Friday, April 26, 2019

Review of Cornel West's Malcolm X and Black Rage for a college-age Essay

Review of Cornel Wests Malcolm X and Black Rage for a college-age audience - Essay causeThe issues of cultural hybridity, psychic conversation, authoritarian organizations, bleak supremacy, boundaries and borders in sexuality and other issues looms large in the gift society. West states that, In order to build the best out of Malcolm X s ideologies, we must stretch forth and preserve the notion of psychic conversion that cement the groups and networks in which dull community, care, love, humanity and concerns grows and take lineage (West, 170). West has employed pathos, ethos and logos to make his message persuasive to the readers.Cornel west tries to clarify how Malcolms Black rage was not only directed to the white population but also to the black Americans, minds. He explains that Malcolms psychic conversation will promote blacks to appreciate and love their self expense and culture. Malcolm X was a revolutionary figure and anti-thesis of Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi who utilized non-violent ideologies to achieve the same goals as his predecessors. He wanted to put an end to the oppression that targeted the black people. West describes Malcolm X as an ideological leader for the black radicalism including Black Nationalism (collective actions and institutional building), black religion (morality and spirituality), socialism (justice/ freedom and anti-imperialism) as well as panafricanism (internationalism and identity) (West, 172).Malcolm Xs deep pessimism targeted the possibility and the capability of the white Americans to shade their racialism led him to downplay the present and past bonds between the whites and the black people. West explains that Malcolm ideologies focused on freedoms of the black population even though he was aware that the majority of the population was racist. Malcolm X questioned the American state stating that it had made the black people non citizen. Ideally, constitutional

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