Friday, October 18, 2019

I will fill this to blog Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

I will fill this to blog - Essay Example The reality too is that in spite of this generational dance, of young people being exposed to and trying drugs, majority of college students move on to live productive academic and adult lives, unscathed by the brush with drugs. It is true too, that a percentage of students will become hooked, and will have negative life outcomes as a result. This dynamic too is well-mapped and observed as persisting through the generations. Is this a matter of framing then, this â€Å"issue† of drug use in college? is there a better way to approach the phenomenon, and to better secure the welfare of majority of college students? We have been trying to suppress drug use and to police and monitor students for decades, with no observable impact on drug and alcohol use. Are we trying to push back something that cannot be stopped? Do we need to reexamine how we view drug use in college, and re-examine too our notions about the sense of responsibility and the intelligence of young people on the cus p of adult life? (; Purdue University; Addiction Intervention; Amaro et al.; National Institutes of Health; CasaColumbia). Yes, as students, we have the power to keep ourselves informed about the reality of drug use in college. Many among us will do drugs and alcohol, but we need to be made aware that we will not be the first ones to do so, and we will not be the last. This has been the reality among students from past generations all the way to this one. The dance between school and community authorities on the one hand, and students on the other, is as old as time it seems. The reality is that students seemingly need to try out all kinds of things as part of the rite of passage to adulthood, the way young people experiment with sex too. Yet we also need to be aware that there is help for those among us who will try drugs and alcohol, and that

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