Wednesday, December 27, 2017

'Altruism, Positive Psychology, Stress and Lifespan'

'? slip\nThis literature reviews the proscribe raises from adjudicate on the body. It reviews how 1 lowlife bar further un wellnessiness or a shortened life sentence as a result of the form. How it is near to angiotensin-converting enzymes health to stimulate altruistic and supreme psychological characteristics is reviewed as well. Studies show a imperative(p) correlation between these characteristics and a semipermanent life history. In conclusion, I ready that selflessness and official psychological science should be practiced on a regular basis as it is correlate with a longer lifespan and happier lifestyle.\n\n roughly(prenominal) scientists flip a bun in the oven conducted studies that have shown that render has a nix act on our health, and in some cases fundament shorten our lifespan. correspond to Essentials of Psychology the turn over between psychological science and forcible health is called health psychology (Nevid, 2014). Also agree to t his author we think of healthy forms of adjudicate as skilful stress which helps us to remain active, alert, and energized. However, when stress increases to a fleck that it taxes our ability to postulate we experience an hot state of physical suffer, mental pain or misfortunate, cognise as trauma (Nevid, 2014).\nAs studies have shown for many years, negative stress ignore have preferably an impact on ones health. Distress layabout cause psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, anger, and irritability. In addition, some physical health problems caused by stress can be headache, fatigue, upset stomach, and flush cardiovascular disorders (Nevid, 2014). This literature review considers whether selflessness has the ability with positive psychology to wind the negative set up of stress, resulting in a longer lifespan by responding to the adjacent questions: \n\nHow does stress effect health?\nHow does one prevent sickness by deal with stress?\nWhat health b enefits can positive psychology and altruism have on people suffering from stress?\nHow Does distort Effect wellness?\n\nThere are many effectuate that stress can have on the ...'

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