Monday, September 23, 2019

Construction law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Construction law - Essay Example Therefore, Anglo Synergy Solution is committed at conscripting conceptualize ideal procurement process that will be incomparable and acceptable to all. In the Mzansi Rail Shuttle project, the major stakeholders are Sandline Ventures with which has committed an investment of USD 120 billion, South African government and AUM Ventures. Sandline Ventures, the South African government and AUM Ventures expect a return on their investments. Hence, they must obtain the best procurement deal that will guarantee them high returns. Anglo Synergy Solution recommends that the Mzansi Rail Shuttle project should be procured by first ensuring that the authentic and fair competitions exist in responded to Prior Information Notice (PIN). Section 26(4A) of the railway Act, 1993, stipulate that advertisement should be made in both in the country and in the international journal, trade newspapers and other publication as this will eliminate political biases hence uplifting competency to handle the project (Crocker et al., 2010). It is very important to open-up communal procurement market as this will promote: Equal treatment- contracting authority must handle both potential and authentic tenderers fairly without prejudice. Contracting authority when stipulating requirement must avoid brand names which would eliminate particular providers, services and products. Transparency- advertising Prior Information Notice is central in establishing and encouraging transparency (LÃ ¦dre et al., 2006). It creates awareness of the condition for participation, selection criteria and the reason why some individuals were companies were not selected. Anglo Synergy Solution recommends AUM and Sandaline companies sponsoring the project to adjust the time restriction as time is an essential factor. Railway construction law does not specify duration for the accomplishment of the work by the contractors. The provision of services by contract is guided by

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