Saturday, January 26, 2019

Egt Task

Although the current Managers atomic number 18 fluent in Korean, it go away be important to hire local idiom persons to add to our rung. This entrust ensure acceptance, communications, and also preventing miss spoken wrangling that me be taken as offensive If non done with the decorous tone. Curriculum Instructor certification. Since S issueh Korea converted the KIT- Korea teakwood Escalation In 1954 Into the gentlemans gentleman teatimekwood Federation, the feeling In Korea Is completely caustic sings must coincide certificates from the WTFO.This may be Just a financial ploy to roll up coin room those outside Korea, barely the perception personifys that if you hold a certificate ( wished a Okinawa Certificate) you are then legitimate regardless of what land you received the certificate, since all Okinawa certificates originate in Seoul, South Korea. All staff who do non currently hold their given Black flush rank must be certified by the WTFO prior to submittin g an coating to be an instructor in our Korea Dugong expansion plans. Since no Okinawa officers exist in the united States, all certifications pull up stakes be done by Head Master Ken Adulated, 6th Degree Black Belt Okinawa holder.Country of Origin of retail skillfuls. Three primary countries manufacture martial humanistic discipline apparel (uniforms) and sparring gear. These are Japan, China, and South Korea. While Americans are generally obsessed by impairment, and seem to disregard country of orally pride, Korea Is the opposite. It depart be critical that all uniforms, bangs, and sparring gear ONLY go from South Korea manufacturing companies. To offer anything else is potentially offensive, but should these goods come from China or Japan, it would also be a disgrace since both countries attacked Korea in the in conclusion century. B. ProductThe product of Americas Best Teakwood is martial liberal arts lessons. In America, nearly adults leave not allow themselves to stick with a class, and many areas of the syllabus we currently offer requisite to accommodate the lack of focus for heavy(p) students, and their ability to Justify quitting. Only 1 of 10 Americans (compared to 1 out of 4 Europeans) has attempted to learn martial arts. Of those 33 zillion, still 10% stay with It beyond 30 days, leaving 3. 3 million. Of those 3. 3 million only 10% pull up stakes stay with It another 3-6 calendar months quitting Jest as they prepare to test out of novice level.Of the enameling 330,000 who achieve Green belt/beginner In limitediate, only 10% of those will reach beginner advanced, or Brown Belt. We are left with just 33,000 Brown belts, In the USA, all but 10% quit after Just 30 days at Black belt, higher than any other country in the world. About 330 people are left who continue actual Black belt training, only 10% of those achieve Master level in the USA, Just 33 out of 330 million. Moving into Korea, we must modify our program for the long m arge goals of students.Parents will require their children attend, and they will attend with them, it will be a Emily event, training multiple days per week for 6-10 days or more. It will be important to modify our tuition timeline to not appear to be short sighted Americas with no ling term vision, or they may feel we are looking for short term profit, or will not stay through difficult times. The good news is that Korea has been losing the Gold Medals at the Olympics to other countries and is accepting of Americas teaching teak and they have fond respect for the Lopez family of Houston Texas, multiple Gold Medal winners.We will leverage our affiliation with the Amateur Athletic Union with Coach Lopez. We will use this for credibility but not for promoting an American Agency. 82. Price culture set in America is structured around making it simplified to quit, monthly pricing is not as important as not needing to make any commitment. In Korea it will be the opposite. Students wil l not mind signing non cancel agreements paid in full for 6 years as long as the rates are fair. For Korea the pricing will be a base of $900. 00 per year, for 4 classes per week, 2 hours per class, we look for class sizes to be 50-150 per class.In America our current pricing is $200. 0 per month, month to month, 2 classes per week, 50 minutes per class. Koreans will look at price per hour over the long term, requisiteing the most hours per week at the lowest rate with a long term commitment Americas motive to know how cheaply they can Join, and how easily they can quit, more comparable leasing a car. 83 Promotion In America martial arts lessons are promoted in a disposable product manner, viewed like a 6 pack of Coke. Coupon driven society demands a call to action for a discount.Teachers are held in higher regards in Korea and it would be a disgrace to offer discounts, promotions, or marting fluff. The Koreans will want endorsements from martial arts organizations and to see co mmunity service done by the staff. When they see us in public, they will approach us, but the Koreans will be completely turned off if the go to corner market and see one month of lessons and a free uniform for 19. 99&8243.. Word of mouth and grassroots promotion only in Korea. BE Place 52 million people actively practice Tea Swoon Do globally it is the most popular martial art.Korea in the past has not been accepting of foreign companies opening Dugongs in Korea, but the loss of first place in the last 3 Olympics has changed this. The OIC, global Olympic Committee has removed Baseball, Hockey, and Wrestling as of late. Talk is they will remove Karate, Judo, or Tea Swoon DO. Koreans national sport is Tea Swoon Do, and they are promising more support and resources. They will do whatever it takes to keep this Olympic Sport status. Allowing Americas Best, a proven minor(postnominal) Olympic Gold Medal winning organization into Korea and supporting its grassroots movement is a given.C Ethical Issues to us from Korea. The Koreans have warned us that Americans are viewed as fat, lazy, and abrasive. The example proven to us is Korean infant adoption, only for America do they have a height and weight case/range for adopting parents from America. 2) Where the money goes.. Alt has also been brought to our attention from the WTFO that Koreans will need to see a direct line for their tuition to returning to the community. contrary Americans who will buy a Toyota or Honda and not inquire where the money goes, the Koreans will need to see proof that some of it stays in the community. Sources None.

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