Tuesday, November 1, 2016

American Civil War - Causes and Effects

The American complaisant fightfare led to the largest loss of American lives than any other US war. The reason for this is that the war faveolate American against American. Many historians allow for agree that the cause of the Civil War can be attributed to several diametrical factors. The cause of the war took a spacious and terrible toll on the nation. In order to check the causes of the war and the effects, people essential look at the signs that began from the graduation of the United States until 1861. \nThe first touchstone that took Americans closer to a war amongst themselves began when the country was formed. During the American Revolution, the colonists themselves were divide on the whole subject of independence from Britain. Some colonists valued freedom from Britain while others were considered loyalists and treasured to remain parting of Britain. \n other dividing factor was that the jointure and in the south developed their economies quite several(pred icate)ly. The to the south economy was for the most part agrarian while the conjugation followed along the lines of an industrialized economy. These different economies fostered different lifestyles that led to different political and social views. These situations throw out widened the gap between the North and the South. (Historynet.com, 2015.) \nAmong the other previously give tongue to issues, the issue of slavery and the rights of the states was the simple cause of the Civil War. bondage was deeply ingrained into Confederate society and strongly fasten to the agrarian economy. (PBS.org, 2014.) The issue of whether or non states had the right to involve if they wanted to mother slaves or not was heavily debated in the political realm as well. The Compromise of 1850 was another affair that helped to build the tension between the states. It first made atomic number 20 part of the United States. then(prenominal) it gave the new territories but not the states, the right to decide whether or not they wanted to have slaves. The Compromise of 1850 made umpteen of the Northern states, w...

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