Friday, July 19, 2019

Free College Admissions Essays: Hockey or Harvard? -- College Admissio

Hockey or Harvard?    In 1993, the Harold C. Case Scholarship for outstanding academic achievement was awarded to fourteen students in the Boston University junior class. I was one of two students in the College of Communication and one of two students in the School of Management to receive the award.   I view this award as recognition of the difficult journey I undertook to become the first person in the history of Boston University to combine a broadcast journalism degree with a business degree.   Although the university allowed students to pursue dual degrees, it was highly discouraged for someone to attempt to dual major in two professional schools. Some people believed that I was stubborn when I would not accept this. By carefully planning my courses from the start to satisfy the requirements of both degrees and by enlisting the support of key advisors, I succeeded in four years.    For many years, my claim to fame was that I had never been outside the Eastern time zone. That changed in 1996 when I flew to San Francisco, but I still had never left the...

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