Saturday, July 27, 2019

Effects of Different Mathematic Instructional Techniques for Learning Research Paper

Effects of Different Mathematic Instructional Techniques for Learning Disabled Students - Research Paper Example The idea of this research emerged from the author’s interest and fascination in how two different teaching techniques could ensure better results for students with learning disabilities that were struggling to learn how to solve mathematical word problems. Teaching young students that have learning disabilities can be difficult as they must overcome hurdles that other children do not. This analysis is imperative to help find new ways to teach young students so that they are more successful in learning a technique to solve math problems so they will not be hindered by their learning disability and instead be able to take these techniques and apply them to their future adult lives. The hypothesis of this research is that one of the two techniques will help students progress in learning how to solve word math problems though it is not initially clear how the two instructional techniques differentiate until farther into the experiment. There are multiple points in the literary ana lysis by that can shed light on the two different teaching techniques on how to teach problem-solving in the sector of mathematics that would impact how it could help students with learning disabilities improve.   One main point in this research is to increase awareness to teachers, students and parents alike that mathematical problem-solving skills are crucial to students in their futures, regardless of whether or not they have learning disabilities.  

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