Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Language of My Generation

The Dictionary defines langu age as a body of nomenclature and the systems for their engagement commonalty to a people who be of the said(prenominal) community or nation, the alike geographic area, or the same cultural tradition. found on this definition wouldnt it defecate sense for disparate seasonss to view differences in their language because they are apart of different cultural differences amongst one a nonher? My extension consistently gets a bad rove for being as well as vulgar, too curt, too disrespectful, and too controversial, but thats not the way we date it. The same countersigns that make our parents cringe are the same oral communication that build comradery amongst our peers.The songs that carry our grandparents in disgust make us feel empowered. Were misunderstood, is what it boils down too. The Language of my genesis is a direct reflection of how we see ourselves, not how anyone else see us we redefine, and refine language and modify it to reflec t who we are. In todays day and age, anyones looking for something to control. It has been proven that this generation faces more pressure than the generations in advance us. With every(prenominal)one controlling every other aspect of our lives, language allows us to have something that is our own, something we dissolve control.This is why we turn to the way we speak, because no one backside tell us otherwise. This is what language direction to us. Its a way we eject relate to our peers, and no one else has to understand, because they arent meant too. So whos to say that the b word throw come forthistert be employ as a term of endearment? Who makes the rules on what these wrangling we use mean? A word is scarcely a word until you give it meaning, because after all words are just sounds, and the dictionary is just a book, written by unshakable people, people with bias, so why cant I disagree with those who gave these words their original meaning?History repeats itself thusly thither is no way that our parents generation was viewed anymore negatively therefore the generations in the first place them. From the way they dressed, to the way the walked, and spoke, and the emergence of hip hop harmony into mainstream culture, My parents and their peers were regular rebels, at least their parents thought so. The generations before them go through the same thing. The only problem causal agent my generation is misunderstood is because the generations before us so quickly immobilize. The reason they forget is because they can no longer relate. They can no longer relate because their lives have changed.But there was a time when my mammary gland used to get into arguments with her mother intimately the way she spoke, and acted, and dressed, no different then the ones she and I go through now. She was my age in 1988, a time notoriously known for sex, and drugs, and all things controversial, so I have a hard time believing we are all that different. Its so easy to focus on the negative, but my generation is innovative. We are creators, philanthropists, thinkers, and inventors, and we use our language as a broadcast to promote ourselves. Today, more than ever before there are more kids reservation their dreams come true.We use our resources to make things happen. Kids can use social networks to build a following in pursuit of their goals whether it is music or fashion, or gaining support for a philanthropic cause. The best thing ab break through it is we can do it on our own. I know people my age who are entrepreneurs running successful businesses. Believe it or not, there are teens out there making a difference. When I was a junior in high work I hosted a series of putting green cleanups in my city, and the turnout was amazing. When asked by some(prenominal) adults how I got kids my age to come out early Saturday mornings to pick up trash, I told them I just asked.I reached out to my peers in the most effective way I knew how, using our language, speaking blatantly, and of course carte it all over Twitter and Facebook. They came out because they related to me, we related because of our common language. sort of of criticizing my generation I think we should strive to bridge the gap by hard to better understand one another. nightclub spends so much time difficult to strip us of our identity, which is our language, when they should just hope as is. This is who we are, every curse, every action, every word, defines we as a people.

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