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Leonardo Da Vinci Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Leonardo Da Vinci - Research Paper ExampleVerrocchio was the name of his teacher who trained Da Vinci in a Florentine studio until he began his art career. Leonardo was 14 years during his apprenticeship. He spent the following years in mastering what the existence would later love and remember him. It is significant to mention that the establishment of Leonardo Da Vinci personal industrial planthop at 20 years was commendable1. During his career, Leonardo Da Vinci experienced both pleasant moments in which many people admired him. However, throughout his art existence, Da Vinci equally experienced low moments in which his works were criticized2. For instance, Leonardo Da Vinci was lucky to get numerous rich clients beca apply of the perfection of his works. Leonardo died, 67, as a vegetarian after a life of painting utilise most inspirations from his life. Leonardo Da Vincis highlight was when Lorenzo de Medici, an Italian rich man asked him to design a silver piece of art. The s ilver lyre which he initiated make him get more orders from this rich Italian man. Leonardos life focused on respect for nature because of his continuous habit to free birds in to their natural homes. Finally, Leonardo Da Vincis life had most celebrations because up to date people still have T-shirts and other sales materials, which have his paintings. most(prenominal) Famous Paintings Evidently, Vitruvian Man, The Last Supper and Mona Lisa are the most popular paintings of Da Vinci. In particular, The Last Supper (painted on a rectory wall) began to deteriorate following its creation because Da Vinci did not use the tempera on panel technique. 3The creation of the Last Supper was instantly when Jesus indicated that a disciple would be disloyal to Him. It is unfortunate that a majority of Leonardo Da Vinci works do not survive because of his deep sense of adventure with new technologies. However, even if the painting flaked, there was a recent remodeling of the same in order for pe ople to enjoy viewing it. Moreover, The Mona Lisa is called half a grin because of Leonardo Da Vincis unique use of lightning in most of his paintings. In addition, Leonardo kept on postponing the completion of some of his pieces. Therefore, the available work could be perfect if he had more focus. It is to a fault imperative to mention that his early work was called The Baptism of Christ, which he created with Verrocchio. All Leonardo Da Vincis renowned paintings display diverse aspects of movement different the remaining painters. Characteristics of Leonardo Da Vincis Art It is noteworthy to mention that Da Vincis works borrow a great deal of the clement anatomy. Originally, The Mona Lisa was meant to be a private piece which took two years for the completion of its creation. This Mona Lisa painting is set on a significant light, which enables people to notice the uniqueness of the painting. The most obvious special characteristic about The Mona Lisa is Leonardos use of the smo ke technique. Further, this smoke technique makes it hard for anyone to notice the difference between darkness and lightness in the picture. The liquid paint, which Leonardo uses, depicts his understanding of the world to be always in movement4. Additionally, the painting of Mona Lisa is unique because of the unique half smile presented by Leonardo. The face of the woman in the painting is straight to the viewer. However, the rest of her body faces the direct opposite from

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