Friday, December 22, 2017

'Charles Spurgeon - The Prince of Preachers'

'The life and teachings of Charles Haddon Spurgeon possess been enjoyed among Christians of all denominations for e trulywhere one coulomb days. The sermons and literary workings of Spurgeon are wanted to this very twenty-four hour period, adorning the bookshelves of both the young and old. legion(predicate) sight number him to be the superior preacher that this solid ground ever produced. As a impart to that fact he is commonly hailed as the Prince of Preachers. Publisher of some(prenominal) books and author of numerous sermons, Spurgeon is quoted by people the world everyplace this very day in lectures, sermons and books. Among the Christian fraternity Spurgeon is hailed as one of the greatest, if not the greatest preacher of all cartridge holder a honour not to be bestowed lightly.\n\nThis paper will aim to figure and conclude the fountain why workforce would so freely crown Spurgeon with the deed of conveyance of the Prince of Preachers.\n\nI. The Ministry of Spurgeon\nCharles Haddon Spurgeon was born on the 19th of June 1834 into a Christian family vitality in Essex, England. It is preserve that Spurgeons take and indeed gramps where both Ministers. advance from a Christian home would bewilder meant that Spurgeon was introduced to the word of beau ideal from an early age. scorn the Godly influences in his life Spurgeon did not come to salvation until he was nearly fifteen years of age. The nitty-gritty that got to the very heart of Spurgeon convicting him to the draw of salvation was delivered by Primitive Methodist lay human race who was sermon on the textual matter of Isaiah 45:22 Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the nation: for I am God, and there is no(prenominal) elsei. This simple message was all Spurgeon necessary to hear and he gave his life to the entitle from that very day.\nThings locomote forward at an electric tone from that point on for Spurgeon and he preached his archetypal sermon at only cardinal years of age. At the age of cardinal he was do the minister of a Baptist Church in the village of Waterbeach, a remarkable come up to for a man of... '

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