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August 23, 2009 Lab Partner-Joey Stabel The Analysis of Alum K.Schuyler Elvir Malikic Purpose ascertain and understanding the characteristics of Aluminum Pre-Lab questions 1) When conclusion a melting point, wherefore is it necessary to raise the temperature very(prenominal) late when approaching the melting temperature? When heave the temperature very slowly it gives the thermometer time to display the accurate temperature of the center of attention giving you a more accurate reading. Another precedent would be the visual of things changing in a poky giving you time to examine whats happening. 2) Washing washing soda is a render compound whose formula can be written Na2CO3·X H2O, where X is the topic of breakwater systems of H2O per mole of Na2CO3. When a 2.123 g sample of washing soda is mo dify at one hundred thirty°C, solely of the water of hydration is lost leaving 0.789 g of anhydrous sodium carbonate. shoot for the value of X. a. 2.123gWashing Soda - 0.787gNa2CO3 = 1.336g H2O b. 1.336gH2O/0.787gNa2CO3= 1.68 c. (1.68) x (106gNa2CO3/1molNa2CO3)=179.135 d. (179.135) x (1molH2O/18gH2O)= 9.95 e. 9.95=X 3) The formula for epsom salts is MgSO4 7H2O. IF there is 1.
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250 g of the compound is disolved in water,calculate the shape of milliliters of . 200 M Ba(NO3)2 which would be required to ju! st precipitate whole o fthe sulfate as barium sulfate. a. MgSO4+Ba(NO3)2 ---> BaSO4+ Mg(NO3)2 b. Molar down of MgSO4,7H2O is 246 c. 1.25/246 =0.0051moles d. 1 mL solution there is 0.2mM of Ba(NO3)2 e. 5.1/0.2 =25.5 mL 3) B 1.00f ALK(SO4)2x12H2O(1mole)(2mSO4) / (474grams) = .0042mBa (.0042mBa)(1m Ba(NO3))(1Liter)(1000ml) / (1m Ba)(.2mBa(NO3)2)= 21.1moles of...If you want to present a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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