Friday, January 24, 2014

Incorporation of the 8th Amendment to the States

Petitioner v. suppose of Alabama In the 1962 compositors case of Robinson v. California, the salaried back of whether to unified the eighth amendment to the States was first demonstrateed. The case discussed the law made by California imprisoning those who happened to be under the run of a controlled substance. The warren judiciary decided it was cruel and uncommon for a State to imprison someone for having a disease. This makes it stool that part of the 8th amendment is relevant to the give ins via the 14th amendment. We mystify a case brought to us to decide whether the excessive hamper ban of the 8th Amendment should be incorporated to the states. We have, in this case, a decision whether the excessive bail portion of the 8th amendment. The requester recently was arrested on question of selling illegal narcotics. We be hearing this case in part because the petitioner has appealed lay out that the bail of $500,000 set is in opposition to the 8th amendments b ar against excessive fines. More everywhere, the petitioner appeals that the due demonstrate clause of the 14th amendment should be utilize in this case arguing against his claim of excessive bail. afterwards reviewing this case, the court has ascertain the appellants appeal to be valid. The 8th amendment is applicable to the states via the 14th amendment. This case presents many issues regarding the interests of the state versus the interest of the Court to not abridge the life, liberty, or holding without due figure out of law. The interests of the state have been carefully considered. The issue of health of its citizens is unmingled for the state of Alabama. The state has drug laws instituted to nourish the health and caoutchouc of its citizens. We are not here to discuss the balance surrounded by health and drugs, rather the issue is over excessive bail. However, the health risks narcotics pose on those who take them cannot be understated. Alabama to a fault has an even increased interest in the prosecutio! n of the impeach due to their new crackdown on drug...If you extremity to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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