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The assistant

In the take hold The Assistant, blustering Alpine is the well-nigh important char executeer. The keep back mainly revolves around tick offs modification from a dis in force(p) char serveer that lies and steals, to a character that turn overs as honest and caring as his teacher, Morris Bober. From the prototypical chapter you can see how unselfish and kind Morris Bober is. He opens his sprout certificate e precise sidereal daytime at six o clock fair to gain ground out a 3 cent roll. a wish well in the depression chapter Morris gives nutriment credit to a drunken wo world til presently though he k instanters he will never be repaid.         When you first meet click he is secretly living in Morris Bobers wine cellar. He is stealing rolls and take out e genuinely sunup from Morris, still the author makes you feel sad for him. You believe that he is a hefty man at heart, however is just having a rough time. When Morris finds him in the cellar instead of barter the police and kicking him fall out, he feeds him and offers him to stay. click begs Morris for forgiveness and offers to attend him with the salt away for no pay.          remedy as the book goes on outspoken seems to be a good man. When Morris falls on the ice, unmannerly carries him in and helps declare the store open. The first day discourteous runs the store he brings in 15 dollars, which is frequently more than the store had been earning. currently subsequently he helps Morris with the store, he starts stealing money from Morris. blackguard was similarly one of the throng elusive in the robbing of Morris in the beginning of the book.          firedog as well has an obsession with Morriss daughter Helen. He goes and spies on her part she is in the shower. This proves that he can non control his sexual desires, which is anformer(a) hurriedness in his character. He does non know how to love at this point, and is just elicit in her for physic! al reasons and sex.         Frank sash and helps Morris in the store. Morris believes tune is getting better because Frank brings in the non-Jewish customers. As Frank works with Morris he withal begins to name Morriss ethics. In chapter 4 Frank criticizes a man with terminal cancer, named Al Marcus. He thinks Al is weak because he doesnt make any money, provided he keeps work and trying. According to Morris Al is strong because he insists on functional and not liberal up. This is one of Morriss lessons to Frank. Morris is trying to whirl on his morals to Frank. Frank, at this point does not rattling understand plentifuly, but is beginning to try and channelize his ways.         In the middle of the book Frank internally wants to be good. He wants to stop stealing, but he keeps taking change out of the cash register. He alike wants to tell Morris that he was involved in the robbery, but he cant. Frank has good intentions, but n ever follows through with actions. This has been the way of life for Frank.         The orgasm of the book is in Chapter 6. In this chapter Frank cannot control his actions with Morris or with Helen. He has been fight with both of these affaires, but he fails. Frank kept overcome of all the money he has stolen from Morris and wants to avenge it. Once he added money he stole around of it back, and Morris catches him. Morris kicks him out of the store. Also in this chapter Frank rapes Helen. This is a symbolic representation that he cannot control himself. This is by far the worst thing that he has done. Only by admitting this to himself can he real be able to change.         at once Frank is beginning to change for the better. He saves Morriss life, when Morris leaves the gas on. This is the first good act Frank has done without thinking of some kind of reward. It was not to relieve his guilt or for sex, it was just on instinct. Frank then keeps the store open while Morris is in the hosp! ital. Frank also puts in his own money, and he gets an different stock to be able to keep the store open. He also does something else good. He gives all his money to Carls poor family. He felt sympathy toward them, even though he is also poor. Frank is now truly becoming comparable Morris.         Morris dies aft(prenominal) shoveling snow one night. He was happy because he believed he had sold the store. He was just shoveling for the people walking on the sidewalk, not for his customers. This is an appropriate way for him to die because he was forever and a day going out of his way to do good for other people, without getting anything for himself.         By the end of the book Frank has reverse truly honest, and is much like Morris. Frank is working very hard to keep the store open, and he no long cheats or steals. The end of the book is a lot like the beginning of the book, only the grocer is Frank not Morris. Frank opens the store early just to sell the three-cent roll to the Yiddish woman. Even though Frank is poor, he is happy inside. In the beginning of the book, Frank could not understand this concept, and he was shallow with materialistic things. at a time at the end, he himself is just like Morris. He is now happy with what he has, and is self-satisfied. He even converted to Judaism. He is now able to love, and there might even be a future with him and Helen. If you want to get a full moon essay, order it on our website:

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