Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Karl Marx Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Karl Marx - Essay Example Karl Marx would consider the advent of the internet to be significant because it provides a mechanism through which communities would establish relationships, learn means of production, and create communist systems that would replace capitalism and end its exploitative nature. Karl Marx suggests that capitalists pay their workers subsistence pay rather than paying them an amount that reflects their value of the business. The internet would overcome this problem by giving workers a platform to share experiences and learn how to create value on their own rather than relying on the businesses of capitalists. The subsistence payment of workers gives them enough amounts to survive in order to continue working for the capitalists. Capitalism does not allow them to earn enough money because they would become empowered and start their own businesses, leaving the capitalists without workers. In this case, the advent of the internet is important because it empowers workers who earn low income by allowing them to access information and markets cheaply. Therefore, they can break away from the hands of capitalism and enjoy equal opportunities as the capitalists through internet marketing and communication that create value for them.An example of the significance of the internet is that it may allow a designer to earn a full value of his efforts. For example if a designer works for a capitalist and creates a value of $100 for every piece of cloth, the designer may get $40 and the capitalist takes $60, half of which she uses to pay fixed costs.

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