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Biomedical tecneque and cell biology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Biomedical tecneque and cell biology - Essay Example Animal or plant cells have the tendency to grow if they are kept under specific conditions and grown with the required and exact nutrients that are suitable for growth. If this kind of process is carried out under laboratory supervision it is called as cell culture. Chaudry, Arshad [2004] has to say that â€Å"the culture process allows single cells to act as independent units, much like micro organism such as bacterium or fungus†¦these cells an continue to grow until limited by some culture variable such as nutrient depletion†. Generally speaking a cell culture is carried out with the intentions of either to study the metabolic activity, or to analyze the effect of chemicals and medicine on the cell types. [i]. Producing antibodies: One of the antibodies that is produced using cell culture is the monoclonal antibodies. These anti bodies are very useful in treating human diseases. This could be done by obtaining hybridoma cells from animals. The fusion of two to three more cells of hybrid form derived from animals is capable of producing a single type of antibodies in a continuous fashion. These anti bodies are further useful in diagnostic and therapeutic value. Now a days some bio technicians tried analyzing the activities of the amino acids in the typical mammalian cells. [ii]. Recombinant proteins: these are huge and complex structure proteins that could be produced in bacteria, which later develop the tendency to add sugar to these collected protein. In this method the defensive protein is produced in virto through recombinant method and applied for blistered skin. This is called protein therapy. This could be also applied in correcting deficiency like diabetes, enhance immune response, dissolve blood clots etc. This was done previously by culturing extracts form tissues, urine and blood. [ii]. Virus Vaccinations: The basic cause for the vaccines production werwe found to be

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