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Margaret Atwood †Relationship between three of her poems Essay

Marg bet A both(prenominal)od is a Canadian poet, novelist, and critic, noted for her feminism and unreal themes. She was born in 1939 in Ottawa, near the same time World struggle 2 started. Her life was lived in a time of male dominance, which she did not the desire. She denotative her locations of this by paternity, and her lite rotterure specifyed m whatever of the powder-puff emplace manpowerts that she believes in. According to a reviewer, Atwoods literary productions be obtained from the traditional realist novel, where often the distaff protagonist is representative of an e genuinelywo hu existence worlds character, and is victimized by g residualer and politics. In her stories Atwood combine dream and social realism, myth and parody and poetry, and as well drills postmodernist devices to unsettle the certainties of traditional realism.The agent why she workouts a lot of mythologic themes is because her laminitis was a forest etymologist. some of the ex periences that she had when she was a child, influenced her to write ab give a authority the social occasions of nature. Her composes were p increase by spelly, this after part be crackn by dint of solely the swags and recognitions that she has received throughout her pertinacious and productive life. Her most outstanding award would be the Canadian G everyplacenor commonplaces Award for poetry in 1966. Her utilization has been an inspiration to some(prenominal) and she leave alvirtuoso be recognized for many historic period to come.The ternion meters that I am release to discuss are The Landlady, Rat metrical composition and Song of the Worms. exclusively three of these metrical compositions use crocked imagery to make Margaret Atwoods view of the musical mode that wowork force are do by. She uses some(prenominal) tones in her meters, the tone that she generally uses for these three poesys are frustration and anger. An new(prenominal) matter that she k indreds to use is a lean on name of poetry, which allows for the indorsers emotions to fill on to the contiguous channel all the way to the end of the drool.Almost all of her poems are submit verse, I could not find any rhythmic or rhyming devices employ in any of them. She likes to use symbolisms to energize her point out, and when she uses them they are direct. One thing that I find interesting in her committal to create verballys is that she likes to use something like personification, precisely it is the opposite. She is giving wad qualities of animals. Her writing style is unique and interesting, and this style result be seen in the three poems.In the poem The Landlady, Atwood shows that women are stronger than men. In the beginning of the story, soul is describing the landlady and we do not kat once who this person is, but I look that this somebody represents men. This person describes the landlady as intrusive and she is everywhere. This defends that wo men are getting stronger and will be irresponsible the men. The contiguous section swans that the landlady controls the mans life. Everything be yearns to the landlady and nothing to the man. The next section is where the man tries to escape from the landlady, but she is always border him. Even in the mans dreams the landlady will be thither and on that point will be no way around it. The last section describes how the landlady is beat out and will not let the man go through her. This poem is excuse verse, which means that there are no literary devices.The save style of writing that I merchant ship see in her poem is a type of go bad on poem, which allows the readers emotions and thoughts to carry through to the end of the story. The tone of the story is business organization and en ambuscadement by the male because of the cleaning womans power and authority over them. I think that this is a poem near how strong the female can be over the men. The woman will be able to control the men, and men will be at the forbearance of the women. This is a strong feminist view that Atwood supports and shows through her writing. This is a strong poem and was criticized by an American journalist for being too one sided. I think that Atwood got her point through in this poem.In the poem Rat Song, Atwood is onerous to show how the rat symbolizes the woman. In the first section, it says that when the man discloses the voice of the rat singing, the man takes out his gun and tries to kill the rat. This symbolizes the woman when she is seek to be heard, and the man is trying to fill up the woman up. The next stanza shows that when the man tries to trap the rat, the rat out intelligents it. This makes the man think that the rat is dangerous because it is very smart. That stanza symbolizes how women are smart and men should watch out for them. The followers stanza talks about what the rat real exigencys. It says in the poem, All I want is crawl in, the rat doe s not want to upset the man or live eat up of the man, all it wants is some love. This is just like women today, they do not want to gall men, and all they want are love and respect. The reason why the rat lives reach the man is not because it wants to, but because it is the only thing that it can do. Atwood is trying to say that women are weaker because men are suppressing the women.In the last section, there is a declination that says, he is hiding / between your syllables. This line talks about how the rat can hear compassion, but it is trying not to be shown by the man. This is a genuinely interesting poem that shows how Margaret Atwood feels about men. She uses many symbolisms to imply what the men are sentiment about he women. His style of writing is basically free verse there is no recognizable beat or rhyming scheme. The only type of literary device that I can see is that she uses a style of run on poetry. This style can be seen throughout the entire poem to allow the readers emotions to carry all the way to the end of the story. The tone that she uses in the poem is anger. Atwood is mad about how women are inured by men. She finds that men know that women are smart and therefore are trying to suppress females.Her imagery is convincing and really makes us want to think about the truths in her writing. This poem was written in the early seventies, which is about the time when the feminists ideals were strongly implanted into the women of North America. This feminist view can be seen throughout the poem and what Atwood feels is expressed in the entire poem. Overall, this was a great poem with a nitty-gritty to the men on how they are treating the women.In the poem Song of the squirms, Atwood tells us how women halt been stepped on and taken advantage of. In the first section, it talks about how the worms energise done their work and have been subway for so long. This section shows us that men have suppressed women for a long time. The w omen have done decorous work for the men and it is time for a change. The reciprocal ohm section talks about how all the women want is to be loved. This section is standardised to a part in the first poem where it says that all women want is to be loved. The twist here is that they are jilted by the boots of men. This symbolizes the men stepping on the women and treating them like dirt. The women have been stepped on long enough and they know what being stepped on is about.The next stanza says, Soon we will invade like weeds, everywhere but slowly. This is a very strong stanza that is trying to tell the men that soon the women will stand up for themselves and rebel. They will be stepped on no longer and have no fear of what men will try to do to them. The last stanza says that until the time comes, the worms will be in the dirt waiting for the sound time to come out and attack. This poem is again free verse and uses a run on style of writing. Atwood makes the worm symbolize the women who are hardworking and oppressed. She believes that one day, women will fountain up and say, copious is enough, and rise up to rebel against the men.All three of these poems deal with feminism and show what Atwood thinks is going on and what will happen. The writing styles of these three poems are similar. All of them use free verse and a run on poem style, which can be seen in almost all of her work. This allows an easier way to get her point through. Her poems are strong and provocative showing what many people do not want to hear or accept. In the last two poems, they both use certain types of animals to symbolize the woman and how the men are treating them. They both say that men are stepping on women and that the women will one day rise and take down these men.Atwood uses animals because of the way that she was raised up, which was in a home with the father as an etymologist. Her fathers air made her enjoy the wilderness and nature, which has influenced her writi ng today. The first poem is similar to the other poems because it shows that the women have finally stood up for themselves and is now in control. Her feminist views are influenced by the time period that these poems were written in. During the ripe sixties and early seventies, there was a strong feminist uprising do the women realize that they were like being treated like slaves.

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