Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Hope vs Expectations Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Hope vs Expectations - Term Paper Example The author has stressed that hope and expectations of the people within the organization are the most important factors that have direct impact on their performance outcome as well as that of the organization. The expectations of the people and their hope are issues that may have wider ramifications on the performance as they may encompass diverse objectives and meanings. The expectations are about how things should be whereas hope is how people would like the things to be. According to the author while the expectations and hopes are two different aspects of decision making, good leadership within the organization can bring them together to form a teamwork that is united in its goals and efforts. Leadership in all areas assumes special meaning because it motivates and encourages collective decision making and ensures effective communication with the employees with shared vision of the common goals. The leadership encourages creativity and innovative practices that give a unique perspective to participatory approach of management by developing positive attitude. The author says that ‘think yourself as an agent of hope, call people to invoke their hopefulness and not their fear (xi). Strong communication skill and intrinsic understanding of human nature become vital factors that inspire people to give their best and work together to produce a cohesive output representing the organization’s unique objectives and goals. Leadership qualities have become vital tools to encourage people’s participation in the overall strategy of having collective goals through shared learning. They motivate and encourage their people so that their hopes and expectations converge to become common goals. That is the reason that effective team work constitutes one of the most important factors that make valuable contribution to the organization promoting a

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