Sunday, April 21, 2019

AT&T sales management plan - BODY ONLY no abstract or conclusions Term Paper

AT&T sales worry image - BODY completely no abstract or conclusions - Term Paper ExampleThe AT&T organization holds workshops for the distinguishable managers in the organization. These workshops enable them to acquire adequate skills in using the sophisticated equipment the organization sells. The management is similarly able to have a feel of what their customers require.The organization should focus on a few areas such as increasing their negotiations for sales with their customers. They should use online training to enhance support among their users performances. The sales team should besides been assigned with the task of tracking the results of their sales and reporting them to the organizations management. This will in turn enable the management to make improvements on the products that are performing dismally. The sales team will rely on make more stable and accountable relationships with their customers to ensure their sales remain high. The organization has entered into an agreement with other producers of engineering science to improve on their products quality. This ensures that their sales and profitability levels remain high (Still, Cundiff and Govoni, 2006). An example of such an agreement was entered into with Cisco systems, which was meant to create products that were compatible with their widely used technologies. They should enter into similar agreements in hereafter to enhance their productivities and profitability.The sales management is charged with the responsibilities of planning, controlling, directing and staffing the sales team activities. They are left to plan the strategies the team will use in order to accomplish the organizations objectives. This is because the sales team mingles directly with the customers and understands their ask better. They are left to control the teams activities to ensure their activities reach a wider market. The sales team has experience in the field and should employ methods that increase the

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