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Gary Hyde 8/30/12 ENG 251 9:30 TTH Gilgamesh What ar the similarities and differences in the dickens flood lamp accounts?  Do you see each importation in these? The similarities between the two flood stories were, both were displace by divinitys. Both were told to build a boat and diddle all species of animals. Also Both used the fall by the wayside of birds to visitation finding land. They both used ravens and doves. The differences between the two accounts were in the bible hu humans evil makes god range the flood and god chooses noah to survive because of his righteousness. But in Gilgamesh the gods never give a reason why they move the flood and all of them except Enlil opposed the idea. Also Enlil say mankind was waking her with the world being teeming with throng and multipling. 2. The lineament of dreams in Gilgamesh is usually a premonition. They are usually a way for gilgamesh and enkidu to talk with the gods and mortals. A lso these dreams help them to pose for what is rough to come.
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Although gilgameshs dreams were prohetic, he could not translate them properly so he usually received help from Enkidu or his mother, whicn in Enkidus plate to kill humbaba. 3. Yes in the end, I do deem Gilgamesh is a grinder. He fights for what he believes in, which is fame and glory, all awhile having great compasion for his hero Enkidu. Also because he has given unexamples supremacy everywhere the people, triumph in battle from which no fugitive returns, in forays and assaults from which at that place is no going back. He brang th e people of Uruk in concert and was seen as ! a hero for his kingship and power.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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