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Running head : ELEMENTS OF A CONTRACTElements of a Contract Elements of a ContractOne of the nearly important tenets in law is : if it s not in writing , it did not happen The law could protect good luck either troupe engaged in an covenant if the understanding was put in writing in the form of squeezes . It is innate , thitherfore , to form expurgates amongst two or to a greater extent parties , especially those engaged in business , to stave off difficulties in winning a consume in theme there is a breech in the agreementA necessitate is an replacement of promises between parties . It is an agreement between two or more than parties to do or refrain from doing or sothing . Almost invariablyyone engage in a contract . It may be oral or compose . However , pen contracts are as most jurisdictions may render or al contracts unenforceable . There is closely eternally enough room for disagreement and parties may claim something former(a) than what was agreed upon without proper documentation , usually a write contractContracts have certain(a) elements for it to be considered valid and binding . act to the footing of agreement is the most important element of a contract . Without take , there can never be an agreement , whence no contract . There moldiness be consensus ad idem or a meeting of the minds in front there can be any contracts . Ollek (n .d ) held that there essential be an intention to enter into a licitly binding contract for it to be effective . There must be an cleft of the terms from one side and borrowing of the hold out from the different . furthermore , valid consent is given single by those who have the legal message to enter a contractThe object or purpose is the following element of a contract . This is the assert do by the initiating company . This is patently a statement that a certai! n party is lively to enter into an agreement with another on certain terms . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
It is also implied that the party making the turn is prepared to be bound by the terms (Ollek , n .d ) of the agreement if ever it is accepted by the other party . Oftentimes , the declare oneself has certain time limit where it could be accepted . Furthermore , objects must also be legal . If the object is smuggled because of the statute of common law , it willing be considered voidThe ending element is the consideration . Each party have-to doe with in the contract must receive something of valuate . Consideration is what makes th e other party accept the offer made and enter the contract . It may also be some benefit or advantage to the someone making the offer and a gibe cost or prejudice to the person accepting the offer (Ollek , n .d . Ollek (n .d ) explained that the law only requires that there be equal consideration and that only the party involved can regularise whether or not the consideration is fit Any contract without this element is not considered as legally binding , hence is void , and there is no contract at allAcceptance should...If you exigency to get a full essay, guild it on our website:

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