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Analysis The descriptions of the cause and Vicente are line of descentive non only against individually other but also against stereotypes of their sexual practices. The story opens with Vicente being arrange forth as “so gentle, so kind,” a language ordinarily used for women. Vicente is a dark “little” serviceman whose “ vocalize [was] soft [and] manner slow.” On the other hand, the perplex is a “gloating” mother whose “ eyeball [held] pride.” She is barely shew at the start, as absent as the father tho for presently delivered lines, which are also in a t mavin non in sync with stereotype mothers. Only later(prenominal) is the mother completely revealed: a “tall woman” who talk in a voice “very low, very dour” and with an “ awed timbre.” The contrast emphasizes the darkness of Vicente and the mother’s magnificence. This cont rast is also displayed in the metaphor of devolve or illumination. At the start, Vicente was described as slowly advancing into the class of animated. During the of import moment, the mother is “transfigured [by a] glow” (note the connotation of Jesus/God, images of magnificence). She had been “in the iniquity” literally, and figuratively, slightly Vicente’s “queerness” that “crouched” inside him. In her anger, she “advance[s] into the shimmer of light” and reveals her magnificent self. Vicente is then forced “out of the circle of light” and “into the shadows that ate him up.” The mother’s sense of authority with Vicente is set against her inner disposition once with her daughter. Her touch is “ hefty…kneading”, eyes with “angered fire”, her actions “almost frantic.” The reversal of gender assignments is not only incidental. The sto ry is not just round one magnificent woman ! but of all women and mothers who energise been in shadows but “raise...If you want to get a across-the-board essay, baseball club it on our website:

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