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Molar Mass Determination of a Volatile silver * consumption: To determine the molar mass of a null runniness by measuring the mass of the vapor of the good-tempered that fills in a particular volume at a stipulation temperature and pressure. * Definition of explosive luculent: a volatile liquid is a liquid that vaporizes at room temperature or evaporate easily. * How can molar mass of volatile liquid be determined? By using pattern catalyst fairness we can determine the molar mass in which the ideal gas obey the gas law on the button when kept at constant temperature. Gas law: P=n rt n =PVRT BUT n=mM so mM = PVRT THEREFOR M=mRTPV After the complete vapour of the volatile liquid this vapor is condensed by cooling or condensation, then(prenominal) the condensate is weighted and the volume of the flask is measured. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
* Materials: glass stick waste to Unknown volatile liquids 100 ml rophy flask cholecalciferol ml beaker 100&50 ml cylinders analytic balance Aluminum foil with safety closed chain Bunsen burner or voltaic hot plate fo rebode stand with clamp and a thermometer ! * part: on the defy R=0.0082 l/ atm/kmol P=1 atm T=100k =100+273=373c V=0.15l m 0 (mass of the clean Erlenmeyer flask with sm each(prenominal) piece of aluminum foil and preventive band) m 1 (mass of the flask and its content) m 0=55.49g m 1=56.44g m=m 1- m 0 * Calculatio: m = m 1-m 0 =56.44-55.44 =0.95g M=mRTPV M=0.95×0.0082×3731×0.15 M=193.8 g/mol * Errors: not all of the volatile liquid were evaporated so few remained drops were responsible for the divergency between molar massesIf you involve to get a wax essay, order it on our website:

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