Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Marketing Service of Rooftop Movies Research Paper

Marketing Service of Rooftop Movies - Research Paper Example It is observed that the cinema industry has amassed enormous growth in recent times due to the emergence of 3D experience along with the latest technology based digital effects. In this context, the revenues are expected to increase considerably from the cinema industry of Australia in the upcoming years (Westberg 2011). External Environment Rooftop Movies, which is located in Perth city of Western Australia, has ultimately transformed into a premier destination for those people who live and work in the city. The patrons or the customers belonging to the Perth city consider Rooftop Movies as one of their refreshment destinations and was voted by Wallpaper Magazine as the third coolest leisure experience in the world (City of Melbourne 2012). There are many companies that enthusiastically sponsor Rooftop Movies which include Heinz Co., Mini, Bulmers and Volley among others. The cinema industry has attained a significant reputation and success by generating more employment opportunitie s along with attracting foreign finance for the production of the film industry. The Australian government has documented the inherent social value of the cinema industry which facilitates to promote a sense of identity, appreciation of cultural diversity and social cohesion. Furthermore, the cinema industry of Australia has increasingly delivered economic related benefits by generating a large sum of revenue and has ultimately become a powerful marketer of the nation (Australian Government 2006). It has been recognized that the Australian film industry has been reinvented as well as transformed by advanced technological methods along with innovation. The most significant impact of advanced technology in the movie industry of Australia is the introduction of digital technology. This particular facet of digital-based technology has contributed greatly and posed noteworthy effect upon certain activities that include visual effects, sound mixing, compositing, film and sound editing amo ng others.

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