Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Women During The Revolutionary Era - 1857 Words

â€Å"Fighting†¦.maybe for freedom, but probably not† was an indication of just how â€Å"revolutionary† the Revolution War era was for women. As America was going through a new estate with the legacy of the revolution, and striving for a new national governance, opportunities arose for both men and women. During the revolutionary era, woman showed achievements in war and education. Although, women developed a new consciousness that increased opportunities to influence public life, it was often limited and ridiculed by women’s traditional roles to society. The American Revolution signified a period that was rich in debates about the nature of the government as well as the rights of citizens. It generated changes in the principles, opinions, and†¦show more content†¦According to DuBois, â€Å"This European intellectual movement emphasized the rights of individual, the role of reason, the promise of social progress, and the importance of the scientific method† (DuBois, pg. 125). Although, the appreciation for the rights of individuals were questioned, would it apply to both men and women? Surprisingly, women of were able to make some great contributions, however, they had their limitations. This is shown during the taxations that the French put on colonials. The taxations that were put on tea, household items, and cloth would became the biggest burden on women, as consumers. The events arose women’s political consciousness and gave them an opportunity to voice opinions on the burdens place on them and their neighbors. Therefore, women resisted these new polices by boycotting British goods. Instead of using imported cloth they began creating their own, and they also began using herbal teas and coffee. Women of the time finally saw an opportunity where they exert some political influence and they took it. They took much pride in their work because they actually thought that they had finally had an opportunity to exert a political influence. In New England â€Å"the spinning bees’ were popular for manufacturing yarn and free white women called themselves â€Å"Liberty’s daughters†. They were recognized in newspapers and women

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