Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Frank Leahys Coaching Philosophy Vs. Stacey Darnleys...

Frank Leahy’s coaching philosophy vs. Stacey Darnley’s Biography Shake down the Thunder- The Official Biography of Notre Dame’s Frank Leahy was written by Wells Twombly. This book was written to perpetuate the life of the legend Franky Leahy and to tell his story of how he fought not to die until his mission was complete. Francis (Frank) Leahy was born August 27, 1908 and died June 21, 1973. He was one of the greatest coaches to ever coach NCAA Division 1 College Football. Frank Leahy was second best to Knute Rockne who he played for, both men Coached at the University of Notre Dame. Leahy coached a total of 13 seasons as a head coach-including two at Boston College. During his coaching career he compiled a record of 107 wins, 13 losses, and 9 ties for a .892 percentage. He had six undefeated seasons, four national championships in seven years holding onto a 39 game winning streak. Frank is the only coach to coach four Heisman Trophy winners. He also had the honor of coaching Vincent Lombardi along with many other successful players through out his coaching career. The legend Frank Leahy was inducted into the College Football Hall of fame in 1970. Coach Leahy was married to Florence Reilly and they had eight children together. Leahy’s son and grandson followed in his footsteps and also played football at Notre Dame. In 1966 Leahy started to get sick he suffered from leukemia and arthritis in his spine. He had a rare case of leukemia, so rare that only 9 cases had ever been

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