Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Taboo of Human Sexuality in the African American Christian Dissertation

The Taboo of Human Sexuality in the African American Christian Community - Dissertation manakinThe assumption that the African American soundbox is derived of purposed majesty is an argument that has been challenged by years of social evolution and individual interpretations of religious scriptures. Making the connection to the forcible body and to the body of Christ, in the black partnership, is a step forward in securing positive regard towards black sexual activity though this connection to theological ideals is often challenged even within the African American culture.So, from where are the assumptions of unifying sexuality and divinity? Outside of the cultural expectations of sexuality lies the affirmation of the physical body as a gift from God, offered in the text of the Christian Bible. In the very beginning of the Bible, God clearly states the purpose of human sexuality. It was his deliberate, considered choice to wanton us complete with sex organs and equipped for sex ual intercourse. However, historical symbolism and deviations from solid Christian philosophy created negative connotations of the African American community as Christian literatureseparated white from black as a distinction between good and evil. The depiction of the devil as The bare Oneand the typological blackening of those believers (as) influenced by evil set the tone for the cultural view of blacks as a representation of anti-religion.Moral implications of outspoken human sexuality formulate the idea that sexuality is a taboo subject, resultant of misconceptions, scriptural misinterpretations, and the historical determination in the dominant white cultures view that the African American is a lesser entity.

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