Friday, November 22, 2013

Donner Case

1.What is the standard labor time for an social club of 1 draw near? 8 boards? two hundred boards? STANDARD PRODUCTION TIME nettle TIME FOR 1 BOARDLABOUR TIME FOR 8 BOARDSLABOUR TIME FOR 200 BOARDS OPERATIONSET-UP precedeSET-UPRUNTOTALSET-UPRUNTOTALSET-UPRUNTOTAL point I: PREPARATION Artwork Generation290290292902929029 Inspect & Shear200.5200.062520.0625200.520.52012.532.5 clout nail Tooling Holes100.5100.062510.0625100.510.51012.522.5 PHASE II: IMAGE TRANSFER exercising manual(a)150.08154055153203351580008015 CNC2400.004CNC Drill cannot be applyCNC Drill cannot be used 240400640 Metallization100.75100.0937510.09375100.7510.751018.7528.75 run prohibitionist Film Photoresist Panel Prep50.250.0255.02550.25.25510 Laminate & Expose202200.2520.2520222205070 fortify200.2200.02520.025200.220.220525 plate258.5251.062526.0625258.533.525212.5237.5 Strip DFPR50.250.0255.02550.25.25510 Etch & nominate Strip100.2100.02 510.025100.210.210515 PHASE III: FABRICATION Solder Mask451.5450.187545.1875451.546.54537.582.5 Solder Dip300.5300.062530.0625300.530.53012.542. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
5 visibleness Punch root on501501515085850200250 CNC Routercl0.51500.5150.51504154150100250 Inspect, Test, Pack451.5451.546.545125745ccc345 AssumptionsProfiling by means of Punch PressProfiling finished Punch PressDrilling through CNC Machine Labor succession in minutes383.38125694.051840.25 Labor Time in hours6.389687511.567530.67083333 ? 2.How is Donner doing? What problems do you see? wherefore do these problems exist? Donner has t o improve its intersection methods in order! to compete effectively with other printed circumference board manufacturers. It has to pore the delay period of deliveries and percentage of orders...If you privation to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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