-dependent height decrease leads to incorrect overestimation of obesity. Body weight in old people reflects a higher amount of total fat because of age-dependent loss of lean body mass. This may lead to underestimation of obesity as a result of increase and redistribution of fat inside the body. Hence, aging influences both numerator and denominator of BMI, in opposite di rections. Further, larger waist and waist-to-hip ratio have found to be significantly associated with mortality in older subjects, whilst BMI was not. The higher the age, the shorter is the remaining lifespan for persons regardless of degree of obesity. Most obesity related consequences take years to develop even among susceptible population; hence, obesity related complications in old age are not seen if susceptible die of non-obesity-related conditions. It is observed that weight change, both weight loss and weight gain, is a strong predictor of mortality. Further, many studies showed lower mortality in subjects with lower BMI, or at least a U-shaped relation between BMI and mortality. The underlying diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer can result in spurious inverse relation between low body weight and increased mortality.  [10]   Interaction of Obesity, Old Age and their toll on Life Expectancy Weight gain or fat redistribution in older age confers adverse health risks in the form of early mortality and co-morbidities amounting to functional decline. Obesity has been recognized to be associated with several disorders that confer morbidity and may also be related to increased mortality. Obesity, and more importantly body fat distribution are associated with metabolic syndrome even in old ages.  [11]  There is higher prevalence of both systemic and pulmonary hypertension and a higher risk of cardiovascular disease morbidity and mortality in old age, especially among those with pulmonary complications and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS).  [12]   Role of Smoking There is stronger evidence that smoking plays an important role in the interaction of obesity and old age. It is well known that smokers are thinner and have an elevated mortality compared with nonsmokers. However, when only people who never smoked were studied, there is an observed linear relation between BMI and mortality among older subjects, suggesting that increased mortality associated with the lowest weights were a function of cigarette smoking, and that, among never-smokers, very low weights were associated with the greatest longevity. Summary The steady rise in life expectancy observed in the modern era may soon come to an end and the youth of today may, on average, live less healthy and possibly even have shorter lives than their parents. There are many challenges to delineate the association between obesity and mortality in the elderly. Since confounding effects by different variables in this association accumulate over the lifetime, it is difficult to accurately measure and account for these factors. Mortality is not the only end point that should be considered in the evaluation of the impact of overweight and obesity on health status in older people. There is increasing evidence that obesity is reduces life expectancy due to direct and indirect causes. Obesity will not only increases the risk of death for most people at most ages, but also consistently leads to a much higher level of disability and disease at all ages. Voluntary weight loss may have beneficial health effects in elderly similar to the effects in young age. Studies on the effect of weight loss in the elderly are scarce, but they suggest that even small amounts of weight loss (between 5 to 10% of initial body weight) may be beneficial. It is well known that increased physical exercise is associated with decreased mortality risk in middle-aged as well as in older people.  [13]   India is surpassing through dual burden of diseases and consequences of obesity might take a greater toll. Hence policy makers should focus on promoting prevention and treatment of obesity related conditions, especially among old age. Based on priorities in public health expenditure, the country can effectively implement population-level interventions to reduce obesity. Health care providers should engage in complete evaluation of co morbidity and weight history, in the elderly obese persons to comprehensively address potential adverse health effects of o obesity.

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Social Criticism in The Yellow-Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Social Criticism in The Yellow-Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman Traditionally, men have held the power in society. Women have been treated as a second class of citizens with neither the legal rights nor the respect of their male counterparts. Culture has contributed to these gender roles by conditioning women to accept their subordinate status while encouraging young men to lead and control. Feminist criticism contends that literature either supports society’s patriarchal structure or provides social criticism in order to change this hierarchy. â€Å"The Yellow Wallpaper†, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, depicts one women’s struggle against the traditional female role into which society attempts to force her and the societal reaction to this act. From the beginning of this work, the woman is shown to have gone mad. We are given no insight into the past, and we do not know why she has been driven to the brink of insanity. The â€Å"beautiful†¦English place† that the woman sees in her minds eye is the way men have traditionally wanted women to see their role in society. As the woman says, â€Å"It is quite alone standing well back from the road†¦It makes me think of English places†¦for there are hedges and walls and gates that lock, and lots of separate little houses for the gardeners and people. There is a delicious garden! I never saw such a garden—large and shady, full of box-bordered paths, and lined with long grape-covered arbors with seats under them.† This lovely English countryside picture that this woman paints to the reader is a shallow view at the real likeness of her prison. The reality of things is that this lovely place is her small living space, and in it she is to func tion as every other good housewife should. The description of her cell, versus the reality of it, is a very good example of the restriction women had in those days. They were free to see things as they wanted, but there was no real chance at a woman changing her roles and place in society. This is mostly attributed to the small amount of freedom women had, and therefore they could not bring about a drastic change, because men were happy with the position women filled. This creates a despair, of hopelessness and of downheartedness. The woman, on multiple occasions, wrote down, â€Å"And what can one do?† This lets the reader know that women as a whole were very oppressed in ... rebellion. In the final moments of this story, the woman’s husband returns to see her. She writes, â€Å"He stopped short by the door. ‘What is the matter?’ he cried. ‘For God’s sake, what are you doing!’ I kept on creeping just the same, but I looked at him over my shoulder. ‘I’ve got out at last,’ said I, ‘in spite of you and Jane. And I’ve pulled off most of the paper, so you can’t put me back!’ Now why should that man have fainted, but he did, and right across my path by the wall, so that I had to creep over him every time!’† This final passage shows that, when this woman rebels, and â€Å"escapes the wallpaper†, it is not highly looked upon. The woman made a power statement, by telling her husband that she had, in essence, found a new role in life, and he can not push her back. When he can not handle her actions, she continues her new ways right over him. In conclusion, this story, â€Å"The Yellow Wall-Paper†, provided a great social and psychological criticism. It shows the reader how women have progressed so far in the recent years. This woman was the start of many, which finally led to making men and woman more equal, and this is the society that this woman wanted.

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Reflection Letter Essay

The purpose of this study is to show institutional structure differences and similarities between Elementary Montessori schools, Secondary Charter schools, and Higher Education Technical schools. To support this research background information will be provided for each educational structure listed. The study will also include targeted population, class sizes, and educational philosophies for each structure. Montessori School Montessori school was established over 100 years ago by Dr. Mary Montessori. The population Montessori schools focused was economically challenged elementary age students who were diagnosed with mental retardation. In the late 90s this particular school structure began to expand to middle and high school with intention to continue to serve their current student population. The availability of federal funding contributed an increasing boost to enrollment in Montessori schools. Montessori schools currently account for over 4,000 schools in the Unites States. Approximately 200-300 of the schools are classified in the public sector while the remainder is comparable to public schools. Settings in which Montessori schools are found include but at not limited to inner city, large magnet school areas, and areas where at-risk preschool students are placed. Lopata wrote that in the child-centered environment emphasis is placed on â€Å"total development† of the child and his or her overall work procedure (Lopata, 2005). According to Lopata the stated goal of Montessori schools was development of strong self-directed young adults who pursue a lifetime love of independent learning (Lopata, 2005). This goal within itself is proven a tremendous difference between this school structure and any of the others. Montessori classroom design was created to accommodate students of multiple ages in one classroom with a need to meet the students were they are emotionally or behaviorally. The average educational institute focuses on academic gains and student achievement. The difference between Montessori schools and other schools is the physical environment. The classroom is not the traditional desks in rows or even the table groups. The desks are arranged in â€Å"raft† so students can promote individual or small groups independently (Lopata, 2005). This option provides students with choices in how he or she wishes to learn. The set up also provides a different attitude when it comes to the classroom. Educational environments were traditional designed to be teacher centered, the teacher is the focal point, but Montessori schools are very supportive of â€Å"student centered† structure. Instructional methodology is the third difference found in Montessori schools. Montessori schools have their own specific curriculum written by Montessori persons. The curriculum does not permit the use of worksheets, grades, textbooks, or punishments or rewards for achieving academic success or failure. Students usually spend 3-4 hours in self-selected individual or small group work and less than an hour in whole group this practice is totally opposite of other educational structures (Lopata, 2005). Educators are trained to conduct a 15-20 minute lesson to introduce the lesson and students move into individual or small work groups. Lopata included some valued points of view in Montessori structure such as: students direct their own learning versus teachers being the authoritarians; student achievement is seen as a comparison versus competition, and human potential versus skill development (Lopata, 2005). Charter Schools In the state of Minnesota the first legislation was passed in 1991. There are approximately 5,000 charter schools in the United States of America, this equals to 2. 4 % of all. There are more than six states with over 200 charter schools. The laws vary greatly from state to state along such dimensions as the year of passage, number of schools allowed number and identity of chartering authorities, eligible charter applicants or sponsors, types of charter schools allowed (Lawton, 2009). Charter schools are public schools that must comply with most of the federal and state regulations that apply to traditional public schools (Lawton, 2009). Charter schools have the privilege to develop their own policies as it relates to discipline, personnel, and attendance, this autonomy awards Charter schools have what is referred to as â€Å"zero tolerance†. Charter schools are choice schools that parents elect to send their children to this educational institute, the educational structures have a discipline plan in place but for major offences students are expelled and are encouraged to return to his or her home school. The demand for parental involvement was created to minimize behavior problems but some cases this does not deter the problem. Charter schools participate in gathering data from â€Å"The National Assessment of Educational Attainment (NAEP). This data along with state mandated competency tests are used to drive the instruction in Charter schools. The success or lack there of is hard to determine due to techniques used to compare reliability of the tests vary from state to state. Charter schools receive the regular per student amount from the state, but to ensure that students have opportunities that may not be available in traditional schools their board seek outside financial support heavily from community partners and other funding sources such as grants and private investors. Lawton wrote, factors that positively impact a charter school whose mission is to address the needs of at-risk populations may very well differ from those that benefit a charter school whose mission includes strong but narrow academic focus (Lawton, 2009). Some districts are seeing a rise in charter schools with over 80% having a academic focus such as: MAHS in Memphis, TN that has a focus on health and science, Memphis Business Academy (both elementary and high) that have a business focus in Memphis, TN, and Mountain Education Center in Blairsville, GA that provide evening schools for students seeking a regular Georgia Diploma but the traditional setting is not accommodating. Each environment has approximately 1:20 student teacher ratio. Technical Schools Artifacts found to support this research combined vocational and technical education in the post secondary structure. The growing need for technical positions Mupinga and Livesay referenced technical and medical field positons as the highest paid fields therefore the need to attend four year colleges will become obsolete. The researcher found this statement interesting because most educational structures both public and private goal is preparation for college. Vocational-Technical schools provide courses related directly to the program of study. Traditional programs will not always provide content specific needed to compete in occupations that they are preparing for. A few occupations found in vocational-technical schools are: auto mechanics, barber/beauticians, shoe repairs, child care, computer repair, and heating and air-conditioning. Proponents of a college preparatory structure for high school students have long sneered at vocational education (Mupinga & Livesay, 2004). The occupations listed above are important to the day to day life for many and four year colleges and universities are missing the mark in preparation for these careers. In the past technical work has been associated with blue-collar work is slowing dissipating in today’s work force. Other occupations such as plumbers and construction workers are always in high demand and these are two of the many programs offered in vocational-technical programs. Mupinga and Livesay pointed out that despite the time spent in vocational-technical school or community colleges the course has been more rigorous and demanding that some traditional post secondary schools. The smaller classroom student-teacher ratio is nothing close to that of a four-year college or university when there can be as many as 200 students in a classroom. Vocational-Technical schools usually focus on three areas: service (barber, and cosmetology; 64%), health and life science (medical/dental assistants, medical office administrative staff; 61%), business and marketing (administrative assistant, bookkeeper; 60%). The programs general are 12 to 24 months with extensive hands-on practical experiences. The programs less than 24 months provide opportunity for the students to become certificated in his or her program of study. The students that complete a two year program can earn an Associate’s degree. Mupinga and Livesay wrote four-year institutes will often offer associate degrees in various fields, but rarely offer these career-oriented certificate programs. Vocational-technical schools have an advantage over traditional post-secondary schools because they provide satellite campuses. The convenience of the satellite campuses provide students opportunity to attend a campus that does not require him or her to travel or live in close proximity of the campus. The partnership that vocational-technical schools are building with local business is increasing to provide a job supply of students that graduate from the programs. Conclusion Education is similar to many other industries such as automobile sales, tooth paste ads, and real estate. Everyone advertise they have the best product and offer the service when in actuality the best is what meet your needs. The three different educational structures offered areas that were strengths to their environment like Montessori schools meeting students were they are while Charter schools traditionally offer smaller classrooms to provide more support to students, Vocational-technical schools provide career oriented opportunities that are not offered in traditional schools. The differences are environment as it relate to Montessori versus Charter schools. Montessori environment is carefree but Charter is more structured with a focus on curriculum. All three structures allowed for individuality with emphases placed on both academic achievement and human development. References Bulkley, K. E. (2011). Charter Schools: Taking a Closer Look. Kappa Delta Pi Record, 47(3), 110-115. Lawton, S. (2009). Effective charter schools and charter school systems. Planning and Changing, 40(1), 35-60. Retrieved from http://search. proquest. com, February 10, 2012. Lopata, C. , Wallace, N. , & Finn, K. (2005). Comparison of academic achievement between montessori and traditional education programs. Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 20(1), 5-13. Retrieved from http://search. proquest. com, February 10, 2012. Mupinga, D. , & Livesay, K. (2004). Consider vocational-technical education for post-secondary education. The Clearing House, 77(6), 261-263. Retrieved from http://search. proquest. com, February 10, 2012.