Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Question discuss and analyse Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Question discuss and analyse - Essay Example More than five million deaths per year are consequences of using tobacco or intensive smoking. Smoking is the main risk factor for top three causes of deaths in Canada and those are cancer, lung disease and cardiovascular disease.Economic cost of $17 billion was bore by Canadian economy as a result of using tobacco in 2002 and in the same year $404 billion of expense for health care was paid directly by Canadian smokers. But the Canadian society is forced to carry costs such as turnover, work absenteeism and income lost due to early deaths. Over a period of time the number of fires resulted from smoking was 36,125 and it cost the Canadian denizens, in property distortion,$433 million. Likewise, the Conference Board of Canada cohered that to employ a smoker than a non-smoker cost them near to $2,565 per year, in 1997. But it is not the society only that bears the economic burden of smoking but in fact it is the smoker himself or herself who have to bear the costs associated to smoking . Smokers are supposed to pay for life insurance premiums and pay billions of dollars in the name of tobacco taxes. And if this is not enough, then there is also the cost of the cigarettes too. Only in the province of Alberta in 2005,† a smoker who smokes a pack a day spends almost $3,650 each year on cigarettes, based on an average price of $10 a pack† (Economic Cost). Additionally, according to the Conference Board of Canada (2012) lung diseases alone costs Canada $12 billion. Analysts believe that if the Canadian populace and government make no effort to combat the dilemma then it is very likely that the cost will double. The cost can be divided in direct health care as 3.4 million (drugs, hospitals, physicians) and $8.6 billion in indirect costs (such as premature death and long term disability)† (Lung Disease Imposes Major Costs on Canada’s Economy, 2012). According to the

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