Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Youth Homelessness - Structural Factors

Introduction Homelessness is a social problem in Australia. young person rooflessness in Australia has been on the increase due to several factors, and it is fancied that these factors whitethorn assist in the intervention and stripe of early days homelessness. The except direction to decrease youth homelessness is to address the geomorphological factors that guinea pig it. This paper depart begin by defining homelessness tally to the support Accommodation attention minute 1994 and by other bounteous authors of youth homelessness. Structural factors result be past discussed, including unemployment and lack of affordable caparison, as prominent causes for the increase in youth homelessness. It will be argued that the Australian nuclear family has changed since the 1970s and has fall ind to why roughly individuals or families face homelessness more than others. authorities responses to youth homelessness, particularly after the release of the Burdekin Report, wi ll be examined, specifically the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP) and the Reconnect Program. SAAP, be the primary focus, will be examined to determine whether the program is seemly in pause the homelessness cycle. Crane & ampere; Brannock (1996, p. 7) argue that the expressive style in which homelessness is defined affects the way research is carried out and what policies are pursued. What is homelessness? Homelessness is defined in impairment of the character of a persons housing situation and adequacy (Crane & Brannock, 1996, p. 6). This definition is backed up by the Supported Accommodations Assistance Act 1994 that states that a person is homeless if, and only if, he or she has inadequate access to golosh and secure housing (S. 4.1 ). There are a variety of factors that contribute to the cause of homelessness amongst young people. divers(a) studies have been initiated to investigate these factors to develop prevention and intervention strategies fo r youth homelessness. The most prominent of.! .. If you want to create a all-inclusive essay, order it on our website:

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