Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Poem Analysis Heaven, And Bryan Thao Worra s Poem ``...

In this literary analysis it is essential to compare and contrast Cathy Song’s poem â€Å"Heaven† and Bryan Thao Worra’s poem â€Å"Pen/Sword† to give the reader a better understanding of what the authors’ are conveying to their readers. The similarities in the style, word choice, and theme will be compared, along with the differences of style, word choice, and theme reflected throughout each poem. Furthermore, I will determine the meaning behind the broken up and/or the way the lines of each poem while describing why the lines are strategically placed throughout the pieces. This will allow me to identify the meaning that the authors’ are explaining to the reader. Each poet specifically writes to give the reader(s) a picture of what they are feeling and defining their emotion through their writing. Discussion Baym et al.’s (2012) gives us a poets writing that is entitled â€Å"Heaven.† Cathy Song is an Asian American poet who is the speaker in this first person poem. Song exemplifies the romantic spirit by evoking reminiscence and separation. In the poem, a woman who is disconnected from her Chinese heritage longs for her familial homeland that she has never seen. She is amused by her son’s notion that when we die we’ll go to China. She expresses her disbelief of where she currently resides but wants to imagine that she is in China where her ancestors are from. This is seen in lines 12-15: I’ve never seen it. It’s as if I can’t sing that far. But look— on the map, this black

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