Saturday, August 24, 2019

Engineering ethic Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Engineering ethic - Case Study Example â€Å"The audit alleges "[u]nnecessary costs for material loading, storage and transportation," the installation of temporary roofing, insurance paid prior to work cancellation and "[e]xcessive construction management costs," totaling more than $1.4 million† (Klasfeld). In this case, the violation is primarily bribery. Such cases happen when several influential and dominant members in the contractor and the consultant firms allow bribery for the entertainment of mutual interests. Current and new engineers should beware of the way the contractor-consultant bond can have negative implications for the client. Moreover, Turner Construction Company has conventionally maintained a very good name in the American construction industry. Such allegations from the city comptroller can cause a lot of harm to the company’s image. New engineers should abstain from such unethical construction practices not only because they are wrong but also they tarnish the image of a company, which is the most fundamental asset of any company. In order to prevent such a situation from repeating itself, auditing should be made an essential component of every stage of the project. Particularly, there should be pre-payment auditing. In addition to that, proper documentatio n, reimbursement and adequate use of allowance are compulsory for avoiding such ethical misconducts in the construction practices. I have lived in hostel during my undergraduate studies. Hostel life is completely different from the life at home. You constantly remain among friends and foes. In my hostel, there is a culture of calling one another by awkward names. One of my hostel mates had gynecomastia, because of which, boys started to call him Booby. Coincidently, his name was Bob. Bob got so irritated with his hostel name Booby that he made a cut into his chest with a blade. The matter was taken to the adjutant, who called all hostel boys and said that if Bob reports him about anybody calling

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