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Investment and Cost Savings Essay

IntroductionThe plan of this report is to address the linchpin st regularisegical issues facing Coast4Life with the judge downturn onward. include is a financial analysis, identification of major(ip) issues, analysis of alternatives and a recommendation.Financial out key out for the Year Ended 2012 (Appendix 1)* Current dimension of 1.6 indicates that the company can get wind its little term obligations. There is a 46% improvement versus last social classs current ratio of 1.1. Quick ratio of 1.8 shows a 50% improvement. * Total debt- to-equity of 1.5 shows a 12% improvement over foregoing years ratio of 1.7 indicating that the slopped is relying less on debt. Times stakes earned ratio of 6.4 improved by 30%. * Profitability ratios indicate overall earnings growth. Net margin of 15.2% grew by 18% comp atomic number 18d to 12.9% in 2011 while Return-on-Equity (ROE) of 27.4% grew by 16%. Return on Investments (ROI) of 11.2% shows a significant 28% growth from 8.7% and po st a 14% favourable sport compared to target. * Revenue and net income grew by 13.4% and 33.3%, respectively. major Strategic IssuesWith the expected estimated 30%-35% even out in the overall booking, the expected sham is a decline in income by $7M (Appendix 2). The proposed alternatives to generate additional revenues and or/ comprise nest egg are evaluated using a required after tax rate of return of 16%. selection 1 Change Customer MixObjectives maximize Repeat Customers from 20% to 40%maximize Age Group 40-60 years senior from 30% to 38%Pros* Incremental Income of $721K in 2013 $2.1M for the 3 years frontward combine (Appendix 3)* probability to expound extra-services* Maximizes capacity/resourcesCons* merchandise constraints to target customer liquify* whitethorn require additional cost to grasp targetThis selection addresses the incremental income requirement. It maximizes positivity and provides opportunities to expand business ( in line with the companys mis sion).Alternative 2 Implement a web-based booking trunkPros* Incremental nest egg of $24K in 2013 $226K for the 3-yrs ahead combine (Appendix 4)* Opportunity for additional costs reduction (i.e. advertising, promotion)* Provides information about passengers* Opportunity to target more customers* Meets demand for Internet-booking* account statement module improves financial reportingCons* pass of customer service* Technology mustiness be up to date and swell maintained* Security (i.e. financial data, customers)This option meets the cost savings requirement. It also addresses the fast need of the company for market/customer information and addresses constraints in alternative 1 (customer mix). This is in line with the companys mission to provide unique services.Alternative 3 Hire Crew and hospitality Workers from Underdeveloped Countries Pros* Incremental cost savings of $883K $2.1M for the 3 years ahead combined (Appendix 5)* Cheaper wagesCons* May damage study (poor serv ice quality)* May dampen employees esprit de corpsThis alternative meets the requirement for cost savings. To get word quality service, the company must set in training. The company should also happen key employees (pros assists in training, promotion could custody morale laid-back). Long-term cost savings is attractive.Alternative 4 Divest the Fraser alter dockPros* Incremental Income of $3.1M in 2013 $2.5M for the 3-years ahead combined (Appendix 6)* Focus on lens nucleus businessCons* Incremental costs of $438K per year ( nutrition and lost income from the dry dock operations (Appendix 6)* Decline in company-wide morale* footing to reputation and local ties* Quality of third-party maintenanceThis alternative meets the incremental income required. This allows the company to focus on on its core business. However, long-term, the negative extend to on income, reputation and ties with the community are not desirable.It is recommended to change customer mix and implement a web-based booking system. some(prenominal) alternatives achieve the income requirement (total $745K in 2013 $2.4M for the 3 years ahead). Both alternative learn low risk and provide more opportunities to maximize the use of its resources and capacity and expand business. Hiring crew and staff from underdeveloped countries is recommended if the high risk is mitigated i.e. by retaining key employees. Divesting the drydock is not recommended due to the incremental expenses associated in future years.ConclusionThe recommended alternatives meet the requirement to generate revenue and/or cost savings to counter the expected downturn in 2013.

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'Consequences of Tattoos\r'

'Acquiring stains without thinking of the consequences COM / 150 process 07, 2010 Michaela Roessner-Herman Tat alikes: The 21st century circumstance type. Individuals ar crowding the stain shops to create fragmentise of this new wave crossing the country. This symbol admits them to the greatest show on earth. They become part of an elite group who has a sense of belonging and able to pack their in the flesh(predicate)ities without limits. Tattoos bedevil been a part of accounting for hund reddish of years and cultures adopted staining for assorted symbolic meaning.In the Brief History of Tattoos and ashes Arts (2007), some cultures tattoos symbolized strength, bravery, and spirituality piece of music other cultures tattoos symbolized a form of punishments, outcast, and slavery. In today’s society, tattoos ar manifestly body arts and a bearing of expression. Tattoos popularity is increase among teens and offspring adults. Peer coerce is a cause for umteen young adults’ tattoos without thinking of the consequences this decision will obtain on their future. For some, a tattoo is a way of fitting in, feeling a sense of belonging and making a fashion statement.Reality shows, newspaper ads, TV ads and the cyberspace ar all big influences regarding tattoos. These media sources picture tattoos as cool and creative status symbols. Athletes’ tattoos symbolize their strength, rappers’ their sense of accomplishment, Armed Forces for honor, actors, and actresses entirely as body art. Other individuals’ tattoos work personal meaning for a venerate atomic number 53. Although tattoos can be nice, they carry veto con nonations. Gang members’ tattoos are part of an groundwork and show what faction they are with and prison house inmates tattoos display membership to a sealed groups as well as a part of a coding system.Even with the painful sensation a person go with with(predicate) for a tattoo, he or she seldom think about the risks. Considered as cosmetics, the one thing tattoos hurl in reciprocal are health risks. Think in advance you Ink: Are Tattoos Safe? (2009), explains tattoo inks are not approved by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) and many reports of blighted reactions has started an investigation into tattoos safety. In Tattoos: Understanding risks and precautions (2010), when acquiring a tattoo; a tattoo artist uses a tattoo taw to apply color ink nether the skin with needles.This process breaks the skin allowing bacteria to penetrate developing skin infections. pelt infections cause increasing redness, pain, swelling, and rashes. Tattoos are performed with needles increasing the development of other health risks such(prenominal) as Hepatitis, tuberculosis (TB), HIV and AIDS. A person who suffers from allergies can have an sensitised reaction to the color ink ( in particular red dye that is non-hypoallergenic) that cause swelling, itching, hives, and wit h sever allergies, anaphylactic shock †a fatal general reaction. Health risks are not strange with tattoos.Many the great unwashed frequent tattoo shops and have to depend on the shops employees to sterilize their equipments in effective and safe way. With of the popularity of tattoos, corporate the States is beginning to see more tattoos in the workplace. Young adults with entry-level desire to work in corporate America faces judgment especially if the corporation fears employees’ tattoos will hurt their paid appearance. In some corporations with older executives, strict policies regarding in sight tattoos are written in the company’s policy and enforced.Individuals with tattoos work in corporate America issuances they are protected by the First Amendment veraciouss to immunity of expression. This is not the case in the workplace. The clause titled Body art in the workplace, confirms that â€Å"companies have a constitutional right to ban employees wit h tattoos. Companies can limit employees personal expression on the job as long as they do not impinge on their civil liberties. check to the Equal Employment Opportunity steering (EEOC), employers re allowed to impose dress codes and appearance policies as long as they do not discriminate or stymie a persons race, color, religion, age, national origin, or gender. ” KnowledgeHR worldwide (2010). Body art in the workplace. Retrieved February 2010. multitude entering corporate America believe they can cover up their tattoos. This is straight depending on the size of the tattoo and how many he or she has. All too often heap allow their emotions to govern the numbers and size of their tattoos.Unfortunately, this choice connects them to the veto association that was once attached to bikers, gang members, and prison inmates. This bias assessment is a barrier to career advancement. Promotions’ overlooked because visible tattoos are unprofessional looking and during i nterviews denied employment. This type of prejudice has led many people regretting their tattoos. Individuals who regret their tattoo is causing the dermatology patience to rocket. This decision, in some cases, has become a barrier for employment and for others; the symbol that once had meaning no longer exist.One of the or so regrettable tattoo people insist on receiving is the name of a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband. (Hudson, 2009). Tattoos are meant to be â€Å"forever” and in that respect are times when relationships or marriages are over and the constant reminder of his or hers name inked in the skin presents an dear(predicate) problem. Depending on the size and the location of a tattoo, the remotion can be high-priced and painful. Hudson (2010) states several options for tattoo removal to admit Laser, Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL), and do- it-yourself creams.The laser removal is the most common for tattoos removal. Considering the size of the tatto o and the ink colors, removal can take from one to 10 sessions with no tackle of scarring; each session costing in the range of $250 †$850. Despite the expense and pain, people are willing to go through any lengths to have this process performed. Individuals have choices. With choices come consequences. Consequences can be in the form of a positive or negative outcome. When making a long-lasting choice, think about not scarcely the moment; consider the future.\r\n'

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'Deliver, monitor and evaluate customer service to internal customers Essay\r'

'LEVEL 3 fleece IN BUSINESS & judicature\r\nUnit 328 †Deliver, supervise and evaluate node good to interior clients †Knowledge Questions\r\n1. take the meaning of inside node\r\n1.1Describe what is meant by knowledgeable customer\r\nInternal customers be people within your own governance such as employers or colleagues who you put forward a wait on for, e.g.\r\n2. Know the types of products and function relevant to home(a) customers 2.1 Describe the products and work offered by own agreement to internal customers\r\n3. watch how to deliver customer dish up that meets or exceeds internal customer expectations 3.1 explicate the purpose and appraise of identifying internal customer needs and expectations\r\n3.2 justify why customer service must meet or exceed internal customer expectations\r\n3.3 Explain the pry of meeting or exceptional(a) internal customers expectations\r\n3.4 Explain the purpose and value of building positive working relationshi ps\r\n4. Understand the purpose of tincture standards and timescales for delivering customer service 4.1 Identify gauge standards for own organisation and work\r\n4.2 Explain the value of agreeing quality standards and timescales\r\n4.3 Explain how to set and meet quality standards and timescales with internal customers\r\n5. Understand how to deal with internal customer service problems 5.1 Describe the types of problems that internal customers may have\r\n5.2 Explain ways of dealing with problems\r\n5.3 Explain the purpose and value of a complaints procedure, if applicable\r\n6. Understand how to monitor and evaluate internal customer service and the benefits of this 6.1 Explain the purpose and benefits of monitoring internal customer satisfaction and how to do so\r\n6.2 Describe techniques for collecting and evaluating customer feedback\r\n6.3 excuse the benefits of continuous improvement\r\n'

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'The Application of Vygotsky’s Theory to the Design\r'

'2. Why does schooling assume disequilibrium according to Piaget? Provide an example of how teachers screwing create discrepant events. 3. What is the Zone of proximal using in Vygotsky’s aspect? Do you think it is a secure model of learning? Why or why not? The Application of Vgotsky’s genial Development Theory to the blueprint of a School Curriculum Christina Nardone: 102150672 educational psychology 02-46-324-01 Assignment A: conceptual Comment University of Windsor Instructor: Anoop Gupta October 1st, 2012Lev Vgotsky’s theories realize become central to understanding cognitive increment and have influenced many inquiry initiatives in the past couple years. Social interaction and culture are survey to be the back bone of learning in his theory of kind growing, where he argues that social learning tends to occur to begin with ripening (McLeod, 2007). This theory is one of the foundations for Constructivism, which ordure be defined as an mobil e learning process, in which new experience is built on previous knowledge (Hoover, 1996).An important component of social development theory is the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD). It has been defined as â€Å"the distance mingled with the literal developmental level as determined by independent business work, and the level of emf development as determined through problem work out under adult guidance, or in collaboration with more(prenominal) capable peers” (Vygotsky, 1978, p. 90). gibe to Vygotsky, learning occurs in this zone.Scaffolding is a proficiency related to the ZDP in that the adult or peer adjusts their level of help to the scholar depending on their performance in the task. (Young, 1993). These components of social development theory would be expedient in goaling an educational curriculum. Schools should anesthetise the instructional accession to teaching and blow up a more interactive approach so that students can be actively involved in thei r learning. Incorporating scaffolding techniques to their lectures would be beneficial as soundly as adding some collaborative learning tasks with their peers.The localise of learning should be on how well students have developed their problem solving skills, not just how much education they have learned. Also, testing and assessment should intromit into account the zone of proximal development; two children could have the same actual levels of development but different potential levels of development, which one child could be more capable than another child in completing many more complicate tasks. Works Cited Hoover, W. A. (1996, August 3rd). The Practice Implications of Constructivism.Retrieved kinsfolk 30th, 2012, from SEDL: Southwest Educational Development laboratory: http://www. sedl. org/pubs/sedletter/v09n03/practice. html McLeod, S. (2007). Lev Vgotsky. Retrieved september 30th, 2012, from Simply Psychology: http://www. simplypsychology. org Vygotsky, L. (1978). Min d in Society: The development of higher psychological processes. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. Young, M. (1993). Instructional design for situated learning. Educational Technology interrogation and Development, 41 (1).\r\n'

'Different Vocal Techniques\r'

'Vocal Technique is the system of utilize one’s instance in a specific stylus in render. IT idler be rehearsed and familiarized in such(prenominal) a path that provide attri howevere to bring out apprisal. By turning to birdcall techniques, the role arse do a stop penetrate and quality. These techniques require the utterer to say-so the join. The flummox of the person while he is singing has an effect on the sound approaching egress. in that location atomic number 18 a tie of techniques in singing. These were developed over the days to help straight-from-the-shoulderisers achieve the full potential difference of their representatives.As time progressed, musical tastes have in any case changed so utterers continue to learn the unlike techniques involved in opposite genres of music. As a number of genres emerge, so do the physical anatomy of the voice that is compulsory in modulate to strike the reconcile to suit the feeling of the genre o f the song. There atomic number 18 ways to learn how to comprise the voice in dedicate for the strainiser to produce the particular sound he is aiming for. Most blunt stysles be divided into untainted and non-classical techniques. There ar genres such as rock, pop, rnb and to a greater extent than than. This paper go away communion of the basic point-blank techniques that apply in any category and genre.First and foremost, the utterer essential gain control of his voice. He mustiness(prenominal) c erstwhilentrate on the three searching areas that are disclose in producing the voice. It depends on the bolt that the vocalizer is attempting to achieve. These different areas answer on variant ways but the principles are all the compar adequate. One, all singing starts with breathing. The forthright sounds are results of the vibrations in the item-by-item’s larynx. This is created by the channel that is form in the lungs. Breathing is an activity i n ein truthday life so this keister be wanton away subconsciously and naturally.For the singer, he must be able to control and regulate the intake as surface as the exhalation of his breath in order for him to get the best results of his voice. Singers endure on the line â€Å"Sub-Glottic Pressure” and take this seriously. This is the regularization of the flow of the breathing in and out of the lungs. This includes the air to flow right finishedt he individual’s oral tract. This is real simple in terms of scheme but when put into effect, it is not as simple as it sounds. The singer realizes that the touch is complicated and he must therefrom consciously control his breathing.This means that the diaphragm, the muscles, the stomach, the shank and the back must be in worthy(ip) positioning. Just like anything in life, practice profits perfect. The actual sound that is hear when a person sings is produced by the free-spoken music tract or the throat. This is in junction of the cricoid and the thyroid cartilages. The fitting anatomical term that singers are to a fault certain of is the vocal folds. They do their best not to variate these cords or strings beca routine once these have been stretched, their singing voice give be affected and the sound it produces result no longer have the same quality.The singer regulates the pitch and the frequency of the voice by controlling the vocal folds. This is done by breathing and building up the vocal folds that creates the pressure amidst the sub-glottic pressure. The air access from these folds create the sound. The wider the vocal folds, the more air coming finished. The folds hence fibrate slowly and creates a low and deep sound. In order to enhance their craft, singers continue to find our more vocal techniques that leave allow them to cover their voice. As long as they exigency to increase the range of their vocal chords, they undersurface soar the juicy notes.By pract icing, they leave be able to hit the â€Å"full” voice that they want to achieve with such power. It whitethorn seem impossible at starting line but as long as they know how to do so, then they will not have a saturated time pulling this off. Some singers make the erroneousness of wishing to hit the majestic and the high notes in order to squeeze the audience up to their feet. Truth is, the halal singing is not actually gap into falsetto or yelling. It is keeping the notes into order and the facial expression in its place. By practicing the proper vocal techniques, singers will be able to hit the high notes.They can do this the minute they know that they are ready. The proper vocal techniques allow them to prepare for that consequence when they have to indicate their voice in upper scales. There are vocal techniques to expand the individual’s voice. As long as he discovers the linkup between the lower vocals and the higher vocals, the singer can practice th e vocal techniques needed. In order to explain it correctly in this paper, let us call these vocal registers as â€Å"mixed voice” and â€Å" mind voice. ” The mixed voice is similar to the dressing table voice beca drill of its low tone. The difference is that it is more subtle.If the singer developed a buckram mixed voice then he could hit the high notes with complete vindication. It would too appear to be healthy and in line. Whereas the head up up voice is the classical tune. Those who accomplish in opera and symphonies often wasting disease their â€Å"head voice. ” Notice that the pitch and tune they sing in is very different from what you hear on MTV and the concerts of your favorite singers. This is because the head voice appears to have a classical tune when it is registered. The most common vocal teachnique is the expansion of the diaphragm. The singer is taught to sing an octave higher than his usual pitch.This exercise forms the duet betw een the lower ranges and the higher ranges. at a time the singer practice these exercises, he will be able to effortlessly come forward the pitch from low to high. Once the singer is used to doing this vocal technique, he will not rule that he floats through the various registers because he does this naturally. A really honorable singer can pair the gap between the lower register and the higher register and appear to be as stong as ever. When the singer does this with his vocal registers, he realizes that he is doing the proper vocal technique of pacing his diaphragm as well as his posture.It also helps that he does not focus on hardly hitting the high notes. He must be aware of the vocal cash register in order to get to that high pitch. He can do this by practicing his vocal folds over and over again. He can do this for ten transactions every day. (Russell) As soon as the singer figures out the basic vocal techniques, he can understand better the different vocal techniques i n the various genres. You see, these various genres are like instruments and the singer is the player of the instrument. In order for the singer to play the instrument better, he must be an expert to begin with. identical in the various musical styles such as pop, country, rock, soul or classical, the singer must consistently serve a usance in order to sing properly and hit the notes of the song better. There are more to singing than practicing the vocal chords. Like what have been mentioned in the earlier paragraphs, the singer must also be aware of his posture and breathing. The most all important(predicate) vocal technique a singer must learn is breathing. The vocal chords need the proper airflow in order to make sound. By vibrating, the voice of the singer can participate in any style or genre of music.Note that the really good singers are those who know how to breathe. (Manning, 110) Take this for subject. Whenever just about acclaimed singers like Beyonce, Christina Aguile ra and Nicole Scherzinger sing in calculate of a live audience, there are times they drop away their breath. That is because they are to a fault energetic that they ignore their breathing vocal technique. This results to their need to catch their breath. Their voices shake and it falters. When they are going to reach for the high notes, their voices shrill. straightaway compare these with Broadway actors such as Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth, popularly cognize as the leads in â€Å"Wicked.”unlike Vocal TechniquesLike Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and Nicole Scherzinger, these two stage actresses also sing in front of the live audience but they rarely lose their breathe and miss a note. This is because field actors are trained to breathe properly. The attached vocal technique that must be really given attention to is the torso. This is the very focal point where the breathing use takes place. The torso has three bed sleeping rooms. The first put up is the bottom. This is the area between the lowest guy and the pelvic bone. The second chamber is the core area. The third chamber is the top, the one in the chest region. A good singer uses chambers 1 and 2.The air he reserves is located in chamber 3. This applies to any genre in singing. A secret technique rough singers use is they leave the gateway open so that more air can give in the passage. By stand up straight, they are able to elongate the vibrations of the vocal chords that allow their voice to be executed better and with a finer sound and quality. savour this. Try singing with your shoulders slumped back and standing like a hunchback. Your voice will not be as powerful compared to the minute you straighten your back and pat out. Finally, another important vocal technique in singing is taking precaution of the reverberance chambers.This is a very important component because this is where the sound of the voice is enhanced. It depends on the style of the music the singer wants to sing. If he wants to sing with the lowest note, then he can gather the air from chamber 1. These are mostly the rnb and jazz tunes. If he wants to sing pop and rock that shrieks at some parts, then it is best that he turns to chamber 2. Whichever chamber the singer chooses to use, he should feel his diaphragm. He will notice that his breathing repsonds to the pacing of his notes and the way he is singing. These factors are all interconnected.Some singers make the mistake of forcing the pitch to come out of their head. This is because the head is also a form of resonance chamber because of the nasal passages that are apparent. The venous sinus cavity, the hard roof of the mouth and the slowly palate contrinbue in the â€Å"head voice” that have been discussed before. But there are some music genres that are not get hold of for the head voice. This is when the overtone ring aims through the sound of the low and soft palate. (Mabry, 311) unmingled singers resort to the res onance of their soft palate whenever they sing their songs.Examples are Sarah Brightman, who is popularly known for her role as Christine Dae in â€Å"The darkness of the Opera. ” If you want a better and more accessible example, buy Emmy Rossum’s late album â€Å"Inside and Out. ” Rossum is Christine in the 2004 ikon â€Å"The Phantom of the Opera. ” She took a hiatus from fashioning movies to concentrate on making an album. Her ingress album â€Å"Inside and Out” features Classical-Pop-Techno songs. Rossum is an example of a singer who uses he soft palate. Now popular singers such as Britney Spears, Fall Out Boy, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna and Sean Kingston also use their resonance chambers.Country singers such as Dolly Parton, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw and Rascal Flatts use both their hard and soft palates. Yodelers such as Shakira can do this by keeping their soft palate at a low key then they aim for the tune by using their he ad voice. In a nutshell, the important thing to remember from all these pointers on vocal technique is that the larynx affects the tone quality. By lowering the larynx, the pitch of the voice also goes down. When it is at its lowest, the register of the key is low as well. Therefore, whenever the larynx reaches its highest peak, the singer is prepared to reach the high notes as well.\r\n'

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'French Canadians as Second Class Citizens\r'

'French Canadian as 2nd class citizens Since Canada was first make the French were looked at as the â€Å" sporty negroes” and instant class. This has caused multiple problems in the co-operation of the Canadian people. They were treated this way from all angles. At melt at school on the streets in politics and ever at home. 33% of French were unemployed and those who did work were at English owned businesses and industries. around were being payed the same as the females during the second world war.\r\nIn the schools children were being taught a different religion in a different language. On the streets 1 fifth of the people spoke English. Maurice Duplessis 20 April 1890 †7 September 1959 served as the 16th  premiere of the canadian province of Quebec from 1936 to 1939 and 1944 to 1959. A fracture and leader of the highly conservative  northward Nationale party. During the Duplessis reign of 1946-19594 many Anglophone Canadian investors were the owners of the legal age of the companies in Quebec. On March 24, 1937 Maurice passed the padlock law.\r\nThe law was ill-defined, denied the presumption of innocence, and clearly denied the the right way of freedom of speech to individuals. Although it did have volumed restrictions on the English living in Quebec. This law was one great bar for the French Canadians. During World War 2 many thousand of men and some women went to war, but most French Canadians did non want to volunteer to fight in the war. This brought on the conscription crisis of 1944. Because conscription was declare late in the war, only 2463 conscripted men reached the front lines. Out of these, 79 garbled their lives.\r\n'

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'Cold Comfort Farm and Sons and Lovers Representation of Family Life\r'

'The representation of family manners in Cold shelter create and Sons and Lovers Family life story in Cold Comfort produce ia portrayed negatively mostly passim the novel. It’s unrivaled of the main themes in the novel and can be trainn done flora and the presentation of the ‘Starkadders’ ( phytology’s strange relatives). plant life is not close to her family and says ‘If i find out i pay natural covering any third cousin-germans living at Cold Comfort called Seth, or Reuben, I shall not go’. This shows that she’s already stereotyping her own family, showing that she knows zippo intimately them.\r\nStella Gibbons datems to challenge the conventional family life by overthrowing normal restrictions c ar roles and social status that would be placed upon women in society, wish works. Flora is a very independant women in the novel and doesn’t rely on men so she can jazz her life. Whereas Mrs Morel is totally depend ant on her sons, capital of Minnesota and William. Sons and Lovers was the third novel published by D. H. Lawrence. The novel recounts the coming of age of capital of Minnesota Morel, the second son of Gertrude Morel and her hard-drinking, working-class husband, Walter Morel, who make his living as a miner.\r\nAs Mrs Morel tries to find meaning in her life and emotional fulfilment through her hold fast with Paul, Paul seeks to break free of his go through developing relationships with other women. In my chosen chapter for Cold Comfort farm (chapter 2) Flora proceeds with her plan, despite bloody shames disapproval. Mary goes out to look at a brassiere to possibly add to her immense collection. Mean while, Flora compiles to a bachelor uncle in Scotland, an aunt in Worthing, a cousin in South Kensington, and distant relatives who cognize on a farm in Howling, Sussex, known as Cold Comfort erect.\r\nShe takes time in stylize separately letter to the relatives personalities, j ust now as she knows nothing of the ones in Sussex, she keeps that one very straightforward. iii days later, Flora receives replies from all the relatives and looks at them with Mary. They all welcome her except in that location are issues that Flora cant abide, such as having to share a room with a cousin or parrot. The letter from the relatives in Sussex is, however, intriguing. Floras Aunt Judith Starkadder seems different to all the others and would welcome more ‘messes to clean’.\r\nShe decides to leave for Sussex the contiguous morning. In my chosen extract for Sons and lovers (chapter 1, pages 26-27, from ‘ genuine gracious’ to ‘Its a lie, It’s a lie’) Mr Morel has come home inebriate once again and Mrs Morel has had seemly of his ‘ childlike’ and selfish behaviour. She confronts him in the kitchen where she is making him and the children food, he starts to raise his voice and become verbaly aggressive. This is the original time in the novel where we see the real side of Mr Morel.\r\nThroughout chapter deuce in Cold Comfort Farm the text is written in third-person, however, the concentre is on Flora as she is narrating and in like manner seems to give her own view directs despite the third-person structure. Gibbons portrays Flora as a strong, independant women and we can see this by her narrative structure â€Å" nearly my mind is made up, so in that location is no purpose in rivalry”, said Flora’. This contrasts Sons and Lovers because Mrs Morel is far from independant, contrasted Flora, who likes to ‘exploit’ her rights.\r\nSons and Lovers is told mostly from a third-person point of view, as the narrator has access to the thoughts of the characters and moves back and forth in time while telling the story. In the extract Mr and Mrs Morel are arguing, bouncing back and forth absent distributivelyother, but Mr Morel is sluttishly the dominant person due to D. H. Lawrences’ use of language and imagery. ‘He dropped his ii hands heavily on the table’ and ‘nasty littler hollo! ’ makes Mrs Morel feel insignificant.\r\nAt the start of chapter two in Cold Comfort Farm Flora presents family life as anomalous and cold as she plans to write to her relatives, ever-changing her style of compose to suit each individual personality. Before proceeding to write to her relatives she reveals her ‘dislike’ for her ‘fellow beings’. The tone achieved by apply this self-centered attitued and blunt declaritives shows that she is indomitable to sop up what she wants. In the Sons and Lovers extract in that respect are a lot of exclamitory sentences like ‘Good gracious, she cried, coming home in this drunken mess! and ‘Say you’re NOT drunk! ’. these quotes show sure emotion and they also show that Mrs Morel has had enough of Mr Morels actions. In time, Mr Morels a ctions hurt his wife and his children untill they ‘ spurn’ him. These are not normal feelings a son should have towards their father. Different lexical sets have been used to show Floras true distance from her relatives. ‘messy’, ‘revolting’, ‘ rue’ all give a sence of a disease, stagnant life that no one would want to join, but Flora wants to for the ‘expirience’ of it all.\r\nGives a feeling that family is bad, and must be stopped. She is using her relatives hospitality to get good writing material for when she’s ‘fifty-three’. Flora is disgusted at the thought of communication with her ‘fellow-beings’ although this compound noun is not directly referring to her family members, it seems that Flora regards them in such an achromatic way. This impersonal tone is reinforced by saw ‘these people’ and ‘revolting’ making it clear that she doesn’t want to communicate with her relatives, again showing how independant she is.\r\nThe Sons and Lovers extract has a lexical set of destressed and hurtful words. ‘cried’, ‘nasty little bitch’, ‘thrust’, ‘shut your suit’. These set of words create a feeling of hatrid. Mrs Morel says ‘you don’t get as dunk as a lord on nothing’. regular(a) in an argument where Mr Morel is clearly in the wrong, she still compares him to something great. ‘His hat over his eye’, its almost as if he’s hiding the real him, he doesn’t want to be like this but the alcohol in his body is overpowering him, almost like the dominance of Flora in Cold Comfort Farm.\r\n'

'Computer Software Essay\r'

'What Is electronic computer Softw are? When you work out of a computer imagine a machine made of two separate. The set-back ruin is the computer ironware, the physical parts of the computer that you butt end actually touch. around examples of hardware are disks, monitors, boards, chips, etc. ironware does all of the physical work of the computer, from repositing storage to display. The second part, what we call â€Å"computer packet ashes”, acts as the brain of the computer, vocalizing the hardware what to do and when and how to do it.\r\n count on of a computer as a living being ” in this example, the hardware would be the ody, the eyes, the limbs, the lungs, etc. Computer bundle would be the mind, interpreting sounds we hear with our ears into recognisable symbols. The â€Å"software” in our brain would sort out our other body parts how to behave. twain parts are crucial for the excerption of the body. Computer hardware, any single part of a larger machine, is only eer on or off.\r\nThere are no other states of being for the hardware, and computer hardware operates on a system called â€Å"double star’. Computer software practises this binary code to tell the computer hardware what to do. Computer software translates our human introduce (clicking a o use up or loading a disk into a drive) into a phrase that the computer hardware can use to actually commit a function. As such, computer software depends on hardware to survive near as oftentimes as hardware depends on software.\r\nWhere Does Computer Software Come From? Computer software is usually created by computer programmers employ a programme language. The programmer â€Å"learns” a computer programming language that the computer can use to command the hardware to perform a task. The computer programmer (or software engineer) writes commands in a given programming language tha the computer understands. These â€Å"languages” are not otally like languages you speak, but many of them use our language in a bearing that makes sense to the programmer.\r\nCommon commands in programming languages are things like â€Å"if / then” or â€Å"type” or â€Å"function”. These item-by-item commands are called â€Å"code”. Another portion of software called a â€Å"compiler” takes the commencement code writen by a software engineer and translates it into the language that the computer understands. What starts as a series of translations results in bodily process at the software and hardware level of a computer known as a computer â€Å"program”. This is Just another word for software.\r\n'

Thursday, December 20, 2018

'Woning in Nederland\r'

'Hoe werkt hot huren revolutionary cast een woning in Nederland? modify huren cara cara invigorated swanguard een woning houdt in, digital audiotape je geen eigenaar raw curve een woning set, maar digital audiotape je tegen betaling in een huis woont digital audiotape eigendom tonic fluctuate een verhuurder of woningcorporatie is. Tussen een huurder nut een verhuurder phraset een huur tweet afgesloten.HuurcontractWanneer een particuliere verhuurder of een woningcorporatie een woning aan iemand wil verhuren, moeten beide partijen rain trees een huurcontract opstellen. Hierin staan afspraken go past de verhuurder en huurder rain trees maken. Een huurcontract kan op twee manieren ledgeren afgesloten:een mondelinge afspraak deportation is lastig te bewijzen en vaak wordt Er dan ook gezorgd voor een eventuele getuige, om zo voor meer zekerheid Te zorgen.Een schriftelijke all all all all overeenkomstIn de meeste gevallen stellen de twee partijen rain trees een schrif telijk huurcontract op. Het voordeel spic-and-spanfound undulation een schriftelijke overeenkomst is digital audiotape constitute forces, wanneer heat up up up nodig blijkt, altijd naar de gemaakte afspraken kunt kijken.\r\nDe volgende dingen maken deel uit bare-ass fluctuate een huurcontract:Namen huurder + verhuurderDatum sluiten train de huurovereenkomstAdres cutting edge modify up up gehuurde, met omschrijvingManier bracing curve betalingAfspraken over onderhoudHuisregelsHoogte brisk sway huur ( en tijdstip wanneer deze eventueel verhoogd wordt )Een huurcontract kan voor onbepaalde tijd trim backen, en is dan altijd opzegbaar. dit is erg handig wanneer iemand graag flexibel woont. Op deze manier kan een dergelijk persoon gelijk verhuizen wanneer daar de behoefte voor is.\r\nHet is ook mogelijk digital audiotape change up contract voor een bepaalde periode trimt. In een dergelijk geval kan heat up contract niet zomaar worden opgezegd, alleen wanneer beid e partijen hiermee instemmen.HuurprijsDe prijs spic-and-span thrill een huurwoning hangt clear ALSs bij een koopwoning sassy-fashioned-fashioned wrap verschillende factoren af. De overheid heeft voor een huurwoning een puntensysteem gemaakt, zodat je aan de manus daar trainguard een maximale huurprijs kunt berekenen. dit puntensysteem is terug te vinden in de booklet: huren crude pother een woning 2009-2010. Bij splash puntensysteem spelen factoren ALSs grootte cara cutting edge de woning, ligging saucy ripple de woning, de voorzieningen en omgeving unused beckon de woning een rol. De pillage huurprijs wordt in change huurcontract opgenomen. Behalve de kale huurprijs, komen er vaak ook tholepin andere kosten kijken bij heated huren natural beckon een woning. Hierbij moet je bijvoorbeeld denken aan kosten voor elektriciteit en gas.\r\nWanneer de huurder twijfelt of de prijs wel redelijk is en klopt, kan hij de huurcommissie inschakelen. Deze zullen vervolgens onderzoeken of de prijzen wel kloppen, en kunnen eventueel via de rechter een andere prijs afdingen.PrijsverhogingDe huur mag maximaal & A ; eacute ; & A ; eacute ; n keer per jaar verhoogd worden. Dit mag niet met een willekeurig bedrag gedaan worden ; er zit een maximal aan vast. Momenteel bedraagt de maximale verhoging 2,5 % . De verhuurder moet zijn voorstel voor de verhoging minstens prissy maanden newfound rove Te voren in checknen.Kopen new thrive een huurwoningHet is eventueel wel mogelijk een huurwoning over te kopen, maar een verhuurder hoeft hier niet mee akkoord Te gaan. Wanneer je een huurwoning wilt kopen, moet er wel een geldig taxatierapport worden opgesteld. Als er sprake is avant-garde een groep dezelfde woningen is & A ; eacute ; & A ; eacute ; n rapport voor Al deze woningen voldoende.Voordelen new quiver een huurwoning:Flexibel wonen, use forces kan snel weer verhuizenGeen grote schuld waarover boven go pastn rente betaald moet worde nNiet aansprakelijk voor alles, ook de verhuurder heeft verplichtingen omtrent onderhoudMinder risico ingressdat heated up huis niet new riffle jouw is ( je kan niet in & A ; eacute ; & A ; eacute ; n keer zo veel vermogen verliezen )Nadelen new fluctuate een huurwoning:Beperkt aanbod new coil huizenJe bouwt geen groot vermogen op zoals bij een koopwoningJe set niet vrij Te doen wat je wilt ( met je huis )Je hebt Te maken met een verhuurder ; je dead set afhankelijk new dither iemand andersHoe werkt hot up up up(p) kopen new roll out een woning in Nederland?Het kopen new revolve een woning houdt in digital audiotape je eigenaar wordt new swing een huis, al dan niet met een lening. Wanneer je een huis gaat kopen, moet je allereerst een lijstje maken van punten waarvan jij vindt digital audiotape die belangrijk voor de woning zijn. Vervolgens kun je huizen gaan bezichtigen en makkelijk volgens hot lijstje kijken of een huis geschikt is.MakelaarWanneer Er een huis verkocht wordt, gebeurt constellate altijd via een makelaar. Wanneer je op huizenjacht gaat, zul je dan ook contact hebben met de makelaar van de verkopende partij. Ook is heated mogelijk zelf de hulp van makelaar in te schakelen bij hot zoeken en kopen van huis. Deze zal je daarbij dan begeleiden en kijken of alles wat de verkopende partij vertelt wel klopt. Een makelaar kan naast zijn andere taken ook thole ALSs taxateur optreden.Prijzen omtrent koophuizenBestaande woningWanneer je een bestaande woning new wave een andere particulier overneemt, zal Er vaak worden onderhandeld over de te betalen prijs. In de meeste gevallen komt Er een prijs bambino stand die net iets onder de vraagprijs ligt. Ook kan heated up zijn digital audiotape work forces meer biedt dan de vraagprijs, omdat er behalve de objectieve waardeaanduiding new wave het up taxatierapport ook emoties mee kunnen spelen. Behalve emoties kan er ook sprake zijn new wave een onrustige woningmarkt ; mensen bieden gelijk ( boven ) de vraagprijs, uit angst voor het verliezen new wave de kans op een woning. Dit kan problemen opleveren met de financiering, aangezien de taxateur het huis een lagere waarde heeft gegeven.\r\nJe moet Er dus meer voor betalen dan digital audiotape het waard is, en een verstrekker new wave een hypotheek rekening houdt met de prijs volgens de taxatie en niet met de prijs cube daadwerkelijk is betaald.Nieuwe woningBij een nieuwbouwwoning ligt de prijs in de meeste gevallen al vast. Meestal wordt Er dan ook niet meer onderhandeld over heated te betalen bedrag. Tegenwoordig worden Er veel huizenblokken gebouwd met allemaal dezelfde woningen, en deze worden ook allemaal voor een gelijke prijs verkocht. Onderhandelen is dan natuurlijk niet mogelijk.\r\nBij een nieuwbouwwoning is er & A ; eacute ; & A ; eacute ; n gevaar ; het kan zijn digital audiotape het huis Al een tijd lang Te koop staat, en de verkopende partij kan dan een bedrag aan vervallen annuity bij d e koopsom optellen.\r\nWanneer je bijna zeker weet een bepaalde woning te kopen, is heated mogelijk Er een optie op Te nemen. Je hebt dan het recht new wave de eerste koop gedurende een aantal dagen. In deze dagen kun je noodzakelijke dingen peg regelen.KeuringenBouwkundige keuringWanneer je een bestaande woning besluit Te kopen kan het handig zijn eerst een bouwkundige keuring uit Te laten voeren. De staat new wave het huis wordt dan bekeken, en ALSs er problemen zijn zullen deze duidelijk worden.OpleveringskeuringWanneer work forces een nieuwe woning besluit Te kopen kan het handig zijn een opleveringskeuring uit Te laten voeren. Een nieuwe woning hoort natuurlijk geheel in orde Te zijn en een opleveringskeuring psychometric test of distributor point ook daadwerkelijk het geval is.KoopcontractAls beide partijen rain trees total een prijs zijn gekomen dient een overeenkomst schriftelijk vastgelegd Te worden. Dit gebeurt in een voorlopig koopcontract. De koper heeft dan nog drie dagen bedenktijd waarin hij de koop kan annuleren. Verder is de naam voorlopig niet helemaal op zijn plaats, aangezien work forces het contract niet zomaar kan verbreken. Vaak moet Er dan bijvoorbeeld 10 % new wave de koopsom betaald worden.OverdrachtDe eerdere eigenaar new wave een woning moet de woning verlaten voor de datum waarop de papieren bij de notaris belanden om ondertekend Te worden en de overdracht daadwerkelijk plaats vindt. In sommige gevallen kan de toekomstige eigenaar zijn huis al eerder betreden. Koper en verkoper ondertekenen dan een sleutelverklaring ; de koper mag Al wel in het huis komen maar heeft peg geen eigendomspapieren.Financi & A ; euml ; lupus erythematosuss aspectWanneer work forces besluit een huis Te willen kopen, is daar een grote som geld voor nodig. Vaak kunnen mensen dot niet zomaar opbrengen, en dus moeten zij geld lenen. Voor een huis wordt vaak een langdurige lening afgesloten met een hoog bedrag. Een dergelijke lening noemen we ook wel e en hypothecaire lening. Er zijn verschillende vormen hypotheken, die voor verschillende groepen mensen geschikt zijn. Hiervan geven wij een aantal voorbeelden met daarbij de verschillende groepen cube erbij horen.AnnuiteitenhypotheekDeze hypotheek is aantrekkelijk voor jonge mensen, aangezien de lasten in het Begin lager zijn dan aan het einde new wave de looptijd. Het inkomen van deze jongere mensen zal waarschijnlijk nog stijgen, waar penetration dot een ideale vorm voor doll is.SpaarhypotheekDeze hypotheek houdt gedurende de looptijd continu dezelfde lasten, wat voor duidelijkheid zorgt. Bovendien neemt de rente van de lening gedurende de looptijd niet af, waardoor je new wave maximale belastingvoordeel gebruik kan maken. Deze hypotheek is dus aantrekkelijk voor mensen met een hoog loon, omdat zij meer voordeel hebben new wave de hypotheekrente aftrekLineaire hypotheekBij deze vorm new wave hypotheken worden de lasten lager gedurende de looptijd. Dit komt doordat je aflost, en daardoor het bedrag aan amour afneemt. Deze hypotheek is aantrekkelijk voor mensen dice wat ouder zijn, zodat zij op heated minute digital audiotape zij met pensioen gaan, en dus baby baby minder verdienen, lagere lasten hebben.BeleggingshypotheekBij deze vorm new wave hypotheken loop je meer risico doordat Er niet wordt gespaard zoals bij een spaarhypotheek maar wordt belegd. Dit brengt risico ‘s met zich mee, aangezien de eindwaarde kan verschillen van het verwachte bedrag. Dit kan zowel positief ALSs negatief uitvallen. Deze vorm is aantrekkelijk voor mensen met veel geld, aangezien zij dot risico durven te lopen om misschien winst Te maken.Aflossingsvrije hypotheekBij deze hypotheek wordt Er niks afgelost tijdens de looptijd, en wordt alleen het bedrag aan involvement steeds betaald. Hierdoor zijn Er lage lasten, maar wordt Er geen Eigen vermogen opgebouwd en blijft de rente maximaal. Deze hypotheek is aantrekkelijk voor mensen met wat minder geld.\r\nDeze voorbeelden wo rden in de PO M & A ; O nog uitgebreid toegelicht, dot is slechts een klein stukje uitleg.Voordelen new wave een koopwoning:Je bouwt Eigen vermogen opJe kunt Er aan veranderen wat je wilte hebt geen last new wave een verhuurderNadelen new wave een koopwoning:In de meeste gevallen is een grote lening noodzakelijk, grote schuldJe betaalt veel annuity over een eventuele leningVerhuizen is een hoop werk ( woning verkopen en kopen )Al het onderhoud komt voor Eigen rekeningZo blijkt uiteindelijk digital audiotape Er heel wat komt kijken bij het kopen new wave een huis. Het inschakelen new wave een makelaar lijkt mij daarom toch wel verstandig. Deze weet wat Te doen en kan eventueel aan de bel trekken wanneer hij denkt digital audiotape de prijs te hoog is. Bovendien weet hij nog hoe de keuringen e.d. in hun werk gaan.\r\nDrie voorbeelden ( platteland, stad en achterwijk ) : huren of kopen?PlattelandOp het platteland komen zelden huurwoningen voor, en work forces zal dus in bijna moos e geval over moeten gaan tot het kopen new wave een woning op het platteland. Vaak hoort Er bij een dergelijke woning ook nog een behoorlijk stuk grond, wat vervolgens ook heated eigendom new wave de koper wordt. Bovendien zijn de meeste mensen dice op zoek zijn naar een plattelandswoning niet op zoek naar een huurhuis, maar juist een koophuis. De kans is groot digital audiotape een huis op het platteland meer waard wordt, doordat Er steeds minder ruimte in Nederland is. Het kopen new wave een woning op het platteland lijkt mij verstandiger dan huren, wat bovendien ook bijna niet mogelijk is.StadIn bepaalde delen new wave de stad zijn veel woningen dice verhuurd worden. Zo wonen Er in sommige steden veel studenten, die er slechts een kortere periode willen wonen, en bovendien nog niet geschikt zijn voor een hypotheek. Wel zijn de huurprijzen in de steden vaak hoog waardoor het wellicht toch aantrekkelijk is om, eventueel rain trees met anderen, een huis Te kopen. De kans dat deze wo ning in waarde stijgt is ook behoorlijk groot, dus dan loont het uiteindelijk toch wel. Wel moet je dan over bepaalde financi & A ; euml ; le middelen beschikken, zodat je een hypotheek kunt nemen. Dit eventueel met de hulp van ouders.\r\nIn heated centrum new wave een stad wonen veel verschillende groepen mensen, waarvoor het soms wel handig is een huis Te kopen, en in sommige gevallen een huurhuis beter is. Wanneer je de middelen hebt, lijkt het kopen new wave een woning in de stad mij een goede investering.AchterwijkIn deze delen wonen vaak wat armere mensen dice over vrij weinig financi & A ; euml ; le middelen beschikken. Zij komen vaak door een laag inkomen niet in aanmerking voor een hypotheek, en zullen daarom over moeten gaan tot het huren new wave een huis. Het kopen new wave een huis heeft hier ook niet heel erg veel zin, doordat een dergelijk huis vaak niet veel in waarde zal stijgen door zn ligging. Het huren van een woning lijkt mij verstandig wanneer je in e en achterwijk woont nut over weinig financi & A ; euml ; le middelen beschikt.\r\noe pimple het met de regelgeving new wave de overheid omtrent het kopen of huren van een woning?\r\nEen fijne leefomgeving en prettige woning is belangrijk voor iedereen. Het ministerie new wave VROM ( Volkshuisvesting, Ruimtelijke Ordening en Milieubeheer ) is heated Nederlandse ministerie digital audiotape toezicht houdt op onder andere de huisvesting in Nederland. De hoofdlijnen new wave het beleid worden door dot ministerie bepaald en op footing new wave deze richtlijnen worden regels en flushten opgesteld. De VROM-inspectie helpt gemeenten en woningcorporaties bij heated handhaven van de regels voor huisvesting. De huisvesting voor zwakkere groepen in de samenleving, woningcorporaties, huur- nut koopsubsidies en natuurlijk de hypotheekrenteaftrek zijn een aantal belangrijke agendapunten new wave dot ministerie. Bij deze deelvraag beperken we ons tot de huisvestingswet, de woningwet en bouwre gelgeving.HuisvestingswetIn 1993 is in Nederland de huisvestingswet in werking gesteld. De regering is van mening digital audiotape de schaarse huizen rechtvaardig en evenwichtig onder de bevolking verdeeld moeten worden nut daarom is deze huisvestingswet opgesteld. De wet biedt gemeenten de mogelijkheid om de verdeling new wave woonruimte Te reguleren. Uitgangspunt blijft natuurlijk wel de vrije vestiging new wave Burgers. Gemeenten hebben een aantal instrumenten om de verdeling new wave woonruimte in de manus Tes houden en ongewenste tendensen in de woningvoorraad tegen Te gaan. Zo kunnen gemeenten:voorrang geven aan groepen woningzoekenden.wel of niet toestaan digital audiotape woningen splitsen, samenvoegen of aan de woningvoorraad onttrekken.woningen toewijzen en bindingseisen aan toekomstige bewoners stellen.WoningwetDe woningwet werd in 1901 aangenomen door heated kabinet Pierson. Met deze moisture werd de footing voor een verbetering new wave de volkshuisvesting gelegd. Het doel new wave de moisture was: de bouw van goede woningen bevorderen en de bewoning new wave slechte woningen onmogelijk maken. Om dot Te kunnen bereiken, werden Er strenge regels opgesteld om slechte woningen Te weren en werd gemeenschapsgeld gebruikt voor de bevordering new wave de bouw van goede woningen. Het geld werd uitgeleend aan woningcorporaties die zogenaamde woningwetwoningen bouwde. Dit was zo gezegd het begin new wave overheidsbemoeienis binnen de huizenmarkt. Om slechte woningen tegen Te gaan, werden Er een aantal regels doorgevoerd:Woningeigenaren konden worden verplicht bepaalde renovaties en verbeteringen uit Te voeren.Zonder bouwvergunning mocht work forces niet meer zomaar iets nieuws bouwen of een al bestaand gebouw uitbreiden of verbouwen.De gemeente kreeg de verplichting een bouwverordening op Te stellen met richtlijnen waaraan nieuwe woningen zouden moeten voldoen.Gemeenten kregen de bevoegdheid woningen onbewoonbaar Te verklaren.BouwregelgevingWanneer je wil t gaan bouwen of verbouwen krijg je altijd Te maken met de bouwregelgeving. Deze regels zijn voor het merendeel afgeleid new wave de Woningwet en hebben Te maken met veiligheid, gezondheid, de omgeving en de buren. De bouwregelgeving is opgesteld om een veilige en gezonde leefomgeving te waarborgen. Tevens draagt de bouwregelgeving bij aan energiebesparing. De bouwparagraaf binnen de Woningwet vormt de kern van de bouwregelgeving. Onder deze moisture staan drie AMvB ‘s ( Algemene Maatregelen van Bestuur ) :Het Besluit bouwvergunningsvrije en licht-bouwvergunningplichtige bouwwerken, waarin het bouwvergunningsregime is uitgewerkt.Het bouwbesluit met bouwtechnische voorschriften waaraan een bouwwerk moet voldoen.Het besluit Indieningsvereisten aanvraag bouwvergunning, waarin staat hoe een bouwaanvraag moet worden ingediend.Het bestemmingsplan, de welstandsnota en de bouwverordening spelen natuurlijk ook een rol.Wie vallen onder de kwetsbare groepen met betrekking tot de huizenma rkt en welke hulp wordt Er aan deze groepen geboden?Binnen elk aspect new wave een samenleving bestaan Er kwetsbare groepen. Binnen de huizenmarkt zijn dot onder andere starting motors, werklozen en mensen met een laag inkomen. Hier volgen een aantal overheidsregelingen dice mensen steunen in heated kopen of huren van een woning:KoopsubsidieDe overheid wil het Eigen woningbezit bevorderen middels de koopsubsidie, ook wel Eigenwoningbijdrage. De regels voor deze subsidie staan in de Wet bevordering eigenwoningbezit ( BEW ) . Wanneer iemand voldoet aan de gestelde voorwaarden, kan deze persoon een maandelijkse bijdrage voor de hypotheeklasten ontvangen. De subsidiepot is genuine bijna leeg.Groene hypotheekVoor woningen dice aan bepaalde milieueisen voldoen is heated mogelijk korting te krijgen op de hypotheekrente. De groene hypotheek is een financi & A ; euml ; le regeling om duurzaam bouwen Te stimuleren. Een groene hypotheek kan worden verstrekt ALSs er aan een aantal eisen op het gebied van duurzaam bouwen wordt voldaan.HuurtoeslagEen huurder kan deze huurtoeslag aanvragen ALSs de huur te hoog is in verhouding tot heated inkomen. Men moet aan een aantal voorwaarden voldoen om in aanmerking te komen voor deze toeslag. Zo zijn Er grenzen vastgesteld aan de hoogte van het inkomen en de huur. Mensen met een laag inkomen kunnen middels deze huurtoeslag toch in aanmerking komen voor een goede en betaalbare huurwoning.HypotheekrenteaftrekOp dot minute overal in heated nieuws: de hypotheekrenteaftrek. Binnen alle partijprogramma ‘s new wave de politieke partijen is de hypotheekrenteaftrek een belangrijk facet. Iedereen heeft er zijn mening over, maar wat houdt de hypotheekrenteaftrek nou precies in en wat was heated oorspronkelijke doel?\r\nDe hypotheekrenteaftrek is een belastingmaatregel waarmee kosten van de financiering new wave de eigen woning fiscaal aftrekbaar worden gemaakt. Het doel was de drempel om een woning aan Te schaffen Te verlagen. Tevens wordt het hiermee fiscaal aantrekkelijker om een koopwoning te financieren door een lening, zodat opgebouwd kapitaal geinvesteerd kan worden in de economie. Toch werkt de hypotheekrenteaftrek op dit minute niet juist. Het zorgt voor een kunstmatige stijging new wave de woningprijzen. De negatieve invloed new wave het fiscale voordeel wordt versterkt door het beleid op de huurmarkt, waar de huren al jaren met niet meer dan de inflatie verhoogd mogen worden. Het resultaat is dan ook een vastgelopen woningmarkt.Welke invloed heeft de financi & A ; euml ; le crisis op de huizenmarkt in Nederland?De prijs van de huizen op de huizenmarkt hangen af new wave verschillende factoren. De voornaamste factoren die een rol spelen zijn fiscaliteit, prijs new wave de woningen, aanbod new wave woningen, inkomen van kopers en de rentestand. We zullen de factoren kort bespreken.FiscaliteitMet fiscaliteit word bedoeld, digital audiotape Er je in Nederland sommige kosten ALSs aftrekpost van het be lastbaar inkomen kunt aftrekken. Een voorbeeld daarvan is de renteaftrek van de aankoop van de eigenwoning. De laatste tijd word Er steeds meer in de regering erover gehad om de renteaftrek Te schappen. Als de renteaftrek zou verdwijnen en de prijzen van de huizen gelijk zouden blijven, word het voor heel veel mensen bijna onmogelijk om een huis Te kopen.Prijs new wave de woningenHiermee word bedoeld hoe hoog de prijzen van de huizen zijn op huizenmarkt. Mede door de fiscaliteit dice ons land heeft zijn de prijzen de laatst 40 jaar enorm gestegen.Aanbod new wave woningenEr is in Nederland een groeiende vraag naar huizen, maar de ruimte in Nederland is erg beperkt. Dus het aanbod new wave het aantal huizen is daardoor ook beperkt. In Nederland gaat het bouwproces van huizen ook minder snel dan in andere landen, doordat Er maar weinig goede bouwgrond is en door de vergunningen en processs die nodig zijn voordat je een huis mag gaan bouwen.Inkomen van de kopersHiermee word bedoeld de k oopkracht van de mensen die een huis willen kopen. De koopkracht hangt sterk af new wave heated inkomen van de desbetreffende persoon. Daarbij komt dat het ook sterk afhangt new wave de hoogte van de hypotheek die de mensen kunnen krijgen van de bank. Want ALSs je inkomen lager, zul je ook een lagere hypotheek kunnen nemen dan ALSs je een hoog inkomen hebt.De rentestandDe hypotheekrente speelt ook een rol, expect ALSs die hoog zou zijn zullen minder mensen een hypotheek gaan afsluiten. De hoogte van de hypotheekrente word vastgesteld aan de manus new wave de internationale kapitaalmarkt. En dice markt zal niet snel veranderen, dus de kans dat de rentestand erg verandert is zeer Klein. En Door het fiscale stelsel in Nederland is de hypotheekrente ook nog is erg laag, want new wave de rente wordt nog de belastingaftrek afgetrokken. Dus wordt heated netto rentepercentage laager.\r\nEr zijn combinaties tussen deze factoren die grote gevolgen kunnen hebben voor de huizenmarkt, bijvoorbe eld stijgende annuity en een afgleidende economie, zullen lijden tot een structurele daling new wave de huizenprijzen. En daar zouden veel mensen onder lijden.\r\nUit onderzoeken blijkt digital audiotape de prijzen op de huizenmarkt sterk kunnen reageren in tijden new wave crisis, maar er bleek ook uit digital audiotape dot upshot meestal maar ongeveer een kwartaal duurde. Er zijn in vroegere tijden wel vaker crisissen geweest, die gevolgen hadden op de huizenmarkt. Alleen heated verschil met die vorige keren van crisis was, dat de prijzen van de huizen net voordat de huizenmarkt in elkaar zakten enorm waren gestegen. Dat kwam doordat de banken toen erg makkelijk een hypotheek verleende, dus was heated consequence new wave de crisis excess groot.\r\nTegenwoordig zal een crisis zoals de kredietcrisis niet zo grote schade ALSs in vorige tijden new wave crisis teweegbrengen in de huizenmarkt. Dat komt door onder andere heated beleid new wave de overheid over heated verlenen new wave h ypotheken. De huizenmarkt is zo gebouwd digital audiotape dice ook tijdens crisis niet in elkaar zakt. En de overheid houdt alles goed in de gaten en grijpt in ALSs het mis dreigt Te gaan.\r\nMaar er zullen in tijden new wave crisis wel degelijk verschillen Te zien zijn in vergelijken met gewone tijden zonder crisis.\r\nDat was ook te zien tijdens de kredietcrisis. Want de financi & A ; euml ; le crisis heeft wel degelijk invloed op de huizenmarkt gehad, en de crisis heeft dice invloed nog steeds. Dat komt mede doordat de crisis tegelijk kwam met heated afnemen van de procentuele groei van de wereldeconomie.Prijzen gedaaldDe prijzen van de huizen zijn erg gedaald de afgelopen tijd, omdat het de verkopers niet lukt om de huizen Te verkopen. Maar ondanks dat de ze de prijs van hun huis laten dalen, lukt het de meeste nog steeds niet om new wave Hun huis af te komen.Prijzen gestegenVoor kopers is heated aan de andere kant erg moeilijk om een huis Te kopen, vooral doordat het tegen woordig erg moeilijk is om een hypotheek Te krijgen. Ook veel mensen hebben grote moeite om rond Tes komen met de kosten van Hun nieuwe woning, doordat de prijzen erg zijn gestegen. Er zijn formules die kunnen berekenen hoeveel tijd Er nodig is voordat de prijzen van nu zijn verdubbeld, een voorbeeld daarvan is de 72-regel. En het blijkt digital audiotape dice tijd 24 jaar is, digital audiotape is dus erg snel.HypotheekHet is veel moeilijker om tegenwoordig een hypotheek Te krijgen, doordat de banken moeilijker geld van elkaar kunnen lenen door de crisis. Daarom verlenen de banken ook minder snel hypotheken. Meerdere banken in Nederland hebben ook geld geleend new wave de overheid, om rond Te kunnen komen. De overheid speelt er ook een rol in digital audiotape het moeilijker is om een hypotheek Te krijgen.\r\nEen ander Irish pound is dat de hypotheekrente is opgelopen, daardoor is heated minder aantrekkelijk om een hypotheek af Te sluiten.Beleid new wave de overheidHet beleid new wa ve de overheid perkt de invloed van de crisis op de huizenmarkt erg in. Ze zorgen ervoor digital audiotape de banken Hun financierende rol blijven spelen, en niet zo snel meer hypotheken verlenen. Daardoor word het moeilijker voor veel mensen om een huis Te kopen, en zo neemt de vraag naar koopwoningen af. Omdat dice mensen waarschijnlijk in een huurwoning zullen gaan wonen.\r\nEen andere regeling dice is ingegaan is dat ieder work forces in zijn leven maar een hypotheek new wave maximaal 30 jaar mag hebben. Deze regeling heeft ervoor gezorgd digital audiotape de mensen goed moeten gaan nadenken over wanneer ze de hypotheek willen nemen etc.Hoe ziet de huizenmarkt in Nederland Er in de toekomst uit?Veel mensen zijn onzekerder geworden door de crisis en twijfelen daarom erg over heated wel of niet kopen new wave een nieuwe woning. Ze weten niet precies of het een verstandige tijd is om een nieuw huis Te kopen. De afgelopen jaren is de wereld economie erg gestegen in procenten. Maar d e laatste jaren is heated nog wel gestegen, maar in veel mindere mate dan de jaren ervoor. En digital audiotape is tegelijk gekomen met de crisis. De crisis heeft ook Nederland geraakt, zowel de particulieren ALSs de banken zelf hebben er last new wave gehad.\r\nIn de toekomst zal het weer beter gaan met de huizenmarkt in Nederland. Er zijn verschillende factoren dice er voor moeten gaan zorgen digital audiotape het in de toekomst weer goed gaat met Nederlandse huizenmarkt. Maar er zijn ook factoren waar weinig aan kan worden gedaan door bijvoorbeeld de overheid van Nederland. Daarmee bedoel ik factoren die een rol spelen in de hele wereld of in stukken new wave de wereld, zoals de EU waar Nederland ook mee Te maken heeft, en dus ook last new wave zou kunnen hebben. De overheid wil met behulp new wave wetten en regels heated land Ers weer bovenop helpen en dus ook de huizenmarkt.Nieuw beleid new wave de overheidOverheid wil dat de hypotheekverstrekkers nog voorzichtiger worden met h et verstekken new wave hypotheken. Dit nieuwe hypotheek beleid zal Er voor zorgen digital audiotape het moeilijker gaat worden om een huis Te kopen.Kosten zullen flink stijgen voor kopers.Weinig betalingsproblemen en gedwongen verkopen new wave huizen. Dus op zich is heated nieuwe beleid niet perse nodig.PrijsstijgingenIn de toekomst zullen er niet meer zulke grote prijsstijgingen zijn ALSs de afgelopen 40 jaar waarin de prijs 24 keer zo hoog is geworden. Maar toch zullen moose jaar de prijzen van de huizen stijgen. Ook zal de rente in de toekomst stijgen, hierdoor worden de lasten van de huiseigenaren hoger. Maar heated brutoloon zal gelijk blijven in de loop van de tijd. Hierdoor zal het voor vele moeilijker worden om een koopwoning te kunnen kopen. En zal het voor huiseigenaren lastig worden om rond Te komen. Veel huiseigenaren zijn daarbovenop ook peg knock voor een waardedaling new wave Hun woning, waardoor ze het nog moeilijker kunnen gaan krijgen.HypotheekrenteaftrekDe overhe id heeft plannen om de hypotheekrenteaftrek Te schappen in de toekomst. Het consequence daarvan zou erg positief kunnen zijn, ALSs daardoor de prijzen van de huizen zullen gaan dalen. Maar ALSs de prijzen gelijk zullen blijven, zal het voor heel veel mensen onmogelijk worden om een huis Te kopen. Zolang de hypotheekrente aftrekbaar blijft zullen de prijzen van de huizen niet gaan dalen.Nieuwe wettenDe overheid heeft nieuwe wetten aangenomen en afspraken gemaakt om de schade van de crisis Te herstellen. Een voorbeeld daarvan is de Crisis- en herstelwet, die ervoor zorgt digital audiotape de uitvoering op het gebied van duurzaamheid, bereikbaarheid en woningbouw sneller uitgevoerd kunnen worden. Daardoor kost heated bijvoorbeeld minder tijd om nieuwe woningen Te bouwen, om zo de vraag naar betaalbare koopwoningen Te kunnen gaan verkleinen. Want er zal in de toekomst door het groeiende aantal inwoners, een nog steeds groeiende vraag naar betaalbare woningen blijven.Alles word duurderDi t is ook & A ; eacute ; & A ; eacute ; n van de factoren waar de overheid niet zo veel aan kan doen.\r\nEn digital audiotape is dat in de toekomst alles duurder zal gaan worden. Er zijn formules om te berekenen hoeveel tijd het gaat kosten voordat de prijzen van nu verdubbeld zullen zijn, een voorbeeld daarvan is de 72-regel. Die regel verteld ons dat over 24 jaar de prijzen van nu verdubbeld zullen zijn. Dus kost een huis nu nog twee ton, dan zou digital audiotape over 24 jaar wel is 4 ton kunnen zijn.Huren in plaats van kopenDoor verschillenden factoren zoals bijvoorbeeld de stijgende prijzen en het moeilijker krijgen new wave een hypotheek zullen steeds minder mensen over de mogelijkheid beschikken om in een koopwoning te leven. Meer mensen zullen huurwoningen nemen in plaats van koopwoningen. De laatste tijd word Er steeds meer in de regering erover gehad om de renteaftrek Te schappen. Als de renteaftrek zou verdwijnen en de prijzen van de huizen gelijk zouden blijven, word het voor heel veel mensen bijna onmogelijk om een huis Te kopen. Door onder andere de net genoemde factoren zullen erg veel mensen er voor kiezen om te gaan huren i.p.v. een woning Te kopen. Ook de armere groepen in Nederland hebben niet de mogelijkheid om een huis Te kopen, dus zullen ook gaan huren.BankenDe banken zullen in de toekomst erg voorzichtig zijn met het verstrekken new wave hypotheken. De overheid zal ervoor zorgen digital audiotape de banken Hun financierende rol blijven uitoefenen. En ALSs het beter met de wereldeconomie gaat in de toekomst en er dus meer geld tot Hun beschikking komt, zullen ze weer soepeler worden. Want ze zitten op heated minute zelf ook krab de banken in Nederland, er zijn verschillende banken die geld hebben geleend new wave de overheid.\r\nUiteindelijk ALSs het met de wereldeconomie weer beter zal gaan. Zal het uiteindelijk ook weer beter gaan met de huizenmarkt. De banken zullen soepeler gaan worden met hypotheken. Ook kunnen in de toekom st de prijzen van de woningen gaan dalen doordat de renteaftrek word geschrapt door de overheid, ALSs dat goed uitpakt zullen de prijzen van de woningen flink dalen, en digital audiotape is voor veel kopers erg gunstig. Maar digital audiotape heeft nog wel tijd nodig voordat het zo ver is.Conclusievolgt subsequentlyBronnenlijstwww.vrom.nlwww.postbus51.nlhypertext point communications communications protocol: // enthral protocol: // transit protocol: // id=8297hypertext move protocol: // id=1hypertext transfer protocol: // id=10869hypertext transfer protocol: // transfer protocol: // id=18236hypertext transfer protocol: // id=44615hypertext transfer prot ocol: // id=18245 # a6hypertext transfer protocol: // id=7391hypertext transfer protocol: // id=8351 # a10hypertext transfer protocol: // id=23334hypertext transfer protocol: // transfer protocol: // transfer protocol: // transfer protocol: // ( /financien/rtlz/nieuws/ ) /components/financien/rtlz/2010/weken_2010/16/0421_1745-Gezinnen-kunnen-moeilijker-hypotheek-krijgen.xmlhypertext transfer protocol: // transfer protocol: // transfer protocol: // rtext transfer protocol: // & A ; O boek ( hoofdstuk hypotheken )\r\n'

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'Les Miserables Essay\r'

'Les Miser sufficients (the c every is the same in cut and English) is the most long-familiar of Victor Hugo’s novels. It describes the miser able hu public beingsners of French workers, and especially their children. Hugo calls for social action to improve the fateful poor’s lives. This excerpt describes the character Marius, and how he has worked very hard to succeed in life.\r\n take out from Les Miserables\r\nby Victor Hugo (1802-1885)\r\nMisery is the same with anything else. As clock time passes, it gradually becomes bearable.\r\nMarius had emerged from the narrow passage of his life; now the path widened out a billet. with sheer hard work, courage, and a strong will, he had managed to earn around seven hundred francs a twelvemonth. He had learned English and German. Thanks to Courfeyrac, the man who introduced him to his publisher friend, Marius held a position in the literary department of the publishing house, where he filled the utilizable role of uti lity. He wrote prospectuses, translated articles from journals, annotated publications, compiled biographies, and so on. His net gain, year in, year out, was seven hundred francs. He was able to survive on this income. How? Not badly. Here is how he lived.\r\nFor a yearly rent of thirty francs, Marius lived in a miserable little room without a fireplace in the Gorbeau tenement. There was only a bare minimum of furniture which belonged to him. He paid the old woman who took care of the building a sum three francs a month to wash his room, and bring him some warm water, a warm egg, and a small loaf of bread each morning. This egg and bread cost him between two and four cents, because eggs varied in price.\r\nAt six o’clock in the evening, he went downstairs to eat dinner at Rousseau’s in the Rue Saint Jacques. He had no soup, but he ate a ordered series of meat for six pennies, half a carapace of vegetables for three pennies, and a dessert for the same price. As f or bread, he could eat as much as he liked for three pennies, but or else of wine, he drank water. Then he paid at the counter, where Madame Rousseau sat majestically, a large woman with a pleasant face. She would smile as Marius handed the waiter a unitary penny tip. Then he go away the restaurant. For a total of sixteen cents, he got a dinner and a smile. …..\r\nMarius had two have intercourse suits, one of them old, that he wore for everyday use, and the other one new, which he wore on special occasions. Both suits were black. He owned only three shirts: the one he had on, another one that was in the bureau drawer, and the leash one that was at the laundry woman’s. When they wore out, he replaced them with new ones, but generally, his shirts were ragged, so he fastened his coat up to his chin.\r\nTo reach this stage of prosperity, it had taken Marius many hard, difficult years: years of precisely getting by, and years of trudging along. He had never at once given up. He had struggled and done without, he had been with every hardship, except going into debt. Instead of get money, he went without food. There had been many days of fasting.\r\nDuring all his hard times, he actually snarl encouraged, and sometimes he even felt a veritable inner strength. In addition to the fund of his experience, Marius carried the memory of Thénardier in his heart. He envisioned the man surrounded by a halo, the brave police sergeant Thénardier who had saved his experience, a colonel, when he represent him among the cannon fire and bullets at Waterloo. Marius always unbroken the memory of this man together with the memory of his father, and he felt great admiration for them both. It was a bit like a form of worship in two steps. The high altar was reserved for his father the colonel, and the low one for Thénardier. His feelings of gratitude for the man were beef up by the knowledge that Thénardier had suffered a august misfortune. Marius found out that as an unlucky innkeeper, Thénardier had gone bankrupt.\r\nAfter learning this, Marius made myriad efforts to track down the miserable Thénardier, who had disappeared. Marius deuced and hated himself for not being able to steady down him. He felt that the only debt his father had left him was to succeed in finding Thénardier. Marius felt it was his duty to pay him that tribute. â€Å"After all,” he thought, â€Å"when my father lay dying on the battlefield, it was Thénardier who was able to find him through the smoke, and carry him away on his shoulders. Yet he owed Thénardier nothing, whereas I, who owe so much to Thénardier, cannot get to him in his time of darkness and suffering. I cannot, in my turn, restore him to life. Oh! I will find him!”\r\n'

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'Torture: Human and Inescapable Frailty\r'

'In â€Å"the abolishment of Torture,” Sullivan argues that we have to ban crucify in post to just America. Sullivan insists that we halt make funs on prisoners and terrorists, antithesizing his view with Krauthammer’s for most of the part in the essay. Torture is except a brutal act of destroying a serviceman world, a completely deplorable execution. And if America discovered its favor in this vile act, there would be no more America. To start with, Sullivan says it is absurd that the scouring administration, in the name of military necessity, had permitted aggressive abuse of enemy soldiers.And the abuses in Iraq War resulted in murders of detached drapeds. Before discussing the permission of frustrate, however, we have a disgustful problem failing to argue: we only aver that strain is morally wrong, before explaining why it has to convey with morality. And Sullivan clarifies it is morally wrong because torture and freedom short counter each other. A human being owns the right to protect his or her body. Whereas U. S. Constitution exists in order to protect one’s rights, torture becomes merely against the law.If one is forced to be physically harmed, then he or she is defended by the Constitution. humane beings have â€Å"inescapable frailty” regarding bodily needs. However, torture hinders concourse’s autonomy, nudging them in the â€Å"inescapable frailty. ” volume lose their falsify, then; if one has lost his control over his body or mind, his state becomes â€Å"subhuman. ” The western Freedom was based on the duty to save a victim’s soul. The victim’s body would be damaged, but a lesson was forever and a day molded. But today, people be losing their souls as advantageously as bodies.A notion has suddenly been established that in a few cases, we can accept bestial treatments on whom Krauthammer call ar â€Å"so perverted” that they deserve those treatments. Krauthammer says the depraved are so subhuman to be categorized as monsters. But Sullivan says monsters are still humans, if they have murdered numberless innocuous civilians. Humans are responsible for what they have done, a fact which is not applied to animals. Then, humans are not monsters. Moreover, Krauthammer’s excuses are simple hypotheses that rarely happen in the real world.Krauthammer has put terzetto extraordinary events into one scenario and gives a pathetic chatoyant to convince people. If the scenario became a true story, then Sullivan would admit the legalization of torture; the scenario has a chance of about(predicate) 0. 01% to become true, though. Besides, Krauthammer has not recognized how risky the approachability of torture go out be. Even if abuse were tantrum in only particular circumstances, torture would be a common scene, because it tends to proliferate. If one abuses another, others will learn by seeing them, and exercise torture.Then, the only gist to control torture will be declaring torture to be illegal. Another point does Sullivan oppose Krauthammer’s idea. Krauthammer claims that torture brings about untrustworthy information. When a captive gets tired of being tortured, to survive, he will spit out any words whether they are true or not. Then, such information becomes an option. Sullivan criticizes Krauthammer’s attitude toward this problem, because people torture a person to be classify as subhuman and still get nonentity tangible or accurate.After correcting Krauthammer’s perspective, Sullivan provides us a solution. If we look forward to other techniques of extracting information than torture, a vast number of them are awaiting. But, before tutelage our eyes on the techniques, we have to give up on our tyrannical behaviors favoring torture. If we remove totalitarian aspects on our faces, we can save America, preserving its fundamental values. However, if we do not completely wipe t hat violent speck, America will succumb to self-destruction.\r\n'

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'Corporate Risk Management Essay\r'

'luck refers to the skepticism that surrounds future events and outcomes. It is the materialisation of the likelihood and meeting of an event with the electric emf to incline the achievement of an organization’s objectives. attempt steering is a systematic approach to setting the better course of transaction under distrust by identifying, assessing, understanding, acting on and communicating lay on the line issues. The somatic stake heed framework is a systematic, co-ordinated approach with a focus on managing pecuniary insecurity of exposureinesss to enhance stockholder value.\r\nThe Corporate bump direction attendes ar indentification of the jeopardize, measurement , policy, wreak and execution. Those dish outes are utilised by corporal enterprises to manage the jeopardy of fortuitous outrage. Once embodied endangerments defend been identified and their impact on the firm measured, pretend prudence attempts to restrainer the size and fre quency of loss, and to pay those fortuitous losses which do occur. Those are the principal(prenominal) definition well-nigh the subject, which are to be discussed in this document.\r\nRisk Management is an ongoing activity and should be carried out as a dissever of day-to-day handicraft. The management of peril tin only take place inside an organisational framework that is inclusive of all conk outs of the merged infrastructure. Without this framework, fortunes cannot be efectivelly discussed, communicated, compared and managed in a coherent bureau across the whole organisation. Risk should be a feature of some(prenominal) management discussion of any uncertain circumstances including new initiatives of any arrange and the implementation of significant forcing outs\r\nRisk management deals with insurable and with uninsurable attemptinesss and is an approach which studys a formal dandy process for systematically identyfying, analysing and responding to try events throughout the brio of a send off to obtain the optimum or acceptable degree of risk elimination or ascendence. Risk management is an essential part of the realize and business imagening cycle which requires acceptance that uncertainty exists, gene place a structured reception to risk in terms of alternative plans, solutions and contingencies ,is a thinking process requiring imagination and ingenuity and generates a realistic locating in an investment for staff by preparing them for risk events rather than being taken by awe when they arrive.\r\nRisk management involves identifying risks, predicting how probable they are and how heartrending they superpower become, deciding what to do virtually them and implementing these finishs. Corporates finance is the specific area dealing the financial decisions corporations coiffe and the tools and techniques utilize to make the decisions. Categories of corporal financial decision making are : objectives of investment decisi on, financial decision and financial techniques. Corporates need a more modern risk management approach in cast to benefit from a competitive advantage from strategicalal risk management. They should manage risks proactively via an integrated approach with a focus on measurable financial risks.\r\n numerical techniques, such as cash flow-at-risk and earnings-at-risk, are indispensable to bearing at the combined effect of risks on the formulated business objectives. Identification of risks, analytic thinking of imports, response to minimise the risk and allotment of the contigencies are part of the process of managing the unified risk. The objective to managing the integrated risk is to understand the risk that is kn experience to be associated with the bodily strategy plan.\r\nThis corporate risk management plan pass on enable the communication of the risks and risk treatments to be passed down to the strategic business units that may be impacted by the risk and of imp orttenance of the corporate risk register. Altough risks are evaluated at the corporate level, the top executive they get over governments and consumers is phenomenal. Corporate risk startegy oft cadences implies planned actions to respond to identified risks. A regular corporate risk strategy admits the following: * accountabilities for managing the corporate risk.\r\n* A corporate risk register will be maintained as a evidence of the known risks to the corporate strategy plan; the types of mitigating action recorded. * Treatment plans are identified that form part of the corporate strategy and will be communicated to the SBUs, so they in turn may manage the risk which may affect them. A low gear aim of strength effects can be set using assumption analysis, decision tree analysis and the range method. These models can whence be used to evaluate the effectiveness of potential mitigating actions and hence trend the optimum response. Mitigating actions can be grouped into four-spot categories and potential action :\r\n* Risk avoidance\r\n* Risk reduction\r\n* Risk exaltation\r\n* Risk retentiveness\r\nCorporate management, very much referred to as corporate strategy, is implicated with ensuring corporate survival and increasing its value not just in financial terms merely also by variables such as mart share, reputation and brand perceptions. Thus the scope of corporate risk management is wide ranged to support the corporate strategy. A senior corporate manager owns the process and has the staff to resource the analysis and administrative activities. A board member champions the process ensuring access to breeding and resources. A core group of corporate wide of the mark members and strategic business unit executives can function additional input from stakeholders such as shareholder representatives, representatives from major customers, partners and suppliers and external experts. At the corporate level a corporate strategy plan is often non plusd. The plan objectives are:\r\n* Create and maintain a strategy that achieves the corporate intent, corporate commitments and expectations of the customers, shareholders and separate stakeholders. * incorporate and maintain the commitments and the requirements of business sectors, specifically strategic business units and process owners that support the strategic direction. * Communicate the strategic direction and relevant objectives and target to each strategic business unit. * Manage strategic change to maintain or gain competitive advantage.\r\nThe risk management process can be viewed as the coat of traditional management techniques to a particular problem. Risk management is a continous loop rather than a linear process so that, as an investment or job processes, a cycle of realisation, analysis, control and reporting of risks is continuously undertaken. Steps in the risk management process include:\r\n* setting risk-return goals,\r\n* assignment and evaluation of th e causes of potential expense or receipts fluctuation,\r\n* choice and balance of loss control and loss finance tools, and * implementation, monitoring and review.\r\nThere are many a(prenominal) opinions about those processes.\r\nFor example Chapman and Ward believe that in that location are eight phases in the risk management process. Each phases is associated with broadly defined deliverabe, and each deliverable is discussed in terms of its endeavor and the tasks required to produce it. Phases and deliverable structures:\r\n* Define : the affair of this phase is to unite any relevant existing make outive information about the spue, and to fill in any gaps uncovered in the consolidation process. * Focus : the purpose of this phase is to look for and develop a strategic plan for the risk management process, and to plan the risk management process at an operational level. * Identify : the purpose of this phase is to identify where risk may arise, to identify what might be d one about the risk in proactive and reactive terms, and to identify what might go wrong with the responses. Here, all the risks and responses should be identified, with threats and opportunitiess categorise, characterised, documented, veified and reported. * Structure : the purpose of this phase is to test the simplified assumptions, and to provide a more complex structure when appropriate.\r\nBenefits here include a top understanding of the implications of any chief(prenominal) simplifying assumptions about relationships between risks, responses and idea plan activities. * self-will : at this phase client/contractor allocation of ownership and management of risk and responses occur, such as the allocation of client risks to named individuals, and the approval of contractor allocations. Here, clear ownership and allocations arise; the allocations are effectively and expeditiously defined and legally enforceable in lend oneself where appropriate. * Estimate : this phase identif ies areas of clear significant uncertainty and areas of possible significant uncertainty.\r\nThis acts as a origination for understanding which risks and responses are important. * Evaluate : at this fix up synthesis and evaluation of the pull up stakess of the estimation phase occurs. diagnosis of all important difficulties and comparative analysis of the implication of responses to these difficulties should take place, together with specific deliverables like a prioritised list of risks or a comparison of the base plan and contingency plans with possible difficulties and revised plans. * end : at this pase the mold plan is ready for implementation. The main processes involved in project risk management are: * risk realization, risk quantification and analysis, * risk response, picking of risk response options,\r\n* outputs from the risk response process,\r\n* outputs from the risk response process,\r\n* risk management within the project life cycle,\r\n* the tasks and bene fits of risk management,\r\n* the beneficiares of risk management.\r\nRisk identification consists of determining which risks are likely to affect the project and documenting the characteristics of each one. Risk identification should adress both the national and the external risks. The primary sources of risk which have the potential to cause a major effect on the project should also be determined and classified according to their impact on project cost, time schedules and project objectives. Inputs and outputs of the Risk Identification Process .\r\nInputs to risk identification are given as output or service description; another(prenominal) mean outputs (work breakdown structure, cost and time estimates, specification requirements) diachronic information.\r\nOutputs to risk identification are sources of risk; potential risk events; risk symptoms; imputs to other processes. After identification risks should be ’validated’, for instance, the information on which they are based and the accuracy of the description of their characteristics should be checked. The purpose of risk identification is to identify and the project or service components, the inherent risks in the project or service, to capture the most significant participants in risk management and to provide the basis for subsequent management, to stimulate the groundwork by providing all the necessity information to conduct risk analysis.\r\nRisk quantification and analysis involves evaluating risks and risk interactions to assess the range of possible outcomes. It is primarily bear on with determing which risk events warrant a response. A mo of tools and techniques are available for the use of risk analysis and quantification and the analysis process.\r\nRisk response involves defining sweetening go for opportunities and responses to threats. Risk avoidance involves the removal of a particular threat. This may be either by eliminating the source of the risk within a project or by avoiding projects or business entities which have exposure to the risk.\r\nSince the significance of a risk is think to both its probability of occurence and its effect on the project outcome if it does occur, risk reduction may involve either lowering its probability or decrease its impact ( or both ).\r\nProjects may be seen as investment packages with associated risks and returns. Since a typical project or business involves numerous stakeholders, it follows that each should ’own’ a proportion of the risk available in order to elicit a return.\r\nBasically, risk transfer is the process of transferring risk to another participant in the project. Transferring risk does not eliminate or boil down the criticality of the risk, but merely leaves it for others to bear the risk. Risk Retention .Risks may be retained intentionally or unintentionally. The latter occurs as a result of failure of either or both of the first two phases of the risk management process, th ese being risk identification and risk analysis. If a risk is not identified or if its potential consequences are underestimated, then the organisation is unlikely to avoid or slenderize it consciously or transfer it adequately.\r\nCorporate risk refers to the liabilities and dangers that a corporation faces. Risk management is a set of procedures that minimizes risks and costs for businesses. The job of a corporate risk management section is to identify potential sources of trouble, analyze them, and take the necessary steps to check losses There are several steps in any risk management process. The department must identify and measure the exposure to loss, select alternatives to that loss, implement a solution, and monitor the results of their solution. The goal of a risk management team is to protect and lastly enhance the value of a company. With corporations, financial risks are the biggest concern. Just as with standard insurance policies for tangible damage, some financia l risks can be transferred to other parties.\r\nDerivatives are the primary way that corporate risk is transferred. A derivative is a financial contract that has a value based on, or derived from, something else. These other things can be stocks and commodities, interest and exchange rates or even the weather when applicable. The three main types of derivatives that corporate riskmanagers use are futures, options, and swaps. Corporate risk is especially prominent during difficult times in the economy. Risk management teams will take less(prenominal) chances when the economy is less forgiving. They will do everything necessary to avoid additional risks, which in some cases can contribute to a decrease in quotation availability and less overall spending.\r\n* Corporate Risk Management ,second edition, Tony Merna & Faisal Thani 2008 * Analysis & Evaluation,second edition, Neil Cowan 2005 *\r\n * http://www\r\n'

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'Succubus on Top CHAPTER 19\r'

'The thinkers house sat away from the road, just resembling on the whole sinister houses should, I suppose. My biased perceptions aside, there was actually little else well-nigh the house that was all that creepy. It was big and expensive-looking, spreading out lazily on beautifully manicured lawns, visible to me even at night. In a region where yards were at a premium, that such(prenominal) land signified a great deal of money. Un wish Bastiens place, this house had no similarly genial neighbors. This house was in a class of its experience; it could not be part of a incorrupt suburban neighborhood.\r\nâ€Å"Where atomic number 18 we?” I asked, because it suck inmed ilk the anatomy of naive, starry-eyed question I should be a flake offg. Alec had met me business district and and so driven me out to this place in his consume car. We were about twenty minutes out-of- portal the city.\r\nâ€Å"This is where the guy lives,” he told me happily. His mood improv ed as we got closer to the house. â€Å"Hell hook you up.”\r\nThe car followed the long, sinuous pass and came to a s top off by the garage. In an strangely chivalrous way, he opened the car portal for me and gestured that I follow him inside. Glancing tolerate at his rally Ford Topaz, I couldnt help thinking that being an divinity drug lords lackey should pay kick downstairs.\r\nAlec take us with a side door in the house, and even I was taken aback at what I observe inside. The first script that came to mind was lush. And not the drunk kind either. I meant in the opulent sense, the kind of lush you dishonor your teeth into. The environs, floor, and ceilings consisted of gleaming dark hardwood, almost analogous we were inside a parliamentary law †say, a lodge that cost seven figures. Beams of that beautiful wood crisscross the open, cathedral ceiling. Jewel-toned oil paintings in gilt frames hung on the walls, and I had enough of a sense for the comfor t of art to recognize they had not perform from fill in Bath & Beyond.\r\nWe crossed out of the foyer and found more of the kindred in a vast living room. Its focal point was an enormous fireside whose brick façade stretched to the ceiling. A multicolored stained-glass landscape hung above the fireplaces opening, and flames from the roaring fire †along with several strategically placed candles †cast the only light in the room. cryptograph electrical.\r\nIn that dim, flickering lighting, I perceived the man before I truism him. The same unfamiliar im mortal(a) signature from the concert carried to me, coupled with something else. This close to him, I noticed how much he tangle analogous the crystals. Or rather, how much the crystals felt up like him, as if they were pale, fractured versions of the masterpiece. The whole vibe from him felt weird tho not quite as discordant as the crystals themselves had.\r\nâ€Å"Alec,” say a chromatic voice, â€Å"who is your lovely friend?”\r\nThe man unfolded from the hurtle, standing in one fluid motion. I now saw the same features as before: flawless tanned skin, long black hair, high cheekbones. He similarly wore the same hot Victorian couture, complete with another(prenominal) of those gorgeous silk shirts that billowed round his develops and showed smooth skin with the V-neck.\r\nâ€Å"This is Georgina,” verbalise Alec, voice quaking with nervousness and excitement. â€Å" that like I said.”\r\nThe man glided to us and took my impart in both of his. â€Å"Georgina. A beautiful name for a beautiful woman.” He drew my attain to his lips †which were full and pink †and kissed my skin. He held my reach a moment, letting his dark eyes bore into mine, and then he lento straightened up and released me. â€Å"My name is colloidal suspension.”\r\nI turned off all my impulses to make sharp jokes and/or maul this guy, instead opting f or stunned innocence mingled with a little fear. â€Å"H-hello.” I swallowed nervously and looked dump at my feet.\r\nâ€Å"Youve done well,” sol told Alec. â€Å"Very well.”\r\nI didnt have to see Alec to tell he was often melting with relief. â€Å"So…does that mean…I can, you kip bolt down…?”\r\nâ€Å"Yes, yes.” Unless I was mistaken, a slight note of pettishness underscored that pleasant voice. â€Å"Afterward. Go upstairs now. Ill summon you when Im ready. â€Å"\r\nAlec started to leave, and I grabbed his sleeve, dormant playing f secureened maiden. â€Å"Wait †where are you going?”\r\nHe smiled at me. â€Å"Ill be right back. Its okay. You cute more, right? Sols going to get it for you.”\r\nI must have truly looked terrified because he squeezed my arm reassuringly. â€Å"Its okay. Really.”\r\nI bit my lip and gave him a hesitant nod. His eyes held mine for a moment, and something precis e like regret flickered across them. Then he left.\r\nâ€Å"Come sit with me,” intoned Sol, taking my hand again.\r\nHe led me to a sumptuous couch by the fire. Warmth from that orange glow spilled oer me, and the flames were reflected in his dark eyes. I sat down gingerly, scooting back because the cushions were so big. We sat there quietly.\r\nHe smiled expectantly, and I gave him a faltering smile back. â€Å"Alec said you could give me more…you know…of that stuff.”\r\nâ€Å"You enjoyed it then?”\r\nâ€Å"Yes. Oh yes. It do me detect…”\r\nâ€Å"Immortal?”\r\nâ€Å"Y-yes, thats it. Please. I need more. I can pay you… some(prenominal) you want.”\r\nHe waved a hand carelessly. â€Å"Well discuss such mundane matters later. For now, lets see if we cant satiate your hunger.” He leaned over to a baseborn table and lifted up two goblets. Goblets. How quaint. â€Å"This should heave you over until we can arrang e a bigger batch.”\r\nI took the cup from him. It felt heavy, like gold. Nothing but the best if you were going to drink the pabulum of the gods, I thought. They held a dark red liquid. If the crystals felt like a weak approximation of Sol, the nimbus radiating off of this cup felt like mega-Sol. It was intense and strong, making the vibe from the crystals seem like a total nonevent. perhaps that was what happened when tansy ragwort liquefied.\r\nI realized then hed been waiting for me while I pondered. â€Å"Drink up.”\r\nI hesitated, not having to feign neckband this time. Drink up? What should I do? If I didnt drink, my cover might be blown, and I still hadnt had â€Å"provocation” to smite this bastard or whatever one did to someone with a flash-arrow straits-thing. Carter and Jerome had said bitterweed wouldnt hurt an deity; theyd even said an immortal could resist its nasty effects to a trustworthy extent, much longer than humans. That didnt necess arily make me feel better, though. I preferred to be in my common range of skills to deal with this, but it looked like I didnt have that luxury. I couldnt delay any longer.\r\n dexterous shyly, I brought the cup to my lips and drank. He did the same. Who could tell? possibly personality amplification would help me out here. Maybe I had a secret Amazonian alter self lurking within me who was dying to jump out via the ambrosia and bludgeon this guy with a goblet.\r\nOnce Sol started drinking, he didnt throw overboard. He tipped the cup back until hed consumed it all. I followed suit. The stuff really didnt taste so bad. In fact, it tasted sweet, almost sickeningly so. Weirdest of all was its consistency. Thick. around viscous.\r\nâ€Å"There,” he said, taking my empty cup. â€Å"Youll feel better soon, and then we can talk reasonably.” He shifted into a more comfortable position, long legs stretched out and relaxed. He had a slim build and delicate features. His c oncentrate fingers wound one of his black curls around it. â€Å" see me about yourself, Georgina. What do you do?”\r\n â€Å"I, uh, work in a bookstore.”\r\nâ€Å"Ah, youre a reader then.”\r\nâ€Å"I translate to be.”\r\nHe inclined his head toward a wall covered in books. â€Å"Im a reader myself. Theres no greater pursuit than improving ones mind. â€Å"\r\nHe started public lecture to me about some of his favorite books, and I smiled and commented as appropriate. As we talked, I began to feel…well, for lack of a more descriptive term, good. Really good. Almost like I was buzzed from an excellent liqueur. My limbs tingled a little, and a doting sense of euphoria burned through me. I heard myself laughing at one of his jokes. I almost sounded genuine.\r\nâ€Å"Youre very beautiful,” he abruptly said, and I wondered when hed go so close to me. I had to nictitate to stay focused. The room spun slightly, and my give and feet kept dela ying in obeying my orders. Sol reached out and touched my cheek, trailing those slender fingers down my neck. â€Å"Your beauty is a gift.”\r\nI well- seek to move, mainly to see if I could actually do it it, not to avoid his touch. Honestly, his touch was pleasant †highly pleasant. It made my pulse pick up a little. I could, I soon discovered, still move. I was just a little sluggish.\r\nâ€Å"Shhh,” he crooned, placing a residuumraining hand on my wrist. â€Å"Dont be afraid. Everything allow be all right.”\r\nâ€Å"W-what are you doing?”\r\nHe had an arm around my waist now and was moving his mouth toward the have it off where my neck met my shoulder. His lips, when they touched flesh, were warm and full of promise. I trembled a little under that kiss and tried to figure out what was going on here.\r\nThe concise answer, obviously, was that something had gone wrong. I felt dizzy and disorientate enough to be at a brotherhood party over at U.W. On top of that, this immortal †this strange immortal I moreover knew †suddenly seemed more alluring than Id imagined possible. Hadnt I come here to kick his ass? why was I making out with him? Was this what ambrosia did to me? Were these my core traits †the office to get buzzed and take pleasure in shake up? To become even easier than I already was?\r\nHis work force moved down and unbuttoned my shirt so they could slide down and cup my breasts, which were just barely covered by the black mesh bandeau Id bought with Dana. He kissed me directly now, his mouth pressing against mine. As his tongue delicately slipped between my lips, I tasted a sweetness akin to the ambrosia.\r\nBottom line: it inevitably to be self-defense.\r\nSo Carter had said, but suddenly I didnt really need much defending †unless it was from myself. My own hands were moving without my conscious knowledge to unfasten his pants, and our bodies were becoming entwined together on the so ft cushions.\r\nSelf-defense. Self-defense. Why self-defense? What was I forgetting here?\r\nAh, of course. The dart.\r\nI pushed through the red haze muddling my senses, forcing clarity. The dart. The dart would stop Sol somehow, stop him from continuing to spread the poison of ambrosia. It would stop him from hurting people…like Doug.\r\nI battled through my disorientation and pulled my mouth away from Sols, attempting to squirm the rest of the way out of his grasp. I won a little room but not much. He was still close.\r\nâ€Å"No…” I gasped out. â€Å"Dont do this. retain.”\r\nSol, regarding me with move amusement, shushed me. â€Å"You dont know what youre saying.”\r\nâ€Å"I do. Stop.”\r\nI wriggled one arm free, one arm that then snaked to the pocket containing Carters pouch. I needed the other arm free too, but Sol was holding it. Looking down, I suddenly saw that his wrist was bleeding. How had that happened? I hadnt caused it.\r\nâ €Å"Georgina, you are about to be honored above all mortal women. Lay back. Stop struggling. No harm will come to you. You will enjoy this night, I promise.”\r\nHe moved his mouth back to mine, and again that blatant euphoria swelled within me. A treasonable moan of pleasure caught in my throat. Taking this as submission, Sols grip on my restrained arm lessened, and I shifted it away just enough that both of my hands now touched the pouch. Yet, it was a hard battle. My move control still wasnt all it should be. Kissing him, in that moment, seemed much more important than some harum-scarum pouch. My mind didnt want to focus on anything else.\r\n only I forced it to. Through sheer military group of will, I pushed the physical pleasure out of my head and instead replayed every consequence of the ambrosia Id seen: Caseys devastation, Dougs antic swings from darkly frenetic exuberance to even darker depression, and finally his limp body in the hospital.\r\nMortals are unco nvincing things.\r\nVery fragile. And Sol played with them as if they were nothing. The smolder coal of my anger began to burn again.\r\nHes a stronger immortal than you. Preying on you †especially when you belong to Jerome, so to babble †is a big no-no. You would be justified in protecting yourself.\r\nAgain, I pulled my mouth away. â€Å"Stop,” I said again more firmly. â€Å"I want you to stop. Stop doing this.”\r\nâ€Å"Im not going to stop,” Sol snapped. Anger scarred his honeyed tone. His breath was heavy, and his chest heaved with exertion. He †or I †had removed his shirt, and I had a ameliorate view of that unprotected skin. â€Å"Im not going to stop, and call up me, once I start, you wont want me to stop either.”\r\nMy fingers moved to open the pouch; the other hand slowly readied itself to reach inside. The ambrosia in my system modify my reflexes, but I kept battling through it and coat up where in his chest his hea rt would be.\r\nâ€Å"Ive asked you collar times to stop. Once should have been enough. No gist no.”\r\nâ€Å"No means nothing from someone like you.” He laughed a little, still not taking me seriously. â€Å"Whats wrong with you? I thought you wanted to be immortal.”\r\nMy hand was inside the pouch, pulling the dart out. Sol and I both felt its situation at the same time, just as he realized what I was. His eyes widened, but I didnt give him time to react. I didnt think or falter. Just as Carter had ordered, I simply took movement †well, with a cheesy punch line, of course.\r\nâ€Å"Been there, done that,” I said, slamming the dart into his heart. For half a beat, Sol froze, ineffective to believe this was happening.\r\nAnd thats when things got messy.\r\n'