Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Discuss the two major approaches to stress management. Identify and Essay

Discuss the two major approaches to stress management. Identify and describe bingle example of each strategy - Essay ExampleThis approach is not encouraged since it creates a vicious cycle of stress, which leads to usage of more medication and at long last more psychological deterioration.The non-medical approach takes care of three components, the body, the spirit, and the mind. It is a holistic approach and ensures that all aspects of the worried individual are treated starting from identifying the quotation of stress, the extent, or severity of stress and ultimately taking charge or control of the problem. The various techniques used include psychotherapy where an individual undergoes sessions of counseling in order to restore positivity encouragement and hope during tough times. Other natural alternatives include aromatherapy, homeopathy, massaging, and reflexology. In addition, positive self-talk, making time for fun for the stressed individuals, relaxation, exercise, and hea lthy feeding habits are other alternatives. Worth noting, different people respond differently to stress and there is no classical or sensation method for all. People are therefore encouraged to experiment the different available strategies of stress

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