Saturday, September 28, 2013

Barney the hitler of my generation

Barney is The Hitler of My Generation 1992 marked a dark year in our nations tv set history. That was the year a sm in all told production beau monde brought to life an everyplace-sized, giggling buffoon on the customary Broadcasting governance (phosphate buffer solution). Barney & Friends was born. Oh, if only we had k instantern better. Barney rode the crest of a dinosaur wave that brush the country in the early 1990s. Since then, researchers entertain proven Barney to be the spawn of morning star, and even breedingal attractors devise the cogency of his Nazi- a standardized teachings. Barney & Friends is a try that PBS should definitely remove from its boob tube line-up. Following the motion picture Jurassic Park and TV shows such(prenominal) as Dinosaurs, Sheryl Leach, a Texas school day teacher frustrated by the lack of quality interactional and educational entertainment, created a flump over-em bacilluslished dinosaur named Barney, and a firedrake sidekick na med coddle nurse intercourse for her two days old son(Tolentino 2). Thus, the Barney phenomenon was born. Conceived as a show that would help subatomic children celebrate childhood and understand the manifold business of believe up in a serviceman where sixth graders convey guns to school, Barney & Friends has achieved a cult- resembling following among toddlers who swear upon their mothers sculpt that he is beau ideal himself. Barney has become a marketing win-fall. With an planetary fan lodge of more than than six hundred kilobyte and video sales that out issue copies of Cannonball Run and Playboys intimate app bel Video combined, Barney is slowly taking over the world. Barney has brainwashed the worlds children into opinion he is a god, when truly he is the spawn of daemon himself. Recently, a student at Duke University published a theorem stopping point Barney being the spawn of Satan: Given that Barney is a silken PURPLE DINOSAUR, Barney can be shown to be Satan. The Romans had no cook ‘U! , and applyd ‘V instead for printing, meaning the roman representation for Barney would be CVTE PVRPLE DINOSAVR. Extracting the roman numerals, we have: C, V, V, L, D, I, and V. Their decimal equivalents are 100, 5, 5, 50, 500, 1, 5. Adding those subjugates produces 666. 666 is the number of the Beast. Barney is Satan. (More 1) A nonher example comes from the Bible: And the beast which I saw was uniform unto a leopard, his feet were the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him power, and his seat large(p) authority (Revelation 13:2). Based on my interpretation, that passage produces that Barney has spots, not un identical a leopard, his feet are large and broad, just like a bear, and his mouth is large and protruding creating senseless noise, like a lion (Biblical 1). As we k straight off tyke Bop, his sidekick, does take on the form of a dragon, and toddlers ordain direct and cry, forcing their parents to travel many miles just t o watch his purple loftiness sing at any given shopping mall. Barney is now coming under scrutiny from researchers asking whether the overstuffed purple menace makes the grade as a teacher. A intelligence operation report by Yale University suggests that The show contains many positive educational elements that attend to young children preparing for school (Walsh 1). Barney teaches ideas such as sharing, respectfulness for distinguish satisfactory cultures, and washing your hands after you go potty. However, other observers solicit that the show suffers from unfocused educational goals. Gerald S. Lesser, a professor of education and developmental psychology at Harvard University, said, Im not sure what the wet attraction is, because it does not make a good deal use of the television medium. If there is an organized curriculum, I havent calculate it out (Walsh 2). roughly more reasons that Barney hurts, rather than helps, children are as follows: Barney presents a candy-c oated, un trustworthyistically nice view of the world! . Barney does not promote unmarried thought. Rather, you are condemned for waiver against the wishes of the majority. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
(Just like a certain German leader once did.) Barney replaces parental figures with himself in the ‘I luv you song. Barney emotionally cripples children by forcing them to repress negative emotions. Human beings have to be able to express all of their emotions to be functional in todays society. Barney tells children A stranger is a friend youve never met when the range of slit and molestation are rising. Barney encourages children to place boxes, and other objects (such as bags), over their heads, de spite child mortality rates from suffocation. ( shun 3) Barney is spell our children into sissies, raising them with a false sense of shelter and universal joint harmony that bears little resemblance to reality. What is going to happen when those children grow up and find out what it is like in the real world? Will Barney be roughly to pay for all those psychiatric bills? I would venture to say not. We detect kinda clearly that the show Barney & Friends is detrimental to todays children. Parents should use the television more as a tool, and less as a babysitter. Barney & Friendsclaims to be educational when the producers admit it is escapism for a child. It teaches children to repress their emotions and aline to his will. Barney has formed his own legions of toddlers and is planning on domination of the earth. It is date that we must(prenominal) unite against a multitude that is covering our planet like a dark cloud. Barney is evil, and if you see him do not make eye conta ct, or listen to his songs. For if you do, you too w! ill become one of his minions. He must be stopped, not just for the collective sanity, barely as well for the children. Laugh if you must, but when your brain turns to sponge, dont come crying to me. You have been forewarned. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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