Monday, August 12, 2019

Movie analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Movie analysis - Essay Example According to Bass, transformational leaders are charismatic and understanding; they have good emotional intelligence and act beyond their interest to achieve better results for their team. These people are highly appreciated by their team and employers. The case of couch Carter perfectly meets all these requirements. First of all, Carter is a charismatic leader who can attract and retain people’s attention due to his specific approach. In his suit and tie he looks out of place at Richmond. He always speaks politely and asks all people to behave the same way. He establishes the rules of the game and other people have to follow them because he does not approve of any other approach. Every failure results in 100 shuttle runs and 250 pushups (Carter). Carter stimulates his followers intellectually, asking teachers to provide him weekly reports about athletes’ academic progress. When he finds out that 6 of them lag behind, he decides to terminate trainings and games for the sake of school performance. He motivates the boys to study recalling the statistics that 30% of African American males in Richmond are arrested (Carter). Even though almost nobody from local community supports Carter in his decisions, he makes all his basketball team respect him as a leader. He is a role model for his team members. He motivates them by own behavior to become better and think about their future. He is quite personal with his team; he always seeks for life examples to support his ideas. For instance, he uses his cousins’ names to title different basketball maneuvers. Carter treats everybody in his team equally, but he finds an individual approach to each athlete. He punishes his son the same way as other team members. He pays attention to emotional well-being of the team; he is specifically interested in Cruz, who is the most aggressive and unstable athlete. Carter remains strict with Cruz, but every time he gives him a

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