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The Little Prince Essay Free Essays

Lee Hyeon Ju Ms. Sarah Jane ELSEO November 23, 2012 The little prince The little prince has symbolism, it reminds people about meaning of life. Anthoine de Saint Exupery uses symbolism to teach the reader. We will write a custom essay sample on The Little Prince Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now Firstly, the king symbolizes how power is useless. The fox symbolizes love and the desert flower is meaning of religion. Antoine de saint Exupery uses symbolism to teach the reader meaning of life. He uses the king to represent about power is useless, the fox to teach love and the lower to symbolize religion. The king symblizes how power is useless. The first reason why power is useless for the king is because he lives alone on a planet. Even when the king tires to control the sunset the little prince realizes he can not control it. In order for someone to have power they must have subjects who listen to them. therefore power is useless because no one is under his control unless they decide to be. The fox symbolizes love. The first reason why the fox symbolizes love is because he let little prince knows how to tame each other. The little prince knows how interaction is important in a elationship. The fox taught him to know invisible things more important than visible in our eyes. â€Å"What is essential is invisible to the eye. † Because the fox and, little prince could remember when they see same colour of them they can reminds each other. The desert flower symbolizes religion. The first reason why the desert flower symbolizes love is because the flower roots meaning of belief . Belief is makes people strong their mind i t is not invisible to outside, but it effected so much just like plant’s roots. Also, the desert meaning of the hard life. †but never knows where to find them. The wind blows them away. † The flower had once seen a caravan passing ,the seven men blowed away because they did not have roots like a flower. In conclusion, the little prince make people know about meaning of life. First, the king teach people about useless of power and the fox teach love, and desert flower is symbolizes of religion. Many people would know how meaningful to read this book because they find important lesson from it. How to cite The Little Prince Essay, Essay examples

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