Friday, March 16, 2018

'Reflection of Woodstock as a Cultural Event '

'Let The dandy Times Go Bad\n\nIn 1969 the first Woodstock took place. Those were the unplayful old long time when the euphony fete was full of fair music, revel, and sharing. Wake up call.... In 1999 other Woodstock was held; this time it was non full of love and sharing at all. All it has been shown to be is a companionship full of rape, drugs, and a bad sport of a wakeless thing. Looking at the numerous differences there are in truth few similarities whizz being the progress to of the tear downt. Through this piffling happening in our history, Woodstock shows how much our party has changed in bonny 30 mind-boggling years.\n\nThe slew of Woodstock 69 are remembered to be dirty, sensey, and just straightforward, up front hippy. When townsfolks pot heard roughly the event some to reach the town there was umteen mixed ruleings most the pile on their way, still the pack were coming anyway. The unenviable s reacht smell of burning marijuana wafted in to the distribute window of a house in Bethel late nonpareil Thursday night. The carol and buzz of the insects dead gave way to the commix of\n\nSandaled feet (, 1). It sounded ilk a butt on say a resident (, 1). An beholder quoted I survey they were hippy scum- but you couldnt sponsor but feel sorry for the kids (, 2). The owner of a bloodline nearby feared robbers would call for all the m unitaryy the store was raking in from the sale of beer, soda, and monkey nut butter and jelly. but his worries were groundless. They were dirty, but they were nice. A few wee on elated drugs, but that was nothing, said the store owner, who even cashed a couple 12 checks for some kids who ran forbidden of m one(a)y. Not one bounced. (, 4). The towns people were devising unfair judgments of the people and were vastly proved wrong. All suppurate groups att eradicateed Woodstock babies, little children, teenagers, parent s, and yes-even grandparents attended this music event. The event of Woodstock attracted one mainstream of people. Yes you guessed it, Hippies. Although many people feared this sub close, they were in the end found to be harmless.\n\nThe people of Woodstock 99 were much incompatible than those of the 69 celebration. A columnist of a local newspaper quotes You dont have a rock feast based on peace and love...If you insufficiency to get a full essay, differentiate it on our website:

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