Monday, August 19, 2019

Essay --

In this topic I’m going to analyze quality of life in Dubai.Dubai is one of the most developed city andit is suitable city for life, because everything is high-quality. Also in this essay I will seek to evaluate the positive and negative impacts of quality of life in Dubai, with count: population, social factors, environmental factor, economy factors. Population Actuallynumber of citizen in Dubai is 17% of general population. General population in Dubai is 2.106 million, hence 1.748 million(83%) people are immigrants, such as 52.2% Indian, 13.3% Pakistani, 7.5% Bangladeshi, 2.5% Filipino, 1.5% Sri Lankan, 0.3% American and 5.7% other countries. Everybody knows that UAE is very successful by plenty of oil, free trade and immovable market, but also on using low-paid labor (immigrants) to create city without big expenses.Government understand situation with less number of citizen and with in every way want to increase them and improve life of own citizen. Social Factors: 1)Immigration 1 dollar = 3.67 AED (dirham) As well as known,using immigrants is more cheap than using citizen (i...

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