Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Curriculum Issues Facing Educational Leaders Research Paper

Curriculum Issues Facing Educational Leaders - Research Paper Example According to the research findings schools exhibit low standards, incoherence, poor management as well as insufficient regulation particularly in relation to the work that teachers do with their students. The teachers are not held accountable by the schools and the teachers are left to do whatever they please behind the closed doors of the classrooms. From this view, the projected result is a decreased quality of performance on the part of the teacher together with the students. Fundamental to this view is the notion the genesis of the quality problem in teachers is in a deficit that is in the preparations, commitments, engagements as well as efforts of the teachers themselves.As the paper stresses  the best solution to the problem that is being faced by the educational system is an increase in the centralized control of the schools and making the teachers become responsible. Advocates of this view are in support of curriculums which are uniform, subjecting teachers to licensing ex ams and improved performance standards along with comprehensive teacher and school assessments. Most of these accountability measures have already been executed so that no children are left behind.  Broad research has been carried out in power, control as well as accountability in schools over the past decades with the research involving evaluation of a broad collection of data. Push towards accountability typically ends up in the wrong diagnoses and solution for the problem of quality of teachers.

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