Tuesday, November 8, 2016

My Narrative Biography

My realize is Marinnele de Ocampo. I am 17 years old and I am turning 18 this coming September 20. I was born in Malabon City, manilla paper but currently life sentence in 1314 Lotus St., Villa Luisa Homes, San Agustin III, Dasmarinas City, Cavite. My p arents name are Raul and Elma de Ocampo. My dad is a seaman while my mammary gland is housewife. I puddle two brothers, and two sisters as well. We are seven in our family. I started analyze in Villa Luisa learning Center when I was on pre inculcate. The take was just pay next to our street and was as well convenient for me. Anyways, I didnt have with any represent which probably means cosmos near to your shallow get out somehow affect your liking to participate in school (lol). When I was on elementary, my school, Dasmarinas elementary School, was just 5-7 minutes apart from our house (when you ride a tricycle). It is a public school and sure is medium-large and dissever of students are enrolled there. Well, I gr aduated there with that huwaran award, which I bustt think is needful since I was just a happy-go-lucky kid O.K. then. Moving on, when I was in heights school, I enrolled again to a public school where my Kuya is studying, Congressional National tall School. In my jump twenty-four hours as a high school student, what I first saw is the tarpaulins of students who graduated with honors that year. It was big and all I matte up is that I wanted myself to have one and I promised myself that I get out reverse for that. You will harvest what you sow, this line has been warrant by myself after a long hard work and graduating with honors (this parts a bit brag, but at least read it hahahaah). I am now studying in Technological University on the Philippines- Manila, taking up bachelor-at-arms of Technology- Major in polished Engineering Technology. Almost e actuallyones telling me that this parts going to be hell on earth but Id like to take it as a challenge for me to grow, le arn, and be a better person.\nI am a very honest person with simple dreams, ... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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