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Nature vs. Nurture Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Nature vs. Nurture - Research Paper Example This paper aims to critically assess different schools of thought regarding the issue of nature vs. nurture. Famous anthropologists of all time including Edward Wilson, Sherry Ortner etc. have provided their in-depth addresses regarding nature vs. nurture debate. These anthropologists have greatly provided three distinctive grounds of understanding the issue of nature vs. nurture. Before understanding the addresses of differing schools of thought, it is imperative to note that the analogy of any individual cannot be solely dependent upon one factor (Gass, 2007). Looking at the issue of nature vs. nurture, it can well state that the socio-biological school of thought claims that it is the nature which is more likely to dominate nurture. It is said because the genetic patterns of human beings are able to work favorably than with un-relative selection of genes. In other words, it can be said that association between the genetic relatives is more likely to be effective rather than being connected to strangers. This may come under the standing of nepotism. This concludes that a person may be angry because the family that he belongs have higher rate of anger-showing behavior. This may genetically get forwarded to kin selected in relative genetic structure. In many settings of human interaction, it has been noted that individuals may be able to undertake a strong decision because they believe that the family genes will allow transmission of same flexible behavior to upcoming generations. Similar patterns of needs and desire among human beings are noted when the genetic mapping of their cells is relative to each other. This has also been proven by science that cell generation may have equal characterization. However, this can also lead to another argument stating the weaknesses of a human to be transferred to upcoming generations (Fotaki, 2011). Secondly, a most powerful yet a very logical school of thought are considered to be feminist. It is because the nature and nu rture of babies would always be associated with women one way or the other. This is because they are the ones who will share the experiences forward by educating and training kin (Shankman, 2011). It will not be incorrect to state that the feminist school of thought has basically rejected old school of thought that have not considered the feminist view or cultural representation of women. Herein, it should be marked that the feminist view is based upon gender and not sex. It is because the phenomenon of gender is basically a statement role given to an individual as perceived in the culture. On the other hand, sex is a universal depicter. By understanding this, it rather becomes clear that nature and nurture is greatly affected by the way they are living as a gender in any society (LeVine, 2010). Women raise children under different settings having experiences of their representation. This is the major reason behind different behavior among people. The gender difference has made it q uite evident that nurture of individuals may be affected y large depending upon the environment. In this way, the feminist view rejects the concept of genetic linking of cells that makes upon behavior pattern theory. The anthropologists who look at the issue of nature vs. nurture in a more appropriate manner may categorize human experiences into two categories. Firstly, it is the mental domain of people where individuals are more likely to have an opinion about them. The

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